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Intense Morning Sex, Lazy Day

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Damn, had a very intense, rougher, then usual awesome wake up sex. It felt so damn good and left me wanting more, even though I was tender.

Kind of took it lazy today since the weather returned to the normal Pacific NW of wind, rain and chill. Plus with it being a Saturday….I seem to never have that much motivation. =)

But slowly, I did get a few things done, did some laundry, did some work….but didn’t kill myself. Got some emails/support done and started on some payouts. Since it is the weekend and that Monday is a banking holiday, not a big rush on getting them done today. As long as I get them done Monday, it is all good.

I am hoping for much better weather Sunday so I can at least get a walk in….well, try to…I’m usually lazy on weekends. I should try to get some reading done.

I was and am totally upset with the verdict in the trial …..guilty on 4 counts and a mistrial on count 1?!?! WTH?!?! Obviously if you are black, it is ok to be killed for having loud music. Yes, I know he can be retried on count 1….but I’m still pissed.

If our nephews ever want to come to college in the US, I’ll be doing everything I can to keep them from going to a school in a state with stand your ground laws. I will not have them become another dead black kid killed by a white person, another number.

My best friend called, it was so good to hear her voice. Sounds like she had a great time with her hubby for Valentine’s Day. They both really needed it, so I was happy to hear that.

That helped to get my mine off of the shitty verdict. So her timing was very good.

Right now chilling, watching the movie “Dead Man”. Seems be an odd one, but interesting. Sounds like the wind has died down some, hoping it stays that way, so we can sleep good tonight.

My Happenings…..so Far. =)

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Holy cow….it has almost been a month since my last actual post.  Welllll……what to say and where to start?

We finally have gotten our May spring weather.  Got into the 60s for the 1st time since April 18th.  It was so nice to have some sunshine and was actually able to have the house open for some of the day.  We picked up 2 tomato plants and got 1 topsy turvy set up for one of them to try this year.  We also picked up a new finch feeder and seed, since the squirrels broke the other one.  Felt good to do some outdoor stuff, even if wasn’t much of anything.  Well, we don’t have much of a back yard…pretty much just a deck, so we never have as much to do as our impulses would like.  =)

I’m so hoping that the weekend gets even nicer so I can sit outside to read or work on my macbook.  I just want to get fresh air.

Well, I’m ok at the gym.  I have being doing 30min on cardio and 30min on abs as my routine.  But this last week, I’m trying to take out 10min from my abs and do 10min on weights first.  If I don’t do the weights first, by the time I’m done with my abs I’m thinking of what I need to at home. And I really need to get my weights back in.  I tried to do what I use to on a regular basis and I couldn’t, I had to go down on the weight.  =(  Not good and didn’t make me happy.  So I need to get my weights back….strengthening is great for metabolism, stamina and toning.

I finally finished True Compass By Senator Edward M. Kennedy, I really enjoyed it.  It went into some of the politics and policies (well, he was a long serving senator…..lol) but it wasn’t done in a dry statistics overkill way.  His autobiography was very personally and insightful.  It was like sitting down with an old great uncle and just getting them to share their life.

I just started Presidential Courage by Michael Beschloss last night.  It starting out interesting, already got more insight into the public uproar over the treaty Washington signed trying to keep us out of war with England, knowing that we needed time to get our resources built back up.  In the 3 books I’ve read about Washington they never really showed how it cost him politically and publicly.  Makes our partisan fights look weak…..lol

Otherwise, I’ve been totally bombard in my work….by the end of the day, my brain is totally wiped out and swimming.  I have other projects that I need to get back to after making some head way on them.  I really need/want to get back to it.

We have been watching The Pacific on HBO. Read a blog post about it The Daily Beast and what the guy wrote bothered me.  He was upset that it didn’t go into the objectives and reasons behind the war.  He totally missed the point of the series…..it is about the men and what they went through.  I don’t think that when men and women are in a war that they are that concerned about it, I would think that they are more worried about staying alive….duh  What would you be worried about, our policies and reasoning of the war or staying alive?

This post took much longer then I expected…..lol  Time to get my butt to bed.

Daily Show & Chatroulette

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The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
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This is a RIOT! We laughed so hard that is hurt…….LOL

A Real Post =)

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Well, I had more thought for an entry yesterday….but of course, it was end of the month & payroll….so no time.  So I’m going to attempt one now.  =)

Going by my tweets, I’m still going nuts with the politics and news.  I really need to start taking a break from it, because it is exhausting and can get me down when stupid crap happens.

I still doing good at the gym.  As of Feb 21st we have been a member there for 2 yrs.  Other then travel, hiking & being sick I’ve done really good going Mon-Fri. My weight has gone from floating between 152-156 to 149-151 this past week. If I stay that way next week, I’ll take it.  Otherwise it is just a tease……lol  Still counting the calories, still having my treats….had my 1st frozen twinkie in 4 yrs about a week ago, I had been craving one for a few months…..lol  But we have been eating a lot more salads, hubby is burnt out on steak.  Never thought I would see that……wacky. So eating more chicken and fish.

I finally changed out my small gemstone nose ring and had a small steel hoop put in with a ball.  My nose has been sore, since the gemstone was so small compared to the ring.  Ive had to relearn how to blow my nose……lol  I know someone with sinus issues, shouldn’t have their nose pierced…..but I barely have the issues that I have had in FL and IN.  The ring coolness throws me off and makes me paranoid that I have something hanging from it……lol  Don’t want that.  But I’m getting use to it. =)

Been watching Purdue basketball….didn’t look good the last game at all without Hummel. =(  I swear, being a Purdue fan is torture….ggeezz

Tried to watch some of the Winter Games.  NBC sucked!  3hr time delay when we are in the same timezone…..what morons.  I enjoyed watching the snowboarding and the downhill skiing.  Those are some dangerous sports, but really cool to watch.  Canada played like the wanted the gold more then us in hockey.  But if we couldn’t get the gold, I’d rather Canada have it.  =)

Over this weekend, I decided that I need to start making time for myself and read some of my dang books.  I have a ton of them and I love learning.  I do a lot of reading of Time, Ms., Bitch, & The Nation when on the treadmill at the gym.  Way too totally addicted to my news/political surfing.  Need to get away from the screen and actually read a book again, been about a year since I actually finished one.  I started this one : Mornings on Horseback It has started out a little different then I expected, but I’m enjoying it.  Hard to keep track of all the family members….lol  I would love to get True Compass by Ted Kennedy.

I will say that I love having netflixes, great to have things to watch when working.  We are currently in the middle of watching the British TV Documentary of The World at War………28hrs worth. There are so many different facts, angles and stories that it is hard to keep track of all the info.  Man, Hilter and Stalin…..how did the world let them get this far?  They were nuts.

I’ve babble enough about nothing much.  But did want to say hi.  =)

What Is Happening This Month

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Boy, it has been a long while since for a true blog entry.

Well, gym wise I got up to 4 incline at 8.0 speed for 25.5 and still got up to 3.76miles in 30min.  Hubby had me use a 25# weight when doing sit ups instead of my 12# medicine ball, while holding it away from my chest.  My arms and abs are feeling it.  I’m still going between 150-154 weight wise, so I think I’m at my weight.

We’ve picked up and seen Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince and The Hangover.  I need to see how the last 2 installments of the HP series….to really see how it plays out.  The Hangover was funny, but weird.  Saw Love Guru last night….wow, that was bad….lol Watching Super Troopers now…this is really bad.  Netflixs comes in handy…don’t make the mistake of buying 90% of them.  =)

What have I been doing other then working and the gym…well, not much.

I spent a few days printing up my 5 page holiday letter.  It was about 7 pages, but I played around with fonts, margins and sizing down pictures. I also reworked where I put the pictures so I could print front and back and got it down to 3 pages.  Otherwise I won’t be able to fit it into the cards….lol  I didn’t think I had that many cards to send out, maybe 60 but ended up back up to my 80.

I wasn’t planning on a tree this year, since the wonder twins climb and bent the heck out of my artifical one. I was going to get one from Living Trees….but they don’t deliver out here.  I wasn’t sure about a cut tree because I didn’t know about whether the cats would be able to knock it down.  I also did some research and fresh cut trees are carbon neutral, especially here in the NW, tree farms are everywhere and this is their crop, that mattered a lot to me.

Since I was totally down and feeling out about not having a tree, I had to get one.  I was worried about the old metal ones that I remembered from my youth.  Today’s tree stands are much better then the ones I remembered.  And a farmer was selling them not even a mile from us and had the added bonus that they were donating $2 for every tree to the local HS.  Picking out a tree was hard, they all looked good.  But I finally picked out a beautiful 6ft douglas fir that they threw in the back of my tree.  Boy did it smell great in the house.  =)

The wonder twins love messing with it, but it seems too dense for them to climb it…big plus.  Drew has a thing for checking the water and digging the sheet away from the stand that I have there….lol  The goof….especially when they are playing with the toy mice.  But the bottom of my tree doesn’t look nearly as good and balanced as the top half, that lasted may be 1 day  I’m hoping that they are getting bored with the tree….they aren’t knocking the balls off as much and when we are downstairs I do spray them with the water bottle to discourage them.  I’m also wondering if it has anything with the fact that I’m unplugging the tree at night so they aren’t being drawn to the the shinny stuff.

I don’t think I’ll be using my artifical tree again.  If I don’t use it next year, I’ll probably drop it off at Good Will or Salvation Army.

I’m getting anxious for the 25th.  Can’t wait for hubby to open his gift…..driving me nuts…..lol

I ordered ice cream cake for my birthday for pick up Thurs.  Got a mini roll with mint chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake with fudge topping.  My mouth can’t wait to have some.  =)

We had some wacky cold for our area a few weeks ago……icks.  But we are now back to normal 40s-50s and rainy.  That is life in the valley.  Now if we were on Mt Hood, as you saw that 3 hikers were sadly lost, they were getting up to 30in a day in snow.  Don’t ever underestimate the power of the mountain and mother nature.

Muppets do Bohemian Rhapsody

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This is GREAT!

Hello World!

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Well, been a long while since I updated last.  I’m not even sure if I want to go back and look……lol

Lets start with the gym.  Still hitting it Mon-Fri….so that is good.  =)  I’ve hit 3.75 within 30min and maxed out at 8.0 in speed for 25.5 min.  I’m no longer trying to push the distance/speed other then maintaining it.  I want to work on my back thigh muscles so I’m working on the inclines.  So if I can increase those while maintaining speed/distance it would be a good thing.

I’m still getting my abs in, needing to push it more.  I haven’t been pushing it much due to me somehow pulling/twisting my back on the 8th.  I have no idea how I did it. I was in bed, just woke up and was sat up to adjust my pillows….doesn’t make sense.  My back is feeling better, but still get twings.

We picked up new Star Trek Tues.  Took a bit to get to the different actors playing the main characters, but they did really good on the casting.  The actors really picked up the mannerism of Spock, Kirk, Scotty, Sulu, Chekov, Uhura, and specially Bones.  I don’t want to give up the story line, but it did throw me for a loop.  I need to see it again a few more times for it all to sink in, but I did enjoy it.

We also got X-Men Origins : Wolverine….that was really good.  =)

We also watched Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson & The Great White Hope, the fictional account of Jack Johnson. I know that we have progressed, but it really hasn’t been that long since that time.  Those stories happened about 100yrs ago, but even 30yrs ago it was extremely in your face. And there are still people out there with those racist attitudes in this country.  Then, of course, the rest of the world still has those attitudes when it comes to different races and even tribes.  I will never understand it.  But I don’t know what is worst an in your face racist or a closet one?

I like to watch historical things, but I when I watch things like that I wonder about the human race. I don’t understand how people can’t see each other’s humanity and how they can treat people like that.  Why and how can they do that, since it still happens?

Hubby’s jeep got egged last weekend…….gggrrr  That do pisses us off.  Luckily it has been raining, but we did get paint damage.  =(  Called the police and made a report for insurance.

If you’ve been following my tweets, we now have Verizon FIOS.  It is sweet!  We have 4 Big Ten channels, no reason for us to miss another Purdue game. =)  We got the highest internet speed that they offered in the resident bundle and with our load on it, it still maintains above average speed and haven’t had the connection issues that we have had in the past when we had 2 different internets.  So the TV and internet speed I’m totally enjoying.

The issues that we are having is that their registration SUCKS!!!!  They offer FIOS TV Central, were you can program your dvrs from online and it forces you to download some software that is OUTDATED!  Because it won’t load on to my mac snow leopard.  It SUCKS!  Then you have to deal with 2 different sites…. dot net and dot com…make up your damn mind.  I’m so frustrated and pissed at their lack of support.

I said screw it and got my vaio out and did it through there.  All the crap that it wanted to install was stuff I didn’t need anyway.  So we are registered for the TV Central, now waiting on the verification email for using it to get to me….it has already been about 2 hrs…ggeeezz

The only good support we did get was when I called to get our phone number (it came with the bundle) unlisted since we were getting sale calls and they were really pissing us off.  So they switched the number for free since they didn’t offer the unlisted when we placed the order and got us unlisted.  I also got us registered on the do not call list while on the phone getting the new number.

We have no plans what so ever to give our number out, we got it cause it made the bundle cheaper over all and I can use the unlimited US/Canada calls for business.  So I can save our anytime minutes on our cell for our own use.

Workwise, I’ve been busy as usual.  The payroll no where near as bad as it was few months ago.  We worked on a few of the issues that was increasing the size.  But it is still a beast and I get tied up in for a few days before and a few days after.

Our babies are doing good.  Alexis still likes to yell.  But the vet confirmed that cats get louder when they lose their hearing, so now we know why she is so loud….ouch….it does hurt the ears. =)  We took the wonder twin, Drew Brees & Sakura, in for their annual.  They are now updated on all their shots  and their licenses renewed.  The wonder twins are feisty as normal.  Sakura seems to like nibbling on me when she walks by and they both take over my office chair as soon as I get up….I swear, no respect…..lol  The other day Sakura walked up to me, bit my foot and calmly walked away, like it was nothing…..she is just plain evil….grin

We given up on trimming their claws after they lost some to freaking out in bags.  Our leather furniture is already marked up from them jumping on and off it, so what do you do?  So their claws are now long and evil looking.

Not sure if I’m going to put a tree this holiday.  I love having a tree and all the sparkles on it.  But I can’t use my artifical tree because, unlike all the other cats we have ever had, the wonder twins LOVE to climb.  And their big butts bend the wire branches…Sakura is over 10# and Drew is over 11#.  I was trying to get a tree from The Living Christmas Tree, but I have yet to ever get a response from them…which is annoying the hell out of me.  I’ve even played around with getting a small table top, but with those 2 it will end up knocked over and destroyed.  =(

I’m even debating on giving up on a tree this year.  But it is so hard to break from something that I enjoy so much.  =(  I just don’t know what I’m going to do.

Been watching games all day.  At least Purdue won the Oaken Bucket for another year.  Been a rough year for us, all of our own doing….int, dropped balls….gggrrr But our team shows a lot of potential for next year.

We are in our winter weather, rain and chilly.  Nearly all of our leaves are off of the back trees.  So we’ve lost our illusion of privacy.  And it gets dark by 5pm…by 6pm it feels like it should be 10pm……lol

So I’m downstairs as I write this, just wanted out of the office.  I need to work on the holiday letter since I want to get the cards done in the next few weeks.

We get the Colts game tomorrow…..grin  But not the Saints, hopefully we’ll get them online.

Well, I’m going to close this….took me much longer then expected to write it……lol

Hot Week!!!

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It has been a hot week and half…..yuck.  Yes, I know I’ve been complaining about it a lot, but when we moved here we didn’t expect to have this kind of heat.  We had a few days last year, but that was only in the low 90s….here we hit the 100s for 3-4 days. We set a new record of 10days of constant temps over 90.

We did set up our portable ac in the bedroom for a few days.  We tried not to use that much, because it really only gets that room and is noisy.  Central air is so much better….portable ac units are not efficient.  We love having fresh air, Oregon spoiled us on that because even if it gets humid it is no where near as bad as it gets in the midwest & Florida.

We got a high of 84 yesterday, which is perfect!  Takes the chill out of the house and is so comfortable.  Today the high ended up being about 74 area.  Our house is shaded in summer and with the nights get down to the 60s/50s again it left the house a little chilly longer today.  Kind of funky…went from barely wearing anything to hubby wearing a sweatshirt today….lol  Only in Oregon.

We are suppose to finally have a chance of rain in the next few days.  I really hope we get some, we haven’t had any in about a month.

Now with the temps more normal, time to see about planning some hikes.  I will admit we are so looking forward to the colors of fall already.

I’m watching Mamma Mia! again…….lol  I think I have the hots for Brosnan…..but then there are a lot of cute guys in it, even if they are on the young side….grin  Wow….sad that I now see the age on the young ones……lol  I didn’t recognize Rosie as Molly Weasley…I didn’t recognize Bootstrap Turner…..grin  Damn, I love my ABBA, way too many happy childhood memories to that music and I can’t hear that music without giving me images of Germany.

This weekend was payroll….every time you think you are finally done with one payroll period another sneaks up on you…lol  I finally got all the work caught up yesterday and was left feeling lost.  Today I had some work, but no where near the amount I had a few days earlier.

What I need to do is work on a few picture galleries for my family, back up my pc, and catch up our holiday letter.  I just haven’t been able to find focus and when I find motivation for it, it is time to bed….so messed up.  Now I need to pack some clothes for a few days.

A very good friend of ours mother’s has passed from a long fought illness and they are having a party to celebrate her life.  So we are heading up to Seattle for it.

My dad finally got skype and made his first call.  He didn’t warn me when he called so I didn’t have my head set ready…lol  I was just trying to get him to use the chat….grin  Then he wanted to use the cam feature.  Of course, that is a feature I’ve never used….so we both were learning that at the same time, it was funny.  Now he just needs more lighting. =)

I even got to show him Drew….lol It took him getting a new laptop to finally get skype…lol  Now I wonder if mom will ever use it.

Catching Up

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Well, let me think of what I’ve been up to…..working…lol  No surprise.

I had payroll to do and that was enough.  I did try to start the prep for it a few days earlier and that was a huge help.  I actually wasn’t as stressed to the wire as normal. I’m going to try to make a better habit of that.  It gave me a good breather before I had to start ordering everything.

The next day, I had to take care of the other 2 depts.  By the end of Friday, my brain was dead, so I really didn’t get to the books until Sunday.

I have taken time here and there to play with my phone and ipod.  I found some songs that I can trim down for ringtones.  So that is my next project for that.  But I did find an app for icq and wordpress.  It will be nice that when we travel, that when I just want to surf for news or such, that I don’t have to haul out my laptop.

I did get some messages taken care of, which has been

I have been doing good at the gym, not as good as I want, but still good.  I got up 3.49mile in 30….not bad.  I’m up to 89# on the adobnimal machine, my lower abs are sore after doing my floor abs.  My thighs have been sore and I hope to be able to keep it going.  Looking forward to doing some outside work this weekend to enforce it.

It has been raining for about a week now.  We have had 2.09inches so far this month and the normal is .48inches by this time.  We are suppose to have a dry spell until Sunday night.  We have been getting sunshine peeking in on and off, especially in the evening.  Which makes you crave more sunshine.  But I will say, I’ve never lived in a area that gets so much hail.  It is small, but like today all of the sudden after some sun, we got hit with a bunch of small hail that left the neighbor’s roof steaming afterwards with the temperature difference.  It is kind of wacky.

This weekend we hope to be able to get rid of the last pile of yard waste.  We need to get more bird seed and a few more feeders (the squirrels broke the other 2) eventually.  I’ve been enjoying watching the birds coming by.  We’ve had a Scrub Blue Jay, Gold Finch, House Sparrow and a few hummingbirds.  I had a hummingbird startle me on our balcony the other day….I heard this motorized sounding noise and look up and see a hummingbird going for our fushias.  =)

Saw the final espidoe of Scrubs last night.  This wasn’t their best season, didn’t start out the strongest, but it ended very well.  I’m really going to miss it, but I hope they don’t try and bring it back.  It is time for it to end.  I really, really loved it when they lined the hallway with past patients and characters and then JD had images of what his future might hold.  Of course, him getting Dr Cox to say what he felt for him was classic.   Just need to get this season on DVD and it looks like Boston Legal’s final season was released this week….need to pick that up while it is still on sale.

Dropping By

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Evening.  I hope everyone has been doing good.

I didn’t do much of anything Sunday, not even my own thing.  I made up for it Monday, focused hard on getting work done, both job related and my own.  It was an intense day for it.  Then it was hard to get myself going today…lol..go figure.  But I did focus and get some work done.  =)

We finally took time out tonight to finally watch Bond Quantum of Solace. I really enjoyed the character development.    Watching Futurama’s Bender’s Game………wow…it is goofy as hell…..lol

I did good on the weights yesterday on pushing myself.  Today I did ok on that, but I did much better on the treadmill….got 3.31miles within 30min….3.39 total at 31min.

I did finally finish Ladies of Liberty last night.  Now I’m trying to decide what I really want to read next, A People’s History of the Supreme Court, Contempt of Court: The Turn-Of-The-Century Lynching That Launched 100 Years of Federalism, Black Like Me or His Excellency…….some tough choices.  I’ve already read about 3-4 bios on Washington and then with reading on John & Abigial Adams, and the books about the Founding Women by Cokie Roberts, maybe I should read His Excellency last.  I want to read Black Like Me, but that will probably piss me off….I get really emotionally invested and injustices just really get my goat.  So I’m really thinking of the A People’s History of the Supreme Court.  I’ve always enjoyed reading up on cases that have shaped our government and laws.

What is cool since I started working at home, that I have more time to read.  I have to force myself to find time, because I’m use to working all the time.  But if I can just take 30min at night, I can get some books in.  I read all my news/political mags while on the treadmill, so it is kind of nice.

I really did have much more to say when I made plans to do an entry.  But now I don’t have a clue what I was going to write about.  So I think I’ll do some reading and hit the sack. =)

Staying Busy

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Well, I have been busy working on a few personal projects that have been rolling around in my head for the last few weeks.  Our hosting company was great in helping me do what I wanted done.  I have been doing the tedious job of picture resizing, gallery making & FTPing….then having to wait on the FTPing…  I’m feeling pretty good about what I’ve gotten done.  Hopefully it will make my life easier in the future.

So I’m feeling pretty good about what I got done.  =)  My personal project made the something that has been bothering me look much better.

Now I need to get myself focus on my disaster area of my office and then I can finish playing around with my other projects.

This project was nice to get done, because I was productive and working but it was for me, it wasn’t for someone else.  I love to take time to read, but feel guilty when I have other things to do….like our check books….lol…which I really need to attack.  =)  So projects like that come in handy.

We did watch The Mummy : Tomb of the Dragon Emperor…boy that was horrible.  The replacement actress for Evelyn and the actor for Alex were just horrible.  The script didn’t help either.  Which was sad, because I really love the first two of the Mummy movies.

I can’t believe that we only have 2 BattleStar Galactica left, Sarah Connor Chronicles was ok, Real Time, just really didn’t hit it last night.

But other then that, I really don’t have much more to add…….lol