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Baffled By People

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With this election, I just really do not get people. I do not get how people can not see the racism from Trump? The sexism? How much he hates everyday Americans in how he refuses to pay for services renderer? How he has put so many small businesses out of business? The small businesses that are the backbone of this country? How he disrespects Veterans? How do they not see that he is a major part of the problems in this country with his conning and lies?

There is so many issues with him, but the issue that keeps coming to mind is his racism. The dog whistles he does for the racist and white supremacy groups.

I do not know if people are just that racist, ignorant or knowingly blind?

I had shared a meme on facebook showing a black man being chained to a tree. The meme stated that the picture was from 75yrs ago. I stated that I wasn’t sure if it was, but that you do not tell African-Americans to get over slavery and jim crow when you do not tell people of the Jewish faith to get over the Holocaust.

One of the comments I got was that people are still alive from the Holocaust and the excuse that it was Africans that sold other Africans into the slavery.

My responses from the thread (edited for grammar corrections and actual paragraphs since replies on FB doesn’t allow that):

People are still alive that saw the lynching and seen their family torn out of their beds by men in hoods. One guy I work with never meet his 7 uncles because they were lynched.

The excuse about Africans selling them into slavery is that, an excuse That does NOT make what the US did the right or the fact that the system is still set up to support white supremacy. That is the reality of our laws that are in the blood of our history.

You know how the law came about not allowing intermarriage between black slaves and white indentured servants? Because the child carry the status of mother and they didn’t want to call a “white” child a slave. And because indentured servants (which wasn’t much better then slavery) were natural allies of the black slaves. The slave/indentured masters couldn’t have that.

So by treating one worst then the animal and bringing up a person that is in the same boat but is white and you tell them that they are better because they are white. You start a system of white supremacy.

White and black children, identical in everything but color are treated differently in school. That is how more children of color get stuck in the school-to-prison pipeline. They have done studies where the exact same resume is turned in and the “white” sounding name gets called and the “black/latino” name does not. Those are the facts and the reality of our society.

And you wonder why people of color are pissed off? My husband was pulled over while driving while black. Because they saw his best friend who was black, as soon as they saw that my husband was white, they made excuses that they thought he was someone else. Yeah, they thought they were going to get 2 black navy men and instead got a white one thrown in the mix.

I remember my best friend in 7 & 8th grade, who was black, tell me stories of living in a small town in Texas. And how her family members got beaten for just “crossing” the tracks to the white side of town. I didn’t even know that happened when I was in 7th grade.

Things haven’t changed as much, it isn’t gone, it is just under ground. With scum like Trump using “dog whistles” too all the racists that know exactly what they meant. The birther movement….that was all about race plain and simple…..can’t have a black man get to “uppity” must tear him down and delegitimize him.

**Then they brought up riots and burning of neighborhoods.

My responses:

Not acknowledging that our system is set up to keep the racism going is what keeps it going.

Hopelessness, poverty and anger is what creates the circumstances that neighborhoods burn…it has nothing to do with color…riots have happened in white neighborhoods during the depressions.

Current white/upperclass culture doesn’t want to acknowledge that. As long as they don’t have to see the despair and deal with the “unhappy angry negro” they are content to sweep it under the rug. It freaks them out to see people upset the race/class status quo.

Current white/upperclass culture don’t want to acknowledge that they are part of the problem and with their ignorance are not much better then the slave masters.

At least the slave masters were upfront about their racism. The hidden racism is the most dangerous.

The only good thing that Trump as done has brought the racists upfront so they can’t hide and you can call them for what they are…..bigots and racists.

I think most of the reason why our system is still so racist is because of ignorance and not wanting to deal with the reality that non whites face.

When I asked a black staffer years ago at the women’s shelter about how she was doing in Lafayette and she said that she didn’t see many people that were actually racist, but were ignorant in how they were acting racist or how the system was racist.

They are afraid of acknowledging that they have racists parts to themselves. What is sad, is no matter what, we are ALL racist….society teaches us that in even when we know better.

It is when you don’t acknowledge that part of you, don’t exam where you learned it and don’t do anything to change it….that is what keeps the racist system going.

*This article sums it a lot about our society :

**I really just do not get how they do not see it. It is like 3 monkeys, one covering their eyes, another their ears and another their mouth. They do not want to see the truth in front of them.

Women & Sexuality

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Working back in brick and mortar takes some getting use to again. Not just the fact that you are no longer setting your own schedule from home, doing your own thing, and depending on what you are doing you can get isolated from having to deal with people that have hang ups about women.

When we worked from home, the group of people we worked with online had very different views, no doubt about that, but not so contradictory as some of the ones I have encounter recently.

What is it with some men not being able to handle women having sexuality and wanting to express it? Why do they have to make comments as if when a woman expresses her sexuality that it is unacceptable?

It is messed up.

I have meet repressed people that they can not seem to handle it if their female partner’s dress shows her shoulders. I am like, wow, really?!? Yet, they are fascinated and make comments on other women’s pictures when they are showing off.

Just like every other person that I have meet that has stated that they are conservative on sexuality, it does not stop them from expressing it in their comments and discussion. It is either very hypocritical or they are trying to expand their own boundaries of thought.

They are same ones that outlaw porn yet spend the most on money on it. Some of the biggest freaks I have meet are self described conservatives (nothing do with politics).

I get so tired of the issues that society has with women enjoying their sexuality. They should not have to hide it, they should not have to apologize for it and it sure in hell does not mean that they are asking for it.

Those attitudes about women’s sexuality is what leads to the victim blaming rape culture that we have today. Leads to rapists getting off on probation, getting suspended jail sentences. While the victim tries to rebuild their life, while living in fear and PTSD.

And it is not good enough to know what consent means and practice it yourself, you also have to call out your male friends for their non-consent ways/jokes, call them to the carpet, don’t just laugh it off. Let them know that it is unacceptable. If you do not, you are part of the problem.

Don’t Read if You Want a Happy Post

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This past month as been the rough as hell….we are so stressed out, it isn’t even funny.

The rug has been pulled out from under us and now we need to reassess and figure out how the hell we are going to get through things. Some days we are ok and other days, totally freak out. Starting this month, I’m on total freak out. We try to stay focus on what we need to do, but it isn’t always easy.

We just try to hold the other up, when the other feels down and crappy. It helps that we have each other.

Glad that we have friends that are there for us. No matter how small or big, everything they have done for us this past month during this stressful time has been greatly appreciated.

Monday was not a good day. Reality hit and then how SCOTUS ruled….just really put us in bad mood. Do not know how we were polite to people, I just wanted to tell everyone to fuck off. Great mood to be in when you are doing the shopping……rolling eyes. Good thing people were nice, helped to get me out of the dark spot on an occasion.

If last month was tough, this month is going to be straight up hell…at least that is how it is feeling.

I just hope that it all works out. That part of our lives is over.

Right now, I just feel like I’m losing it.

Beautiful Weather, So-So The Rest

**Much of it moved to private

As you can see, my blog has been changed. I haven’t found any solution to fix the comment form on the Atahualpa word press theme. And I highly recommend that you do not use it unless you know what you are doing. If you have an adult site, they sure in the hell don’t offer any support…fuck them!!

I found a workable theme and I actually like it much better. It was time for a change and it has a more clean look. And the comment form actually shows up!! One positive for the day and I’ll take what I can. =)

Being blinded some by the sun, but it was so beautiful

Being blinded some by the sun, but it was so beautiful

Beautiful day in the Pacific NW

Beautiful day in the Pacific NW

It was a beautiful day and I was going for a walk regardless, because I had to get out. He decided to come with.

The only talk we did was very far in between and about what we were seeing. .  I’m just acting like it is normal.

Well, at least I get a break in that next week…she is not going to ask to see him next week. Which is a very good thing.

We haven’t had anytime to recover or talk since our disagreement 2 weeks ago. After the what I’ve been going through the last two weeks, I need a break.

A little bit about a woman going through their cycle….it is hell at times. You can get totally cramped over, your pussy is sensitive and not in a good way, it hurts sometimes, then your hormones….well, they aren’t pretty as you have seen from some of my meltdowns.  Hell…during yesterday’s, I screamed, yelled, threw things, even my office chair and punched the hell out of out rv chairs wishing it was a person I was hitting….total meltdown.

Now you’ve seen the anger, frustration and all that….well, on the noncrappy days you can be fucking horny as hell.

By the time my cycle is over, no matter how many times I’ve used a toy in the shower or a wand on my clit through my panties, I want some sex. Because I sure haven’t been getting any.

Hell, I lost my virginity on one of the heavy days of my cycle. There was a mess everywhere, but that didn’t stop that guy, even orally. I still don’t know what to think of it today, but it did help, I didn’t feel any pain on losing my virginity.

So at least I’m getting some sort of break next week. Don’t know if it is going to help, I’m still pretty hormonal and I don’t know if anything is going to be resolved between us, but it is so badly needed.

Weekend Where Are You?!?

Still not sure what I’m doing with my blog here to get the comments fixed. I found a theme that looked like it would work, but so far I wasn’t able to make my header work and the new wordpress has been a bitch for personalizing things….totally ticked by that. Hopefully I’ll have time later this week…finally, to work on it.

I just found a board about the theme I used, so I’m posting my question there. I’ve always liked this layout and really don’t want to have to find another. They are currently suggesting a plugin issue….lovely…I have way too many of those, I know..icks

It has been a long week. Got through my personal test Monday with help of my best friend and her sister. I still wasn’t doing as good as I hoped, but I think I know why….I’m due to start my cycle any day now and I’m so, so irritable that my mean temper from my mom’s dad’s side wants to come out.

Oh yes, on top of not sleeping….I had to catch a mouse last night, then we knew we had another one a few hours later, but couldn’t get it…..well, I caught it this morning……just totally lovely……NOT! Now we have to worry about wire damage….blah.

I work up in a fighting mood this morning…I just want to lash out and hurt people.

But did my best to restrain myself and act somewhat normal. Acting normal is like laughter, after a while it becomes normal and your emotions may chill the fuck out. That has helped.

I did get one laugh first thing this morning, the pair of pants that I just had patched up on the other side ripped out! I’m like, why the hell am I feeling a breeze on my ass…I was out in public…at least no one was around to see it. I’m like this is so not cool. I’m not getting them fixed again….into the trash they went….rolling eyes…thinking I need to start counting my calories again… is just tiring to do….I know lazy…

Ripped out the other side….gggeezz

Ripped out the other side….gggeezz

Finally got our project done, just currently answering questions through email about it. That is load of stress done.

Not doing much around here project wise for the next 2 days…we did our time this week.

Right now, just chilling and really hoping for a better day and progress tomorrow.

Out & about working on projects and having fun in a gator while I'm at it….nothing like blasting through some puddle….lol

Out & about working on projects and having fun in a gator while I’m at it….nothing like blasting through some puddle….lol

Just Breath

Feel much better, works much better when I keep my crazy off of others. And try to act as normal as possible.

Less destructive for all those involved.

Now I just need to breath….I’m so tired and sad that this is happening to me.

Not As Peaceful

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I thought I was more at peace…..but I’m not, better then I was, I give it that. I’m working so hard at suppressing the crazy, because it makes things harder then it should be. I keep telling myself, just give yourself time….but I’m so sick and tired of feeling this way. I just want it over one way or another.

Writing it out helps….since I know everyone is talked out and tired of it. Plus, I don’t think he is reading here, so it gives him a break from my emotions and he doesn’t get it anyway, so why would he want to read more of it? Or when he leaves I scream out my frustration (helps that no one is around so I can do that) so it isn’t coming out on anyone…..well, besides the cats that look at me as if I’ve lost my fricking mind.

It would be so much fucking easier if it was just a fuck partner, but it is not. And it is pure hell on me, didn’t expect any of this, and I don’t think he really has any idea how hard this is for me. Then I feel bad, because I make everyone else’s lives more complicated then they need to be….including my own with this torture.

I expected him to share parts of himself with her, but not to the extend that he did. It is completely his decision and I’m glad he feels safe, but it took something from me….selfishly….. Be careful of what you wish for, you just may get it and it is not how you expected it.

I think it is disconcerting that how he can focus on her and have so much interest in her life that it makes me feel like the 3rd wheel. As soon as he has plans to see her it like I’m not even in his mind….but at the same time, what he is suppose to do? His attention to her seems unnatural, but she is someone new to talk to and learn about and I know that is just my insecurities…..and I know that, that is what screwy….what I know logically doesn’t fit emotionally.

I know we need break from each other at times.…we spend 90% of our time together. The thought of spending time apart is good…..and I personally enjoy our breaks, just not like this. When it was just a fuck partner, I just got things done and enjoyed….but this is someone that he LOVES….not just fucks….HUGE difference.

I really think I need to find someone, because I’m tired of feeling left out and shitty. But then I HATE dealing with people like that. So much work with a rare chance of it paying off.

At least they left the housecams on this time and I have connection…..that actually does helps, I feel better already….twisted I know.

**Update….well that bites, I get busy for a few minutes and the cams are off. =(

Crappy Feelings

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Getting ready to start my monthly, totally irritated with everyone and everything. Getting no relief.

Yesterday started with such promise and died horribly….

I had to call my best friend today, I needed to hear her voice. About broke down talking about all the pressure that I’m feeling on things that I need to do and are responsible for in my personal life….my to do lists never seem to end. Every time I think I’m at my max, I’m asked to give more and to hurry up….I feel like I’m going to explode. I feel like I’m in a beauty competition I never asked for.

I think that is why I’ve been trying to get a small buzz at night, just shut my fucking brain off….I’m so tired.

Sometimes wishing I would act on my own selfish wants, but that is not in my nature. And when I do, it explodes in my face. Makes me wish that I was more heartless, less caring sometimes….maybe things won’t bother me so much.

My best friend pointed out that I’m totally vulnerable to my emotions with my monthly coming up, with the holidays, even though I didn’t focus on it, I was totally missing my family. I hate not being able to spend part of the holidays with them and on my bday. And then I’m afraid of getting stuck on the outside and looking in on parts of my life.

Sometimes I don’t know if I even know myself or my mind. I’ve been feeling so scattered and lost. I have no idea if I’m coming or going. I hate feeling that way.

Totally feeling like I just want to breakdown and have a good cry, over what I have no idea but don’t even think I can have my cry.


That is about sums it up.

~Added….only 2 bright stars today…my Colts and Saints won.

Caring About Human Issues

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As you may have noticed, I do more tweeting then blogging now.  Much quicker on getting out my thoughts.  Yesterday I tweeted this link : The FBI’s Restrictive Definition Of Rape and stated that this needs to be changed.

I received a comment back asking “have you something to talk about you are pretty hardcore on abuse of woman?” I responded back “Nope, just a feminist and every single of one of my close friends have suffered abuse.”  The more I think about it, the more insulting and sexist their question was.

Why do I need to have “something” to talk about to address the issue about the abuse of women? If they actually read the article, it addresses the fact that rape of men are so, so poorly under reported and not even included.  These are issues that effect MEN and WOMEN, not just women.  It is a cycle that we must always work to break.

But then, their comment really had nothing to do with the article, since they didn’t read it, they really don’t see that comments/links I make are not just about women, they are about SOCIETY as a whole.  Why do so many think that women issues are not HUMAN issues, that it does not effect them?

Why can I not talk about it for the simple fact that I am a human and I care about the human condition and ridding the world of violence?  Why must I have story to give a damn?  I actually have had a very good life, especially compared to my friends.  But just because I had a good life doesn’t mean I shouldn’t care about others.  Doesn’t mean that I don’t want others to have what I had, every one deserves to have a good life.

My question to them should’ve been, why don’t you care about these issues? If more people cared and was aware the issues, the violence will go down as we develop programs to address it.

Education and awareness is always the key to changing things.  Which is why slaves where not allowed to learn how to read, it was illegal, why women weren’t allowed to be educated.  An educated person is someone to be reckoned with, you can not just use them, fool them and abuse them.

They also made this comment “They should report any abuse to the authorities or their brothers .I have 0.0 respect for men who abuse woman.”

Ok….good on the zero respect for the abusers and for people who have no actual experience dealing with DV situations….a common comment. Sexist on the brother comment, why must a female always need to get a family man’s protection?  Goes back to the history that women are nothing but property and chattel (which the GOP loves to treat us as).

But it really shows that they do not have any idea what an abuse victim goes through.  All the complex issues that they face, child care, job safety, having a job, lack of family support, the fact that they are re-victimized by the system and it fails them on a continuous basis.  Whether is from failure to enforcing a protective order, to not giving them, to abusers not giving a fig about a piece of paper, to blaming it on the victim.

After volunteering at a women’s shelter for many years, that simple statement that they made, doesn’t work.

More women, men and children are raped or killed by someone they know, not by the hyped up “strange danger”

How are these issues are just about women, when they effect all of us?  And why don’t you care about them?


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I think I’ve been losing it.

I had to make a doctor appointment to get a referral on some my regular meds, well we don’t have a primary care physician, so I made it at the urgent care.  The reason why we don’t have a primary care doc is because I’ve been trying to get us insurance but the fracking blood sucking companies won’t cover me due to my meds….even though I’ve told them that they don’t have to cover them.  So we haven’t gotten a regular doc since I wanted to get insurance 1st since they are have to be in the network.

So I’m stuck paying high fracking clinic fees and then get forced to take a pregnancy test (pay for that), even we though take extreme protections and I just had my fracking monthly.  So there is nothing like watching news coverage of the morons at the town halls who are stupid enough to believe in the supposed “death panels” then have to deal with a test that means that I have to piss in a cup that I’m going to miss and get it on my fracking hands!  So that just really pissed me off.

I’ve been frustrated and annoyed ever since. I so hope that these morons don’t ruin the chance for health care reform.  I can’t even get fracking insurance unless I work for a mainstream company and lose my daily freedom.  I hate insurance companies, but you can’t go without the insurance due to the extreme costs.  I want a public option or that they allow us to get the same damn options that federal employees get and let me get it.

As you can see from my language, I’ve not been a happy camper.  I just want something to happen that will help me on getting us insurance and not screw us over…..which is happening all the time with damn insurance companies getting what they want and screw the rest of us.

I got my work done today, but was scattered on getting it done.  I can’t do that tomorrow.  Payroll is already here (where the hell did the time go?) so I need to get my work done and then attack my payroll prep.  So I’m trying to get things out of my system and focus.

Doesn’t help that I’ve been starving all day no matter what for some wacky reason.  My eating habits haven’t changed so WTF?

My sister called, she has been totally stressing out so we traded our frustrations.  Which was perfect for us.  It helps to clear our heads and relive some stress.

Hubby and I have been watching comedy ever since.  Watch Better Off Ted (I LOVE that show) and are watching the Muppet Show from netflix.  I hope I’m much better tomorrow.

My Daily Happenings

  • @Sammy4u We love our camelbak bottles! I drink more water with them around then with a cup. in reply to Sammy4u #
  • We ran to starbucks, got a sandwich & my chai, watching the Sunday political shows….I love taking my time & being lazy on Sundays. =) #
  • – From my walk #
  • @sissydollyanne =) That is one of the things that I love here in Oregon, a huge of the trees get some gorgeous blooms. in reply to sissydollyanne #
  • Got a decent workout in, lunch & even got a climbing rose bush planted. Weather nicer then expected, suppose to start raining for the week. #
  • @TheDarklady That is exactly what I was thinking…… in reply to TheDarklady #
  • Got a good meal in, getting ready to hit the books and pay some bills. #
  • @Sammy4u These are totally reusable & great! We are addicted to them. in reply to Sammy4u #
  • Finally got all the books updated & bills taken care, both company & personal. Now chilling with a glass of wine. =) #
  • Got the gym in, hitting a brick wall but working through it. Need to jump into the shower after we watch last night’s Daily Show. #
  • – New design. =} #
  • I love my pedicure massages ever since the foot surgery. #
  • Just saw Frost/Nixon, very interesting. I can’t stand what Nixon did, but can’t help feel sorry for his low self-esteem. #
  • Got quit a bit of work done, need to be ready to focus & get payroll prep started tomorrow. #
  • @Sammy4u lol…Greenguy on Facebook thought it was for a web page also. =) We are working on having a new design for by10yr. in reply to Sammy4u #
  • @HeavyB That is the one with Hopkins? I’ve seen bits & pieces, need to see it again. I love history movies, just cautious w/Stone movies. in reply to HeavyB #
  • Damn, like 3 phones went off during a WH press briefing! WTF?!? Gibbs took one of the phones…… #
  • Feel better after getting some lunch in after the gym, still need to shower off the sweat & get to work. #
  • Perfect chance to change this horrible policy : #
  • Got dinner in, had leftovers….bored with food lately. =( Getting ready to do some prep work. #
  • @UndressJess No in reply to UndressJess #
  • Got all the payroll prep done that I could. There will be more to do tomorrow, but it feels good to have a start on it. Time to chill. #
  • I believed that the Bush team mislead Pelosi, they lied to everyone…..but I just don’t trust Pelosi to begin with & feel she knew more. #
  • Just getting ready to really dig into some work, I will be there most of the night. #
  • Got an excellent dinner in, that my hubby made & now back to totaling numbers for payroll. #
  • @dbrown8899 Shave my pussy? in reply to dbrown8899 #
  • Got all the payroll ordered that I can, just have a few wires that I need to order. Time to get myself to bed, the gym comes early. #
  • Got a pretty good workout in, get to sleep in the next 2 days. I have a cute black guy @ the gym that seems to want to chat me up. =) #
  • @TastyTracy I don’t either, trying to figure that one out. in reply to TastyTracy #
  • Beautiful day out, trying to motivate myself to work the books & enter all the payroll. #
  • – Doesn’t have much fear of us anymore #
  • – Critter raiding the feeder #
  • Not getting any work done, enjoying the sun. I’ll work when the goes down. =} #
  • Hot damn, got the company books done, need to work on ours….once that is done, the weekend is all mine. =) #
  • For some reason, twittertools is not doing my daily blog of tweets on my KV blog, yet works on my other ones. I can’t figure out why. #
  • It’s sunny & beautiful out, it is 65 suppose to hit 81. Trying to decide what I want to do for the day other then watch the Preakness. =) #
  • It’s 74 & beautiful out. Sitting on the deck enjoying the warmth of the sunshine. I hope the filly wins the Preakness. #
  • Wow!! She won & Mind That Bird did a great showing & came from behind again…very cool! #
  • Out for a walk, really enjoying it. #
  • Watching Babel & just chilling. Been enjoying the day, getting some sun & doing some reading. Looking forward to repeating it tomorrow. =) #
  • Just waiting on our weekend order at starbucks. Looks to be anyother beautiful day. =} #
  • This girl has more backbone then 90% of the congress : #
  • I would like “pro-lifers” to start putting their $ where their mouth is : #
  • – The critter sniffed my phone. LOL #
  • – Didn’t expect the critter to check out my toes. LOL #
  • Moved myself out of the office. I want the fresh breeze & view of the critters, both furry & feathery. =) #
  • @powderxxx They are great for that. But you can’t help but love fluffy kittens. =) in reply to powderxxx #
  • @badboynum1 The kitties were upstairs. =) in reply to badboynum1 #
  • @powderxxx That is why you need 2 of them. They can keep each other company when you aren’t home. =) They sleep the rest of the time. in reply to powderxxx #
  • @UndressJess Probably not due to the flash that it uses. I don’t believe that it works with it. in reply to UndressJess #
  • @powderxxx That sucks. =( We probably shouldn’t, but we just leave a big bowl of food & water out for them….luckily they aren’t fat. =) in reply to powderxxx #
  • @powderxxx What did you do to the studio now? lol in reply to powderxxx #
  • @trinitysaij It is nice, but I still want our money back for getting the last Indiana Jones….it was horrible, not worth the $6…lol in reply to trinitysaij #
  • Got a great dinner in, feel guilty about not getting a walk in, so I’ll hit the gym harder tomorrow. Enjoying the smell of fresh night air. #
  • Got some great sex tonight……..grin #
  • Got a much better workout in then I thought I would, need to do a quick errand & then on to work. #
  • Got a good dent into my work, still have some to attack after dinner…..which I’m getting ready to go have, I’m starving…grin #
  • @BitchMagazine You do know that PDX has it own masturbation marathon? @TheDarklady is the one that organizes it in reply to BitchMagazine #
  • The temp dropped fast this evening, suppose to be cooler the next few days. Got a bunch of work done, shilling before heading to bed. =) #
  • Got to love it when Jesse Venture is on a roll, lay that smack down!! : #
  • I thought I got a good workout in & sleep, but my body feels drugged & messed up… is driving me nuts. #
  • I swear, I only watch Wolf Blitizer for Cafferty…I think he is correct on this : #
  • I got one of my goals done today. Need to decide what part of my goal to get done tomorrow. #
  • @jstreet81 I so don’t miss the traffic on 65 from that….icks in reply to jstreet81 #
  • Been watching LBJ : American Experience…..very interesting. You can see how the changing of the times & thought, really pulled him down. #
  • Got a much better workout in then expected, did a few errands, now trying to get my focus for some work. #
  • Got one project done a few days early, still need to get to my other one. But I’m going to put away the laundry 1st, it has gotten crazy. #
  • @jstreet81 Not from there, but lived there. I’m Purdue alumni. =) in reply to jstreet81 #
  • Just watching FDR : An American Experience pt1, trying to get some work done. #
  • @jstreet81 Hell yeah! lol About the only thing I miss from Ind, Purdue football season tickets. in reply to jstreet81 #
  • @amberlily Tell me about it…It sucks! And they canceled the Sarah Connor Chronicles & My Name is Earl =( in reply to amberlily #
  • So-So @ the gym, good treadmill & abs =) , but no weights. =( Beautiful day out, enjoying having the windows open for all the fresh air. #
  • This is just sick, of course, it is happening to womyn & children in a 3rd world country, so who cares? #
  • Sometimes Sanchez can be good, other times just totally out there & off the mark : #
  • Cheney has no clue about American values if he did he wouldn’t taken 5 differments from ‘Nam the hypcrotic!! #
  • Well, well….sprint screwed up again! I was so hoping that I was done with them, now stuck with dealing with them tomorrow…ggrrr #
  • @jstreet81 Billing me for something that I canceled. Not the 1st time they have screwed up my bill, the last one pissed us off, we left. in reply to jstreet81 #
  • @jstreet81 We had been with them for 7yrs. in reply to jstreet81 #
  • One way for a town to break from it’s past : #
  • @jstreet81 Your experience may be better, but we have also have moved around & changed numbers about 3 times during those 7yrs. in reply to jstreet81 #
  • Being doing errands right after the gym, so haven’t been online much at all. Going over our camping stuff & then on to work. #
  • @powderxxx Blueberry pancakes are one of my all time favorites. in reply to powderxxx #
  • @Sammy4u Our kittens have weird paper fetishes, they love bitting holes in my mags & tear up cardboad. LOL in reply to Sammy4u #
  • Downstairs watching the news, love our local ABC team they seem to really enjoy themselves. It has been a stunning day. #
  • So looking forward to camping in the redwoods this Mon. Suppose to be beautiful weather. I want to be able to see the Milkway. #
  • Interesting article on Ventura’s voice in the torture debate : #
  • Watching Bill Mahr, just got done watching Fog of War. Interesting look into Robert McNamara. #
  • I liked this editorial in the NYT today : #
  • I hate not being able to sleep on the days I don’t have to get out of bed. Still nice to do this in bed. =} #
  • Just joined a twibe. Visit to join #
  • – Let me sleep! #
  • Don’t forget that women serve this country also, ever since the Revolution : #
  • Went for a walk, it is a stunning day out. Trying to decide what I should do next. =) #
  • I’m watching Don’t Mess with the Zohan, I have no idea why I’m watching it. It is so bad………lol #
  • @merrypranksters The Red Woods in CA in reply to merrypranksters #
  • @leiaswift That movie was like a bad accident, I couldn’t look away………lol in reply to leiaswift #
  • @VioletSin I usually like Sandler’s flixes, I love 50 First Dates….but this one was just bad…..grin in reply to VioletSin #
  • @Fireforce Morning! I hope it is as beautiful where you are at, as it is here. =) in reply to Fireforce #
  • @powderxxx The plugin Twitter Tools will post a twitter link when you update your blog, if you aren’t familiar with it. in reply to powderxxx #
  • @powderxxx lol…I’ve gotten addicted to them. But then I run about 2-3 of everything, makes my life easier. =) in reply to powderxxx #
  • We did our Sunday starbucks run, I’m trying to go over everything that I need to get done today so we are set for tomorrow. =) #
  • This is what Memorial Weekend is about, that gets lost in the bbqs : #
  • @BBWOlivia I’m addicted to the Chai Tea w/vanilla =) Hubby loves his caramel mocha. in reply to BBWOlivia #
  • We have the Indy on, even through we left Ind in ’04, still weird to be able to have it on while it is running. They black it out in Ind. #
  • @Fireforce The sun does 2 things to me, makes me want to get things done but also want to just avoid the office & watch the birds……lol in reply to Fireforce #
  • @Fireforce I so don’t miss working in retail, did that for years. It took a bit to getting use to working from the house, but I do enjoy it. in reply to Fireforce #
  • Got a few more things ready for tomorrow, while chatting with my best friend. Need to get a few more things done work wise. #
  • @Fireforce I do miss my regulars. They made me feel appreciated. =) in reply to Fireforce #
  • Just got all the work done that I could, the jeep is packed up…6am comes early. Looking forward to the getting to the campsite & quiet. #
  • – CA coast just before the Redwoods #
  • – Tall Tree Grove, Redwoods, CA #
  • – Elk #
  • – Oregon coast #
  • We are at a hotel on the coast, waiting on delivery. After camping the last few nights, just chilling out & playing catchup. #
  • @TheMsLivia lol…those are our record of our travels. =) Love them…..grin in reply to TheMsLivia #
  • @TheMsLivia We even got a to see a fox & you never see those is daylight. Loved the Redwoods. in reply to TheMsLivia #
  • @badboynum1 Not sure when….maybe tomorrow, maybe Fri. in reply to badboynum1 #
  • Totally ate WAY too much, was not able to catch up fully on twitter, kept freezing…still avoiding anything to do with work. #
  • I’m getting tired of the #3wordsaftersex stuff, funny the 1st time, just clutters up my feed after that. #
  • I’m up & showered, no more camp smoke in my hair…lol….going to be getting breakfast soon. #
  • We are home. I love trips, but I love being home, just totally dreading all the work waiting for me. I did get our mt. of laundry started. #
  • If you ever drive the Oregon Coast, make sure to stop in Newport & check out their aquarium, I was really impressed with it. #
  • @badboynum1 I probably look exhausted, because I feel it…lol in reply to badboynum1 #
  • @badboynum1 Too late, too much caffeine. =) in reply to badboynum1 #
  • Just trying to get a ton of work done, I have a few errands that I need time for tomorrow. So important to get what I can done tonight. #
  • I just got a ton of work ton….tickets, support…etc….Need to attack the books tomorrow. #
  • Skipped the gym today, since we haven’t been all week. We’ll hit it Mon…just have way too much that I need to get done today. #
  • I had to get my nails done, was losing one from camping. Hoping to be done in the next 20 min. Need to get back to work. #
  • Unfortunately still need to stop at the bank & post office. gggggrrrrrr #
  • – New toes =} #
  • Finally got the mt of laundry put away, it was making me feel guilty sitting in front of the closet on the floor…..icks #
  • I get so tired of the rightwing racist calling someone else racist, here is a smack down to that : #
  • @subvrt We went to the Redwoods….it was stunning! And we got lucky with beautiful weather. =) in reply to subvrt #
  • Got some work done, need to do up an actual blog entry so I’ll be ready to attack other work tomorrow. #
  • Here is another smackdown to the rightwing hypocrisy : #
  • Moved my laptop downstairs, don’t feel like being in the office & it is getting warm up there, the NW doesn’t believe in ac….lol #
  • @badboynum1 Heard about that last night. =( I follow KATU twitter and get up to the minute updates in reply to badboynum1 #
  • @badboynum1 NW doesn’t build most of their houses/apts with them, normally don’t need them. We have a mobile ac for the bedroom if needed. in reply to badboynum1 #
  • One man who should’ve never held office, totally undermined the Constitution : #
  • @badboynum1 Only in the master bedroom, Fl they are in all rooms. in reply to badboynum1 #
  • Wow! Never thought this would happen : #
  • Wow…..married 12yrs today….time has flown. I love you! #
  • Why are women who speak their mind & show intelligence called bitch or the polite “too abrasive”, it is sexism : #
  • @Sammy4u Thanks! =) We even got stunning weather….love it. in reply to Sammy4u #
  • @badboynum1 lol in reply to badboynum1 #
  • This is why I can’t stand extremist : #
  • – I knew it would hurt, pulling a nose hair makes your eyes water..but tears were pouring out of my eyes. #
  • – All done….now to clean the blood & heal up…lol #
  • @TheMsLivia Thanks =) I finally got my belly done last Sept….I’ve had 4 earrings since I was 16, never got the nose due to jobs. =( in reply to TheMsLivia #
  • Just been working on payroll. =) #
  • Got a much better work out in the expected for a week off, ate & got my shower in…now trying to finish off payroll & then on to the books. #
  • This sucks, I really loved My Name is Earl, it was funny & had a moral to it : #
  • Finally getting to the books. So hope I get them done in the next few hours, want to clean out my email box & chill out. #
  • @Torn_Rose I hope we get a lot of them, so I can eat them like apples. =) in reply to Torn_Rose #
  • Feel much better since I got out of the office for a little while & got some dinner that hubby made. =) Now back to work. #
  • @UndressJess Check your direct messages #
  • Finally, books are done, both company & ours, my work email is cleaned out, now I can chill some. =) #
  • Reminder to self, be careful when removing sunglasses, hitting a new nose piercing stings like hell & makes your eyes water…ouch. #
  • Finally got the gym sweat showered off, got hit with a bunch of work related messages as soon as I was done with lunch….lol #
  • Got most of work emails cleaned out, need to work on some laundry before moving on to a few more work things. #
  • Got dinner in, bedsheets changed, laundry put away, litter & trash done….makes me feel accomplished….now back to work. =) #
  • We have a raccoon on the neighbor’s roof staring at me as I tell him that I see him………lol Too dark for picture. =( #
  • @senor_carlos lol….that is silly. =) in reply to senor_carlos #
  • Why don’t the politicians ever call out that actual racists like this? : #
  • Got an ok workout in, my abs are really hurting, especially when I laugh……….ouch. =) #
  • We got a a few errands, I’m currently going through a bunch of apps that just hit our site….eyes are going cross going through them. #
  • Wow, I haven’t been able to tweet all day, just been busy with everything….need to stay in one spot now & focus on my goals. #
  • Wow, I guess because we are having rare severe weather it is time to panic….yawn I love a good storm one of the few things I miss. #
  • I love the freshness & rain smell after a storm. People of OR need to spend time in the midwest & Fl to really experience severe weather. #
  • I’m currently attacking my work inbox……totally over flowing……..icks, #
  • Cool! My work email is cleared out & company books are done, now I can work on ours & clean up my office mess. =) #
  • A very interesting break down on how Obama’s words translated into Arabic : #
  • Just been busy with the normal work, spent too much time on the phone with the bank. But ended the week with a good workout. =) #
  • I think all pro teams should try this. =) : #
  • RATTS! One of my harddrives died, we thought we were able to get all music off of it…nope…I lost eveything between B & S plus my movies. #
  • Don’t know when I’ll be able to start ripping my cds, can’t hook up my ipod to itunes until then…then I probably still don’t have it all. #
  • At least my husband’s harddrive has some of it, that is one small bright spot….I think. #
  • Stayed in bed longer then normal, got a breakfast in & now waiting for the mail…..trying to decide was I want to do today. #
  • Waiting for the Belmont, disappointed that the filly isn’t running. =( Afraid to open my itunes & see what I’m missing. =( #
  • This is a great piece for men who don’t understand what a woman can go through : #
  • A frustrating part of my itunes disaster is I’m discovering that some of the music that I do have, isn’t showing up, I need to “locate it”. #
  • I hope everyone took a moment to think of the lives that were lost 65yrs ago on Normandy, I went through & read the stories that I found. #
  • Just working on my itunes, going to write a post later, kind of a blah day…need to get some work done tonight. #
  • Not doing what I need to be doing………lol #
  • Classic Colbert! I love it! #
  • Actually got some work done. Maybe I will get up & put the laundry away……not sure yet………lol #
  • About time! The Army & government can be slow as hell sometimes to do what is right. #
  • I’ve always thought we had the best music growing up, but I thought it was just my age. =) #
  • @badboynum1 Nah, totally 80s & Early 90s. Never really got into the 70s, but then I was born in 73 & lived in Germany…missed it in reply to badboynum1 #
  • Walked a few blocks into town today to pick up fresh strawberries, filled the birdfeeders & have been working since, time to attack ourstuff #
  • Finally taking time to chill out before bed, watching At World’s End…they are much better after they have been a watched a few times. =) #
  • At the vets found out that Alexis has dental issues, could be why she is crying at us all the time. ={ Never had a cat with that issue. #
  • @3xtom Just wait another 6 weeks. Our neighbor’s Dane was so big that he couldn’t fit into my dakota with extended cab. in reply to 3xtom #
  • @minasmusings It is so bad that they are talking removal. ={ I feel so bad for her. in reply to minasmusings #
  • @minasmusings I just feel horrible for not thinking of her teeth, we just never had that issue with any of our other cats. =( in reply to minasmusings #
  • It feels much later then it is…..wacky, need to focus my brain…..if that it possible. #
  • The smell of the baking meatloaf, that hubby made, is making me hungry…..smells so good…..hurry up & cook. =) Going to put away laundry. #
  • Feel much better now that I got food in me, trying to motivate myself to attack the litters & trash….yuck #
  • Hillary gets what a lot of folks don’t, Women’s Rights ARE Human Rights : #
  • @minasmusings Man, the vet stuff really threw me off today….thinking of spending the rest of the evening chilling. =) in reply to minasmusings #
  • @Chris_Edwards My dad & many others have ended up in security, but they are older vets. in reply to Chris_Edwards #
  • Just been editing pics from our trip to the Redwoods, thought I’d be farther along, but that is life. I’ll try to finish them tomorrow. #
  • @Chris_Edwards The thing dad complained about the most, is that employers were afraid of him being more experienced then them in mgmt. in reply to Chris_Edwards #
  • @Chris_Edwards So security was the only place he was able to get into, he did 21yrs before retiring & had overseen up to 200 men. in reply to Chris_Edwards #

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News, History & Politics

Current Mood:Annoyed emoticon Annoyed & Contemplative emoticon Contemplative

I  almost forgot about this entry that I wanted to post about the inauguration and history, but it still fits because it is still Black History Month.

At Defining Moment, Stories of Injustice

***I really love stories that gives insight to how far we have come through people’s experiences.  I love speaking to older generations just to get perspective.  So many of our generation and younger take things for granted and that is sad.  This is the church that is gathering the stories of it’s members :  Second Baptist Church

Inauguration view an ode to U.S.’s promise

***This is a fascinating history of our nation’s capital.

White senator discovers family’s African-American roots

***I really got a kick out of this one.  How would you like to find a bunch of relatives that you never knew existed by watching TV?  It really shows how interlocked we really are.

Gov. Bobby Jindal’s volcano remark has some fuming

***This has nothing to do with history.  This is a political post….WTF is wrong with him?!?!  Hello!  I can see Mt. St. Helens from were we live…I want to know if it is going to blow.  It is still active.  We have Mt Hood, it last erupted just before Lewis & Clark’s arrival.  According to wikipedia :

Mount Hood is considered the Oregon volcano most likely to erupt,[7] though based on its history, an explosive eruption is unlikely. Still, the odds of an eruption in the next 30 years are estimated at between 3 and 7 percent,[8] so the USGS characterizes it as “potentially active”, but the mountain is informally considered dormant.[8]

It is extremely, extremely unlikely that it will go in my life time and longer….but still, things like that need to be studies

How about this…..we give up our volcano monitoring and they give up their hurricane warnings…..and I’ve been through more hurricanes then I want to remember.

What a fraking moron!!!  ggggrrrr

Today Was A Bust

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Today was a complete bust on working out for me.  I had only gotten 5hrs of sleep so it really sucked the life out of me.  So I planned on only 15min on the treadmill and then weights.  But we encountered our 1st asshole at the gym and left early.  I did get some of my abs in.  I normally do some more abs in before my shower, but I could barely do them….just felt like crap.

I did some work but I couldn’t get my mind to work, so we laid down for about hour.  I felt so much better afterwards.  I finally got my work done this evening, that was tough….not motivated as much.

I found this interesting article from last President child that actually served in combat, while his dad was in office  : Presidential Children Don’t Belong in Battle 

I read this article the other day and I have been disturbed by it ever since  :  McCain and the POW Cover-up

This man has been responsible for lost of 100s of men by covering it up and treating the families of MIA/POWs like crap.  I can never look at McCain the same again.  What little respect I had left for him has been trambled on.

Watching The Daily Show tonight and Stewart brought up a point that has been bothering me for while…just because some one lives in the city or big town does not mean that they are any less American then someone in a small town in Midwest or Alaska.  I’m getting sick and tired of them saying that they are the “true Americans”  BULLSHIT!  I’ve lived in small towns, big towns, army posts, and on the outskirts of a city…….we are all True Americans.  Living in small towns doesn’t mean you are any better then the rest of us or our experience is any less American, because that is bullshit.  Hello, it was the “city dwellers” of Boston that helped to stand up to the British….New York was the our nation’s capital before DC, the Declaration was written in Philly.  All cities, large for thier time.  It was the ideals of the Enlightment that was started in the cities of Europe that helped to give our founding fathers their ideals and the determination to do what was right.

Small towns have the same issues as cities, just smaller since most people know each other so it is easier to control.  The problem that I have with really small towns, is that unless they have diversity, that you come across a lot more racism.  Is that a True American?

Lower Falls

Observations & Everyday Stuff

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I usually enjoy watching Real Time with Bill Maher, but last night was very lacking.  For one he had Nader on there and he keep grandstanding…and commentator Lisa Schiffren really didn’t add a thing.  So it wasn’t the great.  But what really bother me is Maher’s comments about Palin.

Now I can’t stand her….she is totally against all the things that I stand for, totally the opposite of women issues.  She doesn’t have the knowledge to be a heart beat away from the presidency.  She has never expanded her thoughts and experiences outside of her little corner of the world.  She is in over her head, with no thanks to McCain, so is horrible and ignorant sounding in interviews, because she is.

So I have reasons for being against her and the McCain ticket, but what I really hate is the fact that people use her gender to argue against.  Show how she doesn’t have the knowledge but do not call her a bimbo!  I don’t’ tell me that can apply to a man…that is a cop out and bullshit.  The pop culture definition applies it to women and that is sexist.

Bimbo :

Bimbo is a term that emerged in popular English language usage in the early 20th Century to describe an often attractive, yet unintelligent woman. The usage of this term began in the United States as early as 1919. The 1929 silent film Desert Nights describes a cheap female crook as a bimbo. This word derives from the Italian bimbo, a word deriving from “bambino” (=child) a masculine term gender that means (male) baby or very young (male) child (its feminine equivalent is bimba). The 50’s song “Bimbo”, about a toddler, was one of the early hits for the popular American singer Jim Reeves. Its first usage in English was for stupid men; it now is understood to mean a woman unless modified as male bimbo, himbo or mimbo. Some still prefer the explicitly female variant bimbette, which has also entered The American Heritage Dictionary. Others use bimbette for a younger bimbo, because the suffix “-ette” signifies a smaller version as in French or Spanish “-ito/-ita” suffix.

An older comedy archetype of perhaps more direct resemblance to the bimbo is the dumb blonde —for example, the giggling, naïveMarilyn Monroe or, as she appeared on characters portrayed by such sultry actresses as Laugh-In, Goldie Hawn.

Do not refer to the fact that she has 5 kids…or say that she “shoots them out”.  That is sexist.  You don’t find the media making an issue out of the fact that male politicians have kids.  So what if she has 5 kids…..the only issue I have is that she doesn’t believe in teaching conception and her daughter is pregnant….sounds like she should’ve talked to her about it.  Otherwise who cares that her daughter is pregnant, this has been going on for centuries.

Another thing that really bothered me is how he talked about Alaska….as if they were stupid.  Yes, they have her as governor….but like all politicians she lied and mispresented herself….what else is new?  And they thought she would fight corruption not add to it.

Yes, Alaska has issues…what state doesn’t?  But what people don’t fully get is that Alaska is still somewhat like the wild-west.  It is sparsely popluated and can be very hard living.  Most folks just want to be left alone, so it can be easy for the wrong people to advance……….but that is like so many states.  So don’t diss Alaskans based on Palin.

Like I said, I normally enjoy Bill Maher’s comments and observations, but he really crossed the line for me last night.

Torn says that the problem with Palin is that she is female and that you can’t attack her without being accused of being sexist.  But that is not true, you can attack her….attack her on her issues, her lack of knowledge, her horrible interviews….it is not until you use gendered basis attacks that you are being sexist.  Using bimbo was sexist.  But she is a politican, I don’t care that she is female, she needs to be examined and questioned like every other politican.

Well, Purdue lost.  =(  Penn St won….we are so dead next week, Penn St is great.

We were talking about what seems to be missing the last few years.  And it is Drew Brees…not his skill, but his heart.  Purdue doesn’t seem to have heart and everything we have read, Brees has the heart for winning.  That seems to fit, because when you look at Penn St, hell Joe Pa has probably more heart then his whole team and that has a huge effect on them even during bad years.

If you haven’t already heard, we lost another great actor and philanthopist, Paul Newman =(

Newman’s Own Politics

Here is an article I read in my Time that I got today  :  ‘Real’ Journalists Could Learn from The View I thought it had some very intersting observations.  Mainsteam journalist could learn something from it.

Lower Falls

Working Out & Politics

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I’ve been doing good on the treadmill, just need to stick around long on the weights.  Hard to motivate on those after 30min on the treadmill…but I need to.  I need to get that burn.  I am getting a burn in my abs.  I’ve increased the weight that I do on the ab machine.  When we get home, I do abs in the bedroom on my mat.  But I need to get the burning in my legs and my arms.  I worked somewhat on my arms today.  So tomorrow I’m going to go after my legs and try to get them burn.  May need to add incline back into the treadmill again, I haven’t been doing them as much been working on adding more distance within 30mins.

I’ve been getting work done, no where as much as I need to.  I really need to add more to the store.  But I’m a political news junky and with what has been going on I have a hard time staying away from news sites even if they haven’t updated.  That and I haven’t been motivated after all I did this past weekend.

This bailout…..I don’t know.  I don’t think they deserve the bail outs…..all this “descision makers” who have played it fast and loose….screw them.  BUT I worry about the rambations that will hit the rest of us if it doesn’t go through.  More about people like our parents….my dad has always been careful with their money and invested it safely….so I worry about that.  I worry about my in-laws pensions hoping that they aren’t at risk.

Then McCain pulling a political stunt….what an ass.  He is not putting “country first”, he must think that we are stupid.  He also doesn’t want to admit that Palin isn’t ready for the debate.

I really like this commentary :  Commentary: Sexist treatment of Palin must end

They point out that she facing sexism, not from the media but from McCain’s campaign.  They are doing the “manly” thing and protecting her from the “big-bad media”.  How much more sexist is that?  She is a poliation and she needs to be treated like every other person running for office.  I’m sick and tired of the special treatment she gets…no questions from the reporters…trying to use the media to show her in a foreign policy environment yet refuse to allow them to be there more then 30secs?  What the hell?

It is so frustrating to read the news sometimes, but I have to know what is going on.  It doesn’t help that I’m addictated to political magazines…The Nation, American Spector, MS, and Bitch and they sometimes highlight the injustices in the world that you know we shouldn’t have.

I need to put away the laundry….I have a huge pile of it….icks.