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Life With Crazy Cats

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Having a pet is always interesting. We have two crazy cats and they are great for providing laughter, comfort and distraction when it is needed. They are litter mates, a brother and sister.

We’ve never had cats that will poof up for no apparent reason, even while purring. They still let us pick them up and everything. Our other cats would’ve clawed us if we did that. The boy will hisses at hubby out of frustration when they are playing….it is nutty.

You would think after five years they have finally settled into their habits and there is nothing new for them to do……but over the last few months that has been proven wrong….lol

During the very cold parts of winter, the boy finally learned that it is nice and warm crawling under the blankets to cuddle with mommie. His sister usually sleeps in the middle of our pillows, partial under the blanket while demanding that hubby has his hand on her…..or she’ll sit there and stare at him until her puts her into her usual spot. Or she’ll nose him. =)

Now that the boy has discovered cuddling under the blankets, he jumps up on the bed, on my side, near my head and starts to paw at the blankets, while staring at me. I’ve opened my eyes a few times to see his paw coming towards my nose to wake me up.

Twice in the last two weeks, I’ve been woken by him hissing! First time, he was pawing the blanket, but I obviously wasn’t waking up. So he hisses at me, I open my eyes, he is just looking at me…..he didn’t look upset or in pain…..as soon as I lifted the blankets he crawled right in.

The second time, I had my back to him when he jumped up……I’m like “really???” So now he is using a hiss to wake me up and let him in….rolling eyes.

A few mornings ago, I woke to a dream of something wet on my nose…..opened my eyes and the boy was very close to my face and staring at me. I’m not sure, but I think he nosed me, I really think he did……..ggeeezzz

The sister is a whole another ball of crazy. She is definitely a “daddy’s girl”. Her association with me, is when she wants something….like jumping on me and running me over to get to her spot on bed, if I have treats or the big thing, a brush. And not just a cat brush……my round prickly brush. She will run into my leg and trip me to get into the bathroom, jump on the toilet seat and look at me……if I don’t brush her, she starts rubbing against me.

She use to do it once in awhile, but the last few days she has gotten very demanding. Anytime she is not sleeping and even think I’m heading back there she races to the bathroom and just stares and stares and stares…..it is nutty. As soon as I grab the brush, that she is eyeing, she starts purring like crazy…so loud. Hubby calls her a “purr monster” She’ll grab the brush, while you hold it, get her claws into and rub her face against it.

There is nothing like having your life ruled by your cats. They really let you know that they are allowing you in their lives……lol

Settling In

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It has been an off week. We moved from one spot to another. Ended up spending last week getting ready for that and getting settled in that the off week has been affecting our dinner planning….been totally weak on it. Doing much better for this week.

So we are getting settled in and trying to learn our new duties and get a routine. It is different from what we were doing, but that is a good thing. I like it when we expand our horizons and learn new things. It comes in handy for the future.

At our last place we were spent a lot of time cleaning up after wind storms and other jobs around the park. It was cool. We’ve missed doing yard work since we’ve moved to the Oregon in ’07. You get a good satisfaction when you get something cleaned up, because you get a result.

Here, we’ll be doing clean up after campers and doing more hosting duties, making sure that we are seen and are there for the visitors. We came over at a good time, it is letting us learn our new duties before the busy season hits. And we’ll be attacking some of the winter cleanup to get it ready for the busy season.

It is cozy here. When we got to the last place it was this huge open space….kind of freaky. But got use to it and was great for the satellite and sunlight. Got here and got the tree cover we love, that is what we’ve always looked for when we got tent camping…but not good for the satellite.

Still no satellite in our rig. =( BUT we have set it up in the garage by the office….so we didn’t miss our Pacer’s playoffs and Games of Thrones. =) We are going to get some more cable and see if we can get a signal. We are happy we at least have another option if we can’t do it in our home.

Next week, we’ll going to be get ourselves on to the some of the trails. Looking forward to that. =)

Quick Catch Up

We went and took the over 4hr drive down to our storage unit in Oregon on the 24th. We had our living room tables, dinning room set and bed room set picked up and sent to consignment.

We really should’ve sold it before we left, but we just weren’t ready….I sure wasn’t. I loved our stuff…..that storage bed was awesome! But we decided to put it into storage and see how we felt after a year. Well, paying for storage ends up costing more then it takes to replace things and it was time.

I just wished I could’ve sold it our self, but at least it is done. Feels like we closed a chapter on our life….it is bitter sweet.

The consignment shop had a delivery/moving company that they worked with. They were suppose to be at the unit at 12:30…well, come 1pm I start calling the numbers I had. Nothing for awhile until I called the consignment shop and they got ahold of them.

The delivery company had to deal with a flat and it sounds like the poor guy had a hell of rough day. When they finally got there over 3hrs past the scheduled time, they were pretty fast and very professional. The owner was a go getter. They were fair on pricing and good service, even if they had a bad start on staying on schedule, it didn’t sound like it was normal for them.

During all the waiting, we did some shopping and saved on sales tax….Oregon doesn’t have one…..and much cheaper liquor tax. Picked up some food that I’m not able to get around here. After they picked up our stuff at the unit, we were just 5-10 min late from meeting a good friend of ours that we haven’t seen since we hit the road.

We had left for Oregon by 7am and didn’t get home until after midnight….it was a very long day. But I did get my bowling ball unburied from our other storage unit and brought it back….now, we just need to go bowling….grin

Totally addicted to Games Of Thrones…..my BFF and her sister finally got into it and did a marathon over the a weekend a few weeks ago and are all caught up. So now we are debating who did what. About time they are caught up, it was hard talking to them and not reveal anything that they haven’t seen….lol

I had gotten the Games Or Thrones on ebook a few years ago, started on them a few months ago…..but since I had seen the show, when parts started coming up that I knew would get me upset, I stopped. I get very emotional involved in my books…..lol Well, just started them back up….handling it better then when I started last time….lol And now when I talk to my BFF and her sister, I can tell them what I learned from the books.

I originally started this post on Saturday and just finishing up now….lol We are going birding tomorrow and on Wednesday we are getting over to a different location for the summer.

Since it is so late and need to get up early tomorrow, I’ll get this posted….I had more that I want to say….but that’ll be for another time. =)

The Happenings & Random Pictures

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It has been overcast with some wind today, but felt pretty nice….even if we didn’t take advantage of it….lol Planning on doing so tomorrow, need to break in my new hiking boots. =)

Coast Guard Cutter with the mountain background

Coast Guard Cutter with the mountain background from earlier last week

I did get some small things done off of my to do list today, so that was something. We got a walking jacket for the cats. We wanted got it for Drew first because he is the skinniest of the two so we knew it would fit him. Then we would try it on Sakura, so we know what size to order hers (it’ll be purple). He seemed to do ok outside, nervous, but excited….keep purring and looking towards hubby to make sure that he was still there. Now her, she didn’t care for it all….but when she was a kitten she got out for about 22hrs and was never happy with the outside or people since. Use to growl at them out the window at our house.

She isn't liking it very well at all.=(

She isn’t liking it very well at all. =(

Drew in his walking jacket eating the grass.

Drew in his walking jacket eating the grass.

I spent Friday trying to contact a consignment store and the third party delivery service so we can empty our storage of our beloved bedroom set, dinning room set, living room table set. We really don’t want to give up our beloved king storage bed set, but why pay for it in storage if we aren’t going to use it for the next 10yrs? That is more then it is worth. =(

Beautiful Morning

Beautiful Morning last week

In process of phone calls, I looked down and saw that I was missing one of my accent diamonds on my wedding band part of my wedding/engagement ring set (I have them welded together). So not cool! =( I just had the prongs checked just over 2yrs ago, but this is not uncommon. Lucky I have my jewelry insured, so if there is any costs it is covered. And I have a jeweler that we totally trust. They are very reasonable and take very good care of us. We’ve gotten nearly all of my jewelry from them and they do my appraisals. The negative is that I had to ship my ring out to them since they are in Indiana. But it is worth it. They should get it Monday and hopefully, I’ll have it back by the end of next week. The other thing that drives me nuts is that I would have no ring on my finger, well, I solved that. Hubby gave me the blue topaz ring I wanted for our 10th, so I put that where my wedding/engagement ring goes. That is a HUGE help…..other wise I would lose it, not having something there.

Picked up a TV for the bedroom last week, now need to get another apple tv and figure out how we are going to set it up. Our rv is a 2002, so it was made with square box tvs in mind. But no matter what, it is one step closer where we can use our bed for cuddling late at night in front of the tv. We don’t like to spend that much time in bed, it actually hurts our bodies, but we miss the cuddling on our movie nights. So I’m looking forward to us getting it set up, once we figure it out. Friday night over the last few years have become our movie night after we watch Real Time with Bill Mahr.

And it seems to be the nights we have our long sex sessions. They have landed on other days/nights….but Friday seems to be our primary night for it. And this past Friday night was a hot one…..filling up the bedroom with the smell of sweaty sex…..grin I woke up wet this morning thinking of it. And before I showered tonight, hubby bent me over the bed and gave me one hell of a fucking….damn….I had a big glob of cum fall out of my pussy after that one….felt so damn good….grin

Out birding last week.=)

Out birding last week. =)

Busy, Busy….But At Least I Got Sex…grin

Damn, time is flying by even quicker then ever.

Before we left AZ, I needed something to make it easier for planning our trip and my to dos……I need something that I can see one week at a time and also month at a time. Found this assignment planner at an office store that has been a huge help since.

I love it! With the month view, I could put in where we were going to be on what date and the how much each place would cost for our budgeting. With the week view, it gave me enough room on the days to list what I needed to get done.

I have no idea why I didn’t think about one of these kind of planners before…..Purdue had one called the Mortar Board that I loved using when I was there.

Every weekend, I start laying out what I need to get done. I have a list for work, our personal stuff and our things around here. I have been totally utilizing this more then ever. Especially since I’ve been able to get focused finally.

I do need to readjust my time, every time I think I can get a blog post in, I fine more work and projects to do….icks

With using my planner, I’ve been trying to get some of our spring cleaning done, little at a time. Totally attacked the bathroom the other day while trying to ignore my cramps, love going in there and seeing how clean it is, I’ve attacked some of our windows, and got the rig vacuumed (got our dyson back…yes!). Still need to finish cleaning the vacuum, because it looks like it was use on wet stuff. But we got a good part of it cleaned. Been trying to reorganize stuff…it is a constant battle when you live in a box, we are always trying to improve it.

Because we live the full time rv life, unless a place has wifi….which is very unusual and not dependable….we have to use MiFi hotspots. Those are bandwidth limited, which is why I don’t put even one cam on anymore.

We have one 20GB one that works on Verizon and one that is 10GB that is on ATT. Wellll…we totally blew through our 20GB this month =( I think it was doing our taxes online with turbo tax. The only good thing is that the ATT reset the next day after the 20GB closed down. The problem with ATT is that if you go over the 10GB, it is $15 a GB and that can get very expensive, very fast.

We had been planning on getting another 20GB Verizon one anyway and with everything timing itself, we ended up getting it. They were suppose to prorate the remaining month, but since we ordered it so late in the month and they weren’t sure when we would get it, they didn’t charge us. Which is sweet. We got 20GB to use until the 1st for free….grin Very helpful.

And now we are giving ATT a break. I normally use that for work stuff only. But for now, with 20GB free, I just using that one and going from there.

That 20GB timed itself very well. Saw that Mac was offering a free operating system update…..unlike windows, I don’t feel the pressure to update because it works so well…..so forgot that it has been offered for awhile. The update was a 5GB download, so I took it. I kind of like it once I got around some bugs.

The first bug was that it wasn’t recognizing my second monitor. Now I use this for my book keeping and support, doesn’t need to be fancy or very high def. So I have a simple AOC E1649FWU 16″ USB-Powered Portable LED Monitor….just a plug and play. After googling, I hit up apple chat support and they were extremely helpful and gave me the link for the software updated I needed. I was very relieved to have that working.

There is no way I can work very well without it anymore, I have no idea how I did it before.

The next bug was my notes in my mail client disappeared…icks!!!

Hit up support, we were going to do a call today, but I finally found that they took the notes out of the mail client and they are their own separate app. With all my work notes on there, I was very, very happy to find them.

Due to that, I’ve found a new app called SimpleNote that is much easier to use, I can use on my Mac, iPad and iPhone without accidentally deleting one with a sync. Spent the day cleaning out my notes and copying them over, so now I have them in two spots….but I love getting things more organized.

The Maverick update helped get some of the bugs out of my mail client that I have when I try I use my work email that uses MS Exchange. There are little changes that I can’t pinpoint, but I do like. I seem to be running faster and smoother now.

That is how I’ve spent my weekend. =)

If you saw my tweets, you’d see that my cycle started….it was only 1 day off from my period app I use to logging and estimating it. I was happy that I got some unexpected morning sex the day before I started….needed it big time.

Normally once I start the hard part of my cycle it is only lasts about 24hrs and I’m usually done right after that. This one was a bit different, lasted about 48hrs. When I thought I was fine, I’d cramp up again….not fun. I was so happy when I was finally done.

Woke up this morning, he was laying on his back, I was on my side, with my back to him. When I do that and I’m horny, I like having my ass against him and I do little wiggles moving closer to him. I kept thinking how good it would feel if he decided to fuck me from behind….I was getting wet…and impatient….so I turned over and put my arm on him, seeing if he was a wake.

He looked at me and and put my arm under the covers and stretched….his cock was so hard. I stroked him, felt so good in my hand…..but it was not enough, it was not what I wanted….I needed to have him in my pussy. I got on and it felt so damn good sliding into my pussy. It felt so good to ride him….mmmm….we quickly warmed up our little bedroom. It was so hard not to yell when we came……grin….it was intense, but all so worth it.

It was much needed. =)

A Working Weekend

Hubby’s eyes is MUCH better. The blurriness is about gone. He has more of the “not enough sleep” feeling in his eye. So we are pleased. We were stressing it especially since it was his camera eye.

I think between his eye preventing him doing his normal, being in pain and then the weather turning when he finally can see…..he is pretty frustrated with things.

As of noon, I’m happily done with my cycle! LOVED that it didn’t drag out on starting or ending. I hate it when it does that….dragging out. It isn’t so bad, when it doesn’t do that…..then it feels like forever and makes me so frustrated.

I actually had a very productive weekend…..I haven’t had one of those in a long time.

I had been putting off doing our books for so long, that I’ve been majorly dreading it….and you know when you dread something, you make it worst. Well, I need to start our taxes and couldn’t put it off much longer….I normally have started those in Jan. I’ve finally got our books caught up, I still need to do our cash flow spreadsheets to give me a better idea where we stand…not looking for it to it. So my goal this week is to start our taxes.

I did get all the company and our personal files ready for 2014 and got 2013 ready to go to storage in OR, once I’m done with our taxes.

That was Saturday, today I attacked company stuff… Did the end of month stuff and payouts, finished the corrections for my clients books, so those should be ready for the tax accountant.

I really need to call/email the consignment shops in OR so we can empty one of our storages. We had kept our king size bedroom set, that we loved and our dinning table/living table sets. At $81 a month and we are going to be RVing for the next 10yrs, it isn’t smart to keep. I was going to try craiglist, but not sure how to do it when we are 5hrs away from storage. So going to contact a couple of consignment shops and see if we can go that route. That would make our lives so much easier.

If I contact them next week and find out if that is an option, and get our taxes done, I can schedule a trip to OR to our storage. I need to pick up my bowling ball and a few other things. Hell, just getting to my bowling ball is going to take about 30min…..I buried it…lol I really need to make a list of things that we want from storage, so I remember….I need to remember where some of it is…

Plus when we head to OR, I’m making sure we pick up some whiskey and other liquor. That taxes here in WA are crazy and it is the most expensive we’ve ever paid for it. We are buying cheap whiskey because our Crown Royal is about $15-25 more then we are use to spending. I want to get at least 2 Crown Royal bottles. So I’m budgeting some money to stock up for a little while, any way.

After the last 2 days of working, this is least work I’ve done since Friday night…..think I’m going to just chill out.

Housecleaning and Self-Examination

Today we got some housecleaning done, tanks got dumped, litter/trash and then we decided with the fact that it was sunny out, we start pulling things out of the RV so we can attack everything else. Pulled out all of our throw rugs and get all things we can out to get out of the way, so we can get things wiped out down and vacuumed.

With two cats there is so much fur and then no matter what you do, you are always tracking something in. So it is a constant battle. You would think with having maybe 200 square feet that cleaning it would be easy…..hell no…you have to move everything like 3-4 times….rolling eyes.

Doesn’t help when you pinch you finger in the same spot twice…ouch! I think I may have a blood blister….hoping that it get absorbed back in.

Started to read the part about jealous in the “The Ethical Slut” last night. Didn’t get far, going to have to reread……keep getting distracted by my sister on chat and frankly, so far none of it doesn’t seemed to apply. So I need to reread it to see if anything hits for self examination.

I saw something about feeling territorial….but nothing about addressing it yet. That is one feeling that I have experienced. But that is the feeling, not the root of it. I want to find the root so I can attack the irrationality of my emotions.

I’ve experienced the “competition” feeling, which I had no reason to feel. I feel that has been resolved, because no matter who we are ever with, no one effects us like we effect each other. No one can touch that, that is just simple fact of 2 people that love each other deeply, been together for as long as we have, know each other well as we do…we know each other’s buttons. So now I’m back to our regular swinging feeling of finding it hot. That is a relief and I love being able to get back to the sexual hotness….grin

So far the only part I’ve pinpointed is that fact that is it more then sex and it is an emotional connection that he has with her. Which is something I want him to have and I encourage him to have. But I think that is what has made me feel insecure/threatened.

And that is illogical.

For one, she has been a very supportive and understanding. She is not game player, she has her own soulmate. She has been in my corner more times then I can even know.

For two, I know where we stand. Our relationship to each other is worth more then anything or anyone.

I mean seriously, when we were planning our wedding and in frustration I’m like, we don’t even have a wedding song and without missing a beat, he says “Everything I do, I do it for you” by Bryan Adams. I LOVE those lyrics. It totally symbolizes how he feels about me.

All the little notes he has written me over the years……really, I have no logical reason for those feelings.

I really think our last talk is a step in the right direction. I’ve been feeling better, more resolved and determined with myself.

Plus, I think now that I feel that I can freely express myself without it blowing up on me, it a huge help…..a major stress reliever. And that is really where most of my frustration came in the last few weeks. If you are not able to express yourself to the one you need to, it’ll drive you insane….or into meltdown, as everyone saw….lol

My goal this weekend is to try and finish the rest of that book and see if it’ll help me on self-examination and growth. And if I can, get some birding or rolling skating in if it warms up some. =)

A Month of Catching Up!

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I didn’t realize it has been almost a month since I last did a post. I know I’ve been working on the blog, but that has been all in the backend so I totally lost track of time. I’ve had to go find my last post just to get a sense of what is has happen since.

I should be doing work voice mails, but we just had a storm cloud move through…no rain, unfortunately…..and it has finally cooled down from 91.4 to 79 and the humidity has dropped nicely…in fact the breeze can give a chill. Most pleasant it has been mid day in a long while, so I’m sitting outside and enjoying it. ToRn is trying to get some good shots of hummingbirds and I’m typing this up….grin

We went to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson in June. That was really cool and we highly recommend it. It is a combination museum, zoo and botanical garden. 85% of it is outside, so make sure you take water, wear a hat and lots of sunscreen. Saw the fattest black bear we have ever seen….no black bear in the wild gets that big….lol Saw the cutest gray fox and very cool ocelot.

It was much bigger then we thought and spent more time there then planned. But we still got to the Saguaro National Park, the west unit, just much later and much hotter….lol…..triple digits according to the Jeep. We went and saw the petroglyphs and got ourselves new sun hats at the visitor center. Now we look like typical birders…..LOL….but the hats are much lighter and covers the back of your neck and we got them in our favorite colors, I got my purple and ToRn got his green.

Found our first fresh kill on June 15th. It looked like it was a fawn. Since it was out in the open, we believe it was from a pack of coyotes, mountain lions would drag it back to the treeline and try to bury some of it to keep for later. We found it in the morning and I didn’t see any vultures the evening before when I did my walk that we think it was killed over night. The bones were still “juicy” but everything picked cleaned or on it’s way to clean. Now it looks like it has been there for several months it is so bleached and dried.

For awhile there we had 3 wild turkeys hanging around. If you ever had seen the movie Dark Crystal they reminded me of those 3 mystics, hunched all over…lol Last 2 weeks we’ve only been seeing 2 of them. Not sure if one of them became someone’s dinner.

Finally been seeing an occasional bobcat….and all without going out on a hike. ToRn saw one when I was out on a hike, just walking in front of the rig, about 30ft away. Of course, I had the camera as he looked for it before he remembered and grabbed the video camera.

Then a few nights ago, we saw a bobcat bouncing in the grass in the middle of the drive away. The little bugger was hunting. =)

Yesterday, we had a visitor say that they saw a small black bear. About a year old, more chestnut colored, acting like it should and running from people. Then a staffer saw it running across the road after we were just out looking for it this morning…LOL So ToRn went back out later, didn’t find it, but got more critter pictures. =)

Hummingbirds have really picked back up. They are going nuts right now. We have broad-bill, violet crown and black chinned on a regular basis. The rufus showed up a few days ago.

Finally got the iBird Pro app for our iPhone and iPad. They also have a new one out just for iPad only, called Waite’s Birds…free to download with 50 different birds, the cost of getting them all is normally $49.99 but we got it on sale for $9.99! I LOVE sales. What is really cool about it, is over a month ago we had some of the people from iBird Pro, they all have some of their bird pictures in there and the guy that does support was showing me the new one while it was in beta. Showing all the cool things it does. So I’ve been looking for it, I really wanted to get it while it was on sale….so I’m tickled by that….grin

We went to the small parade that this small town has for the 4th. Kind of reminds of our small one of town one in Oregon. But with a few difference….like here, you are encouraged to bring your water guns and balloons…lol It is the only day of the year you get to throw water balloons at the town marshal and the parade participants return the favor….grin With the heat and climate here I can full understand that, it was hot. And they “hung” the Grand Marshal…lol

We’ve had one actually thunderstorm and a few rumbles here and there. Boy, our kitties do NOT like them. They totally go into hiding, we feel so bad for them. They didn’t grow up with thunderstorms in our part of Oregon. I’m so hoping they start doing much better with them by the time we leave Arizona.

Wow, this turned out much longer then I expected and I probably missed something. Nothing unusual there….grin

Critters, Volunteering & Satellite

After a few exciting weeks of big critter spotting, it has slowed down, other then seeing a lot of deer (some are starting their antlers) and some javelinas.

Even though it is still cool at 6:30am, I haven’t seen any bobcats since the 2nd and I haven’t been seeing the coyotes at sunset like I was. It has gotten much warmer then it was, so that may be effecting it. We hit 99 the other day. Or it could be that time of year on the changing of animal activity or that we had more critters that were passing through due to the fire we had on the mountain a few miles away.

I can tell what I saw when it was hopping….grin Which always happened when I didn’t have the camera, rolling eyes.

A few weeks ago we had an issue with a neighboring ranch herd of cattle coming on the property. After the manager got them off of the property, we had an issue for a about a week of cow piles and tracks being left everywhere and a spotting of a big red bull by visitors. He was coming on by the way of the creek and was claiming it has his terriority. On one of my morning walks on the edge of the clearing I saw a huge red creature….which turned out to be the bull. He just took his sweet time munching and walking as if he owned the place….LOL I followed from a distance, texting updates of his location until he crossed the creek, laid down and just looked at me like “what?” They got him back to his own property and enforced the fencing in the creek. So far, fingers crossed, no more signs that he has returned.

We were still seeing the owl and one her hatchlings until about a week ago. The hatchling was no longer just a fuzz ball of a head and was getting some form. I even had one evening where mom and hatchling were both staring at me, looking like duplicates of the same owl, except the young one was a smaller version…that was cute.

I had a 2 coyotes walking parallel to me about 40ft away one evening, they just looked at me and saw that I was no threat and kept on. Then the next night and accidentally scared one out of the bush….I heard something and then next thing I know I saw it briefly like an action photo of coyote from nose to tail as he took off away from me.

This morning I ended up with a pack of javelina heading directly towards me on the trail. They have really bad eye sight and unless the you are noisy or the wind is going in the right direction, they won’t know you were there. They were about 20ft away and since I had no where to go, I started talking to them, which helped stop them in their tracks. The lead one stood there trying to smell me and wasn’t succeeding. We all stood there for about 10min, I was hoping that they would move with me talking to them. It wasn’t until I moved off the trail into the dry leaves, so I could make more noise, kept talking to them and started walking to them did they move. Well, can’t call it moving, they scattered with their heckles raised….lol They are very skittish and it doesn’t take much to get them to move, you just don’t want them charging you….they are FAST.

The COOLEST thing that I’ve seen that I’m upset that didn’t have either a still or a video camera. On June 2nd I was on a totally different part of the trail and in the the dried bush I saw a big jump, it was a bobcat pouncing! He was totally blending in if it wasn’t for his pounce. Had all the same expressions of our kitties when hunting, his tail was wagging like crazy. I was 30ft away and he didn’t have clue. The rest of the trail is a marshy and is surrounded by green grass about thigh high, when he was done, he hopped on the trail and started walking towards me! It wasn’t until he came around the bend, about 20ft from me that he saw me. He just froze, his ear twitched and he starred….lol Then quickly turned around and walked a fast pace away, until he disappeared. It was so cool!!

We are enjoying ourselves, but I do have to say that it makes us really miss Oregon. You get so tired of the rain at the end of spring and you want it to stop and when Oregon hit is dry season it is so stunning, we miss the snow capped mountains. We are so looking forward to monsoon season here because we miss the rain, not looking forward to the very high humidity with the heat, but the monsoons will make it the landscape pop.

We really like the people here. Everyone here is friendly and doesn’t have an issue with answering questions and we are learning a lot. Which is what we want…to learn. I really need to hang out more when they do talks with groups that come, those are loaded with info.

We are given a free range on expressing ideas and helping. We’ve been working on the retail part of the visitor center. We got some product transferred over, rearranged the pictures, reorganized product and slowly going through some of the older info and cleaning it out. Pretty happy how it is looking.

We finally got our satellite for directv last week. Got the NFL package so we can get our Colts & Saints….grin Not happy that we don’t have the main networks….we have to get a waiver and prove that we are mobile so we can the East/West coast stations of them. Was really looking forward to our ABC news. Then to do that, we have to submit the info by snail mail…..rolling eyes. According to priority mail they got it Saturday and we should know in 11-14 business days if we are getting them….which shouldn’t be an issue, it is the wait that is the real pain…lol

Cats & Cattle

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We are totally enjoying ourselves here in AZ

I’ve been going on morning walks about 6:30am, because I really, really want to see a bobcat. I finally got my wish on the 16th. I saw an animal jumping away over the trail in front of me. It didn’t have a long hairy tail and sure didn’t move like a coyote, it moved like a cat! I was so psyched!! But after a few days I felt like I dreamt it because it moved so fast and I just got a glance at it, not a good long look. So I’ve been determined that I was going to see another one, so taking my early morning and sunset walks when critters are the most active.

On the 22nd I got to see two bobcats on my morning walk. I was looking across a clearing and I saw to “short” animals, at first I was thinking of javelina, but then they ran towards each other to greet and circle each other. They didn’t move like either javelina or coyote….it was a cat movement. I got to see two bobcats!!! Of course, I had no camera or binoculars…..lol After they greeted each other one started walking in one direction along the tree line and the other in the opposite way, more in my direction. The one in my direction stopped a few times, looked as if he was sunning himself and looked as if he was rolling around like our kitties do…..LOL

Well…with no camera or binoculars I’ve been more determined to see them again. Not sure if I’ll carry a camera, because it would need to be one the SLRs and on my morning walks, I’m really trying to move fast to get my heart rate up. But I can carry the small binoculars of the preserve (we’ll be getting our own soon). Now with my luck I won’t see them again since I was prepared, but I was lucky today! I saw a critter sitting in the clearing, not too far where I saw them last time. It was kind of hard, even with the binoculars, to see it because the grass is so high. I could see that the nose was short, so not a coyote and the ears weren’t that big, so not a deer. It was a cat!

Now the question was what kind of cat. I texted ToRn and he stated it he was on his way. I was on one side of the clearing and ToRn ended up on the other. With the camera, ToRn was able to get a few pictures and clean them up enough to get some good looks at him….and it was a bobcat….grin

ToRn headed back to the trail to try and outflank him so he could get a better shot and as he is heading down a trail he looks up and about literally runs into a mountain lion! The lion just looked at him like “I’m not afraid of you” They just looked at each other, ToRn texted me a pic and then took more pictures until the lion decides to walk off.

I’m so jealous! The ironies of this is that I just laminated and posted an article in the visitor center’s office about the last sighting from Dec, the preserves motion camera got a blurred rear-end and tail of one a couple of weeks ago and yesterday a couple saw the lion just walking along the trail yesterday.

The really funny part is later this morning ToRn was doing dishes and Drew decided to jump on his back. He was not wearing his normal hoodie and ended up with a lot of cat scratches. Who knew that he was safer outside with the wild cats? LOL

We really had an exciting beginning of the day today and we are very please by that.

A few days ago, ToRn looked out the bedroom window and says “We have cows out there” with surprise. We had a small herd of 7 cattle including a big bull just out there eating the grass. They left their ranch through the creek. The area manager has a couple of cattle dogs and he came over to herd them out. ToRn and I have never seen dogs work herding in person. That was really cool.

Ever since then we’ve been finding fresh cow pies…rolling eyes. The manager thinks we have a bull that has claimed this as his territory and is pushing his way through the now enforce “T” fence on the creek to make his rounds. We have over 300 wooded acres in this part of the area and so far we haven’t found him yet to drive him out. But I keep finding fresh tracks and scat in the morning.

Now I just learned today that in AZ you are responsible for fencing them OUT…the owners are not responsible for fencing them IN! That makes no sense and lets just say I totally DISAGREE with that…ggeezz.

I have a few more critters to talk about, but this post is long enough…..grin

Our New Life (at least for the next 5 months…lol)

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As of this Sunday, May 12th, we have been here 3 weeks in AZ

It has been a very interesting experience and time has been flying much faster then expected.

We knew that is was a birder destination, but boy it is huge here. It is a totally different world. The majority of them are very friendly and very happy to share their knowledge. Some are total tunnel vision, with one focus only……I don’t know how to describe it, but it is sometimes funny to see. We’ve had people waiting at the gate long before 6:30…..lol It has slowed down some, but you still get them.

So far, out of all the states, we’ve encounter more coming from Oregon and the Pacific NW in general. It is great to talk to fellow Oregonians….grin For out of country, lots of people from the UK. Those are some of the most fun of the birders, love UK humor. Some joke about how all their birds are so boring, so that is why they come to the states.

Right now, my favorite group of birders came from Belgium. There was four gentlemen and they had never seen humming birds before, they were so delighted and had so much enjoyment. We have three feeders for them at the visitor’s center and that day we had like 20-30 humming birds, they spent hours there before even hitting the trails. When ToRn put the spotter on one of our grey hawks, they about ran to the spotter…grin

We are learning but there is so much. Don’t know if we’ve ever be as good as some of them, but we catching on to some of the birds. ToRn is doing much better then me on that, but he is much more observant and quicker on seeing them. We’ve always been interested in all sorts of wildlife and I’ve enjoyed birds, just never to the extent of serious birders.

When we’ve ID birds, we normally went by the first thing we noticed….colors and markings. Well, we’ve learned you just can’t go by that or even start with that. You have to go by shape of tail, wings, beaks, body and talons…all that, then the markings. Markings may change based on age…juvenile and adult and, of course, male and female.

For example the Summer Tanager male is beautiful bright red, while the female is a pretty bright yellow. Now I’m use to the females usually being darker, more brown or grey from the normally more colorful males, but never such an opposite bright color as the male and female Summer Tanager.

We are the type that notice the more colorful birds, humming birds and raptors. We just love hawks, eagles, falcons, owls….those are so cool to us. The Grey Hawks are here very frequently. I got to see one at 5:30am with a nice size lizard in it’s talons. ToRn saw one warn a Red Tail off the other day…..lol

I do love looking out the bedroom window in the morning and seeing a male and female Northern Cardinal. The female is much prettier then we thought she would be. Just love watching her. Then watching the male Vermillion Flycatcher bounce from piece of grass to piece of grass.

Of the humming birds, we’ve seen the Anna (had a family of them in Oregon at our place), Broad-Billed, Violet Crown, Black Chinned and Broad Tail. The Gila Woodpecker is noisy as heck….lol Also have seen the Ladder Back and Acorn Woodpecker. Even got to see an owl the other day, I’ve never seen one in wild before. The Great Blue Heron is really cool to see fly, reminds me of those big clumsy looking sea planes that once they take off, they are so graceful. That is just some of the birds we’ve seen. I know we’ve seen a lot more and I know ToRn probably could ID more, but those are just the ones that I could ID.

At 4000 ft and a creek that has continuous water, there is a lot of wild life here. We run into javelina all the time, even hear them outside of our RV forging a couple of nights. We see white tail deer all the time. The ones here have bigger ears then the ones farther north. Almost like mules. Saw coyotes the other night at sundown, I’ve never seen any with those markings. They had dark grey/black markings and didn’t look as skinny as the ones I’m use to seeing in the Midwest. Unfortunately we haven’t seen the bobcat yet, others have, but not us. =( I so want to see it. And the mountain lion hasn’t been seen since last Nov. That would be TOTALLY cool and out of this world…..grin

ToRn posted this on his facebook the Friday night, it happened about 9:30 pm, and tells what happen the best :

Well that was different.

Wife went to the office to reboot the modem, and as usual Drew cried for mommy over and over. Pauline returns after a few minutes and as normal I mimic Drew’s “mommy cries” for her in the same pitch and frequency as Drew. And as normal we both laugh.

Unlike normal was the coyote crying in a loud response about 30′ from us. Over and over.

That took us by much surprise.

This post got longer then I expected….lol Hubby is working on the pictures, he has a much better eye and unlike me, won’t post them all….only the best. Once he goes through those, he’ll be posting them I’ll close for now and go talk about the town here in my next post.

Getting There

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ToRn took Ackbar back to Roy Robinson RV for finishing off the furnace Thrusday.  They didn’t take long at all, helped that the furnace was already apart….lol  But they were nice and very helpful.  If you are around Marysville, WA and need RV help, we would send you them.

ToRn got Ackbar parked much easier than the first time, practice helps…like he says, only way to learn.

Our living/workspace is temporarily set up.  We wanted to see how it looked and how it see if we needed to make adjustments before securing it.  Need to take the tops off to seal the pine wood and secure everything down.  It has felt nice to have a somewhat normal workspace again.  Especially since today was an intense work day and having my workspace set up was a huge help.

Once we get it all secured, we can start putting everything in it’s place and empty some of our cabinets of the office stuff and books….kind of a mess in them. =)  Once we get the office/book stuff out of the cabinets, we can then start going through all the stuff we put into friend’s office/garage.  Looks like we have more things to donate, that is for sure.

Felt good to start getting somewhere on it.  =)

ToRn started to attack the kitchen cabinets….wow, we have to donate a lot of our rubbermaid stuff.  I kept like one of each size and rest is going to be donated.  We still need to refigure out the pots & pans.

Went to the Safeway here in Everett….wow….totally miss our Troutdale, OR Albertson’s.  It is an older store, so small and it was very busy and all the customers were so aggressive.  No excuse me, pleases, or thank yous….and wow, so many of stank of cigarette smoke….yuck.  The employees were nice and friendly, but I can tell we weren’t in OR anymore.  We really got use to how laid-back and friendly OR is, overall.

Last few hours I’ve been trying to figure out our lighting solution.  Very good news is that we don’t have to replace all our fixtures like we thought we would to get LEDs.  I found LED replacements for bulbs 1076, 1141, JC-10 Clear and I THINK fluorescent F8T5 (although I don’t have a clue on the wire in?) .  For all but the fluorescent, the cost of the bulbs is about what we were thinking for a whole new fixture and we don’t have to wire anything, big plus!

Just need to figure out what we need, who is cheaper, and budgeting.  Don’t want to spend a lot at once.  So need to figure out which ones are priorities.  All the incandescent are probably going to go first. They take the most energy and are yellow….blah. We really like our sunlight light. =)

The only issue that I’m having is, is I can’t find something for over the bathroom sink….the vanity bulbs.  I found vanity LED bulbs, but they don’t say if they are the replacement ones for the ones we have.  In the owner’s manual they have Cosmetic Light – 9-019C  I googled that, I wasn’t even able to find those….and I really want to replace those.  But I’m too tired to keep looking right now…..lol

Here is hoping that we get a lot accomplished tomorrow and Sunday.  Would totally love to have our workspace done.  =)

What A Long & Stressful Day

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We had a perfect storm today…..I had a work emergency that I had to attend to….on top of everything with Ackbar….so I’m totally wiped out.  Obviously I’m not going to get into the work stuff….but I sure can get into the Ackbar stuff…..just a bit of sharing to get it off my chest.

We had simple plans today for Ackbar, the stressful removal out of the tight parking spot, then top off our propane and head down the I5 to the rest stop at mile marker 207 to dump our tanks, then parking back into the tight stop (it would be perfect if we were just a few feet shorter and the width of a class C not an A….lol)

Well…..yesterday, after using our furnace since last Wednesday, it started blowing black soot and inside Ackbar, it smelled like car exhaust…yuck!  We can’t have that….not good.  We took Ackbar to American Distributing in Marysville, WA to top off our propane and talk to them since they do work on furnaces and was hoping they worked on rv furnaces…..nope, no luck in that.

BUT they did recommend a place that we knew since we looked at a bus there over a year ago.  Not that far from us at all….Roy Robinson RV  I was afraid we would have to go 30 miles more north to Camping World….so did not want to do that.

Before we headed to Roy Robinson, we went up to the rest stop and dumped our tanks.

Unfortunate, our black water is not saying empty…..we don’t think we used enough water and chemicals so everything hasn’t broken down like it should.  And maybe the sensor is blocked.  Because hubby flushed the system a lot….so we are going make sure we use enough water and chemicals, get more broken down and see how it goes for our next dump.  But we were very pleased not to have pay for dumping….we were thinking of having someone come out to dump us….but that is pricey.

After the rest stop, we headed down to Roy Robinson.  We were lucky the guy that they gave us to help worked on Admirals for 15yrs and said we have a good rig and that our engine looked good and clean, because they sometimes get infested with rats and mice nest.

Now at first they said if they couldn’t remove the exhaust pipe then we would need a new furnace….which is like $755 just for the part.  They did get it out and discovered we need a burner.  That part is like only 27-35…much better…even through you know how labor is…icks  They charge $117/hr…but that is tech work. They did say other then the burner, it looks in good condition.

They did discover that whoever worked on it before, they didn’t put all the screws back in…which meant it wasn’t sealed and the exhaust would leak in…..not helpful at all.

They got the part ordered and ToRn will be taking Ackbar back tomorrow to get it done.  Right now, the total damage is running about $350.  We should be getting some reimbursed from our dealer since it under inhouse warranty, the issue is that we are in Everett, WA and they are in McMinnville, OR…..so they don’t cover it all due to cost differences.

So…it was totally stressful, spending money we didn’t want to spend….but it could’ve been much worst, so content with that.

Tonight we got Ackbar parked out in front, we have no heat other then our Buddy Heater….but for tonight, it’ll do.  We are just going to be sleeping in there with lots of blankets and cats……..going to be in the high 30s/low 40s

Cats sure didn’t enjoy today but they are recovering better then before. We really need to make sure we bag them once before we pull in the slide outs, because it frees up a big space behind the bed that the cats get into.  That they can NOT be in to put the slide out back out…..not safe at all.  Took a bit to get Sakura out.

Learned that we have got to WALK around the rig a few times to make sure we get everything before moving….icks  I know everyone forgets things and it part of the learning…but I really don’t want an expensive mistake.

So happy that we have our great friends to help give us different perspectives and insights…..great food and company. Helps with the stress….no way for us to fully ever thank them enough.

I’m exhausted…heading to our cold bed soon.  =)

So Much To Learn….So Much Stress

We are here in Everett, WA….living in our home on wheels in our friend’s RV lot in their alley way. Which was a very tight fit….doesn’t help that Ackbar is low and we had to worry about bottoming out trying to get into the alley. It was not an easy park job at all….icks….but ToRn got it with our friend’s help.

Everything is all over the place, we are slowly getting things situated….just not fast enough for me. We had to pretty much unload stuff into their garage so we can do the office area and bring it back in next week.

We couldn’t put the cat litter where we wanted due to a support beam. Then things don’t come apart as easy as we thought. So just going to get office set up, put things away there and move on from that. We’ll worry about painting and such next year.

Hubby took a chill out day today after a very stressful day yesterday. Me, I want to get things done, just don’t know where to start and it is stressing me out. Then trying to get work done on top of it….icks….

I keep telling myself we got time, that is why we are here….have time and space to get set up. But until everything is in it’s place….ggrrr Right now it feels as if we are fighting Ackbar…everything is so small, that things don’t seem to fit…..

I’m stressing the holding tanks…we were at 1/3 when we got here and now 2/3rds??? How the hell did we do 14gals of each of the tanks….since Wed when we haven’t even taken showers in it yet? Do have to be fair, it has been at 1/3 since we got it in Dec and it may have been half way between 1/3 and 2/3….so we may have had only 7 gals. But how the hell we did 7 gals?? Haven’t it used it that much.

Don’t want to have to move it to find a dump station and then repark….did find a service that will come out and dump for us. So going to have that done this Thurs…that is going to make me feel better, so we are starting fresh and now we can figure out how long it’ll last.

We got a WiFiRanger Mobile, seems to catch other networks, but we can’t always able stay on. Our own 2 networks of AT&T & Millenicom….even our friends….and they are less then a 100yds away. So another new frustration, that we knew we were going to deal with that….but with everything else…not helpful.

So when I have issues, I head down to our friend’s house and steal their internet for work. =)

Our friends have been so, so helpful. We are trying to visit without imposing on them. You know what they say about fish and visitors after 3 days……so hopefully with having our own home, that won’t happen. =)

Right now watching a Ron White, getting some needed laughter….

Life Changes Coming on Fast

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In just over 4days, we’ll be living in Ackbar…..wow…..our stuff is so disorganized and everywhere.  The leave date is the 20th.

We moved our “office” to downstairs on folding tables.  Hubby tore our old desks apart for trash.  What we can’t get rid of over the next 2 trash days, will be going with us to our friends for a burn pile.  They are old and particle wood….so not worth keeping.

I got our utilities ordered for disconnect online and been trying to do change of addresses.

Got our WiFi ranger and Millenicom today.  Got the WiFi antenna last month and had the rv dealer put it up on our batwing.

So much to do this weekend, need to get our stuff over to Ackbar, clean the house to be ready to turned over to the landlord….right now, things going into the Ackbar, it is a mess.  It is so disorganized.  I’ve been trying to organize it as we go, but until we are living in it….debating on going over there tomorrow or Sunday and to attack it a little bit, since hubby took a load over there today.  Depends on how much we need to do here

We will be heading to our friend’s in Everett, WA for 2-3 weeks. We are going to be parking it there while we put in our desk set up with the things we got from HomeDepot and Ikea in the long front slide out.  And getting all our stuff set up.

We are taking so much, figured what doesn’t work, because we won’t know until we are living in it, we can always donate.

From HomeDepot we got our new flooring since we had the carpet tore out of the slide out…..so that is the 1st project.

Then on to the desk…..

From Ikea we got 2 of these : http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/40162496/#/60104325

And 2 of these : http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/10192824/

They are going to be under 3 of these, that the slide out fits exactly with 1/8 inch of room left, if our figures are correct : http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/40136558/

I’m actually writing this hoping that it’ll help me organize my thoughts….not sure it is working….lol  So I’ll think I’ll call it a night.