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Doing Pretty Good

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Wow…it has gotten a bit chillier, at least when the wind picks up….bbrrr

I’ve been doing good on getting my work and lists done. Overall, I’ve been staying pretty focus. I do like it when that happens, means my life is where it should be at. =)

I need to figure out how I want to start getting my exercise. The last few times I went roller skating I wiped out. So not cool. =( And it has been when others are around. Now I’m wondering if they are getting in my head and without having wrist guards, I don’t want to be wiping out and break my wrist. I have the knee, elbow pads and mouth guard….but no wrist guards. When you fall that is one the spots easy to break because you instinctively put your hands down even though logically you know better.

Either way, I need to do something….butt is getting too big. I really do miss the routine and discipline of the gym…..we did that for 4yrs, normally 5days a week.

Taking the 4/5hr drive down to Oregon this week to clean out one of our storage units. Looking forward to Oregon, not looking forward to the long drive there and back. Also need to put a few things in the other unit and take a few things out….like unburying my bowling ball….even if I haven’t bowled in years….lol…at least I’ll have it when we do.

Been seeing a lot of immature eagles, which is so totally cool! Never get tired of them. We saw a river otter the other day. And next week, we are meeting up with birders we meet in AZ to learn more about the local birds around here. I do miss other birders for learning.

We had our close friends come out this weekend with their dog. =) We had a lot of good smoke, wine, chili and talk. A lot of inside jokes about our dysfunctional untrustworthy morally wrong relationships…..grin At one time or another, we each had been told one of those things….so with the four of us, it works…lol Love the selfie hubby got of all of us….even got their dog in the back ground. Love that we are going to be closer to them this summer. Hoping to pop over for visits more often.

Right now, I’m in a weird place mood wise….nothing to that is making me unhappy or stressed more then usually, think it is just my hormones. I started my cycle last Fri and it has been in and out since, small twinges of things that aren’t leading to anything….I want it to fully start so I can get the damn thing over with. I was fine mood wise until today, I ended up with heartburn the night before and it SUCKS!! I just wanted to die…..blah. That is what happens when your tums is buried in the meds cabinet so you forgot to take it before bed. That is not happening tonight. So that just totally tired me out since I should’ve been sleeping and the being in the cycle….not a good combo…blah!

Shaved my arm pits tonight. Had hubby take a clippers to it and I finished it up in the shower. It was odd having all the hair and now a little odd not having it. I think I quit shaving it before we left AZ in Oct. But it was now starting to annoy me and felt like it was getting pulled on my shirts and such. I need to remember to take a pic of the newly smooth pits. =)

Relationships & Reflections

While visiting our dear friend, talked about relationships and what they encompass.

For one all relationships, including our friends and my best friend’s, have some type of dysfunction. I haven’t seen a relationship that hasn’t, anyone that thinks theirs isn’t is lying to themselves and shouldn’t throw stones. But they are totally mistaken if that is what a relationship, especially ours, is based on. And have no place in lecturing others on theirs as if theirs is so perfect.

For many people, we just call it being quirky.

Some relationships have more dysfunction then others, ours has some….but it we have a good balance of love, respect and a lot of laughter that out weighs it all. We’ve learned to work through things and through the years, we changed and grown….people who truly and honestly know us, see it. Those who don’t, refuse to see it.

What works for one relationship, doesn’t work for others…it is that simple.

Part of being a couple, usually means two independent people becoming codependent. They complement each other with their strengths and their weaknesses. It is not a bad thing. What kind of couple are you if you are not somewhat codependent emotionally?

Hubby depends on me to manage our life, long term planning, and be there for him. I depend on him to help me when I’m feeling overwhelmed (he is really good at making me laugh to help on that), keep me focus and be there for me, makes me feel SAFE. That is what couples do, find the one that completes the other. We have a very good strength together, that we may not have as much if we weren’t.

To think that being told that you are codependent on your partner should be an insult, is an insult in itself and unbecoming.

Talked to my best friend, she is still enjoying the fact that her life is just filled with regular life stress and the mother-in-law and niece are gone. She is much happier, just now living in her car and she drives her kids back forth everywhere and errands.

But she is so tired of the snow, she is about to go stir crazy. She has never enjoyed winter and snow and she is much farther north then she use to be and with this winter, it has been much worst.

I remember when she moved to where she is years ago and she was miserable. All her family is in Indiana, but as the years have gone by she has really enjoyed being several hours away from them and all their drama.

When she was younger, she was a hell raiser and didn’t take any shit. I was the one always trying to get her to behave….lol…that is why her folks trusted her with me. I was the only one of her friends allowed to visit her when she was in group homes, because they figured I was a good influence on her. As she has gotten older, she picks her battles because she just doesn’t want the drama and crap. She doesn’t even answer all her family calls anymore.

Certain family members gives her crap about where is the old version of her, the hell raiser….then they start in on her, she takes the hits, takes the hits, just tries to ignore it and give it time to address it later, but they don’t quit. Then they call her bitch when she goes off. What the hell do they expect?!?

If you keep coming at someone, don’t give them a chance to absorb it, mull it over, address it when they are ready…. You deserve to be hit back. They aren’t going to listen to you anymore….they are going to tune you out and strike.

So it is ok for them to attack her continuously and then when she defends herself because she has had enough, she is in the wrong? That is so hypocritical. They always twist things as if they are innocent and they are far from it. It is all about her issues and never about theirs.

So it is ok for them to shut her out weeks on end and she does it for one week and they freak out? Something is wrong with that picture. If you dish it out, you sure should be able to take it.

With that kind of crap they throw at her, they totally talk themselves out of her life….she wants nothing to do with them. Especially when they disrespect her, her marriage, and her kids continuously. No one needs that.

With what I’ve seen over the last few years personally, I just do not understand those people. So much drama and spit. Happy to have a lot of that cut out of our lives, much of that started when we cut out some of family members out of our lives years ago….it was like a huge weight off of our shoulders.

Over time, we’ve cut out even more. Never understand when we seem to invite it back in, it is just not worth it. It hurts to cut people out of our lives, we miss the friendship, but in the end, we don’t regret it and are happier for it. Then we look back in hindsight and are like, how did we not see the signs, how did we not know how this will end? And if we saw it ending, how did we not see how immature it would end?

The Weekend Happenings…with some sex….lol

I did say I would add a little more about the great sex session from Thursday….I just didn’t say how much more….grin

There are somethings that as a couple you want to keep to yourselves. But I will say that it lasted for a few hours, in the end we were both smelly with sex sweat (had to shower again…grin), my pussy and clit was very swollen, and I had a huge load just fall of out me.

It was last minute, but Friday we headed over to our dear friends in Seattle. It was so great to see them again, play catch up, filled them in on what has been going on and felt the love. It was a very good visit and had some good food.

We got our dyson vacuum back while in Seattle….I’m bound and determine that I will find room in our rig for it. With 2 cats and constantly tracking dirt in, we need it.

We came back Friday since they had family coming in late that night and they are the kind of people that most don’t like…..lol And we didn’t want to add stress to them.

We can’t believe 2 hrs there and 2 hrs back….with just over an hour of that on ferries could be so dang exhausting. Totally slept in Saturday, I did get off my ass to get somethings done….like still playing catch up on the laundry from our long sex session….grin

Sunday was a stunning day, but was still recovering some and I really did attack work and got a lot done. I did spend an hour on the phone wishing my now 17yr old nephew a happy birthday. It is cool to be able to talk to him as an adult. He is a good kid…boy, it makes me feel old…I remember when he was born.

We are suppose to be getting hit with a bunch of rain this later week, so we took advantage of the stunning weather Monday and went for a long walk and did some birding. It was a very satisfying day…of course, it started out on a very good note…hubby had a very hard cock that he just had to fuck me with that morning….damn, it felt so good and it helped warmed me up enough to roll out of bed….grin

Getting Things Done

Just had a very intense fuck with hubby. I had just gotten out of the shower, I had walked into the front room, and he started caressing my tits, we walked into the bedroom, I laid in on the bed and spread my legs. He fingered my pussy, as I used my wand…watching him as he fingered me with one hand, stroking his cock with the other…..I got off very intensely. Felt so good when he slid his cock into me, bringing my legs up on his shoulders….we ended it with me bent over the bed with some good hard strokes of his cock while he loaded my pussy with his cum. Very satisfying….grin

Letting it grow out again.=)

Letting it grow out again. =)

Getting a hairy pussy again, missed having it. When it is gradual you don’t notice the change until you really look. Every time I go from hairy pussy to bald pussy, that is when it looks weird when you first see it, it is just so different. Always threw us off when I use to wax, we had just gotten use to the hair and then it is gone, then we have to get use to something else. But we love the variety, changing it up, it all depends on what we are feeling like, usually he suggests it.

I finally got our taxes done this weekend. Did much better then I thought, just need to give my brain a break before I go over it and finalize it for filing. That is one big project down, now I need to finish programming our even brake for towing and get things settled with the consignment shops to sell our remaining furniture we have in storage. That means a trip to Oregon, needed to get a few things out of storage anyway.

Got my walks in every day last week but Friday. Took longer to do my errands and the store and I had way too much work to do before I made spaghetti. Was really hoping to get my walk in Saturday, but the wind was so strong that I really didn’t feel like fighting it.

Been worrying about one of my nieces. She is a young teen and awkward. She had some scary thoughts about hurting herself and had the sense to tell my folks and ask for help. Her bedroom is burgundy and she felt it was too depressing and is sleeping in the guest bedroom until they repaint and she is looking forward to meeting with the therapist. And her brother and sister are also realizing that it good thing to ask for help….they are wanting to finally address their anger. Now if I can work on my folks….

Walks and Focusing

I really can’t believe it is March….last year totally blew by and this one seems to be going by even faster…icks

I started my walker earlier, like I wanted, was only planning on short one…an hour or so….weeellll….about 3hrs later….lol Got to see 2 Bald Eagles right off the bat, I NEVER get tired of them. Got to hear tree frogs going nuts. Saw a Great Blue Heron that at first was standing so still I thought it was a cut out someone put there…….lol Then it moved, it was hunting so that is why it was so still….that was cool. And then got to see even more Bald Eagles. =)

We really need to go birding together…been a while for that. The problem is the best time is very early in the morning and we do like to sleep in on our days off….doh! Of course, when we are trying to ID them from our photos we are complaining on how much we hate them because it is so hard, as we go out to see more of them….lol

I lucked out and the tide was out…..I’ve been wanting that for a while. You get this huge massive parcel of beach you rarely get. So I decided to keep going and head out to the rock that the seals were making a racket on. Of course, once I got there, they quieted down and just laid there……rolling eyes. Plus lost my new camera brush…I seem to be good at losing things when I don’t have a jacket with pockets on….ggeezz

I ended up spending that time talking to my best friend…I don’t know what I would do without her. Dealing with strangers can be exhausting, but when it comes to people you love, it energizes me….I love being there for her and knowing that she is there for me. Oh, good news, the mother-in-law and niece are leaving soon and the best part, her husband FINALLY gets what she has been trying to tell him. I’m so glad for her……once they are gone…party time…and normal family stress…..grin

Hubby has been doing 3miles runs daily again, now that he can see. So he has been feeling it in his legs and feet. I haven’t been skating, I want to get out and see critters and nature. The down side, is that it takes so much time away from what I need to be doing, but at the same time, I’m enjoying it. Maybe it’ll force me to focus more on the weekends on getting things done. The issue is that we are use to getting our exercise out the way in the am, then have the rest of the day. Well, we are getting our hours in first, not the exercise…..so we are all screwy and feel out of wack…and now we are hitting the wall sooner.

Hubby came out to meet me (his run takes about 35min, then hits the shower) and we walked back. I love it when we have long conversations. It makes me feel more connected to him and after all this time, I’m still learning something new about him and seeing how we are both changing and growing.

The first night we spent time together over 20yrs ago, we were up until 4-5am just talking…..and did that the next 3 nights. I’m barely making it to classes and work the next day, but we so enjoyed it. I don’t remember the details of what we talked about, but it was about race issues, sexism, religion, music, military, growing up, our families, issues of the day….all the deep subjects that we totally agreed on, just getting to know each other. I was totally blown away that I meet a guy from the midwest that believed the same way I did. I had meet so many racist and sexist jerks there that I wasn’t bothering with the men there….figured that I needed to travel out of the state.

We have always been people for conversation…even through IMs. We aren’t ones for loud bars, especially him….slight hearing lost due to the Navy…when we go out with friends, we want to have conversations with them….see what is going on with them in their lives….we’ve had many late nights with friends just talking.

When I asked about him not reading here, he hasn’t read here in way over a year…..maybe a couple of years. He is like if it is important I should be telling him, not posting it here and with us talking, why read it here. Which is true….for one, things should stay between us, present a united front no matter what…that is part of being couple and soul mates.

So I was in the wrong on posting a lot of our stuff out here…. A lot of it was me freaking out and trying to formulate my thoughts, needing an outlet….just the wrong outlet. Now I have a text file that I vent on to help deal with my emotions and thoughts, I talk to my best friend and decide whether to approach it or how to approach it from there. 90% of gets told to him, it is just how and when.

I have been feeling more focused lately, even if I can’t get to everything time wise….I really, really need to work on that….we have taxes and want to sell a few items we have in storage. I like having my focus back, I’ve been on such an emotional irrational roller coaster that I lost it and never had time to fully recover from our cross country trip. So I’m hoping that I can keep it….I need it to manage our lives.

Today’s Drama

Current Mood:Beautiful Day emoticon Beautiful Day

Hubby is feeling much, much better. Still very light sensitive, wearing sunglasses a lot, even when inside. Everything is blurred when he tries and sees out of that eye. He didn’t run today, but laid down in the dark and gave his eyes a rest, which I’m very glad he did…he doesn’t always give his body time to heal when needed.

Like I told him, I’m not surprised that he is feeling more tired. I use reading to tire myself out to sleep, so he is tiring his eyes out more…one because it is doing double duty, the other because it is trying to heal. Then you add the stress of the pain, no wonder why he is tired. He is trying to recover. I’m just so happy he is feeling better. Hopefully he’ll be almost normal this weekend.

Well, starting tomorrow, I’m out of commission, all the signs are there. Of course he thought I was a few days ago……doh! Like he hasn’t notice that I haven’t been wearing panties to bed….lol He just gets in the mind set that when I tell I’m about due he just thinks that I’m out of commission. Much easier just to tell him when I start then the pre cycle crazy…lol But he was in way too much pain for anything anyway. So my wand has been getting a work out…..my arm has been hurting….lol Now IF I’m lucky, I’ll get hit with my hardest day sooner then later and then I’ll be over it.

Spent about an hour the phone with my best friend (she is really more like my sister, but closer, so sometimes saying best friend to me symbolize the closeness to me even more then sister) and my nephews and niece. Her husband is feeling like crap, like it is all his fault of the things that are happening and sent a really depressing, the most unlikely text that they didn’t know how to handle it. I’m like you need to let him know you understand, that he isn’t worthless, that you see his side, his mom’s side and that you are there for him. Then I tried to explain the sides as I see them. That you need to reassure that you love him and that he isn’t worthless.

She had put me on the speaker phone so all the kids could hear me, a first for me. I encourage them to have a family meeting (WITHOUT his mom and niece) so they could work it out and present a united front, to show that he isn’t alone. And with that text, I’m like you guys need to text him love, support and encouragement since he works the night shift and you can’t exactly go there and give him hugs. Well, I guess my bf got out voted by her kids and they were heading to his job and stopping to get him some food on the way.

I got my fingers crossed that it helps and works out, I’m stressing it. I’m so afraid that I gave the wrong advice. But when someone is feeling like such a piece of crap through no real fault of their own, I feel they need encouragement and need to see that their family has their back. He is a good guy, I don’t see eye-to-eye on a lot of things with him, but I know he sacrifices a lot for his family, and he just doesn’t know how to handle it….well, who the hell would? Between his mom and his wife and then his kids……..he just wants to make everyone happy, but it is not happening. I’m almost afraid to hear what happened when they showed up at his work…..I so hope he sees that it is done in love and support.

So hoping hubby’s best friend is free this weekend. I would so love to go and see her and her husband. Been missing them and worry about the stress they are going through.

I did get a walk in today. It was a beautiful day. I did 3.81 miles in about 90 minutes. Got to see and hear a bald eagle, I NEVER get tired of that……grin Playing on another walk tomorrow. =)

Eye and Family Drama

Took hubby to the walk in clinic for his eye. He was in so much miserable pain….still in miserable pain, just a little less frequently.

The good thing, no permanent damage and that eye cells regenerate every 9-12hrs and actually heal quickly…so he should be back to normal in 2-4 days. The bad thing is that the abrasions on his eye was so bad that they didn’t even need to dye his eye to see it and he has two abrasions. They had given him numbing eye drops to look at his eyes, it was the best he has felt since it happened.

Unlike when it happened to me, no eye patch for him. They gave him eye drops to help in the healing. They were going to give him a pain pill, but he didn’t want those and it would’ve only been for a 1-2 days. Too much pain killers slows down the healing. He decided to suffer with it. =(

My poor hubby spent the afternoon in our darkened bedroom with his sunglasses on, has totally turned down the brightness on his mac and ipad…the light is hurting. What really sucked, is that it was a stunningly beautiful sunny day that he would’ve loved to be out taking pictures.

I just wish I could help him feel better, so instead I tried to help him as much as possible, which felt lacking.

My best friend called today to really catch me up, can only do so much through text the night before. Since I was driving she was on the uconnect in the Jeep, so hubby got to hear it all. Hubby sure doesn’t miss all the family drama that she is going through. He told her to get some brass balls…..she was like, I think I found them last night…..lol

Pretty much she played the bad guy so her husband didn’t have to feel bad for making his mom feel bad. Like I told her, if it works and he doesn’t undermine her, go for it. I’ve played the bad guy many times with her family and my hubby has no issue with doing when it is needed. Sometimes a situation calls for it.

She feels both relieved to get some of out (was cut off from the rest of it from her mother-in-law playing up the guilt….woes is me crap) but it is even more awkward at her house now. I told her to use it to her advantage, don’t give any ground. And before their niece even assumes that they are going to taxi her around, to nip that in the bud and be preventive of it. Stop the issue before it even comes up.

I just don’t get it….when we are at someone else’s house, even family, we try to be as respectful as possible. Not mess up people’s routines and life. I guess I can see it some what from her mother-in-law, she may not have had her son live with her in over 20+yrs, but she went back into her role. I know when I go to my folks, I easily slip back into routine, but then my parent’s routine hasn’t changed.

But I do try and be helpful and with them raising their 3 grandkids, my parents actually appreciate it when I take over and address issues with them. It gives them a break. The only time I really mess with their routine is when we have dinner. I’ve always sat on my dad’s right side at the table and I REFUSE to give that up when I’m there. My nephew can have it when I’m not there, but when I’m there….that is my spot, I’m a daddy’s girl and I will not give it up…..pretty stubborn that way…..grin

But unlike my friend’s mother-in-law, nothing has really changed at my folk’s house. Her mother-in-law has never lived with my bf and her kids, just her son. So it is just rude.

When we started as full time RVers, our very close friends let us park in their RV spot in their back alley. We were only planning on being there for about 2-3 weeks….well, it ended up being 5 weeks. Which was a huge help, there was still so much more for do then we had realized.

Now we are considered family, have a key to the house, but we didn’t want to interfere or make ourselves a burden in their routine, we tried to help out when we could. We even didn’t go over there into their house for 5days, didn’t want them to think they had to feed us, entertain us and such. We told them that, we didn’t want to get in the way. We were very careful about trying not to over step our boundaries.

So when I tell hubby about what my bf is going through, we don’t get how people can not be respectful. But then family sometimes feels more entitled more then others.

One positive thing came out of hubby getting eye drops, while we were waiting I finally found the Rhodiola Rosea at the local grocery/pharmacy that Trixie recommended and gave me some to try a few weeks ago. They only had one kind and ironically, they were from Sandy, OR….lol I got my local OR stuff up here in Northern WA……grin

I’ve been feeling more normal in general, I think part of it, is I never full recovery from the 3 week trip from AZ in November before being put on to a emotional roller coaster of adjustments, and I’ve finally got some of that recovery time and I’ve been making sure I’ve been taking my vitamins….especially B6 and B Complex. I not sure if that is helping, but I hope so. And now adding the Rhodiola Rosea to my vitamin routine tomorrow, hope that helps even more.

I’ve been a bit more focus on getting things done. It also could be that with me focusing on hubby suffering the last 2 days, I haven’t been able to think. Sometimes not thinking and just doing is a huge help.

I have a huge list of things to attack tomorrow…..hoping that I keep my focus….fingers crossed.

Also have a friend of ours on my mind, sounds like they have been needing a hug. =( Sometimes hugs are the most powerful things and making people feel better and I wish I could give them one.

It is my go to thing, when I don’t know what to do….I give hugs and found that they have been pretty helpful. Lets them know that someone cares for them and they aren’t alone.

Looks like I’m going to be starting my cycle a few days late, but the good thing is my body is finally giving more signs other then emotions and cravings. =) So I’ll be pleased when it is started, closer to being done with it.

Hubby’s Eye & Family Drama

The weather hasn’t much change, just more rain less snow. We decided to work outside regardless.

Unfortunately, hubby hit his eye with a leaf off of branch he was moving. =( We are thinking he may have scratched his eye. It has been watering all day and hurting. I feel so bad for him.

I did that years ago and it sucked.

If he is not doing better tomorrow afternoon, I’m taking him in to the walkin clinic. I hate seeing him hurting, I hate not being able to help him….I just want him to feel better. =(

Ended up texting with my best friend. Unfortunately there were too many people at her house for her to call and talk….ggrrr

She has been dealing with the fact that her mother-in-law and niece are there and her husband is not standing up to his mom. Her house has been invaded, her routine messed up and feeling as if she doesn’t even belong in her own house. Her mother-in-law did the single mom thing after her biker husband abandoned them. So she did what she had to do, so her son loves and respects her, but has no idea how to stand up to her and back up his wife. And I really don’t think the mother-in-law means to be a problem, but when you have two women in a house that are use to running their own house……not a good idea all. Not an easy thing to share.

My bf has just been trying to keep the peace for her husband’s peace of mind and in the process has been crowded out and right in the middle of the worst winters when she suffers huge season depressions and cabin fever. So she doesn’t even have her normal outlets to help her because of them.

I’ve been trying to get her to establish her boundaries, her territory….do her routine and force them to either adapt or leave. But she has been holding her tongue, because she doesn’t feel as if her husband has her back. He has no backbone when it comes to his mom, everyone else, he has one.

And unlike her, I grew up with my family backing me up. So once it hits, I will stand up and get it out…..and let things fall where they may. Plus with my temper and my crazy emotions I got from my mom….it doesn’t take much. I just try and use the logic and patience that I learned from my dad to handle it more smartly, just doesn’t always work…..sadly.

Well, she had it and decided to play the bitch…..of course, her husband had to comfort his mom and not stand up with his wife. I know that he loves both of them and he really just has no idea how to handle it. But this is messed up.

My hubby is like, he doesn’t see how he is choosing his mother over this wife. I’m like, well you weren’t close to your mom like he is and he really isn’t trying to chose his mom over her, he is just clueless….my hubby is like, still…..my wife comes first, before anyone.

Now I’m trying to encourage my bf to use this to establish that this is her house, her territory….told her, do her routine, be civil and friendly, but don’t let them crowd you out. They are in HER house, they have to adapt and learn the boundaries.

See, I’m a territorial bitch when it comes to the things I care about, my job, my family, the people I care about. I’ve used that for many years when dealing with managers/employees under me that tried to crowd me out. I still celebrate the day that my useless, suspected thieving assistant called and quit, so many years ago…..and that was my day off…..happiest day to have to go in…..grin

Well, it has been a very long day….I’ve been doing so much work and been worrying about hubby. I so hope he is feeling better tomorrow. =(

Long Day, Good Hard Quickie

I’m really tired. It has been a very long day. Took the ferry over to do some errands and try and figure out what we are doing for the summer. I think we got it settled. It farther from here and closer to being able to see our family without a ferry and a short ferry to hubby’s best friend. We may even be able to get our nephews for a few weeks…so looking forward to that.

Biggest regret is not moving to the NW years ago and seeing more of hubby’s brother before we lost him. Don’t want to make that same mistake with her and her hubby, who is a lovable nut that makes some of the best meals. Not only is she his best friend, that he can talk to fully outside of me and understands him like I do, she is the closest friend I have outside of my best friend of 24yrs. She is the only one that may know me as well as hubby and my best friend. We are regretting that we aren’t seeing more of them….but we have to admit they have more of social life then us….so it makes scheduling interesting…lol

We had our first franchise pizza in over a year….tasted even better then we thought..it always does when cold. =) But that lead to us eating the most sodium laden junk food in a long time. Boy, did we feel blotted…blah

We got back in time for hubby to get his run in, I couldn’t really do any exercise. I spent an hour on the phone in a business call. I did get a very small walk in…..but it was getting dark, still needed to have dinner, shower and get our stuff in order around the RV. Going to try to get a walk in, depending on what is going on here.

I was not feeling very up to snuff since yesterday. When your hormones hit sometimes you just feel frumpy and totally unappealing. So not happy yesterday….just one of those things that hits. I just hope my cycle starts on time with my calculations so I can get the fucker over with…..ggrrr

But I did get a booster on not feeling as frumpy to help my day.

We were checking out some of the local spots and we were in a pretty secluded area. Hubby is like, if there is an opportunity, do you want to fuck? I’m like yeah…..I really needed one. We got the opportunity….grin We had the passenger door open, I sucked him enough to get him hard, bent me over the seat and fucked me. With it being so chilly, my pussy so warm and wet it was a very hot, intense, hard quickie….felt really good to have him grab my hips hard, bang me hard, and put his load into me. Good thing we keep baby wipes in Jeep….grin

Been wanting to break it in for a while now. I don’t really count that as a full break in, but other then one SUV we have broke in all of our vehicles in with sex.

The more I think about it lately, the more I want to make sure that it is us that breaks in our Jeep fully. It is our thing, our tradition. I don’t want it to be with someone other then us the first time. So I’ve been keeping an eye out on spots around here for that. =)

Hoping to get things done tomorrow and get a good walk in….lets see if I can focus, there is so much to do and weekends are a bitch on getting me motivated.

“The Talk” Time

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We headed up to Canada to visit family yesterday. Hubby was giving the oldest nephew the talk. He got a the “oh man, I don’t want to be you look” from the border guard when he asked why we were up there for such a short time. It was classic.

We lost his brother a few years ago and hubby was hoping that one of the other uncles that have already raised sons would give the talk, but they just haven’t had the time. So hubby decided it was time. It was the normal uncomfortable….lol

Hubby didn’t tell me everything that he said, that is between him and his nephew, but he did tell him about finding the right person, when they put you ahead of what they get out of you and accept you for who you are…that is the right person….seeing and hearing when he talks to his nephews it does reflect on our relationship, what we have learned and who he is. That says more to me then he realizes and makes me proud and love him even more.

He also told him about respecting women and totally enforcing that no means no….no matter if they are drinking or what they are wearing.

We got to see his other nephew play some basketball….that was cool, he was looking forward to it. And we had a good visit with their mom =)

Our nephews have gotten so big….they grow up so fast….where did the time go?

Life Changes & the Holidays

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Happy Holidays!!!

Life is a changing for us. It is both exciting and scary as hell.

As of Friday, we picked up an RV. A 2002 Holiday Rambler Admiral, that we’ve named Ackbar.

Long story short, we are going to become full time RVers by the end of Feb, when our lease is up. We are both so looking forward to it and scared. There is so much to learn, it is so big…….it is overwhelming. Once we learn it, I know we’ll be fine…..it is just getting to that point.

Ideally, we want to boondocks a lot and find places to volunteer at for hook ups and learning. We already have our 1st volunteer place at Patagonia-Sonoita Creek in AZ Apr 22 for at least 3 months.

Due to packing stuff for storage, getting rid of stuff, time involved (takes me about 6hrs to put up) and you can’t put an rv under a tree, I didn’t get one this year. Right now, I’m really missing it…..being trying to avoid a lot of holiday stuff that I usually go nuts on, the holiday lights, haven’t even listened to the holiday music that I love…..since I knew that wouldn’t help. But I may listen to the music tomorrow…..and get one day of it.

I have such happy holiday memories from growing up, I love shiny glittery things, always felt like magic. And in the process, really missing my family. This year it feels like the holidays, but doesn’t.

I did get a text from mom, dad was asking if we had an Applebees, I’m like I’d prefer Olive Garden….told them they didn’t even need to go anywhere to get the certificate or mail it…..send it by email. Love that option.

I don’t expect things from my folks anymore, my concern is their finical well being especially since they are raising their 3 grandkids. So I’m just happy with card to know that they are thinking of me. They did send us a ecertificate, which we’ll put to good use on my birthday, I was just happy to hear from them since I’m missing them right now.

I’ll be calling tomorrow, that is for sure. Dad use to call on my bday at the time I was born….but that is way too early on the west coast….grin I love my folks…even though we drive each other nuts…lol

Next year, I may not have my big 7ft fresh cut Oregon tree, but I do plan on having something. This was the 1st year I’ve been without something, not doing that again next year. I picked out cats, personal and old ornaments from when I was a kid, put them into a small shoe box and taking that with us. The only thing that I’d really be missing from it, is my German tree topper….which I love, but need a big tree for that. =)

Been A While

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Ok, what is going on in my little corner of the world……

We had a few days of sunshine and decent temps, now back to cold and rainy….it is Oregon, the normal.

Just received an email from my Aunt, my cousin has been recommended to hospice.  =(  He doesn’t even hit 27 until June.  I didn’t grow up with him so wasn’t close due to that and age, but I have lots of memories of his mom and dad and me teaching his older sister how to walk.  Not sure what if anything I can do to help and feel totally helpless and crushed.  He is part of my family and it hurts.  My thoughts are with them, but that seems to be all I can do.  =(

If you’ve been following my tweets, I’ve been getting very annoyed at the war on women that they right wing nut jobs are doing.  Limbaugh’s crappy comments just highlighted and showed it for what it was.  I’m really hoping that this wakes women up to start taking part.  So many laws have been passed to roll back our rights and treat us like imbecilic property it is astonishing.  And many have no idea how bad it has gotten, they are just trying to live their lives.  And my question is, where are the men in this?  The ones that don’t believe like the right wingers, why aren’t they speaking up?

At the rate this is going, they are going to take away our right to vote……ggeezz

Debating on going to Salem Apr 28th and take part in the March Unite Against the War on Women : https://www.facebook.com/UniteWomen

I know I do a lot of tweets and posts about issues, I hope that they are educational and make people more aware of how the government effects them more then they realize, but maybe it time to do a little more.  Even though, I’m a serious homebody and anti-social.

Not sure what to think about Peyton Manning.  I’ve always wanted him to retire as a Colt.  =(  But I understand why the Colts need to move on (they totally screwed up for not preparing in case he got injured) and start to rebuild.  Irsay and Manning did it really classy.  I really don’t see the Colts doing anything for the next few years.  I do hope, for Manning, that he still has a few more years left in him inspite of the injury and he can retire on his own terms.

We got ourselves IPad 2s for the holidays.  We are thoroughly enjoying them.  We love the surfing options, keeping up with twitter, but loving the ebook option more.  I like being able to update facebook/twitter from it, but for a lot of typing, such as this and skype, it has a lot to be desired.  I need my macbook for that.  We are debating (in the long term) of getting the wireless apple keyboard just for extensive typing.

I do love being able to have a small library in my hand due to my ipad.  I’ve already read the Hobbit & LOTR….being a few years since I have.  Currently going between reading Agathe Christie and “God Hates You : Hate Him Back” while using his arguments to highlight the bible I was given in ’89

Boy, reading this…..why would anyone want to be Jewish, Christian or Muslim??  “God” is such a hateful, murderous and jealous thing (where it acknowledges the existence of other “gods”.)  It teaches racism, genocide…..no wonder why religious nuts jobs feel comfortable in their hatred and bigotry…it taught all comes from the old testament……and I haven’t even gotten the new testament yet.  Like they say, you can’t fully read and understand the bible without becoming an atheist.

Joined the Freedom From Religion Foundation a few months ago.  Never been a fan of organized religion, especially have living in the bible thumping mid west.  Good way to turn you against religion.  But I always thought the bible and things were a log of history….but after actually reading and learning history, nope, it is nothing but a mythology…..just like the greek and roman gods.  Sad that the world still believes in it.

So now I’m reading up on the bible so I can understand and defend myself from the thumpers who have no respect for people who do not believe the same way.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten to the point that I refuse to put up with the crap that I’ve tolerated over the years.  As I say, I’m old and cranky!  lol

Happy Thanksgiving!

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I hope everyone is having a great day of family and food.  As I start this, hubby has the turkey in the oven and we have football in.  Been way too long since my last actual blog, doing our normal of gym, errands and work.  =)

I have finally got what family info I have and put it on a genealogy site.  So far a few of my cousins have added info, which is cool.  Just would love to get even more.  I have all of my great-grandparents names and only one set of great-great grandparent’s names.  I lucked out on the great-great grandpa, he had lots of kids and descents who have put info on the genealogy site and I’ve got as far back as the 1500s in Germany….so that was really, really cool.  But for everyone else, I haven’t been able to get across the pond back to the old country.  =(  Doesn’t help that I can’t read German…..lol  If I can get back to the 1500’s on all of the direct lines, I’d be very pleased.

I just want to establish where the bloodlines are from and then what I really would like, it is find the distant and current relatives that are still in Europe.  I know that my maternalgrandfather’s side was still in, what was then East Germany, in the 1970s.

After getting tied into it for week, I’m taking a break.  When I start back up, I think I’m going to start on uploading pics so maybe it will enjoy other family members to  add to it.  Then I want to start something on my hubby’s side……there is so much to do, that my head spins on where to start.

**Just had our turkey dinner…..tummy is stuffed….grin  He made a great meal.  I think I just love having all the different types of food together…..and look forward to the leftovers.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able and go and visit my folks this coming June.  It has been too long.  And I would love to time it with their 40th wedding anniversary.  =)

This year has just flown by, I think not having an actual summer didn’t help.  It was so wet/damp at the beginning and so short.

We did get one more camping trip in and totally lucked out and got awesome weather!  We went to Mt Rainier National Park back in Sept.  It was sunny and in the 80s.  We took off the jeep t-tops once we got into the park.  It was so beautiful, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

We camped at Cougar Rock, it was so peacefully….helps to wait until after school is back in session….grin



On the drive around the park, we stopped at a glacier river, that showed it’s history of how it has moved through the years.  Meet a couple that lives just across the river in Washington from PDX, that has been going to Mt Rainier for years and has seen all the changes.  They must have been in theirs 80s, they were so neat to talk to.  Would’ve loved to talk some more, but we were out in the open without any shade…..very hot.  Putting our hands into the glacier river felt so good.

Glacier River


This year's bridge, until it gets wiped out. =)

On the drive up.

Our traditional self portrait.

And we drove up to Paradise so we can do a small trail and see Nisqually Glacier.  Since last winter was heavier then usual for snow and our summer started later, parts of the trail still had snow.  But the small hike had such an elevation increase at times that it took 3hrs round trip.

Start of the hike.


Wildflowers and snow. =)

A waterfall off of the glacier in the distant.



The range, with Mt Adams way in the back round.

A very icy, but refreshing feeling stream. We put it on our necks and face, didn’t drink….not recommended unless filtered.

Have a great turkey day!

Long Time….

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It has been a long while.  It has been busy.  For the month of July we had our nephews.  That was interesting.  Not use to having kids around on an everyday basis.  But it was fun.

Hubby had talks with them, the normal right and wrongs, helping mom, being brothers.  Tried to teach them to clean up after themselves, clean up around the house without being asked…..we’ll see if anything sticks…lol  But at that age, you can only try.

Trillium Lake

We took them on a small hike on Mt Hood, to the Oregon Zoo, and then we took them back to Canada and had an extended family camping the first weekend of Aug at Cultus Lake.  Spent one of those days at the water park….that was a ton of fun.  That weekend was full of lots of food, talk and good times with 48 people.  =)

Most of July, we had below average temps and above average rain….during our “dry” season.  We finally started getting decent weather towards the end.  So didn’t do as much with the boys as we really wanted to.  But still had fun. =)

We did have a fun gift for the boys uncle….grin  This is something college fans, especially Big Ten fans would appreciate.  Their uncle is a HUGE Michigan fan and you know, our loyalties is with Purdue….sooo..  We decided to give their uncle something to remember us by.  We all dressed in Purdue gear, hung a Purdue flag and took a picture that we printed out and put into a Purdue frame, so he can put it in his Michigan room….grin  As he said, it is the people in the picture that matters, not what we were wearing……LOL

Kalaloch Beach, Olympic National Park


[/caption]A week after we got back we decided to go for a small trip.  We never drove up the 101 coast of WA….BIG mistake.  We were expecting it to be scenic like Northern California and all of Oregon….wow, disappointing.  The first part of it, you had all the sloughs….which were kind of cool to see.  And the Kalaloch Beach of the Olympic National Park, was really cool….that is what we expected to see more of.  But the rest of the drive was boring…..no really scenic areas, just tunnel trees and what scenic areas there were….like 2 of them, there were no pull offs to enjoy them.

Hubby had done some research and found where we wanted to try and get a site.  Well, that was totally full.  =(  And then we visited like 5 more sites before we found a place to camp.  This was the first time we have never made reservations.  People made fun of us for that, well, we’ll stick with making reservations.

We camped lite, food wise.  Took some dehydrated foods, a few subs and oatmeal….kind of nice not to have a lot of bunch of excess of stuff, but kind of weird.

We got our site at Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge…..it was really nice.  Had enough camp sites, it was well maintained.  We would like to go back to and do more exploring.

Trail at Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge

Dungeness Spit

The next day we had a dilliema, we were going to try and visit friends or go to Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park in the opposite direction.  We really wanted to see our friends, but the whole point of the trip was the site seeing and any hiking we can get in.  So we decided on Hurricane Ridge….totally worth it!  This is what we expected and wanted.

Zoomed in on Mt Baker from one of the pull overs on the way up to the Ridge


At Hurricane Ridge

We so totally want to go back and do some camping at the base and do some hiking up there.  There was still snow up there while there was a stunning amount of wildflowers everywhere.  Loved it!  I highly recommend it.  It helped to make up for they day before, that was a big disappointment.

On our drive out we saw signs for the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim.  We drove through Sequim, WA and found that it was the most pretty town we have ever driven through….lavender every where.  We both enjoyed and didn’t like the Olympic Game Farm, the reason why we didn’t like it is only because we hate seeing animals caged/fenced up.  We know that they are there for a reason and are taken care of and we love seeing them close up, but rather see them in the wild.  We did enjoy feeding them wheat bread.  =)

A Kodiak Beer telling me to give him another piece of bread....LOL


A Yak, they are not shy on getting close to get a treat. =)

So at least our trip ended on a high note.  =)  We are already planning on next trip.  Trying for Mt Rainer again, by the back roads….got turned around last time.  But we know were we got turned around, so going to be more careful…..we ended up on roads that weren’t on the map…..lol

I have gotten myself back into reading.  Kind of helped that our Borders is going out of business and I’ve made a few trips.  I finally got the finally 2 books of The Clan of The Cave Bears series….been almost 20yrs since I read the Plains of Passage.  It is going to suck not to have a big bookstore near by.  I love Powells, but don’t want to have to head into PDX all the time for that.  That is life.  =)

Lazy Day

Current Mood:Springtime emoticon Springtime

Day is about gone, still don’t know what I’m doing with it.  I texted with my MI sis, talked to mom, I’ll call tomorrow for dad and I’m skyping with my IN sis.  I did make sausage and eggs for breakfast and read the paper.

I was reading our new BackPacker, that I’ll like to try and finish later today. It has the top 10 National Parks for hikes, they have a picture of Crater Lake on the cover.  I love the info that BackPacker provides, trails, info on gear, cameras, photo tips, animal tips….just a bunch of very useful info.  We just need to do more to use it…..lol

I took a photo composition class last month, really haven’t used the info yet, haven’t been anywhere/inspired to take pics.  Going to take a class to learn how to use all the options on our SLR, I think not really knowing them doesn’t help.  That class will be in July.  I’m the type that needs a very good reason to use something to learn it.  If it is not something I need or am using, I really have no motivation or retention to learn it.  The weather is really, really not helping on it.  So tired of turning on the heat…it is almost June, dang it…..ggrrr

After a lot of thought and research, aiming to get a bigger hard drive for my macbook pro next month.  I need one big enough to fit all of my music, movies and pictures.  I’m both excited and nervous.  I’m looking at this one : Western Digital Scorpio Black WD7500BPKT 750GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache 2.5″ SATA 3.0Gb/s Internal Notebook Hard Drive -Bare Drive All my externals are western digitals and I’ve read a lot of good reviews about them and this one is faster then what I have.  =) It’ll be easier for me to access my stuff, since it is all currently on my external hard drive, but nervous about the process.  I don’t want to screw anything up and lose all my programs and settings.  From what I read, my mac back up (time machine) can be accessed by the operating system disk and it will restore everything.  I so want it to work.

Wow…..the sun is shinning….weird….lol  Suppose to have a semi-nice day tomorrow.  I would love that, but afraid our smokey neighbor will ruin it for me……yuck.

This wasn’t much of a post, but it is something…..grin  I think I’m going to do some reading. =)