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A Quickie

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YES!!!  The Colts are on the way to the Super Bowl!  GO HORSE!!

Now time for Brees and the Saints to win against the Favre and the Vikings.

Weather wise, we have been at least 5degrees about average, even in the evening with a few occasional dry days.  It has been feeling more like the fall then the winter.

I did ok at the gym this week, not great. Wednesday, 8hrs after the gym, I felt a muscle burn under my arm toward the right side of my chest.  I have no idea what I did, since by this time I had been sitting on my ass in front of my desk since we got back from the gym.  I can’t bend down to pick anything up without some sort of support.  So I’ve been wearing 2 sport bras all day…yuck.  At least I’ve still been able to do the treadmill, just can’t do my jumping jacks.

I’m so hoping for a much better week at the gym this week

For over a week now, we’ve been trying to eat more greens so been trying different lettuces and eating more salads.  It helps that I found one of my favorite dressings up here finally. Makoto Dressing…..love it!  Been eating more oranges for snacks.  We are trying to eat healthier, just hard to find things we like or sound like we want to try.  We aren’t the most creative, grew up on the basic midwestern diets of meat/potatoes/fried food…..tastes great, just not the best to have all the time.

Also doesn’t help that we are pretty much bored with food.  But I will say that we treated ourselves to Entenman chocolate donuts last week…mmm….we haven’t had those since Sept when my friend visited for the Oregon/Purdue game.  Those buggers are 290 each, but so worth it…mmm…..it’ll probably be a few months before we have them again.

Our kitties, Drew and Sakura, freak out so easily even with each other.  The other one may not have done anything and the other will fluff up big time, especially Sakura.  Their tails look like feather dusters…..lol  And then when they are really freaked they get big mohawks down their backs.  I don’t remember ever seeing that in my life….it is nutty….grin

Well, I just wanted to say hi and share a few thoughts that have been rattling around in my head.  Going to focus my attention on the game & try not to make my throat any worst.  =)  WHO DAT!!!

Mt Hood Hike

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Watching the Purdue/Norte Dame game and it is totally stressing me out.  We are always getting hit with penalties……gggrrr  I love my Purdue football, but they stress me out big time……

As you saw from my tweets, we went for a hike Wed.  Two different maps list it hike we took from 9.3 mile – 9.7 mile…..according to my pedometer we did 12miles….which is what it felt like.  It ended up taking us 8hrs & 10min….our 12mile hike last year took us 8hr & 20min.   So I was totally not happy with our time considering it was 2+miles shorter.

But as we look back on it, we didn’t take into the fact that we were starting at 4400ft so the air was thinner. Our total elevation increase was only 1400ft, compared to the 2900ft last time….but unlike last time, this wasn’t just straight up and straight down.  We went up and up…..but then went back down a couple hundred feet so we can cross a muddy glacier river and then back up and up….lol  So looking back, that did slow us down.

The most frustrating part hike was the when the trail went through the ski slopes.  The trail was barely wide enough for single file and it was so deep, like it was cut out that you keep tripping on it and had to keep yourself from falling on your face.  That really slowed us down.

So that was the logistics of the hike.  =)

Mt Hood

Taken from the parking lot of a different trail head.  We were looking for ours.


But it really was a beautiful hike, it felt like more adventure then a hike.  We hiked through the forest, on the side of ravines, down “gravel” pit (for lack of a better word), had to cross the 1st glacier river we ever crossed and lost count of how many streams and falls we had to figure out how to cross.


Words and pictures doesn’t do this justice.  This ravine was stunning.


Hiking on down, so we can get to the slope on the other side.


You can barely see the trail we took down the side of the slope to get the glacier river.


The muddy glacier river we had to wade in.  Luckily hubby thought ahead and we brought our beach shoes that we got in FL.  That came in handy, the water was very, very cold and went just below my knees.  This pic is about 10ft about the river.


One of the many mountain waterfalls.


The ski lift looks so high, but imagine about 15-20ft of snow underneath those chairs come winter.


I didn’t think my camera got this!  This is from one of the ski slopes we crossed.


Umbrella Falls, about 2-3 miles before the end of the trail.

I will say, no more 10+mile hikes.  We are thinking of more like 5-8miles.  Because by the end our feet/toes and other parts are hurting from the extreme up and downs.  Of course, it doesn’t help that we were carrying over 20# pack wise.  90% of the stuff we had in our packs we didn’t need, it was all emergency stuff…like extra clothes and food, in case we were stuck on the mountain over night and first aid stuff.  But it is much better to be safe then sorry. =)

We did skip the gym the day after the hike, but only that day.  We did end up going Friday and even with our aches and pains, we did really well, surprisingly.  So we are pretty proud of that.  Last year we couldn’t move for like 3 days….lol  We still have some aches, 2 of my toes are feeling weird, but not too bad otherwise.

I spent Thursday trying to catch up on my work from Wednesday, but mentally it was a bitch…..lol  My brain had a hard time focusing.  But I got it pretty much caught up on Friday with a few lose ends to do, nothing unusual.

Today, I have just been doing a combination of personal and work projects, more personal…..like catching up on a bunch of mags that have piled up on me.  So I’m pretty content that way.  Now if Purdue would win this game, it would be a perfect day……gggggrrr

What’s Happening In My World

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Been a while since I posted and time for another one.  Now where to begin….

We’ve been needing new laptops, ours are like 4-5yrs old and obviously outdated.  I personally was trying to hold on until the new windows operating system came out because I HATE vista.  But I was getting really worried about my pc, locking, shutting down……fans going all the time….not a good sign.

Well, hubby has had enough…we are tried of the antivirus programs that hog your resources, the continuous updates that windows has you do and frankly, vista was unforgivable.  So he decided on a macbook pro, screw pc with windows.  He got one last month and really likes it.  There are things that are weird on it but he is much happier with it.  He has been trying to convince me to get a macbook pro, but there would be no way unless I can use quickbooks and convert my files.  I can not do my job without it.

I found that QB does have a mac version and that there is even a mac version of office, which I needed for word & excel.  So after watching hubby with his new macbook and finding those programs, I too finally got a macbook pro.  A basic one that with only $100 extra let me go from 2gb ramm to 4gb ramm!  And after using my laptop with 1.5gb ramm….wow, big differences.

I got it on Friday the 8th, so I spent the weekend transferring files over and setting it up and learning it. We ordered my programs that I needed and of course it was a holiday weekend, so we didn’t the stuff until Tues….doh.  So I spent Tues trying to get those set up, had to get a new keyboard/mouse combo since my other one was for windows and get work done AND get ready for my friend that was coming out on the 11th for the Oregon/Purdue game in Eugene.

During all this stress and work, Sakura lost a claw while freaking out when she got caught in a plastic bag.  Now we didn’t know she lost a claw from this…they were playing with the bag, like all of previous cats have, so we didn’t think nothing of it.  Then we hear this huge commotion, see Drew fluffed up to 2-3times his size, heck we thought it was Sakura because we almost never see him do that.  He is all freaked out and when we finally find Sakura, she is behind the couch stuck in the handle of the plastic bag.  The water was a mess and the food was tipped over from Sakura running with it.  That was on Fri the 8th.

So late Sat we noticed that something was wrong with her walking, there was blood marks here and there.  We had just trimmed their claws like Wed/Thurs, so we are freaking out thinking we cut too far and she got an infection.  Of course the next day was Sunday, the vet was closed and then Monday was a fracking holiday…closed also.  We read online about soaking it in epsom salt, so we did that to her annoyance.  When we got her in Tues they made room for her because a claw infection is a serious thing.  We found that the salt helped, they gave her antibotics and saw that she lost her claw.  And when talking to the vet, it dawned on hubby that it wasn’t from the trim. She didn’t jerk when he did that claw and we only do the tips.  It was from the bag incident.

She is doing much better, lets us look at her claws (well, within reason) and looks to have another one growing.  But the messed up thing, is that Drew got into another plastic bag in the spare room a week later the morning that we were leaving for Eugene and the same damn thing happened!!!  It freaked him out so bad that he wet himself.  We don’t think he did it has bad as Sakura’s but he lost 3 of them.  WTF?!?  We’ve never had cats do that before.  His claws are already back to normal after a few times in epsom salt.  But no more plastic bags are allowed to be accessible to the wonder twins.

It was great to see my friend!  I haven’t seen her since her wedding.  She finally got here Thurs after her flight was late and we went to a pub that we liked to go to and just relaxed.  She was so thoughtful and brought us this Purdue football season t-shirts!  Friday we took her to the local sights, Larch Mountain & Multnomah Falls.  Then her and I visited the outlet mall nearby.

Saturday we drove down to Eugene, took us less time to get there then we thought it would. Saw a ton of Oregon Duck fans on the way. =)  Got a lot of stares for our Purdue flag and clothes…..grin

When we stopped for lunch and walked in….the host was wearing a duck jersey and just stared.  Hubby was like, yup all 3 of us….lol  Everyone was nice and good natured.  We found the stadium much easier then we thought we would and need kill time before they’d let us in, so we chilled out at the park surfing on our phones.  Now we were hot as heck and hid in the shade.  It hit 90degrees…icks So totally above our average at this time of year.

When we finally got in, the entrance we took was right next to the enclosed practice field.  And the Ducks do a really cool thing with it before the game.  They put a plastic/rubber cover on the field set up a bunch of tables/chairs, tvs, a bandstand and concessions.  It was really nice and great place to hang out and stay cool.

Then the oddest thing keep happening.  Oregon fans keep stopping to make sure that we were treated right and welcoming us to Eugene.  That was weird, but very cool.  When we got to our sets, we were surrounded by Ducks…the Purdue Alumni was about 2 sections over, but we did get a Purdue family in front of us….lol  Overall, the Oregon Duck fans were really cool.  We were so hoping that they wouldn’t be like Wash Husky fans who are the rudest and have the worst sportmanship we have ever encountered.  The OR fans were the standard fun trash talk & good natured ribbing that we were used to in the Big Ten.  The way it should be.

Autzen Stadium is a really nice.  It has really nice setup for the concessions and bathrooms.  And it is LOUD.  It is the loudest one I’ve ever been in.  My ears rang forever afterwards.

It was extremely slow going on the I-5 going home.  It didn’t actually clear up until we got on the 205, which was like 20min away from home.  But we still made better time then we thought we would with all that traffic.

Sunday, my friend was happy to just stay at home and chill out while watching some football.  I was actually able to get some of my regular work done, while she surfed and work on my other laptop.

I got up about 05:30 to get her to the airport Monday and actually skipped the gym due to all the payroll I hadn’t been able to get to.  Go thing that I did, learning the different version of the programs I use slowed me down and I had a ton of new people to add to it.  Payroll on the 15th is usually my easiest……not this time.  I can normally get it all ordered before bed on the 14th (since I’m on the west coast, cut off is midnight eastern)…..nope, not until Tues was I able to order it.  Then we have this fraud scrubbing we had to do, that I still have 6 people waiting on that before I can pay them.  I ended up 2 days behind on the catching up the books and spread sheets.

And if you saw my tweets, having major issues with the reconciliation in the mac version of QB.  I finally got it to work, but they really need to get it up to speed.  I expect differences between Mac QB and Win QB, but some of those differences are horrible.  Using Mac QB is like using Win QB from 6 yrs ago.  I know that this is like only the second year of them making a version for Mac again (didn’t have one for 7yrs) and that was due to apple’s decline.  So they have to rebuild it, but come on……I should be able to change my fracking fonts and the reports not look like something out of high school….ggeezz.

I usually wait 3-4yr in between my QB upgrade, but if they can get some of these basic changes in the next version I’ll get it.  Of course, I have to see it in action 1st to make sure that it is there. But for now, I’ll just work with it and hope for the changes.

So it has been a stressful week work wise and learning wise.  I’m finally taking time out for my own little work things.  Like getting our photo printer hooked up to my mac and getting the software downloaded for it.  I figured out how to import pictures through photo shop, because there is no way in hell that I’m using iphoto.  That is horrible system for people who want to do their own thing……you can’t even find the pictures on the HD when you import into that, you have to use that damn program….ggrrr.  It is enough that it gets under my skin and I’m so, so happy that I can use my photo shop for it.  =)

Need to learn the FTP program that we have for the mac.  Not sure about it, seen hubby use it and I don’t like the layout and he doesn’t either.  Seems unorganized….which is not us.

Since the kids are finally back in school we have some nice weather left, we are planning a day hike later this week.  We are looking at this trail : http://www.nwhiker.com/MHNFHike27.html

It almost 10miles and only a 1400 ft difference in elevation (after our last one of 12miles & 2900 ft difference, doesn’t seem as bad…lol)  What is going to be kind of strange, is seeing the east side of Mt Hood.  We live west of it and are used to that west outline of it.  I’m getting so psyched for this.  The pictures on that link look beautiful and I love hiking.  And since we did our 1st big one, we are much better on trying to prepare ourselves.

We will have to leave here around 6am, since it is about 90-120min away.  We don’t want to run out of daylight like that last time…..now that was scary because that trail got very rough and dangerous.  I’m HOPING that it will only take about 4-6hrs.  The last one took 8hrs & 20min and as I said longer and bigger elevation difference which slowed us down.

So now I’m trying to decide what I want to do…….thinking of attacking some pictures.  If I get the galleries made it force me to learn that FTP program we have. But today, other then making sure there aren’t any fires at work, I’m just trying to work on my own thing and watch some football.  =)