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15th Anniversary Camping Plans

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A little back story, when we chose our wedding date, I was just thinking of trying to avoid the jump in prices that a summer wedding always brings. And our wedding ended up on May 31st….big mistake, always stuck dealing with holiday stuff and with my current job, I have end of the month stuff to deal with…blah We should’ve stuck with the Oct date…..lol

Now when we plan to celebrate our anniversary, it is normally anywhere from a few days to a few weeks that we do our plans. Since we’ve moved to Oregon, we’ve tried to see different parts of the northwest, especially our adopted state. We’ve done 3 trips to the Oregon Coast to get it covered, camped in the Red Woods and now we are finally going to head to John Day Nat’l Monuments this week.

It is about a 4hr drive to the 1st campsite of Bull Prairie Lake, just north of the 3 parts of the John Day Nat’l Monuments. We want to see the Painted Hills and the Clarno Unit after we set up camp Tuesday. Then Wednesday, pack up and head to the Sheep Rock Unit to do this 4mi hike : http://bp2.trimbleoutdoors.com/ViewTrip.aspx?tripId=536378

Hoping to get our 2nd campsite in Malheur National Forest before all the sites get taken. But with it being mid-week and school still in, the odds are on our side. =) Thursday we’ll come out of the Nat’l Forest at Baker City and jump on 84 for the 5-6hr drive to head home.

The weather keeps going from overcast to sunny…..lows at night in the 40s and highs in the 60s/70s, really hoping it works out and we get to see some stunning scenery. Totally looking forward to some hikes, even if not looking forward to the drive…..lol

Right now, I want to get more done, work wise and for the camping…..but keep thinking I’m missing something…..grin Never ending cycle.