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Women & Sexuality

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Working back in brick and mortar takes some getting use to again. Not just the fact that you are no longer setting your own schedule from home, doing your own thing, and depending on what you are doing you can get isolated from having to deal with people that have hang ups about women.

When we worked from home, the group of people we worked with online had very different views, no doubt about that, but not so contradictory as some of the ones I have encounter recently.

What is it with some men not being able to handle women having sexuality and wanting to express it? Why do they have to make comments as if when a woman expresses her sexuality that it is unacceptable?

It is messed up.

I have meet repressed people that they can not seem to handle it if their female partner’s dress shows her shoulders. I am like, wow, really?!? Yet, they are fascinated and make comments on other women’s pictures when they are showing off.

Just like every other person that I have meet that has stated that they are conservative on sexuality, it does not stop them from expressing it in their comments and discussion. It is either very hypocritical or they are trying to expand their own boundaries of thought.

They are same ones that outlaw porn yet spend the most on money on it. Some of the biggest freaks I have meet are self described conservatives (nothing do with politics).

I get so tired of the issues that society has with women enjoying their sexuality. They should not have to hide it, they should not have to apologize for it and it sure in hell does not mean that they are asking for it.

Those attitudes about women’s sexuality is what leads to the victim blaming rape culture that we have today. Leads to rapists getting off on probation, getting suspended jail sentences. While the victim tries to rebuild their life, while living in fear and PTSD.

And it is not good enough to know what consent means and practice it yourself, you also have to call out your male friends for their non-consent ways/jokes, call them to the carpet, don’t just laugh it off. Let them know that it is unacceptable. If you do not, you are part of the problem.

The Happenings & Random Pictures

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It has been overcast with some wind today, but felt pretty nice….even if we didn’t take advantage of it….lol Planning on doing so tomorrow, need to break in my new hiking boots. =)

Coast Guard Cutter with the mountain background

Coast Guard Cutter with the mountain background from earlier last week

I did get some small things done off of my to do list today, so that was something. We got a walking jacket for the cats. We wanted got it for Drew first because he is the skinniest of the two so we knew it would fit him. Then we would try it on Sakura, so we know what size to order hers (it’ll be purple). He seemed to do ok outside, nervous, but excited….keep purring and looking towards hubby to make sure that he was still there. Now her, she didn’t care for it all….but when she was a kitten she got out for about 22hrs and was never happy with the outside or people since. Use to growl at them out the window at our house.

She isn't liking it very well at all.=(

She isn’t liking it very well at all. =(

Drew in his walking jacket eating the grass.

Drew in his walking jacket eating the grass.

I spent Friday trying to contact a consignment store and the third party delivery service so we can empty our storage of our beloved bedroom set, dinning room set, living room table set. We really don’t want to give up our beloved king storage bed set, but why pay for it in storage if we aren’t going to use it for the next 10yrs? That is more then it is worth. =(

Beautiful Morning

Beautiful Morning last week

In process of phone calls, I looked down and saw that I was missing one of my accent diamonds on my wedding band part of my wedding/engagement ring set (I have them welded together). So not cool! =( I just had the prongs checked just over 2yrs ago, but this is not uncommon. Lucky I have my jewelry insured, so if there is any costs it is covered. And I have a jeweler that we totally trust. They are very reasonable and take very good care of us. We’ve gotten nearly all of my jewelry from them and they do my appraisals. The negative is that I had to ship my ring out to them since they are in Indiana. But it is worth it. They should get it Monday and hopefully, I’ll have it back by the end of next week. The other thing that drives me nuts is that I would have no ring on my finger, well, I solved that. Hubby gave me the blue topaz ring I wanted for our 10th, so I put that where my wedding/engagement ring goes. That is a HUGE help…..other wise I would lose it, not having something there.

Picked up a TV for the bedroom last week, now need to get another apple tv and figure out how we are going to set it up. Our rv is a 2002, so it was made with square box tvs in mind. But no matter what, it is one step closer where we can use our bed for cuddling late at night in front of the tv. We don’t like to spend that much time in bed, it actually hurts our bodies, but we miss the cuddling on our movie nights. So I’m looking forward to us getting it set up, once we figure it out. Friday night over the last few years have become our movie night after we watch Real Time with Bill Mahr.

And it seems to be the nights we have our long sex sessions. They have landed on other days/nights….but Friday seems to be our primary night for it. And this past Friday night was a hot one…..filling up the bedroom with the smell of sweaty sex…..grin I woke up wet this morning thinking of it. And before I showered tonight, hubby bent me over the bed and gave me one hell of a fucking….damn….I had a big glob of cum fall out of my pussy after that one….felt so damn good….grin

Out birding last week.=)

Out birding last week. =)

Busy, Busy….But At Least I Got Sex…grin

Damn, time is flying by even quicker then ever.

Before we left AZ, I needed something to make it easier for planning our trip and my to dos……I need something that I can see one week at a time and also month at a time. Found this assignment planner at an office store that has been a huge help since.

I love it! With the month view, I could put in where we were going to be on what date and the how much each place would cost for our budgeting. With the week view, it gave me enough room on the days to list what I needed to get done.

I have no idea why I didn’t think about one of these kind of planners before…..Purdue had one called the Mortar Board that I loved using when I was there.

Every weekend, I start laying out what I need to get done. I have a list for work, our personal stuff and our things around here. I have been totally utilizing this more then ever. Especially since I’ve been able to get focused finally.

I do need to readjust my time, every time I think I can get a blog post in, I fine more work and projects to do….icks

With using my planner, I’ve been trying to get some of our spring cleaning done, little at a time. Totally attacked the bathroom the other day while trying to ignore my cramps, love going in there and seeing how clean it is, I’ve attacked some of our windows, and got the rig vacuumed (got our dyson back…yes!). Still need to finish cleaning the vacuum, because it looks like it was use on wet stuff. But we got a good part of it cleaned. Been trying to reorganize stuff…it is a constant battle when you live in a box, we are always trying to improve it.

Because we live the full time rv life, unless a place has wifi….which is very unusual and not dependable….we have to use MiFi hotspots. Those are bandwidth limited, which is why I don’t put even one cam on anymore.

We have one 20GB one that works on Verizon and one that is 10GB that is on ATT. Wellll…we totally blew through our 20GB this month =( I think it was doing our taxes online with turbo tax. The only good thing is that the ATT reset the next day after the 20GB closed down. The problem with ATT is that if you go over the 10GB, it is $15 a GB and that can get very expensive, very fast.

We had been planning on getting another 20GB Verizon one anyway and with everything timing itself, we ended up getting it. They were suppose to prorate the remaining month, but since we ordered it so late in the month and they weren’t sure when we would get it, they didn’t charge us. Which is sweet. We got 20GB to use until the 1st for free….grin Very helpful.

And now we are giving ATT a break. I normally use that for work stuff only. But for now, with 20GB free, I just using that one and going from there.

That 20GB timed itself very well. Saw that Mac was offering a free operating system update…..unlike windows, I don’t feel the pressure to update because it works so well…..so forgot that it has been offered for awhile. The update was a 5GB download, so I took it. I kind of like it once I got around some bugs.

The first bug was that it wasn’t recognizing my second monitor. Now I use this for my book keeping and support, doesn’t need to be fancy or very high def. So I have a simple AOC E1649FWU 16″ USB-Powered Portable LED Monitor….just a plug and play. After googling, I hit up apple chat support and they were extremely helpful and gave me the link for the software updated I needed. I was very relieved to have that working.

There is no way I can work very well without it anymore, I have no idea how I did it before.

The next bug was my notes in my mail client disappeared…icks!!!

Hit up support, we were going to do a call today, but I finally found that they took the notes out of the mail client and they are their own separate app. With all my work notes on there, I was very, very happy to find them.

Due to that, I’ve found a new app called SimpleNote that is much easier to use, I can use on my Mac, iPad and iPhone without accidentally deleting one with a sync. Spent the day cleaning out my notes and copying them over, so now I have them in two spots….but I love getting things more organized.

The Maverick update helped get some of the bugs out of my mail client that I have when I try I use my work email that uses MS Exchange. There are little changes that I can’t pinpoint, but I do like. I seem to be running faster and smoother now.

That is how I’ve spent my weekend. =)

If you saw my tweets, you’d see that my cycle started….it was only 1 day off from my period app I use to logging and estimating it. I was happy that I got some unexpected morning sex the day before I started….needed it big time.

Normally once I start the hard part of my cycle it is only lasts about 24hrs and I’m usually done right after that. This one was a bit different, lasted about 48hrs. When I thought I was fine, I’d cramp up again….not fun. I was so happy when I was finally done.

Woke up this morning, he was laying on his back, I was on my side, with my back to him. When I do that and I’m horny, I like having my ass against him and I do little wiggles moving closer to him. I kept thinking how good it would feel if he decided to fuck me from behind….I was getting wet…and impatient….so I turned over and put my arm on him, seeing if he was a wake.

He looked at me and and put my arm under the covers and stretched….his cock was so hard. I stroked him, felt so good in my hand…..but it was not enough, it was not what I wanted….I needed to have him in my pussy. I got on and it felt so damn good sliding into my pussy. It felt so good to ride him….mmmm….we quickly warmed up our little bedroom. It was so hard not to yell when we came……grin….it was intense, but all so worth it.

It was much needed. =)

Getting Things Done

Just had a very intense fuck with hubby. I had just gotten out of the shower, I had walked into the front room, and he started caressing my tits, we walked into the bedroom, I laid in on the bed and spread my legs. He fingered my pussy, as I used my wand…watching him as he fingered me with one hand, stroking his cock with the other…..I got off very intensely. Felt so good when he slid his cock into me, bringing my legs up on his shoulders….we ended it with me bent over the bed with some good hard strokes of his cock while he loaded my pussy with his cum. Very satisfying….grin

Letting it grow out again.=)

Letting it grow out again. =)

Getting a hairy pussy again, missed having it. When it is gradual you don’t notice the change until you really look. Every time I go from hairy pussy to bald pussy, that is when it looks weird when you first see it, it is just so different. Always threw us off when I use to wax, we had just gotten use to the hair and then it is gone, then we have to get use to something else. But we love the variety, changing it up, it all depends on what we are feeling like, usually he suggests it.

I finally got our taxes done this weekend. Did much better then I thought, just need to give my brain a break before I go over it and finalize it for filing. That is one big project down, now I need to finish programming our even brake for towing and get things settled with the consignment shops to sell our remaining furniture we have in storage. That means a trip to Oregon, needed to get a few things out of storage anyway.

Got my walks in every day last week but Friday. Took longer to do my errands and the store and I had way too much work to do before I made spaghetti. Was really hoping to get my walk in Saturday, but the wind was so strong that I really didn’t feel like fighting it.

Been worrying about one of my nieces. She is a young teen and awkward. She had some scary thoughts about hurting herself and had the sense to tell my folks and ask for help. Her bedroom is burgundy and she felt it was too depressing and is sleeping in the guest bedroom until they repaint and she is looking forward to meeting with the therapist. And her brother and sister are also realizing that it good thing to ask for help….they are wanting to finally address their anger. Now if I can work on my folks….

Loving the NorthWest

I look back and wonder if my illogical emotions had to do with sensing that something was off. He has seen a lot in hindsight that there were signs. A lot of things were twisted and a lot of things we have no idea where they came from. Felt our relationship was disrespected and they really didn’t have a clue about what we makes us work when there is much, much more to it. Found that what we perceived was a false image.

Need to do some more reading, writings and mulling….I’m one that takes time to process.

Watching North By Northwest…..never seen this. Love the Indiana reference for a nonexistent place….I know for a fact no spot on Hwy 41 looks like that and does not go near Indy…..lol

We’ve been having some really sweet weather here, may wake up cold, but ends up nice and sunny, with the occasional fog rolling in.

I finally got a copy of some of the pictures we’ve been taken.

My first Great Blue Heron I got in Feb.

My first picture of the Great Blue Heron I got in Feb.

Hubby got this picture in Feb.

Hubby got this picture in Feb.

Found this stunning beauty, this was after it was done with it's fish it was tearing apart.

Found this stunning beauty, this was after it was done with the fish it was tearing apart….I was 15 ft from the dock that is about 100ft long

It just took off as I was trying to get closer, I was happy that I got this.

It just took off as I was trying to get closer, I was happy that I got this.

I'm pretty proud of this pic that I got last week of the Great Blue Heron

I’m pretty proud of this pic that I got last week of the Great Blue Heron

First Golden Eagle of The Year

First Golden Eagle of The Year that hubby got.

Been making sure I get my walks in. Every time I feel like a nap, I take a walk to do something to wake up.

From today's walk

From today’s walk…no where near as bundled up

I’m so happy that hubby enjoys my belly, I know to I need to work on it again. He likes to grab it it and my boobies when I go by. Tells me that he likes my pouchy….grin I have been doing my walks, need to do more crunches on the exercise ball….and I think I’m getting closer to tracking my food again. I know I’ve already cut back and question myself when I want something. Hoping to be so busy this summer that it helps.

We had some very good sex last night…..his legs were so sore from his run, he is like “take advantage of me”….grin So I started sucking him as he lays there on the bed, getting him good and hard…..before he took me from behind and fucked me good, letting me feel his balls hit my pussy as he banged into me….as I told him how much I loved and got off to thinking about our last fuck we did outside a few weeks ago. How he bent me over the Jeep’s passenger seat and filled my pussy with his hot cum….it has felt so damn good.

And with that image….I’ll give you a picture of my tits……grin

This is my very worn, hole filled, tank top.  I only wear this around the house or as an undershirt….but I love how my tits look in it.

This is my very worn, hole filled, tank top. I only wear this around the house or as an undershirt….but I love how my tits look in it.

Chilly, Work, Quickie

bbbrrrr…..It has been raining/spitting snow on and off today. It was chilly as hell today, didn’t go for a walk. I did go out and did our weekly shopping.

Called my best friend while shopping, I normally do…of course it throws me off while shopping, but at the same time, it perfect time for us to play catch up. She is doing better on dealing with her family stuff, I’ve been calmer the last 3 weeks, so it has been more of playing catch up instead of both of us freaking out and letting off steam.

Spent time getting work done, emails/support, got the company books prepped and sent to the tax accountant, along with our annual forms.

Took time out to make my super fudgy brownies…..grin Let me explain, when my cycle is starting or going, my chocolate cravings go through the roof, along with my irritability, I also go nuts on craving salty foods, like mustard and doritos. I’d steal candy from a kid if the craving hits hard, that is how bad it is. The brownies are a huge help. =)

So I’m getting some of my cycle signs in that, but not quite the others….hoping I really get the rest tomorrow…I would love that. I know, I why would I want those, you ask? Well, the sooner I get those signs and started the sooner it is over and getting it over is exactly what I want. I hate what it does to me emotionally and craving wise and as I get older, they get nuttier. Sadly, I see my mother (who was scary with the temper from that side of the family) in me…..I love my mom, but that part scares me and I don’t want it. I don’t think I’m as bad, but I just see enough of it that I’m not happy about it and I work hard to resist it.

I was about to dive into our mess of books, totally stressing it in a very bad way, when hubby is like, you want a quickie? Hell no, did I turn it down. I needed a stress reliever and the timing was fricking perfect.

There is nothing like me using my wand, watching him stroke himself hard to get ready to fuck me….it was hot. I was lying on my back on the bed, he was standing over me. I couldn’t even see his cock, just watched his face…..I know he was enjoying hearing my moans and sounds, which was even a bigger turn on.

It made for a very intense needed quickie. Totally helped my stress level….grin

I was going to get back into our stuff, but it was later then I prefer for that and I just wanted to chill and get my thoughts out. Every time I do a post here, I’ve been adding more to my private thought logs. So it is double the writing. A lot of needed self examination….don’t know if it helpful, but I’m giving it a shot. =)

Currently watching the first Star Trek……boy the effects were bad……..lol

Long Day, Good Hard Quickie

I’m really tired. It has been a very long day. Took the ferry over to do some errands and try and figure out what we are doing for the summer. I think we got it settled. It farther from here and closer to being able to see our family without a ferry and a short ferry to hubby’s best friend. We may even be able to get our nephews for a few weeks…so looking forward to that.

Biggest regret is not moving to the NW years ago and seeing more of hubby’s brother before we lost him. Don’t want to make that same mistake with her and her hubby, who is a lovable nut that makes some of the best meals. Not only is she his best friend, that he can talk to fully outside of me and understands him like I do, she is the closest friend I have outside of my best friend of 24yrs. She is the only one that may know me as well as hubby and my best friend. We are regretting that we aren’t seeing more of them….but we have to admit they have more of social life then us….so it makes scheduling interesting…lol

We had our first franchise pizza in over a year….tasted even better then we thought..it always does when cold. =) But that lead to us eating the most sodium laden junk food in a long time. Boy, did we feel blotted…blah

We got back in time for hubby to get his run in, I couldn’t really do any exercise. I spent an hour on the phone in a business call. I did get a very small walk in…..but it was getting dark, still needed to have dinner, shower and get our stuff in order around the RV. Going to try to get a walk in, depending on what is going on here.

I was not feeling very up to snuff since yesterday. When your hormones hit sometimes you just feel frumpy and totally unappealing. So not happy yesterday….just one of those things that hits. I just hope my cycle starts on time with my calculations so I can get the fucker over with…..ggrrr

But I did get a booster on not feeling as frumpy to help my day.

We were checking out some of the local spots and we were in a pretty secluded area. Hubby is like, if there is an opportunity, do you want to fuck? I’m like yeah…..I really needed one. We got the opportunity….grin We had the passenger door open, I sucked him enough to get him hard, bent me over the seat and fucked me. With it being so chilly, my pussy so warm and wet it was a very hot, intense, hard quickie….felt really good to have him grab my hips hard, bang me hard, and put his load into me. Good thing we keep baby wipes in Jeep….grin

Been wanting to break it in for a while now. I don’t really count that as a full break in, but other then one SUV we have broke in all of our vehicles in with sex.

The more I think about it lately, the more I want to make sure that it is us that breaks in our Jeep fully. It is our thing, our tradition. I don’t want it to be with someone other then us the first time. So I’ve been keeping an eye out on spots around here for that. =)

Hoping to get things done tomorrow and get a good walk in….lets see if I can focus, there is so much to do and weekends are a bitch on getting me motivated.

Still Windy, Rainy, And Chilly

Damn it has been chilly with the wind. End up in a blowing down pour earlier today, still working on drying our stuff out.

Got to see an bald eagle about 30ft from us on the beach, of course, no decent camera…saw it later on the grass bracing itself again the blowing down pour. Just really haven’t been able to truly warm up since.

By the time we actually got warm, the wind/rain stopped and the sun came out. So we took opportunity for our exercise. He went for his run, I went roller skating. I didn’t do as much as I wanted, but I did add more then what I’ve been doing….not too bad. I didn’t do any floor exercises, decided to get some chores down around here instead.

Hubby takes his shower first, he is soaking in sweat after a run. Afterwards he just laid back on the bed, just relaxing feeling all his aches and pains and I just couldn’t resist. I LOVE a freshly clean cock, to me that is a turn on. I ended up taking it my mouth and started to suck. I was only planning on helping him relax and tease him for later…..weeelll…didn’t happen that way. Swallowed my first load in a long time.

It is not something I do regularly, I enjoy it…but selfishly, I want both of us to get off and I LOVE the feel of his load in my pussy. I love sucking him and teasing him to the edge, especially when he has my pussy juices on his cock….but then I really want the load in my pussy. Sometimes I can feel him pulsing inside me….that is hot…..when you can feel the cock give off another squirt.

After I swallowed him, I went back to my chores….grin Then did my shower. After the shower, used a glass toy and my wand and got off good. Could use some more.

And also thinking more about it….we did so many shoots with me having to show me taking a load in my mouth, that got old. I couldn’t even do it the way I wanted to….because then you couldn’t see the cum for the video/picture, I swallow it down and rarely leave a drop behind. Having to update and take pictures/videos all the time took the fun out of it….hate having my sex life regulated to needed updates….fuck that…that is why we don’t do it anymore.

In fact until the last few months, we finally started taking pictures again, for ourselves, for enjoyment….fuck the lighting, the quality…it is mostly from our iphones and it is for our enjoyment. If I share it, it is because I feel like it….not because I have to. I HATE requests and demands….did that way too long and sucked the life out of us and our personal enjoyment.

Unfortunately, I’m going to be starting my cycle Mon/Tues according to my calculations… =( So my last weekend of sex before I’m out of commission….blah…

Weird observation….. for the last 2 weeks about 9:30 am my pussy gives a few throbs….I’m just doing my stuff, not thinking of sex and then my pussy throbs. Like it wants to be fucked….so wacky.

Cum Filled Pussy

Edited my blog some. Some was just way too much personal stuff that shouldn’t have been out there. Using my private writings much more.

Sometimes I got a handle on things and other times I feel like I’m going to lose it. Just trying to take it one day at a time, maybe try not to over think things…..who knows….lol

Had that feeling that I needed to get off when I was out and about this morning. Decided that I was going to chill out and make good use of my wand and a glass toy this evening. We had some blues going, I had some whiskey, and I went into the bed room laid back, closed my eyes and just let the feelings wash over me. Was tired of thinking and this was a way to stop that.

Hubby decided to join me, there is nothing like having your partner masturbate right next to you while you are….pretty hot. Of course it didn’t end there….as I’m writing this my pussy is nice and fucked….feeling his cum keeping it juicy, wearing nothing but one of my very short dresses I brought in Key West years ago. Which I made sure I kept on while I fucked him.


I love this dress for feeling slutty and getting fucked in.  Very easy access.

I love this dress for feeling slutty and getting fucked in. Very easy access.

It is just a hot slutty feeling to fuck partially clothed. Your skirt up, a tit out….just very wanton, it is heady. Enjoying your sexuality and taking control of your sexuality, to me, a huge part of being feminist. It is on your terms and very empowering and hot.

Throughly fucked and filled with hot juicy cum...

Throughly fucked and filled with hot juicy cum…


It’s Cold Out There

It has been cold here, so it is hard to get out of bed….bbrrr So we have been having a hard time rolling out of bed.

As we laid there longer then normal, I was getting wet…thinking that I was going to have to do a quickie with one of my toys. But hubby cuddled with me and then his hand moved farther down….what an awesome tease….that quickly got me going and wanting more. It was a very intense way to wake up…felt so damn good.

From last night's fucked.  Need to let my hair grow back……missing it.

From last night’s fucked. Need to let my hair grow back……missing it.

Regretting that I shaved around my pussy lips last week…. I’m going to grow it all out again. It feels more me….I want my hairy pussy back and hubby is in full agreement.

I’m wondering if part of it is that I miss my long hair so much. I lost so many inches in the desert that it almost hurts to see old pictures with my hair. I really do miss it. I haven’t cut it short in over 20yrs and it took forever to grow, so the lost of my hair length really hurts and doesn’t make me feel good at all.

I’m trying to get back into my vitamin routine. I’ve been taking my women’s one-a-day, vit-e and vit-C in the morning, but haven’t taking my 2nd dose of calcium, super-b complex, b-6 and vit-d. Which helps somewhat when hormones hit. I’m never actually sure if it does, but with as nutty as my emotions have been the last few weeks, I really should get back into it to see if helps. Trixie sent over some rhodiola rosea that I tried for a few days. Couldn’t find any when I went to the store, so going to try the all natural co-op a town over, when I get the chance and see if that helps.

Before we put everything into storage, I had scanned all the cards with personal notes that my hubby has given me over the years. When we use to give each other cards….lol Finally got them on my ipad. Hubby is not the standard romantic guy, but his little notes always gets me. We are each other’s soulmate, each other’s one true love. =)

Nice Way To Wake Up

Current Mood:Alarmed emoticon Alarmed

Thoroughly woke up in the best way….my pussy had been getting wet for hours. I could’ve gotten out of bed hours early, but loved snuggling with hubby, waiting and hoping for that beautifully hard morning wood. In the end I couldn’t wait for him to make his move, I put my hand on hubby’s quickly hardening cock….It look and felt so hard that it looked almost painful….I just had to have a taste of it this morning.

When I climbed on top of him…that sound of pleasure he made when he slide in to my very wet and waiting pussy…it was so fucking hot. I just thoroughly enjoyed riding him, working his cock and feeling like such a slut for wanting his cock even more.

Felt so fucking good…..I had just finger fucked myself to cumming the night before thinking of it…..mmm

Finally been able to start reading “The Ethical Slut” Kind of cool that some of my guesses for working things out are reenforced. =) Tells me that I’m on the right track.

Like needing to know your partner’s lover, getting any and all small real/imagined issues out for emotional validation, need to start to ask for reassurance and support, instead of expecting them to read what you need and then end up resenting them when they don’t, COMMUNICATION, COMMUNICATION……addressing jealousy and insecurity I haven’t gotten to yet….almost jumped to it, but there is a reason they wrote the book the way they did. So I’m sticking with that.

I may be having my first test tomorrow evening. I’m both dreading it (afraid of the negative feelings overwhelming me) and looking forward to as test for myself. Even if there is small reduction in my crazy, I’m going to be so damn happy. But I’m feeling pretty good about it right now, now fingers cross, I keep feeling that way….grin

I’ll be reading my notes of encouragement that I’ve gotten from Trixie and my past notes of love from hubby. Also going to get more reading in on the book tonight, so hopefully that will be helpful.

I do like that between what I’ve been reading and with Trixie’s validating my feelings that I don’t feel alone or crazy. And that is big step in the right direction.

And I feel like I’ve been useful between the 2 of them this week. I like being able to do that…I’m sucker for helping…lol

Today’s Sex and Work

Current Mood:Flirtatious emoticon Flirtatious

As you saw yesterday was a busy day, long drive….but we did make an earlier ferry on the way back so that was so awesome! We didn’t have to wait 90min for the next one. So we were able to get home earlier to get into comfy clothes and was able to start chilling.

We threw in a few previously seen silly movies that were intended to be background noise, but ended up focusing on them. Watched “Grandma’s Boy” & “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”….got some good laughs. =)

We were so exhausted, even with that I still went to sleep with naughty images in my head. Which helped me to wake up with hot images in my head. Was thinking of some very tasty pussy, I was so wet. What I love about sleep in days, more chances of morning sex…..which we did have….grin

We were semi-awake and cuddling and I was feeling his cock starting to harden against my ass. I love that feeling, my hips can’t resist and I start to rub even closer. His fingers went to my clit and really got me going. He teased the hell out of me, I had to suck his cock a couple different times, especially when it was covered in my pussy juices. Even got one of my favorite thing when sucking, when the hips can’t resist and he moves his cock into my mouth with very small thrusts….as if he was gently fucking my mouth. That is hot… By the time we came, we came so hard and together….love it when it happens that way, makes it much more intense.

I just used my wand and finger fucked myself into cumming thinking of this morning while he was in the shower. There is something hot about sneaking it in….grin

Watched the games today. Very happy to see the Broncos and Seahawks make it to the Super Bowl.

Got some work email/support done and started taking care of the disaster that i call our personal books. I normally keep up with it all, but totally feel behind on it with the holidays….not cool Usually I’m already working on our taxes…icks! So I need to get that caught up and get the 1099s out for work. Plan on getting them out this week….I HATE waiting for the 31st IRS deadline to get them out. But that is the goals for the week.

I did get stuffed shells made……grin

Awkward…but potential for more..

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TastyTrixie came over with a few things to drop off. We thought she was on her way to Seattle and didn’t think that is was out of her way. Feel bad that that it ended up being a special trip and not on the way. But since I had made brownies and made sure her and Delia were going to have some….I make them as fudgy as possible….grin…she came out.

I feel bad for the miscommunication. I wasn’t sure if anything was going to happen because she is allergic to cats. I thought I had it figured out for the best spot (desk area…didn’t think of the cat tree and stuff…doh!) if anything happened, but hubby made some some good points. The best spot should’ve been taking the bed down to it’s sheets since the cats don’t go there. So I feel bad about that and I hope she doesn’t suffer too much from it.

But I at least wanted to kiss her. ToRn wasn’t really expecting anything, so he wasn’t prepared and he was really concerned about her allergies, he really gave it more thought then me….so I feel bad. But I really did enjoy that I got to kiss her like I’ve been thinking about and got a taste of her sweet pussy that was throughly fucked by her wife (would totally love to dive in for much longer time, it tasted so good and looked so sweet), see her nice ass that has also been popping in my head. I really wanted more but none of us was really prepared.

I do have to admit, when I learned that she was going to be stopping by, I got excited..it was kind of weird, not use to that..grin. All sorts of images ended up in my head, my pussy got excited for lack of a better word….which was the reason for me not sleeping very well last night. The images was overwhelming, didn’t know if I had the guts to start anything or if anyone would want to do anything, but I spent most of the night not being able to sleep due to it and my pussy was wet most of the night.

Ideally, if we were all prepared, I would’ve loved to have a lot more taste of her pussy and then have hubby bend her over and fuck her good, hard and fill her with his load…I would’ve loved to have had a hand on her pussy when he came and then be able to feel the cum dripping out of her as I rubbed it into her.

It is like on one hand, I want to be bossy but at the same time I want to make sure that everyone is on the same page and is ok with it, it is a high wire act….not sure if I’m very good at it sometimes. I want to be respectful and not too pushy

Tonight felt like kind of tease of what can happen potentially, even if awkwardly…..at least in my desire filled mind.

For a little while, I was totally naked and everyone was clothed, like I told her that this is not the first time and won’t be the last. I actually remember many of parties where I was the only one naked and I’ll be buzzed talking history. The guys would be amazed that I would be totally unclothed yet talking history and sociology while drinking…..lol

I really don’t have an issue with being naked, never have. Just the way I was raised, mom and my grandma made it feel natural, so if I’m comfortable with the people or my surroundings, I don’t think nothing of it.

She brought over a very interesting book called the “The Ethical Slut : A Practical Guide to Polyamory, Open Relationships & Other Adventures” With a very sweet note in there from her and her wife. Something that definitely applies to this.

Now I admit, I’m naturally nosey….I just am. Use to be that when hubby and her messaged each other my nosiness would drive me nuts. I try really, really hard to respect everyones privacy to being able to have a private conversation. I know I have access to everything, but that isn’t right. Everyone deserves privacy. But I THINK I’m doing better, because I’m just having my normal nosiness, more like I’d like to know, but not a big deal….that is progress and I’ll take it. =)


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Got brownies in the oven, I was feeling the remains of my husband’s cum drip out of my pussy, on to my thighs as I made them…just letting it sit there and make me feel juicy…..thinking of another pussy I would like to enjoy…in all sorts of way.

Didn’t get as much done today as the last 3 days….going to have to change that tomorrow big time. But I am making progress.

Not sure to why my twitter digest is no longer updating my blog…..think I need to reauthorize it again…..ggeezzz

Even though I had been out and about today, I had to get a walk in….I’ve been going nuts for one. Felt a little lost, this place is so big that I don’t know where I want to go..unlike the last place. And since this was a solo walk, it made it bit more overwhelming.

From my walk this evening.

From my walk this evening.

Pussy was so wet yesterday morning, but it was feeling tender from all the self love I’ve been giving it…..so just rubbed my juices on my pussy lips and had a taste of my finger. You can see a string of the juice in the picture I posted yesterday…..grin

Today woke up, did my potty run, headed back to bed for more much wanted sleep…..nope didn’t happen. Well, if you saw my earlier post, you can guess what was running in my mind…..same thing that is running through my mind now, which is why I’m enjoying the wet feeling of the cum even more….normally I have to clean it quickly, but right now with those thoughts… It feels just right to have that dripping feeling out of my pussy, slut and wanton….throbbing for more.

I was so hot this morning, that I need something to cold to enter me.

I was so hot this morning, that I need something to cold to enter me.

Even though I was giving my pussy a break from self love, my pussy was so hot and wet this morning, I took one of my cold glass toys and very slowly slid it in. It felt so damn good, the cold within the heat that I was feeling. Just gave myself a few slow stokes so I may enjoy the cold feeling.

Aching for attention as I slide my cold glass toy into my hot pussy

Aching for attention as I slide my cold glass toy into my hot pussy

I got throughly fucked before dinner, felt so damn good. Sucked him hard, got bent over the bed and fucked so good. I keep trying to make my ass higher, to get it deeper and harder….aching for more….feeling so wanton and sluttly…until I was just begging him to fuck me more and harder…love it when he grabs my hips hard and fucks me ever deeper. Still wanting more….

I’m not sure what to make of it…I’ve always enjoyed the heightened sexualized feelings I get, but not use to having it daily… It is kind throws you off to have it so much. Thoughts pop into your head when you least expect it and not at the best of times. But at the same time, it makes me feel so fricking alive…..and in some ways, gets my mind off my stress and worries.

There is nothing like enjoying your sexuality, it is controlling you and at the same time empowering you….

This all started when TastyTrixie got much closer in my life, the reality of physical closeness to my husband and their connection. And we all know how that has been going for me….lol But maybe this is suppose to happen this way….if by getting through this, maybe I’m having a sexual awakening….evolving to a different level, exploring a different part of myself….we shall see.

Random Early Morning Images

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Soft lips
Soft, heavy womanly breasts
Hands in my hair, pushing my head down
As I dive down into sweet nectar