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Caring About Human Issues

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As you may have noticed, I do more tweeting then blogging now.  Much quicker on getting out my thoughts.  Yesterday I tweeted this link : The FBI’s Restrictive Definition Of Rape and stated that this needs to be changed.

I received a comment back asking “have you something to talk about you are pretty hardcore on abuse of woman?” I responded back “Nope, just a feminist and every single of one of my close friends have suffered abuse.”  The more I think about it, the more insulting and sexist their question was.

Why do I need to have “something” to talk about to address the issue about the abuse of women? If they actually read the article, it addresses the fact that rape of men are so, so poorly under reported and not even included.  These are issues that effect MEN and WOMEN, not just women.  It is a cycle that we must always work to break.

But then, their comment really had nothing to do with the article, since they didn’t read it, they really don’t see that comments/links I make are not just about women, they are about SOCIETY as a whole.  Why do so many think that women issues are not HUMAN issues, that it does not effect them?

Why can I not talk about it for the simple fact that I am a human and I care about the human condition and ridding the world of violence?  Why must I have story to give a damn?  I actually have had a very good life, especially compared to my friends.  But just because I had a good life doesn’t mean I shouldn’t care about others.  Doesn’t mean that I don’t want others to have what I had, every one deserves to have a good life.

My question to them should’ve been, why don’t you care about these issues? If more people cared and was aware the issues, the violence will go down as we develop programs to address it.

Education and awareness is always the key to changing things.  Which is why slaves where not allowed to learn how to read, it was illegal, why women weren’t allowed to be educated.  An educated person is someone to be reckoned with, you can not just use them, fool them and abuse them.

They also made this comment “They should report any abuse to the authorities or their brothers .I have 0.0 respect for men who abuse woman.”

Ok….good on the zero respect for the abusers and for people who have no actual experience dealing with DV situations….a common comment. Sexist on the brother comment, why must a female always need to get a family man’s protection?  Goes back to the history that women are nothing but property and chattel (which the GOP loves to treat us as).

But it really shows that they do not have any idea what an abuse victim goes through.  All the complex issues that they face, child care, job safety, having a job, lack of family support, the fact that they are re-victimized by the system and it fails them on a continuous basis.  Whether is from failure to enforcing a protective order, to not giving them, to abusers not giving a fig about a piece of paper, to blaming it on the victim.

After volunteering at a women’s shelter for many years, that simple statement that they made, doesn’t work.

More women, men and children are raped or killed by someone they know, not by the hyped up “strange danger”

How are these issues are just about women, when they effect all of us?  And why don’t you care about them?

Hey Strangers!

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Just taking it easy, if you call yelling at the TV easy……grin

WHO DAT!!!  Saints are looking much better then it started when Cardinals did the 1st TD.  Good going Saints!  I would so love to be in New Orleans for a home game.  I really love how the team and the city have come together.

Very cool!  Colts have won.  GO HORSE!!!

Sucks that Purdue lost their 3rd game in a row.  =(  What the hell?!?  ggrrrr

I really should be doing our books and more of my online work.  But sometimes you need days like this. Spent some time working on my own little projects.  Really need to make a list of things that I should focus on.  But even got more distracted then I planned, totally redid one of my blogs and it wasn’t planned at all….lol  I haven’t gotten a thing done that I planned today (even this) and it is already 8pm….ggeeezz….I started this around 2pm…icks

Alright, what has been going on with me so far….good thing for twitter, really helps to share what is going on, because by the time I do an entry I have no idea….lol

Well as of 2/21 we will be doing the gym on a regular basis for 2yrs.  For us, that is huge. I’m still getting people telling me how good I’ve done with my weight lose and workout.  This week wasn’t the best of working out. I got the treadmill in and my abs, but no motivation for my weights…not good.  So hope for a better week this time.

Last Saturday we drove up to Seattle, one of our very good friend was celebrating his birthday by having a get together at a funk show at the Tractor Tavern.  We saw Olympic Sound Collective & Eldridge Gravy and The Court Supreme, the other band was Black Cherry Crush, but they didn’t have a link on the Tractor’s site.  Holy cow, it has been years since we’ve seen a live act and that loud.  Our ears were ringing all day Sunday….lol  We had a blast…..we love visiting with our friends up there.  We actually got up early enough Sunday to get on the road & made the expressway in Seattle before it closed to the southbound lane.  That expressway is a big help on dealing with Seattle traffic…..I hate that part of I5….lol

We got home by 4pm, was crashed out by 11pm and you would think we would be fine at 8am for the gym…..well, it didn’t happen.  When the alarm went off, I was so loopy and confused.  When you wake up like that, means you need more sleep.  So we crashed some more.  For once, I didn’t feel guilty about missing the gym since it was needed.  Just not happy that I’m 4miles under what I do in walking for the week.  But I’ll be back to my norm next week.  =)

We finally got a break in the winds, we’ll see how long it lasts.  Getting a steady wind of 20-30mph with gusts up to 40/50mph on a regular basis can drive you batty.  But we’ve has temps in the high 40s/low 50s this week.  It has been very nice.  =)

Hubby’s Jeep got egged by in November (that assholes) and we finally got it in and taken care of this week.  Good thing we got full coverage and it was covered by comprehensive….nice bonus is that we don’t have a deductible.  =)  But now I need to take my Dakota in next week, it sometimes dies out when in idle, especially when in reverse…..probably the fuel injection.

The kitties are feisty as ever….grin  They really do make us laugh and give us joy.  Alexis is partial deaf and we think is going senior since she’ll cry out so loudly for no reason.  When she wants my attention, she wants my attention.  Drew can’t handle it when I go to bed and he isn’t there by my side.  Sakura is as evil as ever…..loves to bite…grin  Hubby so spoils her and doesn’t like to yell at her at all…..grin  He brought a new toy mouse for them that squeaks when they impact it.  Sakura is loving it big time, growling over it, carrying it around, throwing it in the air as she bats at it.  Drew doesn’t seem to carry for it, but he doesn’t seem to play with the bigger toys much.  He loves the really small toy mice.

Pretty much, I’ve just been doing my work and every day stuff.  Nothing very exciting I’m afraid. =(  But it keeps me busy.  =)

Now for a service announcement, as you know Haiti is suffering…..every time I see a story on the news or online, I end up crying….I’m too soft when it comes to things like this.

Even if we aren’t there to help, we can send money to organizations that can do best work.  Just make sure that you are giving to legit organizations and not scams.  It is best to find ones that are reported on by news organizations or go to the State Department or White House site to find the best way to give.  Just give what you can, as you have heard it has added up very fast.

Haiti Text-To-Give Numbers, via Gigaom and Mobile Giving Insider
•Text HAITI to 90999 to donate $10 to the American Red Cross
•Text HAITI to 25383 to donate $5 to International Rescue Committee
•Text HAITI to 45678 to donate $5 to the Salvation Army in Canada
•Text YELE to 501501 to donation $5 to Yele
•Text HAITI to 864833 to donate $5 to The United Way
•Text CERF to 90999 to donate $5 to The United Nations Foundation
•Text DISASTER to 90999 to donate $10 to Compassion International
•Text RELIEF to 30644 (this will connect you with Catholic Relief Services and instruct you to donate money with your credit card)

New Blog Layout….kinda

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As you have noticed, when you visit my actual blog, there have been a few changes.  The 3 column setup in the same, because it works best for me, but the headers have changed and the sidebars have been cleaned up old links and reorganized.

We needed to update the options and plugins on my wordpress, the issue was that the design we had was a custom for an older version of wordpress.  We needed to be able to us the wordpress with all the bells and whistles.  So we found a new template (I didn’t realize how similar it was to the old one…lol) and the designer reworked my headers using my toon.  =)

It took forever to get it.  A lot of misunderstandings….I guess.  But I told them, just set it up with the new headers, logo & colors and I can take care of the rest.  I spent a whole weekend just playing with widgets on a few other blogs and really got the hang of it and wanted to work it myself.  I have even figured out how to change it to the font that I prefer, much easier on my eyes.  And to top it off the template I choose makes it even easier to make adjustments.  Perfect for people like me.

I think that I got it to where I want it.  I’m just not too sure about the link colors in sidebars.  But at the same time, the only real colors that work in there are white and black.  And the black is already being used.  Food for thought………mmmmm

Well, today was a busy news day.

I thought I would be totally bored with all the swine flu freak outs.  Yes, I know that swine flu is serious, but the way they are going on they are panicing and overstating it.  More people die from the regular flu on yearly basis, don’t hear anything about that. (Regular flu has killed thousands since January)

I am very surprised that Spector went dem.  I actually thought he would go independent.  I don’t always agree with him (Anita Hill, employee check card….etc), but I respected that fact that he was moderate rep, not some right wing nut job and that he was his own man on issues.  I’m independent with liberal leanings, but I’m not a dem and know that there are good reps out there.  So I was hoping that he would be able to bring his party back around from the extremism that it has become.  All parties need checks and balances within reason.

But I don’t get the commentators with the filibuster proof vote that the dems may get.  That is totally not true.  Spector is no yes man and they will have to make concessions to get his vote as they did when he was rep.  So he went from a moderate rep to a conservative dem.

His leaving the GOP is reflection of how bad that party has gotten.  His statement at his press conference was a critique of what is wrong with the party and all the moderates it has drum out.  Until they can fix that, they will in the wild for awhile.  This article fully shows the divide and unreasonable expectations that the GOP has become  :  http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2009/04/28/specter-defection-highlights-gop-divide-in-south-carolina/

I post more news stories in my tweets.  =)  So you know what I’ve been following.

I found a few more apps for my iphone through our friends’ suggestions.  Those have been fun.  I do need to fully go through them to make sure that I don’t have a bunch of space wasters.

Well, I feeling pretty good and probably goofed on my writing, so I’ll close for now.

Catching Everyone Up

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This weekend was payroll, so I was tied up with that.  I know that it is a pain in the ass to have payroll during the week, but I’ve gotten into the habit of avoiding work as much as possible on the weekends.

If  I spend time online on the weekend, I want it to be surfing for my own interests or working on our personal stuff, not “job” related.  So I am looking forward to this weekend on avoiding “work”.  What I’m not looking forward to is finalizing our taxes and what we owe the government….icks  But I’ll feel better once it is over, then on to other personal projects…like digging back into health insurance and getting off my ass and seeing an accountant.  =(

We had to take the jeep in for regular maintenance and have them look at a few things.  Of course, they don’t keep us informed as to where is stands.  We had to call today when they told use that they would call us last night….annoying.  We were going to pick it up this evening, but really didn’t feel like dealing with rush hour traffic, so going to pick it up tomorrow probably after the gym.

Suppose to be nice tomorrow, so debating on going for some small hikes…we’ll see.

I’ve been doing ok at the gym.  Been very slowly improving on the treadmill.  I’m up to 3.27mile within 30min and finish off at 3.34mile at 31min.  We had a lot of useless posers at the gym today.  I love it when people just stand around the machine that I want and just talk…annoying jerks.  But I’m going to have to work on cutting my sugar.  I have increased it over the last few months even though I’ve been maintaining my calories.  I’m stuck at this plateau and it is annoying me.

I’m not feeling too well.  We tried this new brand of lasagna and I like it, but I think I ate too much.  I had some mint chocolate chip ice cream to settle my tummy.

For once, we are pretty happy with our setup furniture wise.  We got a five shelf and a three shelf bookcase for the bedroom that actually matches our bed set.  I really like how it came together, we have the space to put stuff without it being too crowded.  We got nice matching furniture in the dining and living room, even though the kittens have scratched up our leather sofa and chair while chasing each other….the little shits.  =)

I’ve been playing around with Twitter & Facebook.  I got the widget that Twitter had to add to my Facebook.  So now all I have to do it update my twitter and it updates my facebook, my LJ gets updated nightly and my blog has them both in the sidebar and updated nightly.  I also have my feed from my blog going into my facebook.  =) That makes it so much easier.

I’ve been having fun sending pictures of our cats to my twitter from my cell phone…….lol The pictures have turned out much better then I expected them to.

We are getting my blog worked on, you can see that there are some things missing.  I need to find out when they are working on it.  My current design doesn’t work with the new wordpress and widgets.  So we are going to have a new layout done up.  They just need to do the colors, add our header and logo.  =)

While adding the new bookcases, we have moved the laptop for the cams in the bedroom.  We are trying to keep them from disconnecting all the time.  We suspect it is because it was so far from the router downstairs.  It seems to be doing better with the occasional disconnect.  We’ll see.

The Culture Warriors Get Laid Off

**The one positive about the country being in a mess is that culture “warriors” have their power removed.  People are more concerned with more important things….like jobs, housing and food to let them force those issues down their throat and into their lives.

Ingraham to Meghan McCain: You’re a ‘useful idiot’

**Ingraham is a hack job.  She can’t even debate the points, she has to make it personal.  How dare she call her “plus-size”!?  For one, she is only a size 10…not even close, for two what the frakk does that have to do with jack crap?!

Sources: U.S. to sign U.N. gay rights declaration

**About damn time.  =)

Bush says Obama ‘deserves my silence’

**For once I agree with him.  I just wish Cheney would learn that.

Ugh…That is about it…

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This week is not starting out very well in general.  It is just blah.  I wasn’t feeling very well at all yesterday,which really got in the way of work and motivation.

Then when I was finally able to get to work, I spent most of last night going back and fixing the last 3 months of bank reconciliations in my quickbooks for my job.  Those are a pain, because those bank statements are 17pgs long.

Well, now that I got those done the spreadsheet that I correspond with to keep my bosses update on the accounts is off by $150!  What the heck did I do?  When I made the corrections in my quickbooks, I made it in the spreadsheets….so how the hell is now off?  I bet is something simple, it is usually is…..but it is a pain to find.  I can’t wait for the March’s bank statement….ggggrrr

It doesn’t help that this is my irritable week.  People are just annoying the hell out of me, doesn’t help that we keep running into moron drivers the last 2 days.

It has been chilly and even got some snow that didn’t stay the last few days.  We are suppose to warm up for Wed & Thurs.  We were hoping to visit some of the falls on the Colombia Historic Highway, but tonight’s weather report said it is going to be windy with high gusts.  =(  That bites.  Well, the weather forecast is always changing…..I’m so hoping that it does, I would love to go out and do some small hikes.

I really need to get focused on work and some personal business the next few days but

Officials: Obama to create White House Women’s Council

**About time that we have someone in the WH that takes women’s issues seriously.

More Americans say they have no religion (General Article)

More Americans say they have no religion (Jack Cafferty)

**I really enjoy these articles.  I’m sick and tired of someone else’s religion trying to rule my life by forcing their beliefs into our legal & legislative system.  I’m tired of us “non-religious” people being demeaned and treated as if what we believe doesn’t matter.

I really enjoyed some of the comments on Caffety’s question :

Marie from South Carolina writes:
It means that Americans now know the difference between ‘religion’ and ’spirituality’. They equate ‘religion’ to the manmade set of bureaucratic rules that are set up by a church. Spirituality speaks to people’s relationship with their God.

Steve from Florida writes:
I think the conservatives have actually given “religion” a bad name in a lot of ways, made it over-bearing, divisive, seemingly narrow-minded, way too political and pretty much a caricature of itself. If what we’ve seen in the last 8 years is the definition of a “religion”, I certainly wouldn’t want to be put in that particular box.

Lords of Discipline Further Wounding GIs

**If this true, this is sad and messed up.  =(

News, History & Politics

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I  almost forgot about this entry that I wanted to post about the inauguration and history, but it still fits because it is still Black History Month.

At Defining Moment, Stories of Injustice

***I really love stories that gives insight to how far we have come through people’s experiences.  I love speaking to older generations just to get perspective.  So many of our generation and younger take things for granted and that is sad.  This is the church that is gathering the stories of it’s members :  Second Baptist Church

Inauguration view an ode to U.S.’s promise

***This is a fascinating history of our nation’s capital.

White senator discovers family’s African-American roots

***I really got a kick out of this one.  How would you like to find a bunch of relatives that you never knew existed by watching TV?  It really shows how interlocked we really are.

Gov. Bobby Jindal’s volcano remark has some fuming

***This has nothing to do with history.  This is a political post….WTF is wrong with him?!?!  Hello!  I can see Mt. St. Helens from were we live…I want to know if it is going to blow.  It is still active.  We have Mt Hood, it last erupted just before Lewis & Clark’s arrival.  According to wikipedia :

Mount Hood is considered the Oregon volcano most likely to erupt,[7] though based on its history, an explosive eruption is unlikely. Still, the odds of an eruption in the next 30 years are estimated at between 3 and 7 percent,[8] so the USGS characterizes it as “potentially active”, but the mountain is informally considered dormant.[8]

It is extremely, extremely unlikely that it will go in my life time and longer….but still, things like that need to be studies

How about this…..we give up our volcano monitoring and they give up their hurricane warnings…..and I’ve been through more hurricanes then I want to remember.

What a fraking moron!!!  ggggrrrr

Discussing Race Relationships

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Eric Holder is correct.  America is full of cowards when it comes honestly dealing with the issues of race.  We put our heads in the sand.  You know all these people who say that we don’t need to discuss it and need to move past it….most of them are (ding-ding) white.

Of course, they don’t see it.  They don’t get pulled over just because they are white, they don’t have to worry about whether they are going to get shot at because they are black, that some people will cross the street to avoid a black male, they don’t have most of their history ignored …..and don’t get me started on what we as a country have done to the Native Americans….some won’t even use the $20 bill due to Andrew Jackson being on it and what he did to them.

We may work together, but our social circles in America normally don’t mix when it comes to race.  I don’t think it is thought out that way, it just happens.  And we as a country are cowards on asking why and trying to actually understand where the other person is coming from.

You know my biggest surprise when I moved to Indiana….that I ended up in a school without a person of color until about year after I been there.  I was like where the hell is everyone? It had everything to do with just how areas self-segregate.  I ended up there because we needed to help out family, but I wasn’t happy about the lack of cultural mix.

That isn’t what I grew up with, I grew up with faces of color and accents.  I loved it when we visited South Beach in Florida and Curaco because you heard a bunch of different accents and languages when you are there.  I missed having that on a regular basis.

With all the issues that military faces (and yes there are racist there) you still have a more cultural mix and better chance of socialization and learning from each other.  In fact a few years ago, they came out with a study that the best integrated communities were the ones of military retirees around military posts.  That is what I really missed when my dad retired and we moved to be closer to family.

I’ve never felt comfortable in all white sittings.  I think that is why I took so many African American classes in college.  Hell, if I had paid attention I could’ve gotten a minor in it….doh  I love learning about other cultures, I think it is also because I want to understand our race relationships.  If you learn about our racial history you get a better understanding when you meet people, you know where they are coming from even if you fully can’t understand it unless you’ve been there.