Determining My Playmates


***I had wrote this up & posted it in my LJ awhile back & felt that it would be a good thing to have in my archives here.

I’m always getting email from guys wondering if they can fuck me. It is kind of flattering, but at the same time not. Some seem to think that just cuz I enjoy sex, I’m a swinger & I have a site that I’ll fuck everyone & anyone. It does not work that way.

I actually had one (I swear to you) that all it said was “when & where”!..I’m like WTF??!!

So let me give you the rundown (I’ll probably make this a form letter, at this rate, lol).

1. I’m not actively looking. I will keep an open mind but I make no promises cuz it is not a priority of mine.

2. If you send me a pic, PLEASE do not send me one that is just your dick! I want your face & your body, also. I want to see it all, just to get an idea. And no I do not just go by looks. You can be drop dead gorgeous & still be a jerk. =)

3. If you want to get with me, you have to be willing to have your face & other parts in pics & videos.

4. You have to sign a model release & provide 2 forms of ID with one of them being a government issued photo ID with your DOB on it. That is for proof of age.

5. The bigger the size (more then 10inches) doesn’t impress me, it scares me. 6-8 is perfect, 9-10 you need to know how to use it, cuz I’m not that deep & it can hurt. Now a big cock is great for titty fuck pics, cuz those have a tendency to get lost in my tits. (I have no idea why, do you? Lol)

6. Yes, I do love gangbangs……….but you have no idea how hard those are to schedule if you can believe that. Lol

7. No one is allowed to cum on face, in my mouth, or on my pussy except my husband, Torn. The thought of another man is icky to me.

8. I do not do anal. I do liked to be licked, but the insertion…..forget it. =)

9. Condoms only!!

10. Do not address me as “babe” or “baby”, that annoys me.

11. DO NOT use the word cunt when referring to a pussy. (Newsflash a high % of women detest that word more then slut, whore or bitch (which you shouldn’t be using with us anyway, =} )

12. When you write me tell me about yourself & ask questions. To this day I never know what to ask. Weird, isn’t it? lol

13. Honestly, I’m shy as hell when trying to arrange a meeting, which is why I usually let Torn handle it. I want to chat with you & get to know you. But even if we meet (Torn has to like you also) I go by how I click with someone. And I never know until I meet them.

14. I’m very uncomfortable with the idea of someone flying out to meet me. It kind of makes me feel obligated & I will not be put into the situation cuz I wouldn’t do anything with anyone just cuz of that.

15. I do not trust men in general when it comes to sexually situations. I grew up seeing the darker side of men & will not do anything with out my husband or a group of very trusted friends near by.

16. I’m much more outgoing when I meet folks in person. As you can see from my writings, I have the tendency to talk a lot. Just never very good with emails, I feel awkward with them sometimes.

17. I am more comfortable with webfolks then folks outside of it cuz they know how it works & understand about setting your rules & following them. They have a better understanding.

18. I do have time & travel restrictions. I can not do things at the drop of a dime.

19. If I want to shot with you, please be aware that SOMEONE will find out that it was you. It never fails. Please fully think with the head on your shoulders, not your cock, about it. I will not be with anyone I feel that may be jeopardizing thier career.

20. I will not be the “other woman” in your life if you are married. We are consenting, honest adults & I will not be part of your relationship problems.

In the end you have to go through Torn (

That is the how’s & why’s for now, if I think of anything else I’ll add it. =) This is just something I felt that I needed to address & hopes that it gives you a better understanding on how things work with us & with some of the other folks on the web.