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I just found out thorough TastyTrixie that my comment link is not showing up on here….I did not know that. I do moderate my comments, but I’ve always welcomed them.

I’m currently trying to figure out how to fix the issue.

This Week’s Summary

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I did ok at the gym this week.  I did improve by a .06mile on the treadmill for a total of 3.32mile in 30min.  My lower abs have been sore the last 2days.  I have increase the weight on the abdominal to 82# for 2 sets of 20 & 81# for the last 2 sets.  I’ve also been trying to increase my floor ab workout.

My pedometer says I got in over 33miles in steps this week, which is more then the last 2 weeks, so that is cool.  Once the weather is better on the weekend (non-gym days) I can start getting my walks in and increase that.

Hubby asked if I would like to increase our gym time from 60min to 90min.  I would love that, I know that I can do much better and get a more intense workout in with that extra 30.  I will just need to think of what I want to add to each day.  I have  few ideas.  But I think I will do my normal and then after my floor abs (I normally do last) I will then add all different exercises to my routine.  So if we decide not to do the 90, I still have my normal in.  Fingers crossed that we handle getting in that extra 30min.  Because I’m getting tired of being stuck at the same weight.

Been having a few days were I just want to smack people.  I’m very happy that I don’t have to work face-to-face with most of the people that I have to deal with.  It sucks, because most of what I do isn’t that hard, just mentally intense and time consuming.  But when I get stuck with some of these people, I just go into avoidance mode and I hate that mode.  So I end up working on everything else but them and then go back to them last.

I’ve also been working on a few things for my folks.  Doing what I can from across the country with what I know. =)

I have been playing around with my widgets in a few of my other blogs.  Which I’m really enjoying.  I really like that WP has that option now, makes it so easy to change things up.  I can’t wait for them to finish the header on my new layout so I can start using the widgets here.  I will enjoy that.  I did leave a message on when I should expect a preview on the font.

Been trying to update plugins and then screwing something up…..ggrrr  I lost my photopress…icks..  I love scaring myself that way.  I was able to reinstall it, but now I can’t use my random picture widget.  So I had to do another ticket with my host to see if they can replace my new photopress file with one made from the backups they make.  I hate pestering them for my goofs.

Now, while trying to learn how to change file permissions so I can edit wp themes I totally lost access to my theme file.  I can’t even delete the damn thing and re-upload it….lol  LUCKILY I was able to rename it and upload a new file named themes.  Now waiting on the FTPing.   Good thing that I try to back up everything, because I lost my blog completely since it had no design to attach itself to….DOH!

Which reminds…that should be my big project, backing up everything, which also means cleaning/reorganizing my externals….that is going to be exhausting.

I didn’t get a lot of things done today.  But I did get the most time consuming project done….some video shots.  I hate the time it takes for setting up for shoots, it takes forever between the lighting, cleaning up the area, camera, make up and figuring outfits….icks  But I got it done, so I am please.  I was going to start writing up the descriptions for them, but my brain died……lol

So I started doing blog work and screwing things up……..lol  Tomorrow I have to finalize our taxes and get them paid…icks  Not something I’m looking forward to, but very happy to have it done with for now.  Then back to the health insurance search….which sucks big time here in the US.

That is the only two things that I miss from working outside of the house, getting health insurance (but that requires full time work & more stress) and having taxes taken care of.  Things that taken for granted, well the tax part anyway.  Insurance is something everyone gets screwed on.

Hot damn, just had a thought to check something out and fixed my photopress!  Now need to figure out the permissions thing.  I would like to change out headers and fonts.  There is one theme I like, but I can’t stand the font……lol

I think I’m going to close and play around with my widgets and plugins.  =)