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What is going on with my site.

My Twitter Dilemma

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Trying to decide how and what I’m going to do with my TKV twitter. Our lives are moving in a different direction. Other then this blog….

But I’m also proud of the history I have on twitter, over 27k in tweets….one of the 1st to use it. I can suspend my account and after 30days they delete everything. Now I’ve downloaded my archive of all my tweets….so I have that for shits and giggles of my history.

But if I delete my account, does it free up my Toni_KatVixen name like a phone number for someone else to grab? Well, even if I don’t use it anymore…..this is MY name and I won’t be impersonated……I’m very territorial to my name. We built it, this is who I was for so many years and I’m not going to have some wannabe take it.

Right now, I don’t need to delete it to remove my online presence and I can still update it….but I not really sure about it. If I do a tweet I think it’ll just be my posts here…..I’m so undecided.

Debating on just changing the design (no site promotion), keep it private like I have it and put up a generic picture….not really sure what I want to do and how I’m going to do it.

New Life Chapter

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Well….been a long time since I’ve posted anything. I’ve may be permanently deleting my twitter. Made it private for now because there are some accounts that I follow that I wanted to grab before deleting it.

There has been some changes going on in our lives and it just may be time to move on from this chapter of our lives.

But I am debating on whether or not to keep my blog here. Because this blog is my personal history of development and exploration of myself…emotionally, sexually and intellectually….in a lot of ways more of my pride and joy then my site ever was due to my growth. And there are things I can express here and I do not wish to express on my more family medians of my life.

Not really sure how or what I’m going to do, just know that one chapter of our lives is closing and another is opening.

A Bit Better

Today was getting better, a bit more normal. We actually got sleep, but we both felt like crawling back into bed all day.

My body is hating me…and I’m hating it right back, the only time I hate the female parts. And this isn’t even the worst..just feel icky.

We more then got our hours in this week with project we were working on, took it easy today and will be taking it easy tomorrow.

We decided to try the Mexican restaurant here in town today for lunch. I went and picked it up so we can chill out at home. We prefer to eat at home when we can instead of waiting in restaurants much unless chilling with friends. It was very good…been a while since we had good Mexican food.

Hubby did see our first salamander here on the road. He was so cold, he wasn’t moving. So he picked it up and moved it safely into the woods…..not even a 100 yds later, found another one. Hubby saved two salamanders today. =)

Our first salamander that hubby saved from the road.

Our first salamander that hubby saved from the road.

I’ve been slowly getting work done today. Really need to attack company and client books tomorrow.

For the last 2hrs, been working on my blog trying to fix the comment form. I do have to say this if you have issues with Atahualpa wp theme & an adult site, do NOT expect help from That is so messed up and closed minded.

So I’ve posted on another form addressing it as a wordpress issue. Sounds like I’m not the first person that has had this issue. But the posts are over 3yrs old, so need to see if there is a different solution with this version of wordpress……the search for a solution goes on.


I just found out thorough TastyTrixie that my comment link is not showing up on here….I did not know that. I do moderate my comments, but I’ve always welcomed them.

I’m currently trying to figure out how to fix the issue.

Scattered Thoughts & Sexual Urges

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My brain is scattered. Trying to get work done while chilling out this weekend.

Thinking I’ve neglected my blog enough, I need to clean it up and check out all the links. I think I’ll be attacking it after the 1st. Upset that my headers are missing and I can’t seem to find them.

Not sure what we are doing with the site. Right now, got it all going into one place. Lost the design I really love, but if I get the PSDs and something that knows what they are doing…I’m open to other ideas. I want something that matches me and us.

We went for walk yesterday and did some birding. That was really cool. Saw our first belted kingfisher and 3 bald eagles.

Spent the last 2 days planning for our trip to Seattle area for my big 4-0 celebration. We are going out with some very dear friends for Italian, wine and good conversation. So I’ve been going through my clothes (I want to dress up and feel sexy) and my jewelry (that I love to wear, but don’t have the opportunity to). I’m not freaking out, it seems like many people do when they hit a number. But I’m looking forward to it. I think I carry my age well, helps that I’ve never had kids.

Maybe my “midlife crisis” is my sex drive, not really sure what it is doing. Don’t know if regards to ToRn’s gf….I’ve always enjoyed women…I don’t know if it was the smoke, wine, release of tension…..but that night with the 3 of us as stuck with me more then any other.

One image that I forgot to share, is that it was so fucking hot to be on top of ToRn fucking him, have his cock slide out of me and knowing that she was sucking my juices off of his cock before she guided his cock back into me….hot knowing that his gf was doing that. Wondering if I could do that so good to her….grin

Had some really hot awesome sex last night. I felted thoroughly fucked and was finally able to go to sleep without still feeling like I needed more. I love what ToRn does to me. No matter how many cocks I’ve had or the size, ToRn hits me better then anyone else.

Got up at 6:30am for a potty call, looking forward to getting more sleep…..didn’t happen. Images started in my mind going between the thought of fucking ToRn and going after some sweet pussy (wanting both a taste of it and wanting to get it ready for ToRn to fuck)

2hrs later when ToRn got up to brush his teeth, I quickly finger fucked myself to a slight satisfaction. Used my new toy when was my turn for the bathroom. Felt pretty good…no pics this time, just fucked my toy.

Got a few things done and when ToRn had to step out, my pussy has been aching, that I jumped on the bed, grab a glass toy, shoved it in and took my wand to my pussy. I knew he was going to home in 10min and I had to make it fast, good thing my wand gets me off so fast and it felt so good….grin

Nothing like having my favorite wand on my clit and something hard in my pussy.

Nothing like having my favorite wand on my clit and something hard in my pussy.


Just got off, feel much better….

Just got off, feel much better….

Feels dirty to sneak it in……plus I love telling him while we are fucking what I did. He loves it when I do that….grin

I attacked my work, knocking out some emails and then took over 3hrs to make stuffed shells (had to use manicotti pasta, the store was out of shells). First time in a long time that I’ve made it. It came out pretty good. A few adjustments and I’ll be happy.

Felt good to shower after dinner, all the cooking made me hot and sweaty. Took my new vibrating water proof toy with me. It doesn’t hit as good as the wand on the clit, but it does the job. Feels good and slutty to fuck myself under the hot water.

Kind of a dorky look, but I'm totally feeling it my pussy….and it feeling very good.

Kind of a dorky look, but I’m totally feeling it my pussy….and it feeling very good.

I love being able to have toy that feels so good while in the shower.  Love the vibration.

I love being able to have toy that feels so good while in the shower. Love the vibration.

Now I sit here, we got the heaters going, in a sundress with nothing else on. My legs are up on the desk, lab top in my lap and dress around my hips so my pussy is hanging out. Hubby on the phone with the gf. Feels pretty good.

Thanks to Trixie, I’ve discovered coconut oil is the perfect lube for me. I can’t use petroleum based products, totally allergic to them. We normally use water based ID, but it makes you feel so “tacky” and honestly, once his cock is covered in that, I’m not sucking it. But with the coconut oil, not an issue. My pussy loves it and I can suck on his cock if we use it. It is a win – win. =)

And with that…I call it a night….grin

Questions & Chatting

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Hello Everyone,

As you know, I’ve gotten addicted to using twitter over the last year or so…I’ve actually lost track of when I started it…lol

So if you like to follow me and interact with me, here is my account :

I’m actually better at responding on there in a more timely manner to comments made to me since I see them quicker using my tweetdeck.

Now I know that tweeter isn’t for everyone.  So I do have a facebook account that I have my tweets update to and I respond to comments made on that account (but I’m HORRIBLE to responding to messages)  If you friend me, send me a message stating that you are a member.

That page is :

They wouldn’t let me have my full name.  =(  I think it is banned….because no one has

Now if you follow twitter, you’ve noticed that some folks are using a website that lets folks to ask them questions.  I’ve thought it would be a great ideal for members if they wanted just to ask a quick question to learn something about me.

Now I need to learn how to get notices from this when I have a question in…I had one from yesterday thinking that I would get an email and didn’t know it was there…not good…lol  So I’ll work on that & I hope to hear from you soon.  =)


New Blog Layout….kinda

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As you have noticed, when you visit my actual blog, there have been a few changes.  The 3 column setup in the same, because it works best for me, but the headers have changed and the sidebars have been cleaned up old links and reorganized.

We needed to update the options and plugins on my wordpress, the issue was that the design we had was a custom for an older version of wordpress.  We needed to be able to us the wordpress with all the bells and whistles.  So we found a new template (I didn’t realize how similar it was to the old one…lol) and the designer reworked my headers using my toon.  =)

It took forever to get it.  A lot of misunderstandings….I guess.  But I told them, just set it up with the new headers, logo & colors and I can take care of the rest.  I spent a whole weekend just playing with widgets on a few other blogs and really got the hang of it and wanted to work it myself.  I have even figured out how to change it to the font that I prefer, much easier on my eyes.  And to top it off the template I choose makes it even easier to make adjustments.  Perfect for people like me.

I think that I got it to where I want it.  I’m just not too sure about the link colors in sidebars.  But at the same time, the only real colors that work in there are white and black.  And the black is already being used.  Food for thought………mmmmm

Well, today was a busy news day.

I thought I would be totally bored with all the swine flu freak outs.  Yes, I know that swine flu is serious, but the way they are going on they are panicing and overstating it.  More people die from the regular flu on yearly basis, don’t hear anything about that. (Regular flu has killed thousands since January)

I am very surprised that Spector went dem.  I actually thought he would go independent.  I don’t always agree with him (Anita Hill, employee check card….etc), but I respected that fact that he was moderate rep, not some right wing nut job and that he was his own man on issues.  I’m independent with liberal leanings, but I’m not a dem and know that there are good reps out there.  So I was hoping that he would be able to bring his party back around from the extremism that it has become.  All parties need checks and balances within reason.

But I don’t get the commentators with the filibuster proof vote that the dems may get.  That is totally not true.  Spector is no yes man and they will have to make concessions to get his vote as they did when he was rep.  So he went from a moderate rep to a conservative dem.

His leaving the GOP is reflection of how bad that party has gotten.  His statement at his press conference was a critique of what is wrong with the party and all the moderates it has drum out.  Until they can fix that, they will in the wild for awhile.  This article fully shows the divide and unreasonable expectations that the GOP has become  :

I post more news stories in my tweets.  =)  So you know what I’ve been following.

I found a few more apps for my iphone through our friends’ suggestions.  Those have been fun.  I do need to fully go through them to make sure that I don’t have a bunch of space wasters.

Well, I feeling pretty good and probably goofed on my writing, so I’ll close for now.

Twitter Following

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I was planning on writing this up a few days ago, but got side tracked.

For long time readers, you now know that I use tweeter :

Now once they finally finish with my new blog design….ggrr…. I will have that link posted in my sidebars.

Anyway, you can follow me there.  But do not expect me to follow everyone that follows me.  This is what I look for on following :

1.  People that I may know.

2.  People who tweet.

3.  People who ACTUALLY tweet….not just a bunch of replies, that is a conversation that I can’t easily see and follow.  I don’t want bunch of spam and self-promotion.  Self promotion is good within reason, but I’m not going to be advertised to on a regular basis.

4.  I want people that I find interesting.

5.  I also don’t want to be following in the 1000s….I can’t keep up with that.  I follow people that I want to know what is going on in their lives….when following is that high, there is no way to keep up.

These are a few things that I have thought about and if I come up with anything more, I will add it.  =)

Catching Everyone Up

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This weekend was payroll, so I was tied up with that.  I know that it is a pain in the ass to have payroll during the week, but I’ve gotten into the habit of avoiding work as much as possible on the weekends.

If  I spend time online on the weekend, I want it to be surfing for my own interests or working on our personal stuff, not “job” related.  So I am looking forward to this weekend on avoiding “work”.  What I’m not looking forward to is finalizing our taxes and what we owe the government….icks  But I’ll feel better once it is over, then on to other personal projects…like digging back into health insurance and getting off my ass and seeing an accountant.  =(

We had to take the jeep in for regular maintenance and have them look at a few things.  Of course, they don’t keep us informed as to where is stands.  We had to call today when they told use that they would call us last night….annoying.  We were going to pick it up this evening, but really didn’t feel like dealing with rush hour traffic, so going to pick it up tomorrow probably after the gym.

Suppose to be nice tomorrow, so debating on going for some small hikes…we’ll see.

I’ve been doing ok at the gym.  Been very slowly improving on the treadmill.  I’m up to 3.27mile within 30min and finish off at 3.34mile at 31min.  We had a lot of useless posers at the gym today.  I love it when people just stand around the machine that I want and just talk…annoying jerks.  But I’m going to have to work on cutting my sugar.  I have increased it over the last few months even though I’ve been maintaining my calories.  I’m stuck at this plateau and it is annoying me.

I’m not feeling too well.  We tried this new brand of lasagna and I like it, but I think I ate too much.  I had some mint chocolate chip ice cream to settle my tummy.

For once, we are pretty happy with our setup furniture wise.  We got a five shelf and a three shelf bookcase for the bedroom that actually matches our bed set.  I really like how it came together, we have the space to put stuff without it being too crowded.  We got nice matching furniture in the dining and living room, even though the kittens have scratched up our leather sofa and chair while chasing each other….the little shits.  =)

I’ve been playing around with Twitter & Facebook.  I got the widget that Twitter had to add to my Facebook.  So now all I have to do it update my twitter and it updates my facebook, my LJ gets updated nightly and my blog has them both in the sidebar and updated nightly.  I also have my feed from my blog going into my facebook.  =) That makes it so much easier.

I’ve been having fun sending pictures of our cats to my twitter from my cell phone…….lol The pictures have turned out much better then I expected them to.

We are getting my blog worked on, you can see that there are some things missing.  I need to find out when they are working on it.  My current design doesn’t work with the new wordpress and widgets.  So we are going to have a new layout done up.  They just need to do the colors, add our header and logo.  =)

While adding the new bookcases, we have moved the laptop for the cams in the bedroom.  We are trying to keep them from disconnecting all the time.  We suspect it is because it was so far from the router downstairs.  It seems to be doing better with the occasional disconnect.  We’ll see.

The Culture Warriors Get Laid Off

**The one positive about the country being in a mess is that culture “warriors” have their power removed.  People are more concerned with more important things….like jobs, housing and food to let them force those issues down their throat and into their lives.

Ingraham to Meghan McCain: You’re a ‘useful idiot’

**Ingraham is a hack job.  She can’t even debate the points, she has to make it personal.  How dare she call her “plus-size”!?  For one, she is only a size 10…not even close, for two what the frakk does that have to do with jack crap?!

Sources: U.S. to sign U.N. gay rights declaration

**About damn time.  =)

Bush says Obama ‘deserves my silence’

**For once I agree with him.  I just wish Cheney would learn that.

New Social Network & Life

We spent the week out in Ohio.  Not really happy to be in that part of the country, but love visiting with our friends there, they are great, so it makes up for it.  We stayed our friend’s new place and he has a great new spread.  Torn got a lot of work done with them, since it was a business trip, and we both learned a lot of what has been going on.  Since we are out here in Oregon, we don’t always keep up.  It is always a great learning experience when we visit with them.  Torn is probably going to be out there to visit every few months and I’ll be going with him sometimes.

We really enjoyed visiting with  Trisha Uptown & Brandi Love. They are both really great women and really down to earth.  Which we love.

We now have a Members Only Social Network with a few other sites, like Trisha Uptown & Brandi Love & Raven Riley.  So check it out and create your new profile.  Now I can really get the chance to get to know you.  =)  I spent time filling my profile out and trying to learn it.  I was trying to upload a song but it didn’t take.  =(  I’m going to have to play around with it more.

I spent the last week getting my work done, visiting and playing catch up with everyone.

This weekend was a bust.  I did get all of our stuff unpacked and washed.  I really need to pick up dishwasher soap tomorrow, just used the last of it tonight.  Kind of stressing over the gym tomorrow…..just because I hadn’t done it all last week due to being out of town, but also can’t wait to get back into it.  Felt very strange not to be going.  But I will say it was so kind of nice to eat without counting my calories last week.  Even treated myself to my beloved chocolate sundae with strawberry topping at DQ.  I’m a major DQ addict.

At least a few of my teams won, even though my Purdue was beaten.  =(  Saints & Colts won, my Bears lost. I did get a walk in today and one late last night.  I may need to do more night ones, it was kind of nice.

I’m wondering when did it become a crime to be educated?  Most of our founding fathers were self taught and many of them felt very consious of the fact that they didn’t have “proper schooling”. It was the goal of families to get their kids educated as much as possible.  When did being uneducated made you more of an American?  The Class War Before Palin  I think the GOP as made it so, so the educated rich ones can get away with abusing and using the uneducated.  The less you know, the more they can abuse you.  You are nothing but sheep being lead to slaughter.

Why is everyone surprised that the rheotic of McCain/Palin  is fanning the flames of racism?  Rep. Lewis clarifies controversial remarks about McCain, Palin  Palin enjoys the culture wars (Palin heightens rhetoric on abortion ) and the dirting of people with code words and sneaky smearing.  She is a female Rove….disgusting.  McCain is going to really regret this.  Deep down, I don’t believe he is a racist, I think he is desperate and has sold out.

Can someone explain to me how she can claim that she has been cleared in the report ?  Palin Makes Troopergate Assertions that Are Flatly False “There was no abuse of authority at all in trying to get Officer Wooten fired,” Palin said.”  Is it me or did she just admit that she abused her position?

House Cams

As you have noticed, that our cams are down.

We have had to have maintence over on and off the last few weeks.  Hopefully after tomorrow afternoon, we won’t have anyone over things like that.  It has been a pain to finally be able to set our cams up, getting them in a great position and then having to take them down.  Personally, I hate having people over that we don’t invite for a social call.  So it will be a relief to get it all over with by tomorrow afternoon.

We will be back to our 24/7 starting then.

House Cams

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Just a quick update.  We finally got the correct wireless/modem from verizon and Torn has all the houses on that connection.   So far it is doing good.  The office cams are the only ones that stayed on when we were on vacation and they were on the verizon dsl.

We have order more usb boosters since we had a few of them die, which is why there is only 2 cams up in the living room.  Once we get those items we will be able to get all 4 cams up down there and focus one on the kitchen area.

So keep your fingers crossed that most of the issues are almost worked out, with no thanks to crappy comcast.

Attn House Cam Viewers

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I sent this to all of our members in our message system, but wanted to make sure that they saw it if they prefer my blog :

Hey Everyone,

I’m extremely, extremely sorry, but because of comcast screwing us up, it has messed up our embeds to our house cams.  We thought we had the embeds working.

We have the cams going, but they need to hit a certain amount of hours before they will show up on the feeds.  =(

I’ve contacted the provider of our feeds and have asked them to remove the requirements, they have given the ok for that.  But with it being the weekend and the only person who can do it being on the East coast….that is now the hold up.

Our houses are showing up on the provider’s site, just not in our members area.

I can’t tell your how horrible I feel…  =(  I was so happy to think that Torn was able to get them going after what comcast did to us and I’m now crushed.

Please forgive me for this screw up.  =(

Once again, I’m extremely sorry about this.


House Cams

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Just a Quick FYI :  We have found that our modem as died, which MAY be part of the issues with our broadcasting.  Not sure.  So that is why our houses are off at this time.

We also hasve family coming to visit tomorrow, so the timing is good, because we wouldn’t be able to have the cams going to with kids around.

Twitter Issues

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I can tell already that I’m not going to be very motivated today.  =(

I did spend time chatting with Sprint, trying to verify my twitter account so I can update by text.  The verification number is a UK number and that may be the issue.  Sprint shows that all 5 of my texts to them have gone through successfully, just doesn’t show that it has been received.  When I use the short code wtih “help” like recommended, I do get a text back.  So that is working.

I just wrote support at twitter.  I’m hoping that they will be able to help.  Once I get mine done, I can then set up an account for Torn.

Fingers cross that it works.