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Catching Up

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I have my nightly glass of wine and just had some cheese and crackers, watching Madea’s Family Reunion…I love that character.  Two of our cats are circling me and vulturous….lol Our kitties really make my day, they are my babies.

Unfortunately, one of our babies isn’t doing too well.  Our 13yr old (Reggie Miller….my husband named him…..grin) has a nasal tumor that there is nothing that they can do about it.  He was disagnosed about a year ago.  He has lost weight over the last few months, his breathing is noisey, sneezes a lot and sometimes it is bloody, you can see the tumor swell under his eye and moving it, but he still has his fiesty grouchy attitude.  =)  The vet says we will know when it is time.  =(  We just spoil him, got him canned foods that he can smell (cats won’t eat unless they can smell it), and let him pretty much eat what ever he wants.  I just hope he makes it to 14, which will be in April.  Not bad for a barn cat runt…….grin…he once got up to 14#.  He is our baby and has had a good life.

Reggie and one of the kittens (Drew Brees…..I named him…….I love my Purdue football) usually jock for the position of sleeping next to me.  It is cute.  Of course, my husband says Drew is a momma’s boy, I say he is just well loved.  Both Drew and Alexis meow for me when I’m not home.  Sakura is so quiet that when she does meow it is soft and surprises you…that is our baby girl.

Well, what I’ve been up to.  As my last few entries, I lost my great-aunt and I flew out for the funeral.  It was hard, but made easier knowing that she was surrounded by family at her home when she went, that she hated living that way and was ready…..but also the stories that that family shared and the laughter, she would’ve loved that.  =)  That is the only good thing about funerals, which is sad, is seeing family you normally don’t and sharing stories.

I finally got to meet my other dad’s other cousin.  =)  They wanted to meet me since I’ve had their address and been sending xmas cards.  If you are family, I have your address and even I’ve never meet you, you’re getting a card.  Just my small part of staying connected with family.  Most of my side of the family had been at the wake the night before, that I missed, but 4 of 8 of my aunt’s nieces and nephews where there and they all sent flowers.  =)  So our love for her was shown.

The trip was totally exhausting though.  The jet lag…..even though I was tired when I got in Sunday, I could not fall asleep until 1am-2am Est time, 10-11pm my time.  Then I was back up by 6am and so I can make the 2 drive north, luckily they were an hour behind my folks so I got a little more sleep.  =)  I was almost out of it when I finally head back.  I put in my headset and spent the drive on the phone with my best friend.  That was a huge help.

I enjoyed visiting with my family, even if it was only one day.  It was a tough day for me, everyone was as at work, which was cool but NO INTERNET…icks…  Mom & dad got rid of their landline but have dsl, so ATT decided to change out their lines.  Of course, they are out in farm country where my sprint card didn’t get a very good signal.  By Tues, I was 2 days behind on work…..not good.  Of course, I was traveling all day Wed so I didn’t get to work until Thrusday.  Then I had payroll to work on Sat/Sun….so I’ve been working since I got home.  Took me forever to get time to do this.

I just wish I had more time with my family, of course, I really wanted to be home also.

We are now watching this : http://www.hbo.com/docs/programs/rightamerica/index.html

I love their tears when McCain lost…now they know the despair and depression we felt each time Bush won.

Wow, these people scare me & you wonder why I wanted the hell out of the Midwest…..they are concentrated there.  Hell, I wanted out of the Midwest before I even got there.  So happy to be in Oregon….I finally feel at home.

So now that I’m home, I’m back at the gym 5 days a week….although if we get good weather we’ll good for a hike instead, love those.

I really need to work on taxes this week, I am stressing it…..icks.  =(  Our vacation plans depend on it.  Once I get these done, I’m making an appointment with a tax accountant.

Well, need to get this posted and on to bed….maybe I’ll take some time to myself and read one of my history books, it is a thought.