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Hard Drive & iTunes Issues

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For those who have been following my tweets, you know that one of my external hard drives took a dump.  =(  The main thing that was on it, was all my music…..which really sucks.

I’m going to be ordering me another one this week, just deciding what to get.  It is going to be one of those ones that do not need a power cord and has no moving parts.  I believe they are called solid drives?  Don’t quote me on it.

Needless to say, I will not be hooking up my iphone or ipod anytime soon to my pc, I do not want to screw them up.

This has been a huge frustration.  We thought we got all my music transferred over from the old hard drive, but ended up missing B thru S on music.  Then I got a small bright spot in that hubby has a lot of it on his hard drive.  It didn’t have it all, because there is a lot that he doesn’t listen to.  But that was a big help……I still have a ton of music that I need to rip from cds.

Now unfortunately, itunes couldn’t find a lot of my music since I’ve edited the paths on how I wanted it organized, so that is another head ache……..I need to locate what I do have.  Then I need to make a list of what I am missing…..like everything from the London Symphony.  =(  All my classical are gone and 90% of my holiday music ( I have a ton of that).  Now if I was heading to my folks anytime soon, I would just copy it off their hard drive, because I gave them a copy of my music collection.  But that won’t be until the fall if I make it out there.

The iTunes store was very nice and allowed me to download all my purchases that I’ve made, other then a few of them that have changed, it was a one time thing.  Lost the ringers that I made.  =(  I got all my purchases backed up again.

The nice thing about the email iTunes is they sent me some info links (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1382  ), that realized that I’ve been having blonde moments over this.  I should be able to enable my ipod to manually manage my files and transfer what is on my ipod over to a hard drive…..I do believe.

The issue is that I don’t have an extra hard drive with enough room, because I don’t want to replace what I have until I know that it works.  So I’ll wait for my other hard drive and try that.  We do have other hard drives, but I want to do it with a clean slate….just much easier.  I am worried about it syncing up on me when I don’t want it and screwing up my ipod.  But I should be able to do that and transfer my ringtones to a hard drive from my iphone.

IF that doesn’t work…it is back to the orginal plan…..yuck…

Today has kind of been a blah day.  Not bad temp out, just overcast.  I should have gotten out for a walk, but just really didn’t feel like it.

But now that I have an idea on how to handle my music issue, I can chill on that and attack some of my work that I’ve been ignoring.