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What A Long & Stressful Day

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We had a perfect storm today…..I had a work emergency that I had to attend to….on top of everything with Ackbar….so I’m totally wiped out.  Obviously I’m not going to get into the work stuff….but I sure can get into the Ackbar stuff…..just a bit of sharing to get it off my chest.

We had simple plans today for Ackbar, the stressful removal out of the tight parking spot, then top off our propane and head down the I5 to the rest stop at mile marker 207 to dump our tanks, then parking back into the tight stop (it would be perfect if we were just a few feet shorter and the width of a class C not an A….lol)

Well…..yesterday, after using our furnace since last Wednesday, it started blowing black soot and inside Ackbar, it smelled like car exhaust…yuck!  We can’t have that….not good.  We took Ackbar to American Distributing in Marysville, WA to top off our propane and talk to them since they do work on furnaces and was hoping they worked on rv furnaces…..nope, no luck in that.

BUT they did recommend a place that we knew since we looked at a bus there over a year ago.  Not that far from us at all….Roy Robinson RV  I was afraid we would have to go 30 miles more north to Camping World….so did not want to do that.

Before we headed to Roy Robinson, we went up to the rest stop and dumped our tanks.

Unfortunate, our black water is not saying empty…..we don’t think we used enough water and chemicals so everything hasn’t broken down like it should.  And maybe the sensor is blocked.  Because hubby flushed the system a lot….so we are going make sure we use enough water and chemicals, get more broken down and see how it goes for our next dump.  But we were very pleased not to have pay for dumping….we were thinking of having someone come out to dump us….but that is pricey.

After the rest stop, we headed down to Roy Robinson.  We were lucky the guy that they gave us to help worked on Admirals for 15yrs and said we have a good rig and that our engine looked good and clean, because they sometimes get infested with rats and mice nest.

Now at first they said if they couldn’t remove the exhaust pipe then we would need a new furnace….which is like $755 just for the part.  They did get it out and discovered we need a burner.  That part is like only 27-35…much better…even through you know how labor is…icks  They charge $117/hr…but that is tech work. They did say other then the burner, it looks in good condition.

They did discover that whoever worked on it before, they didn’t put all the screws back in…which meant it wasn’t sealed and the exhaust would leak in…..not helpful at all.

They got the part ordered and ToRn will be taking Ackbar back tomorrow to get it done.  Right now, the total damage is running about $350.  We should be getting some reimbursed from our dealer since it under inhouse warranty, the issue is that we are in Everett, WA and they are in McMinnville, OR…..so they don’t cover it all due to cost differences.

So…it was totally stressful, spending money we didn’t want to spend….but it could’ve been much worst, so content with that.

Tonight we got Ackbar parked out in front, we have no heat other then our Buddy Heater….but for tonight, it’ll do.  We are just going to be sleeping in there with lots of blankets and cats……..going to be in the high 30s/low 40s

Cats sure didn’t enjoy today but they are recovering better then before. We really need to make sure we bag them once before we pull in the slide outs, because it frees up a big space behind the bed that the cats get into.  That they can NOT be in to put the slide out back out…..not safe at all.  Took a bit to get Sakura out.

Learned that we have got to WALK around the rig a few times to make sure we get everything before moving….icks  I know everyone forgets things and it part of the learning…but I really don’t want an expensive mistake.

So happy that we have our great friends to help give us different perspectives and insights…..great food and company. Helps with the stress….no way for us to fully ever thank them enough.

I’m exhausted…heading to our cold bed soon.  =)

So Much To Learn….So Much Stress

We are here in Everett, WA….living in our home on wheels in our friend’s RV lot in their alley way. Which was a very tight fit….doesn’t help that Ackbar is low and we had to worry about bottoming out trying to get into the alley. It was not an easy park job at all….icks….but ToRn got it with our friend’s help.

Everything is all over the place, we are slowly getting things situated….just not fast enough for me. We had to pretty much unload stuff into their garage so we can do the office area and bring it back in next week.

We couldn’t put the cat litter where we wanted due to a support beam. Then things don’t come apart as easy as we thought. So just going to get office set up, put things away there and move on from that. We’ll worry about painting and such next year.

Hubby took a chill out day today after a very stressful day yesterday. Me, I want to get things done, just don’t know where to start and it is stressing me out. Then trying to get work done on top of it….icks….

I keep telling myself we got time, that is why we are here….have time and space to get set up. But until everything is in it’s place….ggrrr Right now it feels as if we are fighting Ackbar…everything is so small, that things don’t seem to fit…..

I’m stressing the holding tanks…we were at 1/3 when we got here and now 2/3rds??? How the hell did we do 14gals of each of the tanks….since Wed when we haven’t even taken showers in it yet? Do have to be fair, it has been at 1/3 since we got it in Dec and it may have been half way between 1/3 and 2/3….so we may have had only 7 gals. But how the hell we did 7 gals?? Haven’t it used it that much.

Don’t want to have to move it to find a dump station and then repark….did find a service that will come out and dump for us. So going to have that done this Thurs…that is going to make me feel better, so we are starting fresh and now we can figure out how long it’ll last.

We got a WiFiRanger Mobile, seems to catch other networks, but we can’t always able stay on. Our own 2 networks of AT&T & Millenicom….even our friends….and they are less then a 100yds away. So another new frustration, that we knew we were going to deal with that….but with everything else…not helpful.

So when I have issues, I head down to our friend’s house and steal their internet for work. =)

Our friends have been so, so helpful. We are trying to visit without imposing on them. You know what they say about fish and visitors after 3 days……so hopefully with having our own home, that won’t happen. =)

Right now watching a Ron White, getting some needed laughter….

Life Changes & the Holidays

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Happy Holidays!!!

Life is a changing for us. It is both exciting and scary as hell.

As of Friday, we picked up an RV. A 2002 Holiday Rambler Admiral, that we’ve named Ackbar.

Long story short, we are going to become full time RVers by the end of Feb, when our lease is up. We are both so looking forward to it and scared. There is so much to learn, it is so big…….it is overwhelming. Once we learn it, I know we’ll be fine…..it is just getting to that point.

Ideally, we want to boondocks a lot and find places to volunteer at for hook ups and learning. We already have our 1st volunteer place at Patagonia-Sonoita Creek in AZ Apr 22 for at least 3 months.

Due to packing stuff for storage, getting rid of stuff, time involved (takes me about 6hrs to put up) and you can’t put an rv under a tree, I didn’t get one this year. Right now, I’m really missing it…..being trying to avoid a lot of holiday stuff that I usually go nuts on, the holiday lights, haven’t even listened to the holiday music that I love…..since I knew that wouldn’t help. But I may listen to the music tomorrow…..and get one day of it.

I have such happy holiday memories from growing up, I love shiny glittery things, always felt like magic. And in the process, really missing my family. This year it feels like the holidays, but doesn’t.

I did get a text from mom, dad was asking if we had an Applebees, I’m like I’d prefer Olive Garden….told them they didn’t even need to go anywhere to get the certificate or mail it…..send it by email. Love that option.

I don’t expect things from my folks anymore, my concern is their finical well being especially since they are raising their 3 grandkids. So I’m just happy with card to know that they are thinking of me. They did send us a ecertificate, which we’ll put to good use on my birthday, I was just happy to hear from them since I’m missing them right now.

I’ll be calling tomorrow, that is for sure. Dad use to call on my bday at the time I was born….but that is way too early on the west coast….grin I love my folks…even though we drive each other nuts…lol

Next year, I may not have my big 7ft fresh cut Oregon tree, but I do plan on having something. This was the 1st year I’ve been without something, not doing that again next year. I picked out cats, personal and old ornaments from when I was a kid, put them into a small shoe box and taking that with us. The only thing that I’d really be missing from it, is my German tree topper….which I love, but need a big tree for that. =)

Been A While

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Ok, what is going on in my little corner of the world……

We had a few days of sunshine and decent temps, now back to cold and rainy….it is Oregon, the normal.

Just received an email from my Aunt, my cousin has been recommended to hospice.  =(  He doesn’t even hit 27 until June.  I didn’t grow up with him so wasn’t close due to that and age, but I have lots of memories of his mom and dad and me teaching his older sister how to walk.  Not sure what if anything I can do to help and feel totally helpless and crushed.  He is part of my family and it hurts.  My thoughts are with them, but that seems to be all I can do.  =(

If you’ve been following my tweets, I’ve been getting very annoyed at the war on women that they right wing nut jobs are doing.  Limbaugh’s crappy comments just highlighted and showed it for what it was.  I’m really hoping that this wakes women up to start taking part.  So many laws have been passed to roll back our rights and treat us like imbecilic property it is astonishing.  And many have no idea how bad it has gotten, they are just trying to live their lives.  And my question is, where are the men in this?  The ones that don’t believe like the right wingers, why aren’t they speaking up?

At the rate this is going, they are going to take away our right to vote……ggeezz

Debating on going to Salem Apr 28th and take part in the March Unite Against the War on Women : https://www.facebook.com/UniteWomen

I know I do a lot of tweets and posts about issues, I hope that they are educational and make people more aware of how the government effects them more then they realize, but maybe it time to do a little more.  Even though, I’m a serious homebody and anti-social.

Not sure what to think about Peyton Manning.  I’ve always wanted him to retire as a Colt.  =(  But I understand why the Colts need to move on (they totally screwed up for not preparing in case he got injured) and start to rebuild.  Irsay and Manning did it really classy.  I really don’t see the Colts doing anything for the next few years.  I do hope, for Manning, that he still has a few more years left in him inspite of the injury and he can retire on his own terms.

We got ourselves IPad 2s for the holidays.  We are thoroughly enjoying them.  We love the surfing options, keeping up with twitter, but loving the ebook option more.  I like being able to update facebook/twitter from it, but for a lot of typing, such as this and skype, it has a lot to be desired.  I need my macbook for that.  We are debating (in the long term) of getting the wireless apple keyboard just for extensive typing.

I do love being able to have a small library in my hand due to my ipad.  I’ve already read the Hobbit & LOTR….being a few years since I have.  Currently going between reading Agathe Christie and “God Hates You : Hate Him Back” while using his arguments to highlight the bible I was given in ’89

Boy, reading this…..why would anyone want to be Jewish, Christian or Muslim??  “God” is such a hateful, murderous and jealous thing (where it acknowledges the existence of other “gods”.)  It teaches racism, genocide…..no wonder why religious nuts jobs feel comfortable in their hatred and bigotry…it taught all comes from the old testament……and I haven’t even gotten the new testament yet.  Like they say, you can’t fully read and understand the bible without becoming an atheist.

Joined the Freedom From Religion Foundation a few months ago.  Never been a fan of organized religion, especially have living in the bible thumping mid west.  Good way to turn you against religion.  But I always thought the bible and things were a log of history….but after actually reading and learning history, nope, it is nothing but a mythology…..just like the greek and roman gods.  Sad that the world still believes in it.

So now I’m reading up on the bible so I can understand and defend myself from the thumpers who have no respect for people who do not believe the same way.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten to the point that I refuse to put up with the crap that I’ve tolerated over the years.  As I say, I’m old and cranky!  lol

Happy Thanksgiving!

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I hope everyone is having a great day of family and food.  As I start this, hubby has the turkey in the oven and we have football in.  Been way too long since my last actual blog, doing our normal of gym, errands and work.  =)

I have finally got what family info I have and put it on a genealogy site.  So far a few of my cousins have added info, which is cool.  Just would love to get even more.  I have all of my great-grandparents names and only one set of great-great grandparent’s names.  I lucked out on the great-great grandpa, he had lots of kids and descents who have put info on the genealogy site and I’ve got as far back as the 1500s in Germany….so that was really, really cool.  But for everyone else, I haven’t been able to get across the pond back to the old country.  =(  Doesn’t help that I can’t read German…..lol  If I can get back to the 1500’s on all of the direct lines, I’d be very pleased.

I just want to establish where the bloodlines are from and then what I really would like, it is find the distant and current relatives that are still in Europe.  I know that my maternalgrandfather’s side was still in, what was then East Germany, in the 1970s.

After getting tied into it for week, I’m taking a break.  When I start back up, I think I’m going to start on uploading pics so maybe it will enjoy other family members to  add to it.  Then I want to start something on my hubby’s side……there is so much to do, that my head spins on where to start.

**Just had our turkey dinner…..tummy is stuffed….grin  He made a great meal.  I think I just love having all the different types of food together…..and look forward to the leftovers.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able and go and visit my folks this coming June.  It has been too long.  And I would love to time it with their 40th wedding anniversary.  =)

This year has just flown by, I think not having an actual summer didn’t help.  It was so wet/damp at the beginning and so short.

We did get one more camping trip in and totally lucked out and got awesome weather!  We went to Mt Rainier National Park back in Sept.  It was sunny and in the 80s.  We took off the jeep t-tops once we got into the park.  It was so beautiful, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

We camped at Cougar Rock, it was so peacefully….helps to wait until after school is back in session….grin



On the drive around the park, we stopped at a glacier river, that showed it’s history of how it has moved through the years.  Meet a couple that lives just across the river in Washington from PDX, that has been going to Mt Rainier for years and has seen all the changes.  They must have been in theirs 80s, they were so neat to talk to.  Would’ve loved to talk some more, but we were out in the open without any shade…..very hot.  Putting our hands into the glacier river felt so good.

Glacier River


This year's bridge, until it gets wiped out. =)

On the drive up.

Our traditional self portrait.

And we drove up to Paradise so we can do a small trail and see Nisqually Glacier.  Since last winter was heavier then usual for snow and our summer started later, parts of the trail still had snow.  But the small hike had such an elevation increase at times that it took 3hrs round trip.

Start of the hike.


Wildflowers and snow. =)

A waterfall off of the glacier in the distant.



The range, with Mt Adams way in the back round.

A very icy, but refreshing feeling stream. We put it on our necks and face, didn’t drink….not recommended unless filtered.

Have a great turkey day!

Long Time….

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It has been a long while.  It has been busy.  For the month of July we had our nephews.  That was interesting.  Not use to having kids around on an everyday basis.  But it was fun.

Hubby had talks with them, the normal right and wrongs, helping mom, being brothers.  Tried to teach them to clean up after themselves, clean up around the house without being asked…..we’ll see if anything sticks…lol  But at that age, you can only try.

Trillium Lake

We took them on a small hike on Mt Hood, to the Oregon Zoo, and then we took them back to Canada and had an extended family camping the first weekend of Aug at Cultus Lake.  Spent one of those days at the water park….that was a ton of fun.  That weekend was full of lots of food, talk and good times with 48 people.  =)

Most of July, we had below average temps and above average rain….during our “dry” season.  We finally started getting decent weather towards the end.  So didn’t do as much with the boys as we really wanted to.  But still had fun. =)

We did have a fun gift for the boys uncle….grin  This is something college fans, especially Big Ten fans would appreciate.  Their uncle is a HUGE Michigan fan and you know, our loyalties is with Purdue….sooo..  We decided to give their uncle something to remember us by.  We all dressed in Purdue gear, hung a Purdue flag and took a picture that we printed out and put into a Purdue frame, so he can put it in his Michigan room….grin  As he said, it is the people in the picture that matters, not what we were wearing……LOL

Kalaloch Beach, Olympic National Park


[/caption]A week after we got back we decided to go for a small trip.  We never drove up the 101 coast of WA….BIG mistake.  We were expecting it to be scenic like Northern California and all of Oregon….wow, disappointing.  The first part of it, you had all the sloughs….which were kind of cool to see.  And the Kalaloch Beach of the Olympic National Park, was really cool….that is what we expected to see more of.  But the rest of the drive was boring…..no really scenic areas, just tunnel trees and what scenic areas there were….like 2 of them, there were no pull offs to enjoy them.

Hubby had done some research and found where we wanted to try and get a site.  Well, that was totally full.  =(  And then we visited like 5 more sites before we found a place to camp.  This was the first time we have never made reservations.  People made fun of us for that, well, we’ll stick with making reservations.

We camped lite, food wise.  Took some dehydrated foods, a few subs and oatmeal….kind of nice not to have a lot of bunch of excess of stuff, but kind of weird.

We got our site at Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge…..it was really nice.  Had enough camp sites, it was well maintained.  We would like to go back to and do more exploring.

Trail at Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge

Dungeness Spit

The next day we had a dilliema, we were going to try and visit friends or go to Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park in the opposite direction.  We really wanted to see our friends, but the whole point of the trip was the site seeing and any hiking we can get in.  So we decided on Hurricane Ridge….totally worth it!  This is what we expected and wanted.

Zoomed in on Mt Baker from one of the pull overs on the way up to the Ridge


At Hurricane Ridge

We so totally want to go back and do some camping at the base and do some hiking up there.  There was still snow up there while there was a stunning amount of wildflowers everywhere.  Loved it!  I highly recommend it.  It helped to make up for they day before, that was a big disappointment.

On our drive out we saw signs for the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim.  We drove through Sequim, WA and found that it was the most pretty town we have ever driven through….lavender every where.  We both enjoyed and didn’t like the Olympic Game Farm, the reason why we didn’t like it is only because we hate seeing animals caged/fenced up.  We know that they are there for a reason and are taken care of and we love seeing them close up, but rather see them in the wild.  We did enjoy feeding them wheat bread.  =)

A Kodiak Beer telling me to give him another piece of bread....LOL


A Yak, they are not shy on getting close to get a treat. =)

So at least our trip ended on a high note.  =)  We are already planning on next trip.  Trying for Mt Rainer again, by the back roads….got turned around last time.  But we know were we got turned around, so going to be more careful…..we ended up on roads that weren’t on the map…..lol

I have gotten myself back into reading.  Kind of helped that our Borders is going out of business and I’ve made a few trips.  I finally got the finally 2 books of The Clan of The Cave Bears series….been almost 20yrs since I read the Plains of Passage.  It is going to suck not to have a big bookstore near by.  I love Powells, but don’t want to have to head into PDX all the time for that.  That is life.  =)

Mt St Helen’s Pics

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Hubby got some really good pics of Mt St Helen on his pentax, the greens and blues just popped. Most of the pics are from his.


Coldwater Lake


All the snow on the side of the road.


This is one of our favorites, hubby took this one


How high the snow it at the observatory on June 6th.


Being difficult


Where the ridge took the hit…..all those trees that were taken out.


Clouds cleared pretty well after we saw the movie. See how the rivers cut through all that debris?


Where we started out hike.


There is a critter in there, can you see it?


I just really like this quote on here…..from a few months before it erupted.


Starting into our hike


Self portrait time.


We are literately walking on what use to be the top of Mt St Helen's


The landslide and flow left huge mounds of ash, pumice and debris….totally changing the landscape and, in time, creating new lakes and ponds.


Where a tree was snapped off, that is the bottom, the top is buried. It was about 8 ft in diameter, it use to be an old growth tree (over a 100yrs old)


All the pumice


As the river cuts through and reclaims it's path


Trees cut down 6.5 miles away by the force of the blast.


Self-portrait time


I really like this one, caught it on my Olympus


Beaver home





The Happenings….

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I meant to start this earlier in the day, heck even a few days earlier……lol  Lets see what is going on.

We had a pretty good weekend last week.  We had some of the nicest weather we’ve had since the fall and did a bit of grilling to enjoy it.  Last Sunday night, as we were finishing our dinner, there was a knock at the door.  We pretty much keep to ourselves and was like, what the heck.  Hubby answered the door, the neighbor from across the street was there and seemed to be mumbling……hubby is like, you hit my jeep?  The guy is like yes.  This is not the first time, limited parking and it is on the street, so not a real big deal….exchange info and contact insurance.  So hubby is like, let me get my shoes.  He goes out there, sees a big wide scratch on the rear passenger bumper.  The guy is like I didn’t hit you there, and when asked where, he pointed to the driver side, that is so covered in pollen and dust that there isn’t a mark.  There is no way.

Hubby was going to say no big deal and not to worry, until he lied about it.  Because that scratch was not there this earlier.  He came in, all ticked, I went out to deal with it, asked for his info, he refused to give it to me, saying that he didn’t hit us there.  Sounding real baffled and buffled.  Well, that wasn’t going to work.  My husband started questioning him loudly and called him a liar, I called the police to mediate.  Dispatcher hearing it in the background, got the police here quickly.  We got the info from the wife, we felt totally guilty, she looked so crushed.  The few times we waved and talked in passing, she has always seemed so nice, she even dropped off fudge during the holidays.

The police did ask if the guy had gone back inside during this, we are like yes, well he had been drinking, but no proof if it was before or after he hit us.  I had seen them working out front all day, they had moved their car out of their drive to pull weeds, so I figured it was when he was adjusting from pulling it back in that he hit us.  It was a nice day, many people work out side and have a drink while doing it.  And looking back at how he responded, it makes sense that he had been drinking and you know the wife knew it.

Like my husband told her, he was saying to him to not to worry about it when he denied that it was his damage.  We did draw the neighbors out during this…..ggeezzz

So we have been debating all week whether to get it fix, if he hadn’t lied, we probably won’t.  And then, if to fix it, go through our insurance, pay the $100 deductible and have them deal with the neighbor’s insurance or call their insurance and deal with them and possible denial.  Well, that did get answered today when I got a letter from their insurance and are now have an appointment with their adjuster.

Been having an issue with the mail I sent out on May 31st and June 1st.  I sent out 3 things on the 31st and only 1 of them got there in a normal time frame.  One of them was not received until June 9th!  Icks.  On June 1st, I mailed out 2 netflix (to Salem), 3 cards (MI, IN, & WA)…….netflix FINALLY arrived June 10th, card to MI, June 11th….not sure of the other 2 yet, but I have hope.  What really bugs me about it, is that the card to IN was to mom & dad for their 39th Anniversary and I mailed it to be on time to be there by June 9th…..nope, didn’t happen.  So not happy about that.  But seeing that 3 of the 5 items have been delivered I have hope on the other 2, fingers crossed.  Normally only takes about 3 days to MI and 4 days to IN.

A few weeks ago I spent some time researching about internal hard drives for our macbook pros, what I read it looked easy to do and by doing it ourselves save us $50 for the change out, $50 for the transfer of settings and files and save $100 on the hard drive.  A total win-win, if as simple as they say.  Found us a much bigger hard drive ( hubby’s a 250GB, mine a 160GB at the standard 5400RPM) and even faster : Western Digital Scorpio Black WD7500BPKT 750GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache 2.5″ SATA 3.0Gb/s Internal Notebook Hard Drive -Bare Drive Western digitals are considered very good hard drives, so I got them ordered.

They were delivered this past Thursday, June 9th.  When I opened the 1st one, I noticed that it had some unsecured from it’s packaging in it’s own box.  But since those boxes were surrounded by packing peanuts, I didn’t think too much of it. Hubby used that one to change out his hard drive, took 3.5hrs for the operating system to install, 1.5hrs for it restore from back up and then it ran slow as heck.  Let it sit over night to make sure everything was lined up and it worked faster in the am.

So Fri we decided to do mine, only took about 50mins for the operating system to install and 30min for it to restore, but I also only had 30GB….his was about 150GB. Didn’t take long at all for mine to be up to speed and no issue.  His started to freeze up, opening programs, playing tunes….so I did some research, sounded like a hard drive issue.  We ran the disk utility, ran the repair, still had the issue.  I started to remember about the packaging and the fact that hard drives are sensitive…..so we switched back to his old and put in for an exchange on the new one.  I will say that so far, newegg.com has a really nice and simple online process for returns.  I’ve never used them before, but was aware of them….so definitely a site to keep in mind when we need electronics.

I got the damage hard drive shipped off and now waiting on the exchange.  Now that we know what we are doing, shouldn’t take long to switch it out and get it running again.

Monday, June 6th was the day we planned for a 12mile hike on Mt St Helen’s, as a late anniversary celebration.  Well, we didn’t go to bed as early as we should’ve and didn’t get our NW Forest Pass like we needed.  We figured we can get them when we get there.  We got our packs all ready Sunday and left here by 6 am, figuring the drive would take about 2-3hrs.  We did figured pretty correctly on the drive, took only a little bit longer due to the fog that we encountered the higher we went.  One moment it was clear the next moment couldn’t see a thing on a winding mountain road.  The pass thing really messed us up, because none of the centers opened until 10am.  If you want to do an all day hike and be back by sundown, you need to start by 8/9am.  So we had already checked a few possible substitute shorter hikes that we could do instead.

They did have some pullovers for you to view the area.  You could see tree trunks from the landslide buried sideways in the dirt and exposed by the rivers that recut their flow through the land.  It really does mess with your mind when you think about it and see it and then the info at the observatory, a bigger mind frock….wow

We went to the Johnson Ridge Observatory, where the original hike would’ve started.  Johnson Ridge is what forced the landslide to move west instead of keep coming north.   Wow about the view…..the pictures we took do not do it justice.  When we first got there, Mt St Helen was covered in clouds and would peak out.  When the observatory opened, we saw the 16min movie they have.  They used the original film with some added CGI, it was actually pretty well done.  Learned a lot more about the blast that neither of us knew.

Didn’t feel so bad about not getting the pass needed for the hike until late, because the trail we wanted to take is still covered in snow and won’t be open until July 4th area.  So the fact that we’ve been doing the higher elevation hikes in the fall, has been a good thing.  And it was a very good thing that we ended up doing the 2.5 mile hike….it was a big workout.  Going by how long it took us, with similar terrain, that they 12mile hike would’ve taken us 9-10hrs.  We really enjoyed ourselves and learned a great deal.

I’ll be posting some pics in a separate post and I still need to make a gallery.

I’ve been working this for a couple of hours and heading to bed.


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Finally got some great weather!  Yes!  Been loving having the house open and letting the sunshine in, where it can…..lol

We are aiming to go hiking on Mt St Helens later this week since, other then lunch, we didn’t do much for our anniversary.  Other then the 2-3 hr drive, I’m totally looking forward to it. We need to figure how early we want to leave….not sure on that one.

There is a 12 mile hike that we are looking at, yes, I know after the last one, I said no more one day hike more then 5-8miles….but this may get us to close to edge of the crater.  Now when we started talking about this early May, they news just had it on that they opened the roads to the visitor center closest to St Helens.  And when they showed it, there was snow about 20ft high on the side of the road.  So I really didn’t think any hike was possible…because we really don’t have snow gear for that.

But they do have web cams on the mountain, the snow is pretty high up, and we shouldn’t be going over the 4000 level that much, according to the map, so we pretty sure that we can do the hike.  And what hubby has found, it has been in the 60s where we want to go and 40s at night.

I’m hoping that we can do it in 6-7 hours, better then the 8hrs we’ve done in the past.  I’m hoping mainly due to the fact that looking at the map, we will be doing a lot of up and down but doesn’t seem like a lot of the extreme elevation changes we’ve done in the past.  But we’ll see….I just want a good hike with great scenery.

We are aiming for a good weather day, the sun is out until about 8:30pm but I do want to prepare just in case.  There is always some story in the news about lost hiker stuck out over night when it gets cold and they aren’t prepared. I want to make sure we aren’t one of those stories, that is how you can get hurt or worst.  So pack a little extra food and clothing while trying not to weigh down the packs too bad.

When we look back at it, our first 12 mile hike around Multnomah Falls, we were really lucky that nothing like that happened.  We took a difficult, steep trail, not one that inexperience hikers really should take, used our regular back packs for some food, water and we did dress in layers….no lamps or first aid kit, no compass…..

Part of our trail was not marked very well and for a bit there, we thought we were lost.  There is nothing like being in the middle of an old part of a forest that people rarely see with no clear trail, so far out of the main paths, hearing the eerie silence, no way to use your phone to creep you out.  Luckily, hubby is like, do not panic…..which is the worst thing you can in a situation like that.  We kept on going and finally found a clear path, but you do not forget that feeling.   Then it was a race against day light, at least it was down hill.

We got to the road as we lost daylight, the hike plan had us going back into the woods for the last 2 miles…  Heck no, if we did that there is no doubt in my mind that we would’ve broken one of our limbs or gotten lost in the dark.  So we walked the last 2 miles on the road.  Another beginner mistake we made, is we didn’t leave a note in our windshield when to we expected to be back and the trails.

The good thing about that hike, that hubby keeps pointing out, is that we pushed our limits and know what we can do.  Which is true, but at the time we hadn’t started at the gym, totally overweight (well much more then I am now…lol) and we could barely move for days afterwards…..icks…lol

Since then, we have gotten proper water bottles, hiking back packs, head lamps, compass, first aid kit, knives, trekking poles, all weather blanket and other things that would help if a situation arises.  And we finally got decent rain jackets last month…..wind breakers do no cut it.  So tomorrow we are going to get everything together so we are ready to take off depending on the weather.

I’m going to be signing up for a class to learn what all the gadgets on our nikon D70s does in July.  Right now I’ve been going over the field guide book that we have.  Just trying to get some info in my head…..while testing it on the cats….lol  We need a new lens, so I’ve been browsing B&H Photography.

Looking at a Nikon 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR AFS-S DX Nikkor Autofocus Lens (WB)/LensCoat Kit Probably going to do some more browsing and then hit up my photographer friends for their opinions.  I just need a good lens that lets me learn.  If I get good enough, then I can move on to the next set of lenses.

Tomorrow goals is to finish getting ready, catch up any all and work and finally do our books.  Right now, it is time for me to head to bed.  =)

Lazy Day

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Day is about gone, still don’t know what I’m doing with it.  I texted with my MI sis, talked to mom, I’ll call tomorrow for dad and I’m skyping with my IN sis.  I did make sausage and eggs for breakfast and read the paper.

I was reading our new BackPacker, that I’ll like to try and finish later today. It has the top 10 National Parks for hikes, they have a picture of Crater Lake on the cover.  I love the info that BackPacker provides, trails, info on gear, cameras, photo tips, animal tips….just a bunch of very useful info.  We just need to do more to use it…..lol

I took a photo composition class last month, really haven’t used the info yet, haven’t been anywhere/inspired to take pics.  Going to take a class to learn how to use all the options on our SLR, I think not really knowing them doesn’t help.  That class will be in July.  I’m the type that needs a very good reason to use something to learn it.  If it is not something I need or am using, I really have no motivation or retention to learn it.  The weather is really, really not helping on it.  So tired of turning on the heat…it is almost June, dang it…..ggrrr

After a lot of thought and research, aiming to get a bigger hard drive for my macbook pro next month.  I need one big enough to fit all of my music, movies and pictures.  I’m both excited and nervous.  I’m looking at this one : Western Digital Scorpio Black WD7500BPKT 750GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache 2.5″ SATA 3.0Gb/s Internal Notebook Hard Drive -Bare Drive All my externals are western digitals and I’ve read a lot of good reviews about them and this one is faster then what I have.  =) It’ll be easier for me to access my stuff, since it is all currently on my external hard drive, but nervous about the process.  I don’t want to screw anything up and lose all my programs and settings.  From what I read, my mac back up (time machine) can be accessed by the operating system disk and it will restore everything.  I so want it to work.

Wow…..the sun is shinning….weird….lol  Suppose to have a semi-nice day tomorrow.  I would love that, but afraid our smokey neighbor will ruin it for me……yuck.

This wasn’t much of a post, but it is something…..grin  I think I’m going to do some reading. =)

Spring Colors

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I really should be doing some work, but it is the weekend and I try to take time for my own things.  I’ll do it later.  =)

We actually got a few dry days this last week and some sunny days and we totally enjoyed them.  Got our 1st 74 degree day this year…..LOVED that.  Now if we can finally get to the 80s I would be totally stoked.

On a dry day two weeks ago, we went out and picked up 5 tomato plants and dirt.  So looking forward to when they start producing.

We don’t have much of back yard, if you can call it.  The things we really like about it makes it hard to grow things.  It is a deck with some dirt and bushes.  We love that on the other side of the fence there are trees, that once the leaves are on it that it gives us privacy from the surrounding buildings and keeps the house cooler on the really, really hot days (no a/c).  BUT that also prevents us from growing things in the ground, due to lack of sunlight and on even a mid-70 day, it feels like 50/60 in the house….bbrrrr

So when we do tomatoes we use pots and have one topsy-turvy….our 2nd year on trying that one.  But we are always moving them around to get the best sunlight.

Tomatoes 2011

Hanging Tomato 2011 & Fuschia

We really did enjoy our 74 sunny day, went and sat on the deck for a time….just getting as much sun and warmth that we could…watching the birds.

Fuschias are so colorful and awesome on attracting humming birds. =)

When it is winter, the gray, damp and cold, even if annoying, is not a big deal.  It is winter, you expect it and you are happy that it is actually much milder then some places you’ve lived and without the snow.  But come Mar/Apr/May it gets on your nerves and you are so ready for a change of weather and color.

We have all these pots from our house plants that we no longer have due to lack of indoor sunlight and plant eating/digging cats so I decided that we should get some flowers for outside.  Just to get some color and my planting bug out of me.  I really have a LOT to learn about judging root systems…..lol  I thought I would be able to plant 2 of them per pot, nope…didn’t happen.  I thought I would only use 4 pots, nope…..9….good thing we had all those extras….lol  Good thing I had hubby helping me, I would taken all day to do them…..grin

Now we have some color leading up to our front door and we have some on our bedroom balcony.  They smell so good when the door is open.

Just watered flowers =)

Up the stairs, covering the gas meter. =)

A few flowers on the balcony.

They aren’t much, but it feels so good to have some bright colors and spring smells.  =)  I’m waiting for strawberries to start showing up at our local fruit stands that open for the summer.  We get some of the juiciest and sweetest here in Oregon….mmmm

We even heard and saw a set of Anna’s Humming birds mate.  That was cool and boy, they are noisy…..lol  We’ve had humming bird feeders up for about 3yrs plus the fuschias, so they know where to come for food.  Some of our birds are back for the season, the Golden American Finch, House Sparrow and Black-headed Grosbeaks….including our noisy Scrub Jays…lol  We even saw a Falcon get chased off by a couple of Ravens…that was neat.

Ah….but I had a fun time last week…..lol  Last Sunday my mac was constantly backing up……well, the external that it went to was full.  It is suppose to delete the oldest back ups once it filled up.  Instead of doing that, totally locked up and damaged it.  So I had to hook up to our main external, the Drobo, and try and put over 300 GBs of music, files and pictures on to it from the locked up one.  You could still copy things off of it, but not delete or add.  So that took a few days, I got a few more WD externals, one a MyBook…didn’t meant to, meant to get a MyPassport and a few MyPassports.  Finally got everything moved, took a bit, but was able to reformat my old 500 GB external MyPassport and that is now nothing BUT mac back ups.

What was so frustrating is that the new MyPassports don’t let you use it like a simple flash drive, they were locked…I couldn’t write on them.  The old ones were so simple and nice. I had to learn how to partition them.  I didn’t want them all to be formatted for mac, because it wouldn’t be recognized by a pc.  We need at least one that was writable for both mac and pc.  So we can transfer files from pc and mac to the other…..more for music files.  It was driving me nuts, because I know it could be done.  And when I know that it can be done, I will keep working at it…..I hate giving up when I know the solution is there.  But I did it….grin  Very happy about that.

Thought I was in the free and clear…nope.  Issues with getting my itunes music to line up with the new location.  When we brought my mac I didn’t up the hard drive like I should’ve, so my music/movies will not fit.  That will change next time.  So it was saying that there where about 3000 missing files out of over 15,000…icks.  Took a long while, but it got down to 300 files missing.  Then I had to go searching for them, most was due to me editing them.  Had to rip about 4 cds, get files off of hubby’s mac, in the end only lost about 50 of my songs.  But those were Kid Rock from my MI sister.  So I’ll get them eventually to re-rip.  So much happier that I got that fixed.  And have already backed up my music, other then what we’ve purchased today.  Going to do that a bit more often.  =)

I started this post hours ago, but between chatting, surfing and playing in itunes….lol….so going to watch the evening news and start some work.

Planning Our Time

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Trying to figure out what to do for our anniversary.  What makes it hard is that it is May 31st….always around Memorial Day….it sucks! When we picked the date (it wasn’t our 1st choice) we were trying to be reasonable money wise and avoid the huge mark up of summer weddings.  We should’ve stuck with Oct.

Well, the last 3 years, we’ve spent it on the Oregon Coast, ironically the last 2yrs in FL was also on the coast…..lol  Nutty.

So now we don’t know what we want to do.  Really can’t do anything on the June 1st, I have contractor payroll and end of the month stuff….blah

We want to do something since we are always home, but the question is what?  While hoping for good weather.

We were thinking of going to Olympic National Park, but that area is now so fully of “vampire” crap from the Twilight movies…hard to find a place we want to stay.  We also don’t know how much effort we want to put into the planning and I don’t know how much driving I really want us to do.  I want to enjoy it, driving wears you out.

We don’t even have a restaurant we really want to go….ggeezz

So far, the only thing I can think of without much planning is driving out all the way to Mt St Helen.  But the question for that is when, May or June?  Due to snow…..blah…..lol

We are so sad…..grin

Seriously thinking of renewing our vows, so we can change the date to Oct……lol  I just don’t know how we would want to do that….want something different maybe quirky….lol

Need to figure out this anniversary first…….grin

Touching Base

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I really need to start posting here more. I just don’t know to post about anymore. I can always do politics, but I tweet so much about that I don’t know if I really should. I work at home and other then errands and the gym, my face to face interactions with people that I use to comment on is limited.

Totally love that we finally got Osama Bin Laden….but even with that, overall it hasn’t been the best of weeks. Maybe crappy people like Cheney will quit lying about Obama not caring about national security and putting this country in danger.  It help to put that racist birther crap down.  So sad it took that and he showed his birth certificate….total crap.

Monday was a total Monday in the worst way.  And today was blah.  Put on Despicable Me for some much needed laughter  We did have one day that was totally dry and sunny and hit 70!!  Even if that was at 6pm, it was nice.

We finally got our tomato plants this week.  Went for 5 instead of the 3 we did last year.  It looks like some will mature mid summer and the a couple in late summer, my beefsteak ones.  So looking forward to those.  =)

After having a few rough winter months at the gym where we only went 4 days a week, we’ve been going 5 days for about 2 months.  BUT they haven’t been full days.  Mostly cardio.  I really need to get back to my abs and weights.  Getting some of my tummy back, doesn’t help that I’m eating a bit too much of things I shouldn’t be.  So both my eating habits and not doing the full workouts is not helping.  Need to get back on track next week.  Especially the workout part.

I have finally gotten back into  making time for reading, other then my news/political surfing addiction.  Both for magazines I can’t finish at the gym and books.  I’ve added a couple of new mag subscriptions, so now I have Time, Ms, Bitch, Progressive, Washington Monthly, American Prospect and also trying out Nutrition Action for better eating habits.  Don’t expect to totally change too much on eating, just want to be more educated about it.

On books, hubby got me Lyndon Johnson by Doris Kearns Goodwin (he was so complex) and John Paul Stevens by Bill Barnhart and Gene Schilickman (love Supreme Court stuff…lol) for the holidays, I got those read. I finally read One Soldier’s Story by Bob Dole (brought that when it came out…really liked that), Audition by Barbra Walters (learned a lot about what women went through by 1st person), True Compass by Edward M Kennedy (very interesting read), and during all that, finally finished the big one, My Life by Bill Clinton…which was good, but loaded with so much detail….wow.  Currently working on American Gospel by Jon Meacham, about “religion, the Founding Fathers and the Making of a Nation”.  How they counted on religion being in the public sphere without it being in government so not lead to the tyranny like it did Europe.

I did finally get off of my butt and took a photography composition class, wow….so much to learn.  They use so many terms for what is used on a SLR camera.  Going to have to take the class on how to learn to fully use our nikon ds70.  I actually planned on taking that class this semester, but with my luck the ONE day I actually made plans for it, we had other plans….ggeezz..  Normally we don’t do a thing…lol  Going to see about making time to go through the book we brought years ago on the camera and try to apply it. What I really want and need is better weather so I can take it out.  I have cats to take pics of, but they aren’t the most cooperative when you are learning the equipment…..lol  And that is what the stressed in class, know your equipment, know your equipment….so I really need to learn all the little things.  I have my point and shot olympus, but learning the nikon will help me with that also.

Well the day that I was going to take that class on learning the nikon, we went up to our friend’s in Seattle for a Zombie Jesus Party…..lol  I love satire.  I made deviled carbury eggs and very fudgy brownies….I must admit, I LOVE my brownies….grin…hubby made his addicting chili.  We had a great time, but I do have to admit we are old and cranky in that instead of staying overnight there, we came home that night….3hr drive back.  We just love being in our own beds and miss our cats too much.  As we have gotten older, we miss our cats even more….much harder to stay overnight without them.

I did have an issue that came up on my fb that disturbed me in their twisted logic.  Just because I’m an american feminist doesn’t mean that I’m going to hate on Islam.  One of friends on fb was from HS….and I had posted the quote from POTUS’ speech “Our war is not against Islam. Bin Laden was not a Muslim leader – indeed he was a mass murderer of Muslims.”  And what she posted on it, I can’t describe as nothing but hateful and bigoted. And I simply told her that I found it to be that and not post it on my fb, those may be her beliefs but do not post hate on my wall/posts.

And she part of her reply : “I find it difficult to believe that any feminist would ever deem to support a religion that will put women to death for the crime of their own rapes”  I’m like, I don’t support that, hell I do not support any religion.  EVERY religion has been used to justify rape, beating, abuse and slavery….they all suck on that and that is why I don’t like them.  They never follow their positive and good lessons of their religions, but their books are written by men and totally screwed up due to that.

Just because of my dislike of religion and the majority of their leaders, doesn’t mean I’m going to hate on them as a people.  That is no better then what Hilter did the Jews…..and I told her that, she didn’t like that and did one long post accusing me of attacking her beliefs.  I’m just too old for dealing with that…..it is my fb, which has far as I’m concern is my house and I won’t tolerate what I find is hatred and bigotry towards one type of people….so I unfriended her, I don’t need the drama.  I’m sad in that she has so much hatred built up in her.  And I’m not the most positive person in comments about society.

I can’t say that I’ve ever really known any Muslims, I’ve maybe encountered a few in my years of work but my husband served with some and we all know that every religion and race has both good and bad in it.  I did ask one woman about how do you keep the head wraps on and she seemed very happy to share her culture with me.  But I’m not going to judge a whole group of people based on bad ones, most things are cultural…not religious when it comes to things that are done in the name of Islam.  And I go on about the crimes and stuff of Christianity all the time.  But I also know that there are a lot of good people that actually try practice the teachings of Christ, which are good and get lost.  So individually I have no issue with people having their different faiths when it is not twisted to hurt, abuse or mistreat people or forced on me.  But I do have a MAJOR issue with all the evil and bigotry done in the name of religion.

Now hubby will say I’m dwelling on it, maybe I am….but not in the way that I’m upset in the standard sense of the word.  More like it makes me examine things and want to break it down about human nature and myself.  I think if I’m upset about anything it is that horrible generalization she made about being a feminist….like there aren’t Muslim feminists.  It was insulting to me to think that being a feminist meant that I should hate on them…wtf?  I guess I will never get that way of thinking…..maybe happier not to.

If you hadn’t seen, I became a great aunt in Jan.  =)  Very cool……the closest I will ever to being a grandma and that is as close as I want…grin  I will say that I’m not too please about some of the decisions my niece has been making.  Believe she is making them for all the wrong reasons and doesn’t want to work for anything.  Wants everything now and expects it to be easy.  Her sperm donor father coming out in that.  =(  But it is her life to screw up, just worried about my great niece.

Wow after not posting in awhile, this is a long one.  Maybe I’ll do more of it, probably more social commentary.  =)

Family Holidays

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Not doing much today.  I did go to the gym, got a very good workout in inspite of the treadmills.  My favorite was taken….rats  Got to see the gym trainers bring a guy back after he left while leaving #125 dumbbells on the floor for people to trip over them.  How lazy?!?  But they told him to put them away…grin  I totally enjoyed that.

The roads were a ghost town on the way to the gym, on the way home…..totally different.  Hubby over did it this week, developed a muscle cramp in his hamstring.  Hope to get back at it Mon.  We need to head down town PDX next week for the court house for a dry run to deal with traffic and learning a new area for his jury duty.  That is so going to be fun….NOT……

We tried going to the store…..parking lot said no way….came home.  We’ll go Mon/Tues.

Totally looking forward to tomorrow.  Got a bunch of little things for hubby, can’t wait for him to open them.  Nothing much, but love putting a smile on his face.  Sent a gift to my MI sister, I’ve been avoiding calling her because I can’t trust myself to give it away……lol  I’m horrible.

When I can actually think of gifts to give, that is my favorite thing….but I swear I’m more excited then receiver when they open it…….lol

I love this time of the year and I’m so not religious.  I hate to break it to you religious folks, but a lot of these traditions started long before your religion.  Christ had good lessons that people do not follow and are hypocrites of.  Historically, he is interesting…..

But the traditions that we practice are from winter solstice and pagan traditions…. a lot of them from Germany…the tree being one example of it.  Which is why I love this time of year…..reminds me of my childhood there.  I may have left there when I was 7….but it left a lot of happy impressions on me.

We were broke, so it wasn’t loaded with a ton of gifts, but we always had a special time with family.  That is what always counted.  We would go for drives to see all the lights that the Germans put up, Mom would read the Xmas story from the bible just before bed, my sister and I would be totally too excited…..wake up by 4 am, sneak out and see all the presents, feel our stockings and wonder how much change and candy were in there.  Then try and keep ourselves from waking mom and dad up…..we never got past 5-6am…..lol….poor mom and dad.

It was one day of the year we didn’t fight….lol…. Played with our things and crash together on one of our beds.  By the time I hit school age, I was odd….I loved getting new clothes, almost more then the toys.  Something new to wear to school.

Mom and dad always made it special because when you have a b-day around xmas, it sucks…..people give you only 1 present for both your bday and xmas, if they remember at all.  You almost never have parties due to the holidays.  I got one when I was about 4/5 at daycare….that is where I was given my german nutcracker that I still have to this day.  It has had it arms glued back on over the years, but I still have it.   =)

I usually recommend people, don’t have kids around the holiday…it usually bites.  But I was lucky when it came to my folks.  =)

They’d tell me how they had to take mom to the hospital Xmas eve, they sent her home saying it was false labor, then the next day they had to go back and dad ran out of gas following the ambulance on the autobahn….LOL  Poor mom, didn’t have me until the day after and burnt the cornish hens she had put into the oven the 1st time she went to the hospital.  When I moved to Purdue, my folks called me at midnight to wish me happy bday….lol

When it comes to the holidays, even with the grumblings and the stress arguments that broke out leading the weeks before, my folks loved the holidays almost more then us kids.  They are sounding a little lost this Xmas eve since the grandkids are at their mom’s and not home with them.  They haven’t been by themselves since ’72…the year before I was born….lol  Just got a text from mom, sounds like dad got called into work…..at least it is double time, all the gifts for the kids are already wrapped….so it is little different this year.

I just really felt like sharing my holiday feelings, not sure why else I wrote it……lol

Hope everyone has a great Holiday!

My December Update

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Alright….what I have I been up do?  Work, work and work…..gym, gym and gym….lol

Well today I didn’t do either of those today, does that count?  =)  I did make some cookies.  The refrigerator kind that my mom use to make for the holidays.  I think it is the correct receipt, it tastes like I remember…..I could ask mom to verify…..grin  Need to do that next time I talked to her.  =)

Frustrated, got one more of my items delivered…I’m 2 away from having my holiday shopping delivered.  But the one that I really want I won’t get until Monday.  Then I need to turn around and get to the post office that day to get it shipped out.

In between work and gym, I did get all our holiday cards out.  That was a project.  =)  Hubby laughs because I’m the only person he knows that still talks to people from my first job/HS and exchange cards with them….grin

2010 Holiday Cards

I even got my nails done for the holidays…grin  A little blurry, but cute. =)

Holiday Nails 2010

I also took about 4hrs to get our tree decorated…..lol  It is the biggest tree we have ever had, I even had to use a chair to reach the top….never done that before and I have never had to use all my garland and extra lights before….so cool…lol  I need to get more beads and bows for next year, want to add more silver…..I have a lot of burgundy and gold, which was my theme when I started this years ago.

Holiday Tree 2010 Grand Fir

I love the fact that we live with a bunch of tree farms near us.  We get them fresh.  =)

Our Alaska Ornament

I did take time out from decorating our tree to attend our local tree lighting.  It was cold and windy, but it got a nice size little crowd and I got free hot cocoa….grin….can’t turn that down.

As usual, if you follow my babble on my tweets, I’ve been going nuts on politics….my normal.  =)

Today history was made with the repeal of DADT!!!  So that was one good thing. That is the Civil Rights of our generation.  Now we need to get rid of DOMA.  That is horrible law…..I’m so hoping the courts overturn, totally don’t trust congress.

But I’m totally displeased about the Dream Act failing and how the senate has not passed the 9/11 Responders Bill.  Which is totally sad that it took The Daily Show on Comedy Central for other news networks to start reporting on it…..totally messed up.

Any day now I’m going to be great-aunt to a new niece……wow does that make me feel old….lol  My 19yr god daughter is due Xmas day, but is so wanting for it to happen now….lol  I so can’t wait to see the pictures of the new baby and she’ll be close to sharing my horrible date for a birthday….grin

Got one of my other teen nieces to add me to her chat, the good thing is that she likes to talk to me and hit me up.  Which I’m grateful for, since I even if I’m not there in person I want to help guide her as much as possible.  Very proud that when my niece wasn’t happy with me yesterday and I had to smack her down telling her that I won’t be disrespected (even through chat) that she apologized the next day.  Even though I have to admit that I didn’t handle it very well.  A boyfriend of hers was totally flashing red flags to me……icks  I’m very pleased that she dumped him.  =)

The family says that she reminds them of me, I see it but I also don’t see it.  There is a lot of things that she does that I would never do, but then I grew up on Army Posts moving around, not in the middle of farmland Indiana….huge difference.

Gym wise…..did my 1st full week in over a month.  Been going to the gym, but skipping about one day a week.  This week I did all 5 days and got 75-90min workouts in.  Only left one day early due to issues with treadmills that messed me up…..ggrrrr

Which leads me to this.  We’ve been going to Bally’s for 3yrs this coming Feb…..we are canceling our membership when our contract is up.  The staff is good, they do what they can.  But the corporation bites.  We need new treadmills badly, they have decreased their speed suddenly, almost messing up my husband’s knees.  They have stopped on me, telling me that user not deducted…..I’m no pixie, it can’t miss me.  Tues I went to 4 DIFFERENT treadmills and they all did it to me.  I was so pissed.

I know their maintenance doesn’t sit on their asses when they are there.  They are always working on them.  The treadmills are just old and we need new ones.  Of course, our response from corp when we tell them this has been a blow off.  So we’ve had it and going to take our money elsewhere.

A new gym just opened up down the road, no contract needed, cheaper month to month.  And there is new location going in where we are looking to move to when our lease is up in over a year.  We’ve heard good things about them.

I do admit, that I will miss the staff at our gym and the regulars there.  They have seen us there for almost 3 yrs and say hi, friendly small talk, and have been encouraging in my weight lost…..shedding 50#…..but I’m not going to miss the treadmills.

I had mom ask me what I want for the holidays…I’m like, I really don’t need anything.  Yes, there is always stuff that I would like….books and pricey apple stuff…..but we are much better off then others.  We are too the point in our lives that we don’t really need/want presents.  We usually get what we want when we can.  Now, I do admit, I love giving presents…..grin  But really don’t need anything.

When hubby asks what I want, I don’t know what to tell him, other then a large list of books.  But while watching a show tonight, it reminded me what we can tell our folks….you want to get us anything…make a donation, we love the humane society, red cross, salvation army, ACLU, goodwill, food banks and organizations for helping people pay for heat/energy during the winter.

So folks, when you don’t know what to tell people what to get for you, have them do a donation instead.  In this economy, there are so many organizations that need even more help then ever.  And that is my service announcement for the day.  =)

Well, this took a lot longer then expected……lol….per usual.  But that is what is going on right now.