My site is an expression my sexual explorations. I have been online since January 2000, and have been swinging since 1996. I have gone from hiding behind sunglasses to having Live 24/7 HouseCamZ in my house and being a cover girl for XL & was Ms May 2003 in Voluptuous. I enjoy gangbangs, group sex and tasty women and I have to admit, I LOVE to tease! My Husband Torn & I do just about everything together from being with women to watching Football.

I have a journal that I share my thoughts and fantasies & day-to-day life in general happenings. You can also reply to me and share your thoughts on there.

I do answer all my emails, I feel that if you took time to write then I should at least let you know that I received & appreciate it. Also, it lets you know that I'm 100% real and not just some content girl.

So come and Watch Me Live!