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Quick Catch Up

We went and took the over 4hr drive down to our storage unit in Oregon on the 24th. We had our living room tables, dinning room set and bed room set picked up and sent to consignment.

We really should’ve sold it before we left, but we just weren’t ready….I sure wasn’t. I loved our stuff…..that storage bed was awesome! But we decided to put it into storage and see how we felt after a year. Well, paying for storage ends up costing more then it takes to replace things and it was time.

I just wished I could’ve sold it our self, but at least it is done. Feels like we closed a chapter on our life….it is bitter sweet.

The consignment shop had a delivery/moving company that they worked with. They were suppose to be at the unit at 12:30…well, come 1pm I start calling the numbers I had. Nothing for awhile until I called the consignment shop and they got ahold of them.

The delivery company had to deal with a flat and it sounds like the poor guy had a hell of rough day. When they finally got there over 3hrs past the scheduled time, they were pretty fast and very professional. The owner was a go getter. They were fair on pricing and good service, even if they had a bad start on staying on schedule, it didn’t sound like it was normal for them.

During all the waiting, we did some shopping and saved on sales tax….Oregon doesn’t have one…..and much cheaper liquor tax. Picked up some food that I’m not able to get around here. After they picked up our stuff at the unit, we were just 5-10 min late from meeting a good friend of ours that we haven’t seen since we hit the road.

We had left for Oregon by 7am and didn’t get home until after midnight….it was a very long day. But I did get my bowling ball unburied from our other storage unit and brought it back….now, we just need to go bowling….grin

Totally addicted to Games Of Thrones…..my BFF and her sister finally got into it and did a marathon over the a weekend a few weeks ago and are all caught up. So now we are debating who did what. About time they are caught up, it was hard talking to them and not reveal anything that they haven’t seen….lol

I had gotten the Games Or Thrones on ebook a few years ago, started on them a few months ago…..but since I had seen the show, when parts started coming up that I knew would get me upset, I stopped. I get very emotional involved in my books…..lol Well, just started them back up….handling it better then when I started last time….lol And now when I talk to my BFF and her sister, I can tell them what I learned from the books.

I originally started this post on Saturday and just finishing up now….lol We are going birding tomorrow and on Wednesday we are getting over to a different location for the summer.

Since it is so late and need to get up early tomorrow, I’ll get this posted….I had more that I want to say….but that’ll be for another time. =)

Cats & Cattle

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We are totally enjoying ourselves here in AZ

I’ve been going on morning walks about 6:30am, because I really, really want to see a bobcat. I finally got my wish on the 16th. I saw an animal jumping away over the trail in front of me. It didn’t have a long hairy tail and sure didn’t move like a coyote, it moved like a cat! I was so psyched!! But after a few days I felt like I dreamt it because it moved so fast and I just got a glance at it, not a good long look. So I’ve been determined that I was going to see another one, so taking my early morning and sunset walks when critters are the most active.

On the 22nd I got to see two bobcats on my morning walk. I was looking across a clearing and I saw to “short” animals, at first I was thinking of javelina, but then they ran towards each other to greet and circle each other. They didn’t move like either javelina or coyote….it was a cat movement. I got to see two bobcats!!! Of course, I had no camera or binoculars…..lol After they greeted each other one started walking in one direction along the tree line and the other in the opposite way, more in my direction. The one in my direction stopped a few times, looked as if he was sunning himself and looked as if he was rolling around like our kitties do…..LOL

Well…with no camera or binoculars I’ve been more determined to see them again. Not sure if I’ll carry a camera, because it would need to be one the SLRs and on my morning walks, I’m really trying to move fast to get my heart rate up. But I can carry the small binoculars of the preserve (we’ll be getting our own soon). Now with my luck I won’t see them again since I was prepared, but I was lucky today! I saw a critter sitting in the clearing, not too far where I saw them last time. It was kind of hard, even with the binoculars, to see it because the grass is so high. I could see that the nose was short, so not a coyote and the ears weren’t that big, so not a deer. It was a cat!

Now the question was what kind of cat. I texted ToRn and he stated it he was on his way. I was on one side of the clearing and ToRn ended up on the other. With the camera, ToRn was able to get a few pictures and clean them up enough to get some good looks at him….and it was a bobcat….grin

ToRn headed back to the trail to try and outflank him so he could get a better shot and as he is heading down a trail he looks up and about literally runs into a mountain lion! The lion just looked at him like “I’m not afraid of you” They just looked at each other, ToRn texted me a pic and then took more pictures until the lion decides to walk off.

I’m so jealous! The ironies of this is that I just laminated and posted an article in the visitor center’s office about the last sighting from Dec, the preserves motion camera got a blurred rear-end and tail of one a couple of weeks ago and yesterday a couple saw the lion just walking along the trail yesterday.

The really funny part is later this morning ToRn was doing dishes and Drew decided to jump on his back. He was not wearing his normal hoodie and ended up with a lot of cat scratches. Who knew that he was safer outside with the wild cats? LOL

We really had an exciting beginning of the day today and we are very please by that.

A few days ago, ToRn looked out the bedroom window and says “We have cows out there” with surprise. We had a small herd of 7 cattle including a big bull just out there eating the grass. They left their ranch through the creek. The area manager has a couple of cattle dogs and he came over to herd them out. ToRn and I have never seen dogs work herding in person. That was really cool.

Ever since then we’ve been finding fresh cow pies…rolling eyes. The manager thinks we have a bull that has claimed this as his territory and is pushing his way through the now enforce “T” fence on the creek to make his rounds. We have over 300 wooded acres in this part of the area and so far we haven’t found him yet to drive him out. But I keep finding fresh tracks and scat in the morning.

Now I just learned today that in AZ you are responsible for fencing them OUT…the owners are not responsible for fencing them IN! That makes no sense and lets just say I totally DISAGREE with that…ggeezz.

I have a few more critters to talk about, but this post is long enough…..grin

Our New Life (at least for the next 5 months…lol)

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As of this Sunday, May 12th, we have been here 3 weeks in AZ

It has been a very interesting experience and time has been flying much faster then expected.

We knew that is was a birder destination, but boy it is huge here. It is a totally different world. The majority of them are very friendly and very happy to share their knowledge. Some are total tunnel vision, with one focus only……I don’t know how to describe it, but it is sometimes funny to see. We’ve had people waiting at the gate long before 6:30…..lol It has slowed down some, but you still get them.

So far, out of all the states, we’ve encounter more coming from Oregon and the Pacific NW in general. It is great to talk to fellow Oregonians….grin For out of country, lots of people from the UK. Those are some of the most fun of the birders, love UK humor. Some joke about how all their birds are so boring, so that is why they come to the states.

Right now, my favorite group of birders came from Belgium. There was four gentlemen and they had never seen humming birds before, they were so delighted and had so much enjoyment. We have three feeders for them at the visitor’s center and that day we had like 20-30 humming birds, they spent hours there before even hitting the trails. When ToRn put the spotter on one of our grey hawks, they about ran to the spotter…grin

We are learning but there is so much. Don’t know if we’ve ever be as good as some of them, but we catching on to some of the birds. ToRn is doing much better then me on that, but he is much more observant and quicker on seeing them. We’ve always been interested in all sorts of wildlife and I’ve enjoyed birds, just never to the extent of serious birders.

When we’ve ID birds, we normally went by the first thing we noticed….colors and markings. Well, we’ve learned you just can’t go by that or even start with that. You have to go by shape of tail, wings, beaks, body and talons…all that, then the markings. Markings may change based on age…juvenile and adult and, of course, male and female.

For example the Summer Tanager male is beautiful bright red, while the female is a pretty bright yellow. Now I’m use to the females usually being darker, more brown or grey from the normally more colorful males, but never such an opposite bright color as the male and female Summer Tanager.

We are the type that notice the more colorful birds, humming birds and raptors. We just love hawks, eagles, falcons, owls….those are so cool to us. The Grey Hawks are here very frequently. I got to see one at 5:30am with a nice size lizard in it’s talons. ToRn saw one warn a Red Tail off the other day…..lol

I do love looking out the bedroom window in the morning and seeing a male and female Northern Cardinal. The female is much prettier then we thought she would be. Just love watching her. Then watching the male Vermillion Flycatcher bounce from piece of grass to piece of grass.

Of the humming birds, we’ve seen the Anna (had a family of them in Oregon at our place), Broad-Billed, Violet Crown, Black Chinned and Broad Tail. The Gila Woodpecker is noisy as heck….lol Also have seen the Ladder Back and Acorn Woodpecker. Even got to see an owl the other day, I’ve never seen one in wild before. The Great Blue Heron is really cool to see fly, reminds me of those big clumsy looking sea planes that once they take off, they are so graceful. That is just some of the birds we’ve seen. I know we’ve seen a lot more and I know ToRn probably could ID more, but those are just the ones that I could ID.

At 4000 ft and a creek that has continuous water, there is a lot of wild life here. We run into javelina all the time, even hear them outside of our RV forging a couple of nights. We see white tail deer all the time. The ones here have bigger ears then the ones farther north. Almost like mules. Saw coyotes the other night at sundown, I’ve never seen any with those markings. They had dark grey/black markings and didn’t look as skinny as the ones I’m use to seeing in the Midwest. Unfortunately we haven’t seen the bobcat yet, others have, but not us. =( I so want to see it. And the mountain lion hasn’t been seen since last Nov. That would be TOTALLY cool and out of this world…..grin

ToRn posted this on his facebook the Friday night, it happened about 9:30 pm, and tells what happen the best :

Well that was different.

Wife went to the office to reboot the modem, and as usual Drew cried for mommy over and over. Pauline returns after a few minutes and as normal I mimic Drew’s “mommy cries” for her in the same pitch and frequency as Drew. And as normal we both laugh.

Unlike normal was the coyote crying in a loud response about 30′ from us. Over and over.

That took us by much surprise.

This post got longer then I expected….lol Hubby is working on the pictures, he has a much better eye and unlike me, won’t post them all….only the best. Once he goes through those, he’ll be posting them I’ll close for now and go talk about the town here in my next post.

So Much To Learn….So Much Stress

We are here in Everett, WA….living in our home on wheels in our friend’s RV lot in their alley way. Which was a very tight fit….doesn’t help that Ackbar is low and we had to worry about bottoming out trying to get into the alley. It was not an easy park job at all….icks….but ToRn got it with our friend’s help.

Everything is all over the place, we are slowly getting things situated….just not fast enough for me. We had to pretty much unload stuff into their garage so we can do the office area and bring it back in next week.

We couldn’t put the cat litter where we wanted due to a support beam. Then things don’t come apart as easy as we thought. So just going to get office set up, put things away there and move on from that. We’ll worry about painting and such next year.

Hubby took a chill out day today after a very stressful day yesterday. Me, I want to get things done, just don’t know where to start and it is stressing me out. Then trying to get work done on top of it….icks….

I keep telling myself we got time, that is why we are here….have time and space to get set up. But until everything is in it’s place….ggrrr Right now it feels as if we are fighting Ackbar…everything is so small, that things don’t seem to fit…..

I’m stressing the holding tanks…we were at 1/3 when we got here and now 2/3rds??? How the hell did we do 14gals of each of the tanks….since Wed when we haven’t even taken showers in it yet? Do have to be fair, it has been at 1/3 since we got it in Dec and it may have been half way between 1/3 and 2/3….so we may have had only 7 gals. But how the hell we did 7 gals?? Haven’t it used it that much.

Don’t want to have to move it to find a dump station and then repark….did find a service that will come out and dump for us. So going to have that done this Thurs…that is going to make me feel better, so we are starting fresh and now we can figure out how long it’ll last.

We got a WiFiRanger Mobile, seems to catch other networks, but we can’t always able stay on. Our own 2 networks of AT&T & Millenicom….even our friends….and they are less then a 100yds away. So another new frustration, that we knew we were going to deal with that….but with everything else…not helpful.

So when I have issues, I head down to our friend’s house and steal their internet for work. =)

Our friends have been so, so helpful. We are trying to visit without imposing on them. You know what they say about fish and visitors after 3 days……so hopefully with having our own home, that won’t happen. =)

Right now watching a Ron White, getting some needed laughter….

Life Changes & the Holidays

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Happy Holidays!!!

Life is a changing for us. It is both exciting and scary as hell.

As of Friday, we picked up an RV. A 2002 Holiday Rambler Admiral, that we’ve named Ackbar.

Long story short, we are going to become full time RVers by the end of Feb, when our lease is up. We are both so looking forward to it and scared. There is so much to learn, it is so big…….it is overwhelming. Once we learn it, I know we’ll be fine…..it is just getting to that point.

Ideally, we want to boondocks a lot and find places to volunteer at for hook ups and learning. We already have our 1st volunteer place at Patagonia-Sonoita Creek in AZ Apr 22 for at least 3 months.

Due to packing stuff for storage, getting rid of stuff, time involved (takes me about 6hrs to put up) and you can’t put an rv under a tree, I didn’t get one this year. Right now, I’m really missing it…..being trying to avoid a lot of holiday stuff that I usually go nuts on, the holiday lights, haven’t even listened to the holiday music that I love…..since I knew that wouldn’t help. But I may listen to the music tomorrow…..and get one day of it.

I have such happy holiday memories from growing up, I love shiny glittery things, always felt like magic. And in the process, really missing my family. This year it feels like the holidays, but doesn’t.

I did get a text from mom, dad was asking if we had an Applebees, I’m like I’d prefer Olive Garden….told them they didn’t even need to go anywhere to get the certificate or mail it…..send it by email. Love that option.

I don’t expect things from my folks anymore, my concern is their finical well being especially since they are raising their 3 grandkids. So I’m just happy with card to know that they are thinking of me. They did send us a ecertificate, which we’ll put to good use on my birthday, I was just happy to hear from them since I’m missing them right now.

I’ll be calling tomorrow, that is for sure. Dad use to call on my bday at the time I was born….but that is way too early on the west coast….grin I love my folks…even though we drive each other nuts…lol

Next year, I may not have my big 7ft fresh cut Oregon tree, but I do plan on having something. This was the 1st year I’ve been without something, not doing that again next year. I picked out cats, personal and old ornaments from when I was a kid, put them into a small shoe box and taking that with us. The only thing that I’d really be missing from it, is my German tree topper….which I love, but need a big tree for that. =)

15th Anniversary Camping Plans

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A little back story, when we chose our wedding date, I was just thinking of trying to avoid the jump in prices that a summer wedding always brings. And our wedding ended up on May 31st….big mistake, always stuck dealing with holiday stuff and with my current job, I have end of the month stuff to deal with…blah We should’ve stuck with the Oct date…..lol

Now when we plan to celebrate our anniversary, it is normally anywhere from a few days to a few weeks that we do our plans. Since we’ve moved to Oregon, we’ve tried to see different parts of the northwest, especially our adopted state. We’ve done 3 trips to the Oregon Coast to get it covered, camped in the Red Woods and now we are finally going to head to John Day Nat’l Monuments this week.

It is about a 4hr drive to the 1st campsite of Bull Prairie Lake, just north of the 3 parts of the John Day Nat’l Monuments. We want to see the Painted Hills and the Clarno Unit after we set up camp Tuesday. Then Wednesday, pack up and head to the Sheep Rock Unit to do this 4mi hike : http://bp2.trimbleoutdoors.com/ViewTrip.aspx?tripId=536378

Hoping to get our 2nd campsite in Malheur National Forest before all the sites get taken. But with it being mid-week and school still in, the odds are on our side. =) Thursday we’ll come out of the Nat’l Forest at Baker City and jump on 84 for the 5-6hr drive to head home.

The weather keeps going from overcast to sunny…..lows at night in the 40s and highs in the 60s/70s, really hoping it works out and we get to see some stunning scenery. Totally looking forward to some hikes, even if not looking forward to the drive…..lol

Right now, I want to get more done, work wise and for the camping…..but keep thinking I’m missing something…..grin Never ending cycle.

Long Time….

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It has been a long while.  It has been busy.  For the month of July we had our nephews.  That was interesting.  Not use to having kids around on an everyday basis.  But it was fun.

Hubby had talks with them, the normal right and wrongs, helping mom, being brothers.  Tried to teach them to clean up after themselves, clean up around the house without being asked…..we’ll see if anything sticks…lol  But at that age, you can only try.

Trillium Lake

We took them on a small hike on Mt Hood, to the Oregon Zoo, and then we took them back to Canada and had an extended family camping the first weekend of Aug at Cultus Lake.  Spent one of those days at the water park….that was a ton of fun.  That weekend was full of lots of food, talk and good times with 48 people.  =)

Most of July, we had below average temps and above average rain….during our “dry” season.  We finally started getting decent weather towards the end.  So didn’t do as much with the boys as we really wanted to.  But still had fun. =)

We did have a fun gift for the boys uncle….grin  This is something college fans, especially Big Ten fans would appreciate.  Their uncle is a HUGE Michigan fan and you know, our loyalties is with Purdue….sooo..  We decided to give their uncle something to remember us by.  We all dressed in Purdue gear, hung a Purdue flag and took a picture that we printed out and put into a Purdue frame, so he can put it in his Michigan room….grin  As he said, it is the people in the picture that matters, not what we were wearing……LOL

Kalaloch Beach, Olympic National Park


[/caption]A week after we got back we decided to go for a small trip.  We never drove up the 101 coast of WA….BIG mistake.  We were expecting it to be scenic like Northern California and all of Oregon….wow, disappointing.  The first part of it, you had all the sloughs….which were kind of cool to see.  And the Kalaloch Beach of the Olympic National Park, was really cool….that is what we expected to see more of.  But the rest of the drive was boring…..no really scenic areas, just tunnel trees and what scenic areas there were….like 2 of them, there were no pull offs to enjoy them.

Hubby had done some research and found where we wanted to try and get a site.  Well, that was totally full.  =(  And then we visited like 5 more sites before we found a place to camp.  This was the first time we have never made reservations.  People made fun of us for that, well, we’ll stick with making reservations.

We camped lite, food wise.  Took some dehydrated foods, a few subs and oatmeal….kind of nice not to have a lot of bunch of excess of stuff, but kind of weird.

We got our site at Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge…..it was really nice.  Had enough camp sites, it was well maintained.  We would like to go back to and do more exploring.

Trail at Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge

Dungeness Spit

The next day we had a dilliema, we were going to try and visit friends or go to Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park in the opposite direction.  We really wanted to see our friends, but the whole point of the trip was the site seeing and any hiking we can get in.  So we decided on Hurricane Ridge….totally worth it!  This is what we expected and wanted.

Zoomed in on Mt Baker from one of the pull overs on the way up to the Ridge


At Hurricane Ridge

We so totally want to go back and do some camping at the base and do some hiking up there.  There was still snow up there while there was a stunning amount of wildflowers everywhere.  Loved it!  I highly recommend it.  It helped to make up for they day before, that was a big disappointment.

On our drive out we saw signs for the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim.  We drove through Sequim, WA and found that it was the most pretty town we have ever driven through….lavender every where.  We both enjoyed and didn’t like the Olympic Game Farm, the reason why we didn’t like it is only because we hate seeing animals caged/fenced up.  We know that they are there for a reason and are taken care of and we love seeing them close up, but rather see them in the wild.  We did enjoy feeding them wheat bread.  =)

A Kodiak Beer telling me to give him another piece of bread....LOL


A Yak, they are not shy on getting close to get a treat. =)

So at least our trip ended on a high note.  =)  We are already planning on next trip.  Trying for Mt Rainer again, by the back roads….got turned around last time.  But we know were we got turned around, so going to be more careful…..we ended up on roads that weren’t on the map…..lol

I have gotten myself back into reading.  Kind of helped that our Borders is going out of business and I’ve made a few trips.  I finally got the finally 2 books of The Clan of The Cave Bears series….been almost 20yrs since I read the Plains of Passage.  It is going to suck not to have a big bookstore near by.  I love Powells, but don’t want to have to head into PDX all the time for that.  That is life.  =)

Mt St Helen’s Pics

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Hubby got some really good pics of Mt St Helen on his pentax, the greens and blues just popped. Most of the pics are from his.


Coldwater Lake


All the snow on the side of the road.


This is one of our favorites, hubby took this one


How high the snow it at the observatory on June 6th.


Being difficult


Where the ridge took the hit…..all those trees that were taken out.


Clouds cleared pretty well after we saw the movie. See how the rivers cut through all that debris?


Where we started out hike.


There is a critter in there, can you see it?


I just really like this quote on here…..from a few months before it erupted.


Starting into our hike


Self portrait time.


We are literately walking on what use to be the top of Mt St Helen's


The landslide and flow left huge mounds of ash, pumice and debris….totally changing the landscape and, in time, creating new lakes and ponds.


Where a tree was snapped off, that is the bottom, the top is buried. It was about 8 ft in diameter, it use to be an old growth tree (over a 100yrs old)


All the pumice


As the river cuts through and reclaims it's path


Trees cut down 6.5 miles away by the force of the blast.


Self-portrait time


I really like this one, caught it on my Olympus


Beaver home





The Happenings….

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I meant to start this earlier in the day, heck even a few days earlier……lol  Lets see what is going on.

We had a pretty good weekend last week.  We had some of the nicest weather we’ve had since the fall and did a bit of grilling to enjoy it.  Last Sunday night, as we were finishing our dinner, there was a knock at the door.  We pretty much keep to ourselves and was like, what the heck.  Hubby answered the door, the neighbor from across the street was there and seemed to be mumbling……hubby is like, you hit my jeep?  The guy is like yes.  This is not the first time, limited parking and it is on the street, so not a real big deal….exchange info and contact insurance.  So hubby is like, let me get my shoes.  He goes out there, sees a big wide scratch on the rear passenger bumper.  The guy is like I didn’t hit you there, and when asked where, he pointed to the driver side, that is so covered in pollen and dust that there isn’t a mark.  There is no way.

Hubby was going to say no big deal and not to worry, until he lied about it.  Because that scratch was not there this earlier.  He came in, all ticked, I went out to deal with it, asked for his info, he refused to give it to me, saying that he didn’t hit us there.  Sounding real baffled and buffled.  Well, that wasn’t going to work.  My husband started questioning him loudly and called him a liar, I called the police to mediate.  Dispatcher hearing it in the background, got the police here quickly.  We got the info from the wife, we felt totally guilty, she looked so crushed.  The few times we waved and talked in passing, she has always seemed so nice, she even dropped off fudge during the holidays.

The police did ask if the guy had gone back inside during this, we are like yes, well he had been drinking, but no proof if it was before or after he hit us.  I had seen them working out front all day, they had moved their car out of their drive to pull weeds, so I figured it was when he was adjusting from pulling it back in that he hit us.  It was a nice day, many people work out side and have a drink while doing it.  And looking back at how he responded, it makes sense that he had been drinking and you know the wife knew it.

Like my husband told her, he was saying to him to not to worry about it when he denied that it was his damage.  We did draw the neighbors out during this…..ggeezzz

So we have been debating all week whether to get it fix, if he hadn’t lied, we probably won’t.  And then, if to fix it, go through our insurance, pay the $100 deductible and have them deal with the neighbor’s insurance or call their insurance and deal with them and possible denial.  Well, that did get answered today when I got a letter from their insurance and are now have an appointment with their adjuster.

Been having an issue with the mail I sent out on May 31st and June 1st.  I sent out 3 things on the 31st and only 1 of them got there in a normal time frame.  One of them was not received until June 9th!  Icks.  On June 1st, I mailed out 2 netflix (to Salem), 3 cards (MI, IN, & WA)…….netflix FINALLY arrived June 10th, card to MI, June 11th….not sure of the other 2 yet, but I have hope.  What really bugs me about it, is that the card to IN was to mom & dad for their 39th Anniversary and I mailed it to be on time to be there by June 9th…..nope, didn’t happen.  So not happy about that.  But seeing that 3 of the 5 items have been delivered I have hope on the other 2, fingers crossed.  Normally only takes about 3 days to MI and 4 days to IN.

A few weeks ago I spent some time researching about internal hard drives for our macbook pros, what I read it looked easy to do and by doing it ourselves save us $50 for the change out, $50 for the transfer of settings and files and save $100 on the hard drive.  A total win-win, if as simple as they say.  Found us a much bigger hard drive ( hubby’s a 250GB, mine a 160GB at the standard 5400RPM) and even faster : Western Digital Scorpio Black WD7500BPKT 750GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache 2.5″ SATA 3.0Gb/s Internal Notebook Hard Drive -Bare Drive Western digitals are considered very good hard drives, so I got them ordered.

They were delivered this past Thursday, June 9th.  When I opened the 1st one, I noticed that it had some unsecured from it’s packaging in it’s own box.  But since those boxes were surrounded by packing peanuts, I didn’t think too much of it. Hubby used that one to change out his hard drive, took 3.5hrs for the operating system to install, 1.5hrs for it restore from back up and then it ran slow as heck.  Let it sit over night to make sure everything was lined up and it worked faster in the am.

So Fri we decided to do mine, only took about 50mins for the operating system to install and 30min for it to restore, but I also only had 30GB….his was about 150GB. Didn’t take long at all for mine to be up to speed and no issue.  His started to freeze up, opening programs, playing tunes….so I did some research, sounded like a hard drive issue.  We ran the disk utility, ran the repair, still had the issue.  I started to remember about the packaging and the fact that hard drives are sensitive…..so we switched back to his old and put in for an exchange on the new one.  I will say that so far, newegg.com has a really nice and simple online process for returns.  I’ve never used them before, but was aware of them….so definitely a site to keep in mind when we need electronics.

I got the damage hard drive shipped off and now waiting on the exchange.  Now that we know what we are doing, shouldn’t take long to switch it out and get it running again.

Monday, June 6th was the day we planned for a 12mile hike on Mt St Helen’s, as a late anniversary celebration.  Well, we didn’t go to bed as early as we should’ve and didn’t get our NW Forest Pass like we needed.  We figured we can get them when we get there.  We got our packs all ready Sunday and left here by 6 am, figuring the drive would take about 2-3hrs.  We did figured pretty correctly on the drive, took only a little bit longer due to the fog that we encountered the higher we went.  One moment it was clear the next moment couldn’t see a thing on a winding mountain road.  The pass thing really messed us up, because none of the centers opened until 10am.  If you want to do an all day hike and be back by sundown, you need to start by 8/9am.  So we had already checked a few possible substitute shorter hikes that we could do instead.

They did have some pullovers for you to view the area.  You could see tree trunks from the landslide buried sideways in the dirt and exposed by the rivers that recut their flow through the land.  It really does mess with your mind when you think about it and see it and then the info at the observatory, a bigger mind frock….wow

We went to the Johnson Ridge Observatory, where the original hike would’ve started.  Johnson Ridge is what forced the landslide to move west instead of keep coming north.   Wow about the view…..the pictures we took do not do it justice.  When we first got there, Mt St Helen was covered in clouds and would peak out.  When the observatory opened, we saw the 16min movie they have.  They used the original film with some added CGI, it was actually pretty well done.  Learned a lot more about the blast that neither of us knew.

Didn’t feel so bad about not getting the pass needed for the hike until late, because the trail we wanted to take is still covered in snow and won’t be open until July 4th area.  So the fact that we’ve been doing the higher elevation hikes in the fall, has been a good thing.  And it was a very good thing that we ended up doing the 2.5 mile hike….it was a big workout.  Going by how long it took us, with similar terrain, that they 12mile hike would’ve taken us 9-10hrs.  We really enjoyed ourselves and learned a great deal.

I’ll be posting some pics in a separate post and I still need to make a gallery.

I’ve been working this for a couple of hours and heading to bed.

What have I been I up to?

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What have I been I up to?  Pretty much a bunch of work and breaking it up by going to the gym…..that is the story that my tweets tell and boy, it is so true.

My responsibilities at work have really expanded, we have been restructuring and I’ve taken on another client when it comes to doing books.

It has taken me about 3 intense weeks around my other work to get 9 months worth of my clients transactions entered into quickbooks. Still have a few more things to get done, but waiting on info from banks to get it entered.  Going to send a copy of what I have done to his CPA so we can get things tidied it up.  I know something has probably been missed in the rush to get everything entered.

I do have to say that with the big load of work that I had to do quickly, I’m pretty happy with how much I have got done in such a short amount of time.  There were parts that were driving me nuts that I finally got under control, felt so damn good.

Before all of that really hit, we finally drive down to Crater Lake National Park and camped for the night.  We waited until after Labor Day so the kids would be in school.  Even then it was more crowded then expected. Got the last campsite at the campground….lucked out. It was cold, with sprinkles of rain.  We totally lucked out on the weather….it could’ve been much worst….lol

This was right after we entered the park, the Pumice Desert

Crater Lake was STUNNING!  We got enough sun and blue sky that the blue of the lake was breath taking.  Actually sleep much more comfortable this round of camping then last.  Used an air mattress and blankets instead of just our sleeping bags and mats. Totally saved our old backs and kept us warm when the temp hit the 30s.  =)

The next day while driving around the rim.  Clouds moved in and it snowed in some spots

We headed out to Denver at the end of month to start all of my new work.  It was a very busy and very intense week.  We did take a day off and headed up to Rocky Mountain National Park with our friends.  That was really cool.  The highest point (elevation wise) was 12,090 ft.  We have never been that high while on land.  We also lucked out and got a stunning fall day.  =)  I would love to go back and find a few hikes to do there.

Last weekend was the 1st weekend in over a month that I was able to work on things for myself….not work related.  It was so nice and so weird.  I may not get the full weekend off this one due to payroll prep, but Saturday will be all mine.  =)  Just not sure what I want to do with it.  I’m not sure if I’m mentally prepared to attack our office closet yet.  There are so many computer cds that I need to good through and get rid of.  It is kind of scary….so I need to really mentally prepare myself.  Maybe I should do it, by one organize container at time…..icks

I also need to clean out my costume jewelry and start on the holiday letter……leaning more to that for tomorrow…lol

My handy work. =)

Hubby’s got sick…..lol

We finally picked up pumpkins today, they look good.  I really wasn’t sure if I was going to do give out candy thing this year.  We really don’t get many kids, it is going to be rainy, and just the doing it with it being payroll time.  But I do enjoy it….the kids seem to like my witches outfit.  =)  This year hubby suggested getting a huge spider and have it drop when I open the door to scare the kids…..he got it set up.  Looks really cool…I really hope that it scares them.

Say hello to Herman!  Creepy eyes….lol

That is everything in a nut shell right now.  Pretty much just spending my life working…..lol

Trying to Organizing My Life

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A lot of my updates have been through tweets most of the time.  Mainly since nothing really major normally goes on, unless it is our cats.  But I’ll try and sum up what I have been doing.

I still keep looking for Alexis, but getting better, it helps that we have her ashes back.  Weird not to have her yelling at me in the bathroom to pet her. =(  I still need to organize all of the pictures we took during the last few days that she was with us.  Drew and Sakura are great distractions, they are so young, feisty and so full of personality….not a day goes by that I’m not grateful that hubby brought them home.

Last month my extra mom lost her husband of 50+yrs  =(  And there was family drama.  I tried to call to give support to her and my sister.  With all the drama, I was hoping it would help to give them someone to vent to.  I really wish I would’ve been able to fly out and be there from them.  Even if I would just be the bad guy for them and tell the other family members off.  The rest of the family is no skin off of my back, there are only 2 that matter to me.  =)

This summer we now have 2 hummingbird feeders and 2 blooming fuchsias…finally started to get more the one hummingbird.  We have at least 3 of them hanging around.  They will hover above our heads while outside…love it!  It is really cool, didn’t know that they could be so vocal.  Last year we had at least 1 scrub blue jay, this year at least 4 and holy cow are they noisy as heck.  They are pretty, but so annoying ear wise…..ggeezzz

We brought 2 tomato plants this spring, then it rain way above normal and we thought it killed them. At the time, we thought we did something wrong or brought bad plants until they ran a story on the news and a lot of people were having the same problem.   So we brought 2 more, planted those into our planters and put the others in the ground, really not expecting them to live much less produce any tomatoes.  Well, they actually have tomatoes on them and other 2 are going nuts. We’ve already had 1 tomato off of the early girl bush and and about 5 off of the oregon spring. They have been so sweet and tasty.  They are great on french bread with tillamook extra sharp white cheddar cheese…wow.

Work wise, I’m getting more responsibility added, which is good thing.  Still working out the details to see what I can do to help out.  Looking forward to that.  I do a bit of everything at work, I really can’t even describe what I do….I guess I’m the catch all and what I don’t know or do, I know who does…..lol

Only issue that has been driving me nuts work wise is a wire that I sent out on the July 30th still has not been received!  What the heck?!?  I’ve been ordering a wire to this account info for 2yrs now and never had an issue before.

Now I do everything online or by phone, the only time I go to our local branch is make a deposit through the drive thru.  Well, due to this issue everything needs to be done at the branch…it is to the point that they now know me by my first name….ggeezz  I wouldn’t mind going in so much if it wasn’t for the same issue.  Gave up on getting the wire delivered and did a recall, fingers crossed, I will have it back in a few days and I can take care of the contractor by another and faster method.

I have finally taken the time to go through all of my stuff.  For those who don’t know me, I’m a pack rat in for sentimental stuff…..  I still have a stuffed pillow that I was given when I was about 2 in Germany, if that tells you anything, my Baltimore Orioles shirt from when I was about 9….lol.  Well, I have  bunch of pictures, every note/letter/card my parents ever gave me and nearly every card/letter/note since junior HS.  And it was all over the place, location wise….including under the bed.  I have every little note my hubby has ever given me….lol…I know nuts. =)

Now when I tweet about going under the bed, it is really a project.  This is what we have in king size : http://www.storagebedstore.com/IVG2/N/ProductID-8593.htm

So you have to move the mattress and then the plywood that the mattress sits on.  There is a big space between the drawers under there that is excellent for storage, but a pain to get to it on a regular basis and with it being king size, one person can’t do it.  So I have to pester my hubby for help….grin  But I totally love our bed set, just don’t want to have to move it….icks…

A few weeks ago I started going through everything.  I went through all the pictures I’ve ever taken (mainly from Alaska) and all the pictures that were my grandmothers’, brought some photo albums (weren’t even sure they still made those…lol)  Luckily one of my grandma’s photo album wasn’t full so I was able to put a bunch of pictures in there.

I also finally got all of hubby & my ticket stubs to rock concerts, football games and other memorabilia organized and out of our photo album.  I went through and organized every letter by who sent it and postmark date, even organized the notes that I passed in school….lol Got all my cards organized, HS grad, college grad, wedding, holidays…..ect

I went through every newspaper and magazine that I kept to see if I still wanted, even found the Daily News Miner from Fairbanks, AK that I kept from the day the space shuttle Challenger exploded when I was in 7th grade.

I cleaned out my cedar hope chest and got as many of the photo albums stored in there.  Made sure that older the pictures got in there, ones that are from my grandparents and are about 50-100yrs old.

So now instead of everything all over, everything has it’s one or two container and is in one area.  I put so much stuff into the recycling and trash…..I’m hoping that if we do move from this house in 2012, that it’ll make our lives a bit easier for packing and such.

Been trying to attack my closet, especially since I lost weight there is a lot that doesn’t fit.  Some of that I’ve been shipping off to family members who may be able to use it.  The stuff is perfectly good and I normally donate it, but I like to try and help out my loved ones before anyone else.  You have to take care of family when you can, even when it is not much.  =)

We are having issues with my truck……ggrrr…  I went to do errands last Thursday and it wouldn’t start after I got out of the post office.  I had to call hubby for a jump.  We weren’t sure if it was the battery or the alternator.   I kind of was hoping for the battery, much easier to switch out and a little bit cheaper.  But as I laid in bed at night this weekend, I remembered that we just got a new one before we left FL in ’07 and it was a diehard.  (I’m a big believer in diehard batteries, once I have one I rarely worry about it.)  And the fact that we rarely drive the truck, may be 3k miles a year now….. I just felt in my gut it wasn’t the battery…plus our lives are never that easy.

We took the battery in for testing today and confirmed it wasn’t the battery….good that our diehard purchase was a good one and bad for it being more complicated.  Hubby took the alternator out of it today and we’ll take it in to get it tested tomorrow.  I’m hoping that is the issue, because for a ’97 I really don’t want to spend a ton of money….at least the truck is paid for.  But I’m really thinking that it is the alternator, we’ve had the truck since 2000 and haven’t had an alternator issue and it is over 100k mile, so it sounds about right.

Doesn’t seem like we got much of a summer…feel cheated, it was rainy and chilly through June and even at the beginning of July.  And that was after having an unusual warm winter and spring like weather that we went hiking in mid March to Smith Rock….weird.  We had a few hot days and stayed downstairs during those (no central air).  Only used the portable ac in the bedroom for one night and that was only due to someone throwing a beeping fire detector out…..that continued to beep…icks  We are suppose to get 2 more days of 90s this week and we our high Sunday was 68….lol  We did have a beautiful day today, after being chilly yesterday.

We are planning on heading to Crater Lake sometime next month.  Only the real good time to do so for us, school will be back in, less crowds and before it starts to snow (Oct).  Hubby found a bunch a little hikes, 2-5miles, but they will be steep.  Because it is about 6hrs away, we’ll be spending 2 nights camping.  And it is going to have some cold nights….extra blankets are in order.  Just going to take our MREs and some snickers, oatmeal and such…maybe some hotdogs, but no where the amount of food we took last time for camping.  Need to do a reminder practice on setting up our tent before we go….been a while and practice makes it much easier and faster when you need it and if it is raining.  =)

Been seeing some preseason football games on, nothing but a tease.  So looking forward to the kick off to the college season.  Even if a boring game is on, I’m so use to having it playing in the background that it always feels weird when the season is over.  That is from years of conditioning from my dad and my hubby….grin  I tell hubby that he needs to thank dad for his wife’s enjoyment of sports.  I know he couldn’t handle it if he had a wife that didn’t enjoy sports with him…..grin

Well, when I started this I was in the bedroom, moved myself out on the porch off of the bedroom to get some fresh air.  It is now about 2130 hours, dark with a few bugs….lol  This ended up longer then I expected.  But I think I’m going to go in, have me some wine with some extra sharp white tillamook cheese, crackers and some of our home grown tomatoes…..tasty.  =)

Hey Strangers!

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Just taking it easy, if you call yelling at the TV easy……grin

WHO DAT!!!  Saints are looking much better then it started when Cardinals did the 1st TD.  Good going Saints!  I would so love to be in New Orleans for a home game.  I really love how the team and the city have come together.

Very cool!  Colts have won.  GO HORSE!!!

Sucks that Purdue lost their 3rd game in a row.  =(  What the hell?!?  ggrrrr

I really should be doing our books and more of my online work.  But sometimes you need days like this. Spent some time working on my own little projects.  Really need to make a list of things that I should focus on.  But even got more distracted then I planned, totally redid one of my blogs and it wasn’t planned at all….lol  I haven’t gotten a thing done that I planned today (even this) and it is already 8pm….ggeeezz….I started this around 2pm…icks

Alright, what has been going on with me so far….good thing for twitter, really helps to share what is going on, because by the time I do an entry I have no idea….lol

Well as of 2/21 we will be doing the gym on a regular basis for 2yrs.  For us, that is huge. I’m still getting people telling me how good I’ve done with my weight lose and workout.  This week wasn’t the best of working out. I got the treadmill in and my abs, but no motivation for my weights…not good.  So hope for a better week this time.

Last Saturday we drove up to Seattle, one of our very good friend was celebrating his birthday by having a get together at a funk show at the Tractor Tavern.  We saw Olympic Sound Collective & Eldridge Gravy and The Court Supreme, the other band was Black Cherry Crush, but they didn’t have a link on the Tractor’s site.  Holy cow, it has been years since we’ve seen a live act and that loud.  Our ears were ringing all day Sunday….lol  We had a blast…..we love visiting with our friends up there.  We actually got up early enough Sunday to get on the road & made the expressway in Seattle before it closed to the southbound lane.  That expressway is a big help on dealing with Seattle traffic…..I hate that part of I5….lol

We got home by 4pm, was crashed out by 11pm and you would think we would be fine at 8am for the gym…..well, it didn’t happen.  When the alarm went off, I was so loopy and confused.  When you wake up like that, means you need more sleep.  So we crashed some more.  For once, I didn’t feel guilty about missing the gym since it was needed.  Just not happy that I’m 4miles under what I do in walking for the week.  But I’ll be back to my norm next week.  =)

We finally got a break in the winds, we’ll see how long it lasts.  Getting a steady wind of 20-30mph with gusts up to 40/50mph on a regular basis can drive you batty.  But we’ve has temps in the high 40s/low 50s this week.  It has been very nice.  =)

Hubby’s Jeep got egged by in November (that assholes) and we finally got it in and taken care of this week.  Good thing we got full coverage and it was covered by comprehensive….nice bonus is that we don’t have a deductible.  =)  But now I need to take my Dakota in next week, it sometimes dies out when in idle, especially when in reverse…..probably the fuel injection.

The kitties are feisty as ever….grin  They really do make us laugh and give us joy.  Alexis is partial deaf and we think is going senior since she’ll cry out so loudly for no reason.  When she wants my attention, she wants my attention.  Drew can’t handle it when I go to bed and he isn’t there by my side.  Sakura is as evil as ever…..loves to bite…grin  Hubby so spoils her and doesn’t like to yell at her at all…..grin  He brought a new toy mouse for them that squeaks when they impact it.  Sakura is loving it big time, growling over it, carrying it around, throwing it in the air as she bats at it.  Drew doesn’t seem to carry for it, but he doesn’t seem to play with the bigger toys much.  He loves the really small toy mice.

Pretty much, I’ve just been doing my work and every day stuff.  Nothing very exciting I’m afraid. =(  But it keeps me busy.  =)

Now for a service announcement, as you know Haiti is suffering…..every time I see a story on the news or online, I end up crying….I’m too soft when it comes to things like this.

Even if we aren’t there to help, we can send money to organizations that can do best work.  Just make sure that you are giving to legit organizations and not scams.  It is best to find ones that are reported on by news organizations or go to the State Department or White House site to find the best way to give.  Just give what you can, as you have heard it has added up very fast.

Haiti Text-To-Give Numbers, via Gigaom and Mobile Giving Insider
•Text HAITI to 90999 to donate $10 to the American Red Cross
•Text HAITI to 25383 to donate $5 to International Rescue Committee
•Text HAITI to 45678 to donate $5 to the Salvation Army in Canada
•Text YELE to 501501 to donation $5 to Yele
•Text HAITI to 864833 to donate $5 to The United Way
•Text CERF to 90999 to donate $5 to The United Nations Foundation
•Text DISASTER to 90999 to donate $10 to Compassion International
•Text RELIEF to 30644 (this will connect you with Catholic Relief Services and instruct you to donate money with your credit card)


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**I originally started this on Saturday…well it is currently Monday evening….lol

I hope everyone is having a good weekend and is doing good in football (unless it is against my teams…lol)

So far, Purdue, Iowa, Penn St and Oregon won.  =)

The 3 undefeated teams in the NFL, Colts, Saints & Broncos all have former Purdue QBs, 2 of them are leading the teams.  BOILER UP!  Always a good thing.  =)

We got ourselves out of the office Sat. evening.  Just got tired of being in there and since I got my work caught up, I really didn’t need to be in there. I actually got caught up on some of my magazine reading, still have some more but hopefully be able to catch up this week while on the treadmill.

Lets see….where to begin….

We went out to Minnesota to visit hubby’s folks during the first full week of Oct.  We had a nice visit playing catch up.  The weather turned chilly and wet but still warmer then it was projecting.  Luckily we left the day before they got snow….lol  We weren’t ready for that.

We had a normal flight out, an okay flight back.  But one of our luggage missed the connecting flight in MN. Now I wasn’t happy about it, but wasn’t too worried.  This happened to my family years ago when we flew up to Alaska and they delivered the luggage to our door when it was found.

But when they called us stating that they found it, we found out that the girl who took our info screwed up and left the previous person’s name/info in ours and she did that to another girl. Which made no sense to me because she took our tag number and that should’ve pulled up OUR info.   So now they had to tracked down 3 different pieces of luggage and figured out which went to who.  Because we didn’t know until we got it, but they removed our old claim tag and put a new on there with the other person’s info?!?!  That was stupid!  Couldn’t they see that the names didn’t match?

So after different calls through the day from airline as they try to figure out what the previous person did, they finally found our luggage and got it out to us.  Which was a good thing, it had our flash for our camera in and a lot of clothes that adds up fast if it needed to be replaced.

When we got home, I pretty much spent most of my time just playing catch up.  We didn’t have the best connection or enough time for me to get that much work done while visiting.  I did enough that I wasn’t drowning or totally neglecting my duties.  After I finally caught up, which took less time then I thought, I had to get into my payroll prep.

It finally got somewhat reduced on the amount of accounts I need to take care of.  And didn’t have to do no where near the amount of fraud checks we had to in the last few rounds.  So that was a big plus.  Still had a lot to do, but much less intense.  Actually got through it all without losing my mind……..lol

Got enough done that we drove down to Silver Falls Creek State Park on Wed the 21st. It took us 2hrs to get there and it was rainy but still not a bad fall day.  We only did about 5-6miles of the Ten Falls Hike (skipped the 2-3mi loop with 3 of the fall) since we started later then we originally planned.  It the hike only took us about 2.5 hours since there wasn’t a lot of elevation change.  Amazing how much better our time is with out it. =)

Thursday we were just mentally wiped out, the flannel sheets on the bed felt so good and it was chilly out….so we stayed in bed and skipped the gym.  Didn’t feel that guilty about it since we did good on our hike the day before.  But Friday was another day that we stayed in bed…not good.  That past week I had been doing ok on the treadmill, but my abs was just tedious and I was annoyed by it.  So that just didn’t help me mentally. =(

Today I did pretty good and I’m happy about that.  I did good on my abs, just need to do more weights.

I was just blah those days. I forced myself to get my work done.  I didn’t actually start getting any motivation until Sat evening/Sunday. Today I got some work done ok and without an issue.  What I really need to start on is payroll prep.  If I get a good head start on it that would my life so much easier in this round.  Especially since I won’t be working that much on the 31st evening so I can give out candy.  =)

I was going to post this with pictures, but it is taking me longer then I thought to edit them.  So I’ll post them later.

What’s Happening In My Life

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We are here on the plane, heading to Minnesota. So not use to getting up at 5 am, but then we didn’t crash until midnight. Too busy trying to get things done, watch the games and catch up on shows.

It has been another very busy and stressful week trying to keep up with payroll. I’m hoping the next round is nowhere near as big as this one. But we are going to be making some changes, so it should be slowing down….at least by Nov 1st round.

We still went to the gym 5 days this week, even though Thursday wasn’t very good. I got the treadmill in and my floor abs, but not my sit up bench and weights. I’m always challenging myself on the treadmill, that is easy….just watch the distance and time…I log it. But it harder to challenge myself in the other areas…that is where I need a trainer. I’m getting a work out in, but we just need to stay at the gym longer then 60-80 min, but by then we are thinking about all that we want to get done and want to get home.

My weight is finally got below 154. It moves between 152-154. I’m aiming for 150, realistically don’t see hitting the 140/145 from HS….too old for that…lol This week is probably not going to be a good one for me without the gym. But I do have a neat application on my iphone that lets me log my eating that helps. It is easier then carrying my small notebook writing everything down.

I’m hoping to be able to fly out and visit my family this spring. I was thinking of April due to the weather, but my sister reminded me that there are 3 birthdays in March. My mom, a niece and nephew….from the 23-31. If I do that I’ll probably end up missing one of them, but that would be cool to be there for 2 of them.

And then somehow I would need to work it that I head up to Michigan to visit my best friend…..it is going to take some thinking and planning if I’m able to head out in the spring.

If you saw my tweets, one of my toenails was very sore from the hike. It was from the too long nail continuously hitting my boot and being pulled up. I found out later that hikers are known for losing toenails…yuck. So far mine isn’t hurting anymore. But later that evening after my pedicure I stubbed my toe….ouch. Well, I can’t see my toe nail since it is covered in nail polish. But when I look in front under the nail….it is black….icks. A few of hubby’s toe nails are black, but I don’t think that the are as black as that one….lol So I’m been trying to be careful as heck with it

I am hoping that we find time to get one more hike in. Since we finally hiked on Mt. Hood I would love it if we can do one at Crater Lake. The pictures of it are stunning and the lake is the deepest blue. I have to look up what elevation it is at. Because Oct is cutting it close snow wise. Not even a week after our hike is 70degree weather that area of Mt Hood received 2in of snow. So hopefully we won’t have that issue there at Crater.

But then we do have other options for hikes, such as the coast. We’ve visited the coast but haven’t hiked anywhere on it. So that would be really neat to do. So we’ll have to go over our options.

We have been watching the Ken Burns documentary on the National Parks…very neat info and stunning footage. Damn, I just wish we can take off and spend a year visiting them all.

I’m going to close this session for now…I can no longer think of what else to share. I’ll post this when I get the chance. =)

Hello Everyone!

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Been a bit since I’ve done an entry. If you’ve been following my tweets, it has just been the normal daily routine…..working, getting things done around the house, doing errands and the gym.

We have tried to stick with our routines just to keep our mind busy.  Mine keeps drifting to Diesel’s family and I’ve been dropping them emails.

It is HOT…yuck.  It is going to get hotter…blah.  I know places like FL and IND gets hotter and stickier but for OR, the place where central air is not standard, it is hot.  If it wouldn’t go past the mid 80s, it would be perfect.  But we are suppose to hit the 100s in the next 3 days…ugh!  Which also means the gym is going to be stuffy.  Need to make sure we get treadmills near the fans.

I’ve been making progress and I hit the weight goal that I set when I started about 18 months ago.  So I’m pretty pleased, just need to get rid of some more jiggly.  I’m not sure what I want tightened more, my ass, thighs or abs.  Ab wise, I’ve never had a tight one even when I was younger and in shape….so that is actually out realistically and I do like my curves.  So I think I really would like to see my legs tighten up because I use to stop traffic with them.  =)  Either way, I’ll just keep with my exercise program and keep counting my calories.  That is the only way.

Hubby and I are trying to decide where are next hike is going to be.  We’ve been in OR for about 2 yrs and have yet to visit Mt Hood, then there is the Bend area and Crater Lake….not sure.  Trying to decide if we want to camp or get a hotel and how many nights.  We are counting down the days when school starts to free up the crowds in the parks and trails.

In fact, Torn mentioned that he is ready for fall.  The colors and the comfortable temperatures…..the crisp air….the kids in school.  =)  I love fall, it is my favorite time of year.

Finally found out from my mom, that my great aunt that passed away last month is going to have a memorial next month in FL.  Unfortunately, I’m not able to go.  =(  But mom is going.

I finally got a few months written on our holiday letter. I still need to do the rest of May, June and July.  I really need to write them when they are fresh in my mind, but this year is flying by.  I can’t believe that July is almost over…wow

I really need to get to my long term to do list…..picture galleries, clean up my hard drives and organize them, back up my pc…….  I just really didn’t have motivation for them this weekend, too hot.

Well, I’m going to read my comics online and get to the bedroom, much cooler in there.  =)