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Another Beautiful Sunny Day Here in The NW

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Hubby is doing much better. Not needing to wear sunglasses inside all the time. His vision is less blurry and no more double vision, doing more things around the house….even shaved, which I really wanted him to wait another day, but he did ok, no blood anyway….lol. Hopefully by the end of the weekend, he’ll be able to drive.

He did get runs in today and yesterday……blurry runs, but runs…..lol

The female suffering of cramps have started to hit, I did open a bottle of wine to deal with it. =) IF I’m lucky, my worst day will be tomorrow and I’ll be able to get some Monday….fingers crossed. My cravings have cut back, which was good timing…I just ate the last brownie today and I didn’t want to have make more. I don’t like eating a whole patch of brownies myself, I feel like a pig, but my crazy cravings….that is why I like to share….better in moderation…grin. Hubby rarely eats them, they are so super fudgy….he can’t handle it…lol

Yesterday, instead of walking/roller skating, I attacked the RV and got it vacuumed. Which is sweaty work out moving stuff around. Felt good to get something noticeable done in here, gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Got another beautiful day today….which was nice, since hubby can see some of it, if not fully. Temperatures are suppose to drop over the weekend with a slight possibility of snow, hoping not too bad so I can motivate my ass to go out.

I did get out today. =) It wasn’t as long as walk, but I did get distracted by a mating pair of eagles that delayed me for about 15-20 minutes as they move when I wasn’t ready…..lol Seriously, every time I wasn’t ready they took off…..

The mate had just flown off and this was taken with my horrible iphone pic.  Better pics are on the other camera waiting for editing.

The mate had just flown off and this was taken with my horrible iphone camera. Better pics are on the other camera waiting for editing.

Today instead of the forest, I did some of the beach. Tide was coming in, so had to go over a few big logs….just dawned on me that I should’ve gotten pics of those….doh!

Took the beach today, tide was in.

Took the beach today, tide was in.

My best friend has been going through her family drama, hopefully it is coming to an end…..the mother-in-law and niece are leaving next Thursday….yes!!! That would less stress on her and her family. They have enough issues that they don’t need that.

Just watched our Real Time, currently watching our movie for our movie night. We are now watching Star Trek : Wrath of Khan…..that is the theme of our movies at this time. Wondering if I should get back into those books…..read one or two of them about 86/87 But those are so hit or miss depending on the writers.

I really should dive into the Game of Thrones and Hunger Game books I got…..it would’ve been so better if I had started them before I saw the shows/movies….lol

I did finish all of Sue Grafton mystery series in quick time. Those I wasn’t sure what to make of them when I started, still not sure, but they got better and I got addicted to them….lol


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I really like this story line in Doonesbury.  They have a couple of different ones, but other then this one the only other one that I like about US women soldiers in Afghanistan.



Reminds me of what my dad told me about us having the right to burn our flag in political protest…..that it was a freedom he defended in ‘Nam even if you don’t agree with it.

State of America

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I thought this was appropriate.

I love ice cream…..so…you saw nothing……..grin

Flying Cats

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I totally meant to have this in my last entry.  But we have discovered that our cat, Drew, can fly.  It is an interesting thing to learn about one’s cats.

But I do need to give some background on our evil cats.  =)

Sakura has a major thing for tearing up paper.  She will just sit there for hours and just methodically bite and tear into paper. I have to worry about receipts on my desk and magazines in the living room. Those aren’t too bad, until they fall on the floor….then she will go for it.  A very destructive cat when it comes to paper.  You should see what she does with cardboard left in the garage….lol

Drew Brees enjoys tearing paper, but no were like his sister…..he has a thing for wire bread ties, tooth picks and tearing off my wicker from my laundry basket.  Oh yeah, and q-tips…so we had to get a trash can in the bathroom with a lid on it to stop that one….lol We have no idea how he gets the toothpicks…..we brought a new holder that you have to shake it to get them. We think he has a stash somewhere, because we will find him with them all over the house.

Well, both of them love to mess with plants…both tearing into the plant and digging into the dirt, which sucks.  Because we love our green house plants, especially my hubby who loves to take care of them.  Our other 4 cats were never this bad at all.  We were able to have our plants without an issue.  These two….well, we grew some grass for them and they just tore into big time.  Drew pulled it out of its container.

So hubby keeps trying to find places for our plants to stay safe.  We lost 2 of our plants that came with us from Florida and they chewed on our bamboo.  =(  Well, we thinking what is the safest place to put our plants…..how about hanging from the ceiling?

Wellllll…..that worked for maybe 2 weeks.  We heard something while in the office, sounded like it was from the bathroom…looked, no one there.  Sakura and Alexis were sleeping and since we didn’t see Drew, we thought something just fell.  I go downstairs a few hours later, look at the cat’s food area and find a portion of our hanging plant in the water dish.  I called hubby down…..wow, we were both so upset but also trying hard not to laugh….because somehow Drew was able to jump on the hanging plant without knowing anything down and stay on long enough to also dig into the dirty….we have no idea how he did it.  Hubby has this image in his head of Drew’s butt just hanging and swinging from our plant and we are both upset that we didn’t see it happen, because that would be funny site….lol  We have concluded that Drew has learned how to fly to get up there…..grin

We have never had such cats that are so ornery, destructive, playful, and just don’t care when we try to correct them. They look at us as to say “what?” and causally walk away like nothing…..it is both amusing and infuriating….lol  We have some crazy cats….yet they are so laid back.  Even when they are totally fluffed up, we can pick them up and calm them down.  If that was Reggie, he would have our skin cut up.  Drew & Sakura definitely keep things interesting, that is for sure.

Alexis is doing ok.  She has lost a big part of her hearing, so when she meows (which is she is doing more and more of) it is has if she is yelling at us.  I’m also wondering about her sight in the dark, because she meows a lot more at night…something she never use to do before she got sick over a year ago.  Yet, her eyes aren’t cloudy at all.  But I have read that cats can go senile, so I’m really thinking that she is losing it with her old age.  She is going to be 16 this fall, went through an almost deadly urinary tract infection in Dec ’08, then the hyperthroid that same month and then a few months later had 7 teeth removed.  Until that all happened, she meowed, but no way as bad until she ended going through all that pain. So I don’t know what she is yelling at for…lol

She has finally out on some weight last she lost from the hyperthroid, still much smaller then she was before it.

Daily Show & Chatroulette

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The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
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Daily Show
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This is a RIOT! We laughed so hard that is hurt…….LOL

Valentine Day, Garfield Style

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The way to a woman is through your cat….grin

Got to Love Garfield =)

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Maybe this is something I need to tell hubby about……..grin