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Life Update

Since we’ve had to get stationary jobs, it has been a big life change.

One big major adjustment is that since Sept ’07, we’ve worked from home, and even though it took 6 months to get use it, we are now use to spending a lot of time together. This weekend is the first days off we’ve had together since Xmas & Thanksgiving. It had been driving me nuts. Feels good to be home together.

I have a p/t job position and until last weekend, had a 2nd p/t seasonal job on the weekends. That was not easy schedule wise, but doable. Looking to see if a full time position opens where I’m at or get a different job….need the full time. I really do like where I’m at….everyone has been very nice and I seem to fit in.

Hubby is working at a place that actually appreciates him. He fits in with the sense of humor there and they love the work he does. I’m very happy about that.

We are very happy that we are in the Pacific NW for all of this, but we are missing Oregon.

Washington is nice, but it is different…..drivers are more aggressive then Oregon, and people in Oregon aren’t more slobs, but don’t seem to care as much on how they look when they go to the store. At least around here, I see people more “dressed up” for store…..they are less laid back. Most people here are friendly (a LOT better then Florida ever was) but not quite Oregon friendly. Once you’ve been in Oregon for awhile, you can notice the difference.

Maybe it the area we are in, more urban and more military.

Overall, things are still adjusting, tight, but doable.

Settling In

Current Mood:Chilling emoticon Chilling

It has been an off week. We moved from one spot to another. Ended up spending last week getting ready for that and getting settled in that the off week has been affecting our dinner planning….been totally weak on it. Doing much better for this week.

So we are getting settled in and trying to learn our new duties and get a routine. It is different from what we were doing, but that is a good thing. I like it when we expand our horizons and learn new things. It comes in handy for the future.

At our last place we were spent a lot of time cleaning up after wind storms and other jobs around the park. It was cool. We’ve missed doing yard work since we’ve moved to the Oregon in ’07. You get a good satisfaction when you get something cleaned up, because you get a result.

Here, we’ll be doing clean up after campers and doing more hosting duties, making sure that we are seen and are there for the visitors. We came over at a good time, it is letting us learn our new duties before the busy season hits. And we’ll be attacking some of the winter cleanup to get it ready for the busy season.

It is cozy here. When we got to the last place it was this huge open space….kind of freaky. But got use to it and was great for the satellite and sunlight. Got here and got the tree cover we love, that is what we’ve always looked for when we got tent camping…but not good for the satellite.

Still no satellite in our rig. =( BUT we have set it up in the garage by the office….so we didn’t miss our Pacer’s playoffs and Games of Thrones. =) We are going to get some more cable and see if we can get a signal. We are happy we at least have another option if we can’t do it in our home.

Next week, we’ll going to be get ourselves on to the some of the trails. Looking forward to that. =)

Busy, Busy….But At Least I Got Sex…grin

Damn, time is flying by even quicker then ever.

Before we left AZ, I needed something to make it easier for planning our trip and my to dos……I need something that I can see one week at a time and also month at a time. Found this assignment planner at an office store that has been a huge help since.

I love it! With the month view, I could put in where we were going to be on what date and the how much each place would cost for our budgeting. With the week view, it gave me enough room on the days to list what I needed to get done.

I have no idea why I didn’t think about one of these kind of planners before…..Purdue had one called the Mortar Board that I loved using when I was there.

Every weekend, I start laying out what I need to get done. I have a list for work, our personal stuff and our things around here. I have been totally utilizing this more then ever. Especially since I’ve been able to get focused finally.

I do need to readjust my time, every time I think I can get a blog post in, I fine more work and projects to do….icks

With using my planner, I’ve been trying to get some of our spring cleaning done, little at a time. Totally attacked the bathroom the other day while trying to ignore my cramps, love going in there and seeing how clean it is, I’ve attacked some of our windows, and got the rig vacuumed (got our dyson back…yes!). Still need to finish cleaning the vacuum, because it looks like it was use on wet stuff. But we got a good part of it cleaned. Been trying to reorganize stuff…it is a constant battle when you live in a box, we are always trying to improve it.

Because we live the full time rv life, unless a place has wifi….which is very unusual and not dependable….we have to use MiFi hotspots. Those are bandwidth limited, which is why I don’t put even one cam on anymore.

We have one 20GB one that works on Verizon and one that is 10GB that is on ATT. Wellll…we totally blew through our 20GB this month =( I think it was doing our taxes online with turbo tax. The only good thing is that the ATT reset the next day after the 20GB closed down. The problem with ATT is that if you go over the 10GB, it is $15 a GB and that can get very expensive, very fast.

We had been planning on getting another 20GB Verizon one anyway and with everything timing itself, we ended up getting it. They were suppose to prorate the remaining month, but since we ordered it so late in the month and they weren’t sure when we would get it, they didn’t charge us. Which is sweet. We got 20GB to use until the 1st for free….grin Very helpful.

And now we are giving ATT a break. I normally use that for work stuff only. But for now, with 20GB free, I just using that one and going from there.

That 20GB timed itself very well. Saw that Mac was offering a free operating system update…..unlike windows, I don’t feel the pressure to update because it works so well…..so forgot that it has been offered for awhile. The update was a 5GB download, so I took it. I kind of like it once I got around some bugs.

The first bug was that it wasn’t recognizing my second monitor. Now I use this for my book keeping and support, doesn’t need to be fancy or very high def. So I have a simple AOC E1649FWU 16″ USB-Powered Portable LED Monitor….just a plug and play. After googling, I hit up apple chat support and they were extremely helpful and gave me the link for the software updated I needed. I was very relieved to have that working.

There is no way I can work very well without it anymore, I have no idea how I did it before.

The next bug was my notes in my mail client disappeared…icks!!!

Hit up support, we were going to do a call today, but I finally found that they took the notes out of the mail client and they are their own separate app. With all my work notes on there, I was very, very happy to find them.

Due to that, I’ve found a new app called SimpleNote that is much easier to use, I can use on my Mac, iPad and iPhone without accidentally deleting one with a sync. Spent the day cleaning out my notes and copying them over, so now I have them in two spots….but I love getting things more organized.

The Maverick update helped get some of the bugs out of my mail client that I have when I try I use my work email that uses MS Exchange. There are little changes that I can’t pinpoint, but I do like. I seem to be running faster and smoother now.

That is how I’ve spent my weekend. =)

If you saw my tweets, you’d see that my cycle started….it was only 1 day off from my period app I use to logging and estimating it. I was happy that I got some unexpected morning sex the day before I started….needed it big time.

Normally once I start the hard part of my cycle it is only lasts about 24hrs and I’m usually done right after that. This one was a bit different, lasted about 48hrs. When I thought I was fine, I’d cramp up again….not fun. I was so happy when I was finally done.

Woke up this morning, he was laying on his back, I was on my side, with my back to him. When I do that and I’m horny, I like having my ass against him and I do little wiggles moving closer to him. I kept thinking how good it would feel if he decided to fuck me from behind….I was getting wet…and impatient….so I turned over and put my arm on him, seeing if he was a wake.

He looked at me and and put my arm under the covers and stretched….his cock was so hard. I stroked him, felt so good in my hand…..but it was not enough, it was not what I wanted….I needed to have him in my pussy. I got on and it felt so damn good sliding into my pussy. It felt so good to ride him….mmmm….we quickly warmed up our little bedroom. It was so hard not to yell when we came……grin….it was intense, but all so worth it.

It was much needed. =)

Getting Things Done

Just had a very intense fuck with hubby. I had just gotten out of the shower, I had walked into the front room, and he started caressing my tits, we walked into the bedroom, I laid in on the bed and spread my legs. He fingered my pussy, as I used my wand…watching him as he fingered me with one hand, stroking his cock with the other…..I got off very intensely. Felt so good when he slid his cock into me, bringing my legs up on his shoulders….we ended it with me bent over the bed with some good hard strokes of his cock while he loaded my pussy with his cum. Very satisfying….grin

Letting it grow out again.=)

Letting it grow out again. =)

Getting a hairy pussy again, missed having it. When it is gradual you don’t notice the change until you really look. Every time I go from hairy pussy to bald pussy, that is when it looks weird when you first see it, it is just so different. Always threw us off when I use to wax, we had just gotten use to the hair and then it is gone, then we have to get use to something else. But we love the variety, changing it up, it all depends on what we are feeling like, usually he suggests it.

I finally got our taxes done this weekend. Did much better then I thought, just need to give my brain a break before I go over it and finalize it for filing. That is one big project down, now I need to finish programming our even brake for towing and get things settled with the consignment shops to sell our remaining furniture we have in storage. That means a trip to Oregon, needed to get a few things out of storage anyway.

Got my walks in every day last week but Friday. Took longer to do my errands and the store and I had way too much work to do before I made spaghetti. Was really hoping to get my walk in Saturday, but the wind was so strong that I really didn’t feel like fighting it.

Been worrying about one of my nieces. She is a young teen and awkward. She had some scary thoughts about hurting herself and had the sense to tell my folks and ask for help. Her bedroom is burgundy and she felt it was too depressing and is sleeping in the guest bedroom until they repaint and she is looking forward to meeting with the therapist. And her brother and sister are also realizing that it good thing to ask for help….they are wanting to finally address their anger. Now if I can work on my folks….

What A Monday!

Holy cow! Today has totally blown by.

Hubby is much better, even drove today. We are much happier about that.

It was a Monday beginning….rolling eyes…had my printer jam up first thing, then issues when dumping the tanks…..not a good start.

At least the weather was nice, we actually hit 52! And got to see a HUGE bald eagle give itself a bath in a local pond…..that was so awesome, except NO CAMERA…..ggeezzz

We had a very busy morning, that went by fast. Got our lunch in and tried to knock out some emails and next thing we know it was 3pm….icks! I wanted to get a walk in and like to start those at 2/2:30….didn’t start until almost 3:30, same with hubby’s run.

I wasn’t planning on doing my full almost 4mile walk today due to start late and the work I did earlier today. Then I get a text from hubby, a submarine was going by and I had the camera, while we had perfect lighting…..rolling eyes. I was about a mile away, so I started picking up my pace, jogged the last bit and I HATE jogging….totally out of breath. Got there in time for us to jump in the Jeep and drive around the point. Hubby got a few pictures of it.

When we got back, discovered that I missing my ipod shuffle……ggrrr So not cool. Hubby headed out to where we went for the submarine and I went back on the trail. I so just wanted to sit and chill out. I got about 1/2 mile away when I got a text from him that he had found it when we ran out of the Jeep to get a picture.

Without meaning to, I got over 4miles in today….and most of it booking it.

Then I knocked over hubby’s water, trying to help with dinner….I swear, it really was a Monday. While we were doing that, it started raining….so it looks like we timed everything and found my ipod shuffle in time.

I still needed to get some more work done after dinner, but I really like to be done by 7pm…..and IF I do any work, it is on our stuff. Next thing I know it is 8:45…..NOT cool.

Now I got my glass of wine and just trying to chill. We have both hit the wall, we are both so exhausted and aching. Wondering if we are going to feel up to sex…….we are so tired….at least we got some last night…..grin

A Working Weekend

Hubby’s eyes is MUCH better. The blurriness is about gone. He has more of the “not enough sleep” feeling in his eye. So we are pleased. We were stressing it especially since it was his camera eye.

I think between his eye preventing him doing his normal, being in pain and then the weather turning when he finally can see…..he is pretty frustrated with things.

As of noon, I’m happily done with my cycle! LOVED that it didn’t drag out on starting or ending. I hate it when it does that….dragging out. It isn’t so bad, when it doesn’t do that…..then it feels like forever and makes me so frustrated.

I actually had a very productive weekend…..I haven’t had one of those in a long time.

I had been putting off doing our books for so long, that I’ve been majorly dreading it….and you know when you dread something, you make it worst. Well, I need to start our taxes and couldn’t put it off much longer….I normally have started those in Jan. I’ve finally got our books caught up, I still need to do our cash flow spreadsheets to give me a better idea where we stand…not looking for it to it. So my goal this week is to start our taxes.

I did get all the company and our personal files ready for 2014 and got 2013 ready to go to storage in OR, once I’m done with our taxes.

That was Saturday, today I attacked company stuff… Did the end of month stuff and payouts, finished the corrections for my clients books, so those should be ready for the tax accountant.

I really need to call/email the consignment shops in OR so we can empty one of our storages. We had kept our king size bedroom set, that we loved and our dinning table/living table sets. At $81 a month and we are going to be RVing for the next 10yrs, it isn’t smart to keep. I was going to try craiglist, but not sure how to do it when we are 5hrs away from storage. So going to contact a couple of consignment shops and see if we can go that route. That would make our lives so much easier.

If I contact them next week and find out if that is an option, and get our taxes done, I can schedule a trip to OR to our storage. I need to pick up my bowling ball and a few other things. Hell, just getting to my bowling ball is going to take about 30min…..I buried it…lol I really need to make a list of things that we want from storage, so I remember….I need to remember where some of it is…

Plus when we head to OR, I’m making sure we pick up some whiskey and other liquor. That taxes here in WA are crazy and it is the most expensive we’ve ever paid for it. We are buying cheap whiskey because our Crown Royal is about $15-25 more then we are use to spending. I want to get at least 2 Crown Royal bottles. So I’m budgeting some money to stock up for a little while, any way.

After the last 2 days of working, this is least work I’ve done since Friday night…..think I’m going to just chill out.

Chilly, Work, Quickie

bbbrrrr…..It has been raining/spitting snow on and off today. It was chilly as hell today, didn’t go for a walk. I did go out and did our weekly shopping.

Called my best friend while shopping, I normally do…of course it throws me off while shopping, but at the same time, it perfect time for us to play catch up. She is doing better on dealing with her family stuff, I’ve been calmer the last 3 weeks, so it has been more of playing catch up instead of both of us freaking out and letting off steam.

Spent time getting work done, emails/support, got the company books prepped and sent to the tax accountant, along with our annual forms.

Took time out to make my super fudgy brownies…..grin Let me explain, when my cycle is starting or going, my chocolate cravings go through the roof, along with my irritability, I also go nuts on craving salty foods, like mustard and doritos. I’d steal candy from a kid if the craving hits hard, that is how bad it is. The brownies are a huge help. =)

So I’m getting some of my cycle signs in that, but not quite the others….hoping I really get the rest tomorrow…I would love that. I know, I why would I want those, you ask? Well, the sooner I get those signs and started the sooner it is over and getting it over is exactly what I want. I hate what it does to me emotionally and craving wise and as I get older, they get nuttier. Sadly, I see my mother (who was scary with the temper from that side of the family) in me…..I love my mom, but that part scares me and I don’t want it. I don’t think I’m as bad, but I just see enough of it that I’m not happy about it and I work hard to resist it.

I was about to dive into our mess of books, totally stressing it in a very bad way, when hubby is like, you want a quickie? Hell no, did I turn it down. I needed a stress reliever and the timing was fricking perfect.

There is nothing like me using my wand, watching him stroke himself hard to get ready to fuck me….it was hot. I was lying on my back on the bed, he was standing over me. I couldn’t even see his cock, just watched his face…..I know he was enjoying hearing my moans and sounds, which was even a bigger turn on.

It made for a very intense needed quickie. Totally helped my stress level….grin

I was going to get back into our stuff, but it was later then I prefer for that and I just wanted to chill and get my thoughts out. Every time I do a post here, I’ve been adding more to my private thought logs. So it is double the writing. A lot of needed self examination….don’t know if it helpful, but I’m giving it a shot. =)

Currently watching the first Star Trek……boy the effects were bad……..lol

Intense Morning Sex, Lazy Day

Current Mood:Windy As Hell emoticon Windy As Hell

Damn, had a very intense, rougher, then usual awesome wake up sex. It felt so damn good and left me wanting more, even though I was tender.

Kind of took it lazy today since the weather returned to the normal Pacific NW of wind, rain and chill. Plus with it being a Saturday….I seem to never have that much motivation. =)

But slowly, I did get a few things done, did some laundry, did some work….but didn’t kill myself. Got some emails/support done and started on some payouts. Since it is the weekend and that Monday is a banking holiday, not a big rush on getting them done today. As long as I get them done Monday, it is all good.

I am hoping for much better weather Sunday so I can at least get a walk in….well, try to…I’m usually lazy on weekends. I should try to get some reading done.

I was and am totally upset with the verdict in the trial …..guilty on 4 counts and a mistrial on count 1?!?! WTH?!?! Obviously if you are black, it is ok to be killed for having loud music. Yes, I know he can be retried on count 1….but I’m still pissed.

If our nephews ever want to come to college in the US, I’ll be doing everything I can to keep them from going to a school in a state with stand your ground laws. I will not have them become another dead black kid killed by a white person, another number.

My best friend called, it was so good to hear her voice. Sounds like she had a great time with her hubby for Valentine’s Day. They both really needed it, so I was happy to hear that.

That helped to get my mine off of the shitty verdict. So her timing was very good.

Right now chilling, watching the movie “Dead Man”. Seems be an odd one, but interesting. Sounds like the wind has died down some, hoping it stays that way, so we can sleep good tonight.

A Bit Better

Today was getting better, a bit more normal. We actually got sleep, but we both felt like crawling back into bed all day.

My body is hating me…and I’m hating it right back, the only time I hate the female parts. And this isn’t even the worst..just feel icky.

We more then got our hours in this week with project we were working on, took it easy today and will be taking it easy tomorrow.

We decided to try the Mexican restaurant here in town today for lunch. I went and picked it up so we can chill out at home. We prefer to eat at home when we can instead of waiting in restaurants much unless chilling with friends. It was very good…been a while since we had good Mexican food.

Hubby did see our first salamander here on the road. He was so cold, he wasn’t moving. So he picked it up and moved it safely into the woods…..not even a 100 yds later, found another one. Hubby saved two salamanders today. =)

Our first salamander that hubby saved from the road.

Our first salamander that hubby saved from the road.

I’ve been slowly getting work done today. Really need to attack company and client books tomorrow.

For the last 2hrs, been working on my blog trying to fix the comment form. I do have to say this if you have issues with Atahualpa wp theme & an adult site, do NOT expect help from forum.bytesforall.com That is so messed up and closed minded.

So I’ve posted on another form addressing it as a wordpress issue. Sounds like I’m not the first person that has had this issue. But the posts are over 3yrs old, so need to see if there is a different solution with this version of wordpress……the search for a solution goes on.

Weekend Where Are You?!?

Still not sure what I’m doing with my blog here to get the comments fixed. I found a theme that looked like it would work, but so far I wasn’t able to make my header work and the new wordpress has been a bitch for personalizing things….totally ticked by that. Hopefully I’ll have time later this week…finally, to work on it.

I just found a board about the theme I used, so I’m posting my question there. I’ve always liked this layout and really don’t want to have to find another. They are currently suggesting a plugin issue….lovely…I have way too many of those, I know..icks

It has been a long week. Got through my personal test Monday with help of my best friend and her sister. I still wasn’t doing as good as I hoped, but I think I know why….I’m due to start my cycle any day now and I’m so, so irritable that my mean temper from my mom’s dad’s side wants to come out.

Oh yes, on top of not sleeping….I had to catch a mouse last night, then we knew we had another one a few hours later, but couldn’t get it…..well, I caught it this morning……just totally lovely……NOT! Now we have to worry about wire damage….blah.

I work up in a fighting mood this morning…I just want to lash out and hurt people.

But did my best to restrain myself and act somewhat normal. Acting normal is like laughter, after a while it becomes normal and your emotions may chill the fuck out. That has helped.

I did get one laugh first thing this morning, the pair of pants that I just had patched up on the other side ripped out! I’m like, why the hell am I feeling a breeze on my ass…I was out in public…at least no one was around to see it. I’m like this is so not cool. I’m not getting them fixed again….into the trash they went….rolling eyes…thinking I need to start counting my calories again…..it is just tiring to do….I know lazy…

Ripped out the other side….gggeezz

Ripped out the other side….gggeezz

Finally got our project done, just currently answering questions through email about it. That is load of stress done.

Not doing much around here project wise for the next 2 days…we did our time this week.

Right now, just chilling and really hoping for a better day and progress tomorrow.

Out & about working on projects and having fun in a gator while I'm at it….nothing like blasting through some puddle….lol

Out & about working on projects and having fun in a gator while I’m at it….nothing like blasting through some puddle….lol

Small Improvements

Current Mood:Beautiful Day emoticon Beautiful Day

Another day that started out with very thick fog that didn’t burn off until after 12pm, but when it did it became a stunning day here in Washington. Clear blue skies, mountains in the background with the inlets/sounds in the foreground. It was a great day to get out.

Got to see one of the stunning bald eagles we have around here. I never get tired of them.

This was taken with my iphone, which doesn't do any so of justice to the majesty of the Bald Eagle

This was taken with my iphone, which doesn’t do any so of justice to the majesty of the Bald Eagle

I got out and started in on the project we have, thinking I finally have a game plan and hoping to start earlier and work longer on it tomorrow, so I can make a good dent in it.

Before I started in on it, I got out what I need to say. The sucky thing about it is that I’ve been going over it in my head for the last few days, it kept me up and I think I have it all figured out what I’m going to say and when I go and do it…..BANG! It doesn’t happen, I stumble through it horribly. I know that I got the main points that needed to be made, but my presentation sucked….rolling eyes. Not sure if it’ll be effective, only time will tell, but I made my effort.

I just hope in the long run that it helps everyone involved and we can go on from here.

Now the crappy thing is that my cycle is suppose to start by the end of next week….so that means my emotions are going to be all over the place and even more importantly, no sex….not that I’ve had any in about a week due to everything going on. But I’m so grateful for very helpful toys in the shower…..

I do have to say that it is hard to throughly enjoy myself when I have to worry about running out of hot water with a 10gal water heater…. I find I have to work harder to get off quicker…..lol

Now I’m going to finally take time and start into the book that TastyTrixie & her wife Delia gave us : “The Ethical Slut” while chilling out to Beyonce & Rihanna and having some Bailey’s Irish Cream.


Current Mood:Contemplative emoticon Contemplative & Reflective emoticon Reflective

Currently watching “The Family”

Today we spent a lot time in meetings. Going to hit our huge project tomorrow.

We actually got a lot of sunshine today after the very thick fog we started out with. Hoping for that kind of day tomorrow and Sunday….sun wise. We have so much to do with this project, that I’m worried about making sure we do it right.

The sun came out beautifully today

The sun came out beautifully today

Things are….I really don’t want to say normal around here….but less tense, more depressed/reflective feeling.

Trying to figure out how I need to address some issues that have been totally unfair to someone we care about. Things need to be addressed and worked on while trying to show that we have everyone’s best interests in mind and that we love them, not working behind their back.

An apology is in order, just not sure if I’ll convince them to deliver it…even though I believe that deep down they know it is needed and they deserve it. Right now I’m guessing they are feeling really crappy about all it, but not sure how to handle it…they never do.

Not everyone handle things that like I. I try and add understanding for them to see the reasons and such, but that still doesn’t make it easier for them.

I feel bad for everyone involved. I’m use to trying to make things work out between people, even when I don’t succeed…I just want things to work out for the best for everyone and want everyone to be happy.

Today’s Sex and Work

Current Mood:Flirtatious emoticon Flirtatious

As you saw yesterday was a busy day, long drive….but we did make an earlier ferry on the way back so that was so awesome! We didn’t have to wait 90min for the next one. So we were able to get home earlier to get into comfy clothes and was able to start chilling.

We threw in a few previously seen silly movies that were intended to be background noise, but ended up focusing on them. Watched “Grandma’s Boy” & “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”….got some good laughs. =)

We were so exhausted, even with that I still went to sleep with naughty images in my head. Which helped me to wake up with hot images in my head. Was thinking of some very tasty pussy, I was so wet. What I love about sleep in days, more chances of morning sex…..which we did have….grin

We were semi-awake and cuddling and I was feeling his cock starting to harden against my ass. I love that feeling, my hips can’t resist and I start to rub even closer. His fingers went to my clit and really got me going. He teased the hell out of me, I had to suck his cock a couple different times, especially when it was covered in my pussy juices. Even got one of my favorite thing when sucking, when the hips can’t resist and he moves his cock into my mouth with very small thrusts….as if he was gently fucking my mouth. That is hot… By the time we came, we came so hard and together….love it when it happens that way, makes it much more intense.

I just used my wand and finger fucked myself into cumming thinking of this morning while he was in the shower. There is something hot about sneaking it in….grin

Watched the games today. Very happy to see the Broncos and Seahawks make it to the Super Bowl.

Got some work email/support done and started taking care of the disaster that i call our personal books. I normally keep up with it all, but totally feel behind on it with the holidays….not cool Usually I’m already working on our taxes…icks! So I need to get that caught up and get the 1099s out for work. Plan on getting them out this week….I HATE waiting for the 31st IRS deadline to get them out. But that is the goals for the week.

I did get stuffed shells made……grin

Clarifying & Hot Images

Current Mood:Flirtatious emoticon Flirtatious & Working emoticon Working

I know that my posting here have been nuts and stress….it is my way of venting.

But I do want to make it clear that what is stressing me is my own unexpected personal emotions. Neither my husband or TastyTrixie have given me any cause for it.

Hubby loves me beyond a doubt and makes sure to let me know how much I mean to him. Trixie has been totally understanding and helps to validate my feelings even if they are illogical. I feel so bad the drama I’ve added to her life.

In fact I have a lot respect for how TastyTrixie and her wife Delia on how they have keep up their passion and creativity for making porn. We are so nonartsy that it is cool to see.

In some ways TastyTrixie and I are similar, we are the same body type, she is just 1/3 of my size and hubby loves our curves. We are both impulsive at the wrong time and read things wrong when that happens….boy, I can so relate to that. And in others, she is like hubby…..and then so not like us….it is a mixture.

And I have an attraction for her now that I’ve never had with another woman. Yes, I’ve enjoyed other women….but not like this,

I’ve never wanted one-on-one with another woman without my husband before. And that does play in my mind. I have had a hot quick fanasty I would like to do to her if she came and picked him….kind of getting her pussy ready for his cock later….the tease of it….her wearing a skirt for it would totally do it. (It would have to be very quick….she is allergy to cats…=( )

Hell, maybe having that type of one-on-one would help with my crazy….who the hell knows anymore? I sure don’t…..

I just know that I’m writing this fast, so I can get back to work and my pussy is enjoying the thoughts that keep going between of the possibilities with her and what I’ve been wanting to do with my husband.

What have I been I up to?

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What have I been I up to?  Pretty much a bunch of work and breaking it up by going to the gym…..that is the story that my tweets tell and boy, it is so true.

My responsibilities at work have really expanded, we have been restructuring and I’ve taken on another client when it comes to doing books.

It has taken me about 3 intense weeks around my other work to get 9 months worth of my clients transactions entered into quickbooks. Still have a few more things to get done, but waiting on info from banks to get it entered.  Going to send a copy of what I have done to his CPA so we can get things tidied it up.  I know something has probably been missed in the rush to get everything entered.

I do have to say that with the big load of work that I had to do quickly, I’m pretty happy with how much I have got done in such a short amount of time.  There were parts that were driving me nuts that I finally got under control, felt so damn good.

Before all of that really hit, we finally drive down to Crater Lake National Park and camped for the night.  We waited until after Labor Day so the kids would be in school.  Even then it was more crowded then expected. Got the last campsite at the campground….lucked out. It was cold, with sprinkles of rain.  We totally lucked out on the weather….it could’ve been much worst….lol

This was right after we entered the park, the Pumice Desert

Crater Lake was STUNNING!  We got enough sun and blue sky that the blue of the lake was breath taking.  Actually sleep much more comfortable this round of camping then last.  Used an air mattress and blankets instead of just our sleeping bags and mats. Totally saved our old backs and kept us warm when the temp hit the 30s.  =)

The next day while driving around the rim.  Clouds moved in and it snowed in some spots

We headed out to Denver at the end of month to start all of my new work.  It was a very busy and very intense week.  We did take a day off and headed up to Rocky Mountain National Park with our friends.  That was really cool.  The highest point (elevation wise) was 12,090 ft.  We have never been that high while on land.  We also lucked out and got a stunning fall day.  =)  I would love to go back and find a few hikes to do there.

Last weekend was the 1st weekend in over a month that I was able to work on things for myself….not work related.  It was so nice and so weird.  I may not get the full weekend off this one due to payroll prep, but Saturday will be all mine.  =)  Just not sure what I want to do with it.  I’m not sure if I’m mentally prepared to attack our office closet yet.  There are so many computer cds that I need to good through and get rid of.  It is kind of scary….so I need to really mentally prepare myself.  Maybe I should do it, by one organize container at time…..icks

I also need to clean out my costume jewelry and start on the holiday letter……leaning more to that for tomorrow…lol

My handy work. =)

Hubby’s got sick…..lol

We finally picked up pumpkins today, they look good.  I really wasn’t sure if I was going to do give out candy thing this year.  We really don’t get many kids, it is going to be rainy, and just the doing it with it being payroll time.  But I do enjoy it….the kids seem to like my witches outfit.  =)  This year hubby suggested getting a huge spider and have it drop when I open the door to scare the kids…..he got it set up.  Looks really cool…I really hope that it scares them.

Say hello to Herman!  Creepy eyes….lol

That is everything in a nut shell right now.  Pretty much just spending my life working…..lol