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Doing Pretty Good

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Wow…it has gotten a bit chillier, at least when the wind picks up….bbrrr

I’ve been doing good on getting my work and lists done. Overall, I’ve been staying pretty focus. I do like it when that happens, means my life is where it should be at. =)

I need to figure out how I want to start getting my exercise. The last few times I went roller skating I wiped out. So not cool. =( And it has been when others are around. Now I’m wondering if they are getting in my head and without having wrist guards, I don’t want to be wiping out and break my wrist. I have the knee, elbow pads and mouth guard….but no wrist guards. When you fall that is one the spots easy to break because you instinctively put your hands down even though logically you know better.

Either way, I need to do something….butt is getting too big. I really do miss the routine and discipline of the gym…..we did that for 4yrs, normally 5days a week.

Taking the 4/5hr drive down to Oregon this week to clean out one of our storage units. Looking forward to Oregon, not looking forward to the long drive there and back. Also need to put a few things in the other unit and take a few things out….like unburying my bowling ball….even if I haven’t bowled in years….lol…at least I’ll have it when we do.

Been seeing a lot of immature eagles, which is so totally cool! Never get tired of them. We saw a river otter the other day. And next week, we are meeting up with birders we meet in AZ to learn more about the local birds around here. I do miss other birders for learning.

We had our close friends come out this weekend with their dog. =) We had a lot of good smoke, wine, chili and talk. A lot of inside jokes about our dysfunctional untrustworthy morally wrong relationships…..grin At one time or another, we each had been told one of those things….so with the four of us, it works…lol Love the selfie hubby got of all of us….even got their dog in the back ground. Love that we are going to be closer to them this summer. Hoping to pop over for visits more often.

Right now, I’m in a weird place mood wise….nothing to that is making me unhappy or stressed more then usually, think it is just my hormones. I started my cycle last Fri and it has been in and out since, small twinges of things that aren’t leading to anything….I want it to fully start so I can get the damn thing over with. I was fine mood wise until today, I ended up with heartburn the night before and it SUCKS!! I just wanted to die…..blah. That is what happens when your tums is buried in the meds cabinet so you forgot to take it before bed. That is not happening tonight. So that just totally tired me out since I should’ve been sleeping and the being in the cycle….not a good combo…blah!

Shaved my arm pits tonight. Had hubby take a clippers to it and I finished it up in the shower. It was odd having all the hair and now a little odd not having it. I think I quit shaving it before we left AZ in Oct. But it was now starting to annoy me and felt like it was getting pulled on my shirts and such. I need to remember to take a pic of the newly smooth pits. =)

The Happenings & Random Pictures

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It has been overcast with some wind today, but felt pretty nice….even if we didn’t take advantage of it….lol Planning on doing so tomorrow, need to break in my new hiking boots. =)

Coast Guard Cutter with the mountain background

Coast Guard Cutter with the mountain background from earlier last week

I did get some small things done off of my to do list today, so that was something. We got a walking jacket for the cats. We wanted got it for Drew first because he is the skinniest of the two so we knew it would fit him. Then we would try it on Sakura, so we know what size to order hers (it’ll be purple). He seemed to do ok outside, nervous, but excited….keep purring and looking towards hubby to make sure that he was still there. Now her, she didn’t care for it all….but when she was a kitten she got out for about 22hrs and was never happy with the outside or people since. Use to growl at them out the window at our house.

She isn't liking it very well at all.=(

She isn’t liking it very well at all. =(

Drew in his walking jacket eating the grass.

Drew in his walking jacket eating the grass.

I spent Friday trying to contact a consignment store and the third party delivery service so we can empty our storage of our beloved bedroom set, dinning room set, living room table set. We really don’t want to give up our beloved king storage bed set, but why pay for it in storage if we aren’t going to use it for the next 10yrs? That is more then it is worth. =(

Beautiful Morning

Beautiful Morning last week

In process of phone calls, I looked down and saw that I was missing one of my accent diamonds on my wedding band part of my wedding/engagement ring set (I have them welded together). So not cool! =( I just had the prongs checked just over 2yrs ago, but this is not uncommon. Lucky I have my jewelry insured, so if there is any costs it is covered. And I have a jeweler that we totally trust. They are very reasonable and take very good care of us. We’ve gotten nearly all of my jewelry from them and they do my appraisals. The negative is that I had to ship my ring out to them since they are in Indiana. But it is worth it. They should get it Monday and hopefully, I’ll have it back by the end of next week. The other thing that drives me nuts is that I would have no ring on my finger, well, I solved that. Hubby gave me the blue topaz ring I wanted for our 10th, so I put that where my wedding/engagement ring goes. That is a HUGE help…..other wise I would lose it, not having something there.

Picked up a TV for the bedroom last week, now need to get another apple tv and figure out how we are going to set it up. Our rv is a 2002, so it was made with square box tvs in mind. But no matter what, it is one step closer where we can use our bed for cuddling late at night in front of the tv. We don’t like to spend that much time in bed, it actually hurts our bodies, but we miss the cuddling on our movie nights. So I’m looking forward to us getting it set up, once we figure it out. Friday night over the last few years have become our movie night after we watch Real Time with Bill Mahr.

And it seems to be the nights we have our long sex sessions. They have landed on other days/nights….but Friday seems to be our primary night for it. And this past Friday night was a hot one…..filling up the bedroom with the smell of sweaty sex…..grin I woke up wet this morning thinking of it. And before I showered tonight, hubby bent me over the bed and gave me one hell of a fucking….damn….I had a big glob of cum fall out of my pussy after that one….felt so damn good….grin

Out birding last week.=)

Out birding last week. =)

Nothing Much

We’ve really been being bums about getting our exercise the last 10days. =( But we have been going out birding. =) So that is cool

When we started being bums about getting our exercise, it really was due to the fact that we didn’t want to deal with the weather…it was so windy and wet…just didn’t feel like it.

We were suppose to have icky weather this week also…nope, it has been pretty damn nice. Didn’t get out this weekend due to basketball….yes, our lives are sometimes ran by what goes in the sports world. But Monday we went out for a walk…..only did 2:15miles in 2hrs, but that is what happens when you stop to find birds…lol

I stayed up late on work….had lots to do.

But then Tues, we totally hit the wall after lunch. That sucked. I hate that! I want to keep going, but my head had that tired cotton feeling. I just couldn’t shake it, even after a walk to the mail box….felt like a wussy, but laid down for 30. Felt so much better afterwards.

I got up just in time to start on dinner. I was making stuffed shells, in this case manicotti pasta since our store doesn’t have the shells, and that took 2hrs. But it was so damn good. =) I know that my stuff won’t be good enough for true italian food lovers, but we do love my stuffed shells and spaghetti. And it gets better as leftovers.

Today I did much better, I attacked some chores, got my work done and we even tested our kitties on the new walking jacket we got them. The male did ok on it, but his sister, not too well. But then she is the one that got out years ago for 22hrs and she hasn’t been the same again….more fearful outside. He was nervous, but seemed to enjoy it….just overwhelmed….purred a lot….grin

Tomorrow, we have some running we need to do…..going to be a busy day….that is for sure and it’ll be starting early.

Found that they suspended my katvixenlive at livejournal the other day….I’m like WTH?

They thought I was a bot spamming?!? I don’t get it.

I once set up a profile on an adult site and got the same thing….I’m no damn bot, totally really and I am true to myself. Just don’t get it. But they did get it back up.

We are currently working watching the True Detective series….kind of a mind fuck….but interesting.

The Weekend Happenings…with some sex….lol

I did say I would add a little more about the great sex session from Thursday….I just didn’t say how much more….grin

There are somethings that as a couple you want to keep to yourselves. But I will say that it lasted for a few hours, in the end we were both smelly with sex sweat (had to shower again…grin), my pussy and clit was very swollen, and I had a huge load just fall of out me.

It was last minute, but Friday we headed over to our dear friends in Seattle. It was so great to see them again, play catch up, filled them in on what has been going on and felt the love. It was a very good visit and had some good food.

We got our dyson vacuum back while in Seattle….I’m bound and determine that I will find room in our rig for it. With 2 cats and constantly tracking dirt in, we need it.

We came back Friday since they had family coming in late that night and they are the kind of people that most don’t like…..lol And we didn’t want to add stress to them.

We can’t believe 2 hrs there and 2 hrs back….with just over an hour of that on ferries could be so dang exhausting. Totally slept in Saturday, I did get off my ass to get somethings done….like still playing catch up on the laundry from our long sex session….grin

Sunday was a stunning day, but was still recovering some and I really did attack work and got a lot done. I did spend an hour on the phone wishing my now 17yr old nephew a happy birthday. It is cool to be able to talk to him as an adult. He is a good kid…boy, it makes me feel old…I remember when he was born.

We are suppose to be getting hit with a bunch of rain this later week, so we took advantage of the stunning weather Monday and went for a long walk and did some birding. It was a very satisfying day…of course, it started out on a very good note…hubby had a very hard cock that he just had to fuck me with that morning….damn, it felt so good and it helped warmed me up enough to roll out of bed….grin

Getting Things Done

Just had a very intense fuck with hubby. I had just gotten out of the shower, I had walked into the front room, and he started caressing my tits, we walked into the bedroom, I laid in on the bed and spread my legs. He fingered my pussy, as I used my wand…watching him as he fingered me with one hand, stroking his cock with the other…..I got off very intensely. Felt so good when he slid his cock into me, bringing my legs up on his shoulders….we ended it with me bent over the bed with some good hard strokes of his cock while he loaded my pussy with his cum. Very satisfying….grin

Letting it grow out again.=)

Letting it grow out again. =)

Getting a hairy pussy again, missed having it. When it is gradual you don’t notice the change until you really look. Every time I go from hairy pussy to bald pussy, that is when it looks weird when you first see it, it is just so different. Always threw us off when I use to wax, we had just gotten use to the hair and then it is gone, then we have to get use to something else. But we love the variety, changing it up, it all depends on what we are feeling like, usually he suggests it.

I finally got our taxes done this weekend. Did much better then I thought, just need to give my brain a break before I go over it and finalize it for filing. That is one big project down, now I need to finish programming our even brake for towing and get things settled with the consignment shops to sell our remaining furniture we have in storage. That means a trip to Oregon, needed to get a few things out of storage anyway.

Got my walks in every day last week but Friday. Took longer to do my errands and the store and I had way too much work to do before I made spaghetti. Was really hoping to get my walk in Saturday, but the wind was so strong that I really didn’t feel like fighting it.

Been worrying about one of my nieces. She is a young teen and awkward. She had some scary thoughts about hurting herself and had the sense to tell my folks and ask for help. Her bedroom is burgundy and she felt it was too depressing and is sleeping in the guest bedroom until they repaint and she is looking forward to meeting with the therapist. And her brother and sister are also realizing that it good thing to ask for help….they are wanting to finally address their anger. Now if I can work on my folks….

Loving the NorthWest

I look back and wonder if my illogical emotions had to do with sensing that something was off. He has seen a lot in hindsight that there were signs. A lot of things were twisted and a lot of things we have no idea where they came from. Felt our relationship was disrespected and they really didn’t have a clue about what we makes us work when there is much, much more to it. Found that what we perceived was a false image.

Need to do some more reading, writings and mulling….I’m one that takes time to process.

Watching North By Northwest…..never seen this. Love the Indiana reference for a nonexistent place….I know for a fact no spot on Hwy 41 looks like that and does not go near Indy…..lol

We’ve been having some really sweet weather here, may wake up cold, but ends up nice and sunny, with the occasional fog rolling in.

I finally got a copy of some of the pictures we’ve been taken.

My first Great Blue Heron I got in Feb.

My first picture of the Great Blue Heron I got in Feb.

Hubby got this picture in Feb.

Hubby got this picture in Feb.

Found this stunning beauty, this was after it was done with it's fish it was tearing apart.

Found this stunning beauty, this was after it was done with the fish it was tearing apart….I was 15 ft from the dock that is about 100ft long

It just took off as I was trying to get closer, I was happy that I got this.

It just took off as I was trying to get closer, I was happy that I got this.

I'm pretty proud of this pic that I got last week of the Great Blue Heron

I’m pretty proud of this pic that I got last week of the Great Blue Heron

First Golden Eagle of The Year

First Golden Eagle of The Year that hubby got.

Been making sure I get my walks in. Every time I feel like a nap, I take a walk to do something to wake up.

From today's walk

From today’s walk…no where near as bundled up

I’m so happy that hubby enjoys my belly, I know to I need to work on it again. He likes to grab it it and my boobies when I go by. Tells me that he likes my pouchy….grin I have been doing my walks, need to do more crunches on the exercise ball….and I think I’m getting closer to tracking my food again. I know I’ve already cut back and question myself when I want something. Hoping to be so busy this summer that it helps.

We had some very good sex last night…..his legs were so sore from his run, he is like “take advantage of me”….grin So I started sucking him as he lays there on the bed, getting him good and hard…..before he took me from behind and fucked me good, letting me feel his balls hit my pussy as he banged into me….as I told him how much I loved and got off to thinking about our last fuck we did outside a few weeks ago. How he bent me over the Jeep’s passenger seat and filled my pussy with his hot cum….it has felt so damn good.

And with that image….I’ll give you a picture of my tits……grin

This is my very worn, hole filled, tank top.  I only wear this around the house or as an undershirt….but I love how my tits look in it.

This is my very worn, hole filled, tank top. I only wear this around the house or as an undershirt….but I love how my tits look in it.

What A Monday!

Holy cow! Today has totally blown by.

Hubby is much better, even drove today. We are much happier about that.

It was a Monday beginning….rolling eyes…had my printer jam up first thing, then issues when dumping the tanks…..not a good start.

At least the weather was nice, we actually hit 52! And got to see a HUGE bald eagle give itself a bath in a local pond…..that was so awesome, except NO CAMERA…..ggeezzz

We had a very busy morning, that went by fast. Got our lunch in and tried to knock out some emails and next thing we know it was 3pm….icks! I wanted to get a walk in and like to start those at 2/2:30….didn’t start until almost 3:30, same with hubby’s run.

I wasn’t planning on doing my full almost 4mile walk today due to start late and the work I did earlier today. Then I get a text from hubby, a submarine was going by and I had the camera, while we had perfect lighting…..rolling eyes. I was about a mile away, so I started picking up my pace, jogged the last bit and I HATE jogging….totally out of breath. Got there in time for us to jump in the Jeep and drive around the point. Hubby got a few pictures of it.

When we got back, discovered that I missing my ipod shuffle……ggrrr So not cool. Hubby headed out to where we went for the submarine and I went back on the trail. I so just wanted to sit and chill out. I got about 1/2 mile away when I got a text from him that he had found it when we ran out of the Jeep to get a picture.

Without meaning to, I got over 4miles in today….and most of it booking it.

Then I knocked over hubby’s water, trying to help with dinner….I swear, it really was a Monday. While we were doing that, it started raining….so it looks like we timed everything and found my ipod shuffle in time.

I still needed to get some more work done after dinner, but I really like to be done by 7pm…..and IF I do any work, it is on our stuff. Next thing I know it is 8:45…..NOT cool.

Now I got my glass of wine and just trying to chill. We have both hit the wall, we are both so exhausted and aching. Wondering if we are going to feel up to sex…….we are so tired….at least we got some last night…..grin

Another Beautiful Sunny Day Here in The NW

Current Mood:Beautiful Day emoticon Beautiful Day

Hubby is doing much better. Not needing to wear sunglasses inside all the time. His vision is less blurry and no more double vision, doing more things around the house….even shaved, which I really wanted him to wait another day, but he did ok, no blood anyway….lol. Hopefully by the end of the weekend, he’ll be able to drive.

He did get runs in today and yesterday……blurry runs, but runs…..lol

The female suffering of cramps have started to hit, I did open a bottle of wine to deal with it. =) IF I’m lucky, my worst day will be tomorrow and I’ll be able to get some Monday….fingers crossed. My cravings have cut back, which was good timing…I just ate the last brownie today and I didn’t want to have make more. I don’t like eating a whole patch of brownies myself, I feel like a pig, but my crazy cravings….that is why I like to share….better in moderation…grin. Hubby rarely eats them, they are so super fudgy….he can’t handle it…lol

Yesterday, instead of walking/roller skating, I attacked the RV and got it vacuumed. Which is sweaty work out moving stuff around. Felt good to get something noticeable done in here, gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Got another beautiful day today….which was nice, since hubby can see some of it, if not fully. Temperatures are suppose to drop over the weekend with a slight possibility of snow, hoping not too bad so I can motivate my ass to go out.

I did get out today. =) It wasn’t as long as walk, but I did get distracted by a mating pair of eagles that delayed me for about 15-20 minutes as they move when I wasn’t ready…..lol Seriously, every time I wasn’t ready they took off…..

The mate had just flown off and this was taken with my horrible iphone pic.  Better pics are on the other camera waiting for editing.

The mate had just flown off and this was taken with my horrible iphone camera. Better pics are on the other camera waiting for editing.

Today instead of the forest, I did some of the beach. Tide was coming in, so had to go over a few big logs….just dawned on me that I should’ve gotten pics of those….doh!

Took the beach today, tide was in.

Took the beach today, tide was in.

My best friend has been going through her family drama, hopefully it is coming to an end…..the mother-in-law and niece are leaving next Thursday….yes!!! That would less stress on her and her family. They have enough issues that they don’t need that.

Just watched our Real Time, currently watching our movie for our movie night. We are now watching Star Trek : Wrath of Khan…..that is the theme of our movies at this time. Wondering if I should get back into those books…..read one or two of them about 86/87 But those are so hit or miss depending on the writers.

I really should dive into the Game of Thrones and Hunger Game books I got…..it would’ve been so better if I had started them before I saw the shows/movies….lol

I did finish all of Sue Grafton mystery series in quick time. Those I wasn’t sure what to make of them when I started, still not sure, but they got better and I got addicted to them….lol

Today’s Drama

Current Mood:Beautiful Day emoticon Beautiful Day

Hubby is feeling much, much better. Still very light sensitive, wearing sunglasses a lot, even when inside. Everything is blurred when he tries and sees out of that eye. He didn’t run today, but laid down in the dark and gave his eyes a rest, which I’m very glad he did…he doesn’t always give his body time to heal when needed.

Like I told him, I’m not surprised that he is feeling more tired. I use reading to tire myself out to sleep, so he is tiring his eyes out more…one because it is doing double duty, the other because it is trying to heal. Then you add the stress of the pain, no wonder why he is tired. He is trying to recover. I’m just so happy he is feeling better. Hopefully he’ll be almost normal this weekend.

Well, starting tomorrow, I’m out of commission, all the signs are there. Of course he thought I was a few days ago……doh! Like he hasn’t notice that I haven’t been wearing panties to bed….lol He just gets in the mind set that when I tell I’m about due he just thinks that I’m out of commission. Much easier just to tell him when I start then the pre cycle crazy…lol But he was in way too much pain for anything anyway. So my wand has been getting a work out…..my arm has been hurting….lol Now IF I’m lucky, I’ll get hit with my hardest day sooner then later and then I’ll be over it.

Spent about an hour the phone with my best friend (she is really more like my sister, but closer, so sometimes saying best friend to me symbolize the closeness to me even more then sister) and my nephews and niece. Her husband is feeling like crap, like it is all his fault of the things that are happening and sent a really depressing, the most unlikely text that they didn’t know how to handle it. I’m like you need to let him know you understand, that he isn’t worthless, that you see his side, his mom’s side and that you are there for him. Then I tried to explain the sides as I see them. That you need to reassure that you love him and that he isn’t worthless.

She had put me on the speaker phone so all the kids could hear me, a first for me. I encourage them to have a family meeting (WITHOUT his mom and niece) so they could work it out and present a united front, to show that he isn’t alone. And with that text, I’m like you guys need to text him love, support and encouragement since he works the night shift and you can’t exactly go there and give him hugs. Well, I guess my bf got out voted by her kids and they were heading to his job and stopping to get him some food on the way.

I got my fingers crossed that it helps and works out, I’m stressing it. I’m so afraid that I gave the wrong advice. But when someone is feeling like such a piece of crap through no real fault of their own, I feel they need encouragement and need to see that their family has their back. He is a good guy, I don’t see eye-to-eye on a lot of things with him, but I know he sacrifices a lot for his family, and he just doesn’t know how to handle it….well, who the hell would? Between his mom and his wife and then his kids……..he just wants to make everyone happy, but it is not happening. I’m almost afraid to hear what happened when they showed up at his work…..I so hope he sees that it is done in love and support.

So hoping hubby’s best friend is free this weekend. I would so love to go and see her and her husband. Been missing them and worry about the stress they are going through.

I did get a walk in today. It was a beautiful day. I did 3.81 miles in about 90 minutes. Got to see and hear a bald eagle, I NEVER get tired of that……grin Playing on another walk tomorrow. =)

Eye and Family Drama

Took hubby to the walk in clinic for his eye. He was in so much miserable pain….still in miserable pain, just a little less frequently.

The good thing, no permanent damage and that eye cells regenerate every 9-12hrs and actually heal quickly…so he should be back to normal in 2-4 days. The bad thing is that the abrasions on his eye was so bad that they didn’t even need to dye his eye to see it and he has two abrasions. They had given him numbing eye drops to look at his eyes, it was the best he has felt since it happened.

Unlike when it happened to me, no eye patch for him. They gave him eye drops to help in the healing. They were going to give him a pain pill, but he didn’t want those and it would’ve only been for a 1-2 days. Too much pain killers slows down the healing. He decided to suffer with it. =(

My poor hubby spent the afternoon in our darkened bedroom with his sunglasses on, has totally turned down the brightness on his mac and ipad…the light is hurting. What really sucked, is that it was a stunningly beautiful sunny day that he would’ve loved to be out taking pictures.

I just wish I could help him feel better, so instead I tried to help him as much as possible, which felt lacking.

My best friend called today to really catch me up, can only do so much through text the night before. Since I was driving she was on the uconnect in the Jeep, so hubby got to hear it all. Hubby sure doesn’t miss all the family drama that she is going through. He told her to get some brass balls…..she was like, I think I found them last night…..lol

Pretty much she played the bad guy so her husband didn’t have to feel bad for making his mom feel bad. Like I told her, if it works and he doesn’t undermine her, go for it. I’ve played the bad guy many times with her family and my hubby has no issue with doing when it is needed. Sometimes a situation calls for it.

She feels both relieved to get some of out (was cut off from the rest of it from her mother-in-law playing up the guilt….woes is me crap) but it is even more awkward at her house now. I told her to use it to her advantage, don’t give any ground. And before their niece even assumes that they are going to taxi her around, to nip that in the bud and be preventive of it. Stop the issue before it even comes up.

I just don’t get it….when we are at someone else’s house, even family, we try to be as respectful as possible. Not mess up people’s routines and life. I guess I can see it some what from her mother-in-law, she may not have had her son live with her in over 20+yrs, but she went back into her role. I know when I go to my folks, I easily slip back into routine, but then my parent’s routine hasn’t changed.

But I do try and be helpful and with them raising their 3 grandkids, my parents actually appreciate it when I take over and address issues with them. It gives them a break. The only time I really mess with their routine is when we have dinner. I’ve always sat on my dad’s right side at the table and I REFUSE to give that up when I’m there. My nephew can have it when I’m not there, but when I’m there….that is my spot, I’m a daddy’s girl and I will not give it up…..pretty stubborn that way…..grin

But unlike my friend’s mother-in-law, nothing has really changed at my folk’s house. Her mother-in-law has never lived with my bf and her kids, just her son. So it is just rude.

When we started as full time RVers, our very close friends let us park in their RV spot in their back alley. We were only planning on being there for about 2-3 weeks….well, it ended up being 5 weeks. Which was a huge help, there was still so much more for do then we had realized.

Now we are considered family, have a key to the house, but we didn’t want to interfere or make ourselves a burden in their routine, we tried to help out when we could. We even didn’t go over there into their house for 5days, didn’t want them to think they had to feed us, entertain us and such. We told them that, we didn’t want to get in the way. We were very careful about trying not to over step our boundaries.

So when I tell hubby about what my bf is going through, we don’t get how people can not be respectful. But then family sometimes feels more entitled more then others.

One positive thing came out of hubby getting eye drops, while we were waiting I finally found the Rhodiola Rosea at the local grocery/pharmacy that Trixie recommended and gave me some to try a few weeks ago. They only had one kind and ironically, they were from Sandy, OR….lol I got my local OR stuff up here in Northern WA……grin

I’ve been feeling more normal in general, I think part of it, is I never full recovery from the 3 week trip from AZ in November before being put on to a emotional roller coaster of adjustments, and I’ve finally got some of that recovery time and I’ve been making sure I’ve been taking my vitamins….especially B6 and B Complex. I not sure if that is helping, but I hope so. And now adding the Rhodiola Rosea to my vitamin routine tomorrow, hope that helps even more.

I’ve been a bit more focus on getting things done. It also could be that with me focusing on hubby suffering the last 2 days, I haven’t been able to think. Sometimes not thinking and just doing is a huge help.

I have a huge list of things to attack tomorrow…..hoping that I keep my focus….fingers crossed.

Also have a friend of ours on my mind, sounds like they have been needing a hug. =( Sometimes hugs are the most powerful things and making people feel better and I wish I could give them one.

It is my go to thing, when I don’t know what to do….I give hugs and found that they have been pretty helpful. Lets them know that someone cares for them and they aren’t alone.

Looks like I’m going to be starting my cycle a few days late, but the good thing is my body is finally giving more signs other then emotions and cravings. =) So I’ll be pleased when it is started, closer to being done with it.

Hubby’s Eye & Family Drama

The weather hasn’t much change, just more rain less snow. We decided to work outside regardless.

Unfortunately, hubby hit his eye with a leaf off of branch he was moving. =( We are thinking he may have scratched his eye. It has been watering all day and hurting. I feel so bad for him.

I did that years ago and it sucked.

If he is not doing better tomorrow afternoon, I’m taking him in to the walkin clinic. I hate seeing him hurting, I hate not being able to help him….I just want him to feel better. =(

Ended up texting with my best friend. Unfortunately there were too many people at her house for her to call and talk….ggrrr

She has been dealing with the fact that her mother-in-law and niece are there and her husband is not standing up to his mom. Her house has been invaded, her routine messed up and feeling as if she doesn’t even belong in her own house. Her mother-in-law did the single mom thing after her biker husband abandoned them. So she did what she had to do, so her son loves and respects her, but has no idea how to stand up to her and back up his wife. And I really don’t think the mother-in-law means to be a problem, but when you have two women in a house that are use to running their own house……not a good idea all. Not an easy thing to share.

My bf has just been trying to keep the peace for her husband’s peace of mind and in the process has been crowded out and right in the middle of the worst winters when she suffers huge season depressions and cabin fever. So she doesn’t even have her normal outlets to help her because of them.

I’ve been trying to get her to establish her boundaries, her territory….do her routine and force them to either adapt or leave. But she has been holding her tongue, because she doesn’t feel as if her husband has her back. He has no backbone when it comes to his mom, everyone else, he has one.

And unlike her, I grew up with my family backing me up. So once it hits, I will stand up and get it out…..and let things fall where they may. Plus with my temper and my crazy emotions I got from my mom….it doesn’t take much. I just try and use the logic and patience that I learned from my dad to handle it more smartly, just doesn’t always work…..sadly.

Well, she had it and decided to play the bitch…..of course, her husband had to comfort his mom and not stand up with his wife. I know that he loves both of them and he really just has no idea how to handle it. But this is messed up.

My hubby is like, he doesn’t see how he is choosing his mother over this wife. I’m like, well you weren’t close to your mom like he is and he really isn’t trying to chose his mom over her, he is just clueless….my hubby is like, still…..my wife comes first, before anyone.

Now I’m trying to encourage my bf to use this to establish that this is her house, her territory….told her, do her routine, be civil and friendly, but don’t let them crowd you out. They are in HER house, they have to adapt and learn the boundaries.

See, I’m a territorial bitch when it comes to the things I care about, my job, my family, the people I care about. I’ve used that for many years when dealing with managers/employees under me that tried to crowd me out. I still celebrate the day that my useless, suspected thieving assistant called and quit, so many years ago…..and that was my day off…..happiest day to have to go in…..grin

Well, it has been a very long day….I’ve been doing so much work and been worrying about hubby. I so hope he is feeling better tomorrow. =(

Chilly, Work, Quickie

bbbrrrr…..It has been raining/spitting snow on and off today. It was chilly as hell today, didn’t go for a walk. I did go out and did our weekly shopping.

Called my best friend while shopping, I normally do…of course it throws me off while shopping, but at the same time, it perfect time for us to play catch up. She is doing better on dealing with her family stuff, I’ve been calmer the last 3 weeks, so it has been more of playing catch up instead of both of us freaking out and letting off steam.

Spent time getting work done, emails/support, got the company books prepped and sent to the tax accountant, along with our annual forms.

Took time out to make my super fudgy brownies…..grin Let me explain, when my cycle is starting or going, my chocolate cravings go through the roof, along with my irritability, I also go nuts on craving salty foods, like mustard and doritos. I’d steal candy from a kid if the craving hits hard, that is how bad it is. The brownies are a huge help. =)

So I’m getting some of my cycle signs in that, but not quite the others….hoping I really get the rest tomorrow…I would love that. I know, I why would I want those, you ask? Well, the sooner I get those signs and started the sooner it is over and getting it over is exactly what I want. I hate what it does to me emotionally and craving wise and as I get older, they get nuttier. Sadly, I see my mother (who was scary with the temper from that side of the family) in me…..I love my mom, but that part scares me and I don’t want it. I don’t think I’m as bad, but I just see enough of it that I’m not happy about it and I work hard to resist it.

I was about to dive into our mess of books, totally stressing it in a very bad way, when hubby is like, you want a quickie? Hell no, did I turn it down. I needed a stress reliever and the timing was fricking perfect.

There is nothing like me using my wand, watching him stroke himself hard to get ready to fuck me….it was hot. I was lying on my back on the bed, he was standing over me. I couldn’t even see his cock, just watched his face…..I know he was enjoying hearing my moans and sounds, which was even a bigger turn on.

It made for a very intense needed quickie. Totally helped my stress level….grin

I was going to get back into our stuff, but it was later then I prefer for that and I just wanted to chill and get my thoughts out. Every time I do a post here, I’ve been adding more to my private thought logs. So it is double the writing. A lot of needed self examination….don’t know if it helpful, but I’m giving it a shot. =)

Currently watching the first Star Trek……boy the effects were bad……..lol

Good Wake Up, Lazy Day

No walk today…..it was not weather I felt like being out in. It was much colder morning when we got up, it was slightly warm enough the night before when we went to bed that I didn’t put a shirt and sockets on. We like it chilly to sleep, but I hate having cold feet and cold shoulders if they come out the blanket.

We did have a pleasant wake up….grin…..and I’ll leave it like that. =)

Today we got some house chores done, I did some work….no where the amount that I need to do. And watched a bad movie in the evening.

I really would like better weather tomorrow, so I can get out and enjoy it. If not, I’ll probably head to the store…need to get some meat for meals.

Think I’m just going to dive into re-reading one my favorite books about a kid wizard…..grin

I think I pinched my boobie in my sports bra when I was giving him a blow job the other day.  It is a very, very tight bra.

I think I pinched my boobie in my sports bra when I was giving him a blow job the other day. It is a very, very tight bra.

Just a Short Post

Current Mood:Beautiful Day emoticon Beautiful Day

Just a brief post.

The day started out sunny, very slight breeze and very nice.

We got our stuff done, had lunch did some work….but I was really hitting the wall. There was no way I could focus it was a nice day and I decided to go for a walk instead of skating.

Getting a 3mile walk in.

Getting a 3mile walk in.

Took a different route, more into the forrest, did over 3miles in about 90 min, saw 2 bald eagles perched together. I got some pictures, they are ok…not as good as it could’ve been if the buggers hadn’t decided to take off before I got close enough for manual focus…rolling eyes. Once hubby goes through them and edit the best one, I’ll post it.

Went more into the forest instead of the bluffs

Went more into the forest instead of the bluffs

Hoping for another nice day tomorrow, I could use it. Right now the wind is picking up, hearing the gusts, so far not too bad yet. Can still hear the tv, for now.

Well, I’ve been staring at this screen for 30min and haven’t added anything new….so I guess I’ll post this.

This tree fell over the trail in yesterday's wind storm.

This tree fell over the trail in yesterday’s wind storm.

Still Windy, Rainy, And Chilly

Damn it has been chilly with the wind. End up in a blowing down pour earlier today, still working on drying our stuff out.

Got to see an bald eagle about 30ft from us on the beach, of course, no decent camera…saw it later on the grass bracing itself again the blowing down pour. Just really haven’t been able to truly warm up since.

By the time we actually got warm, the wind/rain stopped and the sun came out. So we took opportunity for our exercise. He went for his run, I went roller skating. I didn’t do as much as I wanted, but I did add more then what I’ve been doing….not too bad. I didn’t do any floor exercises, decided to get some chores down around here instead.

Hubby takes his shower first, he is soaking in sweat after a run. Afterwards he just laid back on the bed, just relaxing feeling all his aches and pains and I just couldn’t resist. I LOVE a freshly clean cock, to me that is a turn on. I ended up taking it my mouth and started to suck. I was only planning on helping him relax and tease him for later…..weeelll…didn’t happen that way. Swallowed my first load in a long time.

It is not something I do regularly, I enjoy it…but selfishly, I want both of us to get off and I LOVE the feel of his load in my pussy. I love sucking him and teasing him to the edge, especially when he has my pussy juices on his cock….but then I really want the load in my pussy. Sometimes I can feel him pulsing inside me….that is hot…..when you can feel the cock give off another squirt.

After I swallowed him, I went back to my chores….grin Then did my shower. After the shower, used a glass toy and my wand and got off good. Could use some more.

And also thinking more about it….we did so many shoots with me having to show me taking a load in my mouth, that got old. I couldn’t even do it the way I wanted to….because then you couldn’t see the cum for the video/picture, I swallow it down and rarely leave a drop behind. Having to update and take pictures/videos all the time took the fun out of it….hate having my sex life regulated to needed updates….fuck that…that is why we don’t do it anymore.

In fact until the last few months, we finally started taking pictures again, for ourselves, for enjoyment….fuck the lighting, the quality…it is mostly from our iphones and it is for our enjoyment. If I share it, it is because I feel like it….not because I have to. I HATE requests and demands….did that way too long and sucked the life out of us and our personal enjoyment.

Unfortunately, I’m going to be starting my cycle Mon/Tues according to my calculations… =( So my last weekend of sex before I’m out of commission….blah…

Weird observation….. for the last 2 weeks about 9:30 am my pussy gives a few throbs….I’m just doing my stuff, not thinking of sex and then my pussy throbs. Like it wants to be fucked….so wacky.