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Patriotism And Love of Country

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With it the combination of it being the 15th anniversary of 9/11 and an election year, it really gets me thinking about how some people view how you should be patriotic.

I love our country, but I acknowledge our bloody history, the damage we have done and still how far we need to go. To me, being a true patriot is wanting our country to make amends for our past, build on our future and really put the true meaning of “with liberty and justice for all” to work. Because honestly, we do not have equal liberty or justice in this country.

Our country is built on classism and white supremacy. Police forces were not started to help the every day people, they were developed to protect the rich. It shows in the laws and courts.

Freedom has to mean more than words, it has to mean that even if you do not agree with someone’s actions you defend their right to do it….ie, burning a flag, protesting…..that is their right. You cannot give lip service to our freedoms and then get upset when someone exercises their constitutional right. Then you truly do not believe in the freedoms that you speak about and are a hypocrite and only want what you believe in expressed.

I may detest the KKK and neo-nazis but I’ll defend their right for rallies and protest.

I do not get blind “patriotism”. That has got be most potentially dangerous form of the patriotism there is.

That is what gave us Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini….strong men….fascist and communist….murders. They were able to use blind patriotism to get to power. Feed their people the lines that they wanted to hear and then murder those who disagreed….Putin does that now. And Trump thinks that is how it should be done with as much as he praises me. I am NO fan of Reagan but he would be rolling in his grave over that.

Blind patriotism is un-American. It closes you off to what needs to be addressed, it closes you off from what fellow Americans are going through. Just because you haven’t seen or lived it, does not mean it does not happen and it is not true.

It is our duty as Americans to question the status quo for how the rich keep getting richer and the poor gets poorer, how they are destroying the middle class. How our “representatives” are in the pockets of big business and are millionaires, how they still get paid when they are not doing their job, while we would have been fired.

It is our duty hold our elected officials accountable and call them to the carpet. A prime example on 9/11 is how they all give lip service to “never forget” but do NOTHING to help the first responders that are still suffering. It is twisted that they have to be shamed and even that does not always work. They want to use the legislation to help the 9/11 first responders for their own gain with riders. That is not patriotic, that is disgusting.

It is our duty as Americans to fight for justice and social equality. It is our duty to speak up and not be lead like sheep. It is our duty to practice what we preach on the freedoms of this country.

Patriotism is loving your country, while acknowledging it’s faults while you try and make it better for the next generation.

Marshaling Thoughts

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I can not seem to marshall my thoughts like I use to. My postings have been more rambling then I would like.

It is frustrating. I do not know if I am writing with too much background noise. I always have been very good at ignoring it when I am focused, when I go deep into something, I totally tunnel vision….I do not see or hear anything around me. But I am wondering if it has been so long that I can not seem to get to that level.

I am also wondering if I am so tired and distracted with the things that I need to do, that it dissipates my emotions on the matter I wish to address.

I have always written more focused when I am really riled up. And before I thought about writing again, I would be getting riled up and my thoughts together when I was driving home…..which is why I was thinking of dictating to my notes on my iphone. When I get home after work, I would be forced to change my focus and get busy either showering, getting ready for the next day or trying to chill, that I am not able to get that focus back.

Then when I have the perfect days to focus and have no distractions, I have to struggle with my thoughts. It is disappointing. =(

Maybe I should start writing on more mundane everyday things…..

I am hoping with these posts that I will finally get them out more clearly. It will take practice, time, and (I guess) patience.

Blogging Again

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I need to start writing again. Problem is I have my thoughts when I’m out and I can’t write them down. Then when I have the time and place, I can’t get my thoughts together, total writer’s block. Since I use the dictation feature when I text, I debating on using that and then clean it up later.

There is something about writing about the things on your mind that helps to clear your mind. Whether is about things going on in your life or issues in the news. And I have lots of thoughts on those, as one can see from my twitter/facebook feeds.

I got to thinking more about writing when my cousin sent me this link :

It would be totally cool to write for Bitch. When I had time, I use to get it and Ms….two of my favorites for women issues.

I need to practice before I go for something like this and even if I wasn’t interested in something like that, I still would like to start blogging again. Not just tweeting, even though I love tweeting.

I love the way twitter lets me share stories that I find interesting or informative. Yes, I know that most of the stories are ones that I agree with, and it shows that I am a political addict. But some stories are just ones that I find interesting.

I love the stories and variety of people that you can find on twitter.

Even if you never tweet, if you love learning and experiencing different people, or even just keeping up with the news, sports and world events, I highly recommend getting a twitter account and start following.

I love learning and passing on information. I’m a big believer in that you should never stop learning and passing it on. You never know what pepple of information may effect someone in a positive way.

I remember when I was younger I wanted to make big waves in the world….something positive to help us advance our society, to help fight social injustices.

Realistically, I don’t see that happening now…..too busy just trying to survive and enjoy life. =)

A few years ago, a friend of mine revealed to me that the little things I did helped him to accept himself. I know it wasn’t all me, but by simply treating him with respect and like everyone else, I made a difference in his life.

So even if I am not making huge social waves that I thought I might do with my life, I am making a difference in my small corner of the world. I may not know how or for sure, but you never know when you plant a seed for it down the line. Even if it is just being friendly and smiling at a stranger.

This was both easier and harder to write then I thought. It is my first attempt in a very, very long time. I hope I am able to keep it up. =)


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Since our life hit the brakes and had to readjust last summer, we’ve haven’t had done any birding or anything to get out….too busy trying to get it back together. Going by our birding list, exactly 6 months since we listed anything. =(

Didn’t help that when we thought we were getting back on our feet, the rug got pulled out from under us again….but we’ve reestablished ourselves. =)

We made a point to get out today and explore a different part area that we are now living in. It was also the 1st time I’ve been in our Jeep Wrangler since we brought the Pontiac in Dec…..felt good to be back in the Wrangler. =)

We checked out a few of the local state parks. Very happy that we stopped at the visitor’s center at one of them. The staff member there was very helpful on giving us advice on where birders have been going.

We ended up in a wetlands area by a river and got to see our first short-ear owl and northern harrier! They were putting on a show. =) We saw at least 3 owls just flying around and 2-3 norther harriers. We even got to see an immature bald eagle, the head was almost finished changing to white.

It felt totally great to get out and do one of our favorite things. And the weather worked with us……no rain. =)

My Blog

**Yes, I know my columns aren’t showing up on my blog. I’m still trying to figure it out. ={

I’m Toni, been online since 2001, taking pics since 1994.

Yes, I’m no longer updating my site…we are now full time RVers and our priorities have changed. But I’ve put too much of myself and seen my growth with my blog that I’m still updating when it hits me.

Life Update

Since we’ve had to get stationary jobs, it has been a big life change.

One big major adjustment is that since Sept ’07, we’ve worked from home, and even though it took 6 months to get use it, we are now use to spending a lot of time together. This weekend is the first days off we’ve had together since Xmas & Thanksgiving. It had been driving me nuts. Feels good to be home together.

I have a p/t job position and until last weekend, had a 2nd p/t seasonal job on the weekends. That was not easy schedule wise, but doable. Looking to see if a full time position opens where I’m at or get a different job….need the full time. I really do like where I’m at….everyone has been very nice and I seem to fit in.

Hubby is working at a place that actually appreciates him. He fits in with the sense of humor there and they love the work he does. I’m very happy about that.

We are very happy that we are in the Pacific NW for all of this, but we are missing Oregon.

Washington is nice, but it is different…..drivers are more aggressive then Oregon, and people in Oregon aren’t more slobs, but don’t seem to care as much on how they look when they go to the store. At least around here, I see people more “dressed up” for store…..they are less laid back. Most people here are friendly (a LOT better then Florida ever was) but not quite Oregon friendly. Once you’ve been in Oregon for awhile, you can notice the difference.

Maybe it the area we are in, more urban and more military.

Overall, things are still adjusting, tight, but doable.

The Perils of Car Shopping **Late Posts

**The 1st part of this was written on Dec 13, 2014

Well, with the changes that we have had to make the last few months, we are going to be located in one spot for a few years.

We both had to take on brick & mortar jobs and for the 1st time in many, many years we now need another car.  ToRn is working M-F 7-4ish if he isn’t doing OT and lately my shifts have been 2-6….so our schedule is limited.

We need something practical, so it is going to be for me since I do 90% of our errands and such, and that’ll help save the wear and tear on our Jeep Wrangler.  So we want good gas mileage, reliable, something that is easily paid off in a 2-3yrs and priced that if something major happens to it, we can just walk away.

If we didn’t need something practical, I would so go for another Wrangler….love our Jeep.

Since I handle our books and it is for me, I’m looking at small cars and I’m the one going out to look at them first….most have no personality, just bland cookie cutter styles.  So I was thinking of PT Cruiser or a VW Beetle.  

Well, most VW Beetles are stick (never learned to drive one yet….on my bucket list) and I feel they wanting too much for the ones I’m finding….which are from around 2000.  No car from 2000, should be costing 5k+ unless in excellent condition.  But they do love their VW Beetles around here, so I’m not too surprised.  And I know I can get a different car with better gas mileage.  

They also LOVE their Wranglers….I’ve seen those with up to 200k miles on them and still asking about 10k for them….crazy.

Found 2 different PT Cruisers at 2 different dealers….one a small lot, another at a Ford dealer. The small lot…didn’t seem to think that passenger door not opening from the inside, dash board lights not working or headlights needing buffing weren’t safety issues.  To me, those are safety issues and I’m not budging.  On top of it, the ac didn’t work….that is a non starter for me.  Spent too many years in Indiana & Florida when my ac went out in my cars/trucks…not doing it again.

The Ford dealer, the car was a bit beat up on the outside, but the previous owner had done all the preventative maintenance, it drove nice and after doing some research, decided to see about getting it.  When I got in, it had been sold to a whole sale dealer…no biggie.  When I asked about the one of the other 2 they on had on the lot, said they had sold the one within the price I was looking for, but had a convertible one at a bit more.  Well, that convertible one was a sweet car…under 55k miles, leather seats, seat warmers all the fun stuff, BUT it got less gas mileage due to the turbo.

Now, the sales rep & sales manager I was originally dealing with was not in.  Ended up with a different set of guys.  That sales rep was nice guy and you can tell he was new.  The sales manager was WAY too damn pushy.

I told sales manager how much I wanted to spend on car payments a month and for how long….oh yeah, he got the payments down….after spreading out to 7yrs and that is with him figuring the price at $2k more then it was listed!!!   Now it could’ve been a honest mistake, but when I asked about what other cars they had on the lot with better gas mileage, acted like he didn’t hear me, keep trying to push the convertible on me.  So I’m doubting it was…like I wasn’t going to do the research…WTF?!?

I’m like if I wanted to spend that kind of money and not get the gas mileage I’m looking for, I’ll get me the Wrangler I want.  He would NOT listen, then….this really bugs the hell out me…..he tries to get me to sign for it and have my husband come in and sign, just because I handle everything like this.  I’m like, NO, I will NOT sign anything without discussing it with my husband.  I had to say this 4 times!  Until I had to put my foot down harder then I should’ve had to.  This is where my family stubbornness comes in, the more to try and push me when I’m not sure that is what I want, the more I resist…..just like an Army Mule.

Even though ToRn trusts me and would’ve done something like that, we are partners…to me, to do that is to disrespect him and our relationship.  I will not do anything like that without discussing it with him, just like I expect him to with me.  

When I left there, I was just annoyed, when I was driving home, I got really pissed off.  That sales manager was being a fricking bully and, frankly, using that I’m a woman without my husband there to try and get me to agree to something that I was not sure about.

I decided to give that dealer one more shot with dealing my originally sales rep., see if I can use to my advantage.   I was just going to talk to him privately about it, but that other sales manager was there, try to greet me a long lost friend and as if he was doing me a favor.  I just lost it, I made a hell of scene in front of about 20 people….a lot of them other sales people, told him I didn’t appreciate him trying to bully me, disrespecting me by trying to get me to sign after I told him I need to discuss it with my husband, that he was trying to take advantage me for being a woman.  Told him, I told him exactly what I wanted to spend, the gas mileage, length/amount of payment and that he didn’t listen.  

Oh, they knew I wasn’t happy.  The sales rep I was dealing with, was very understanding, found out for the price range I want, that is usually if they only get in by trade, so he is going to keep an eye out for me this weekend.  Normally they sell to wholesalers.  Which I understand, business is business.

Meet briefly with the other sales rep, he has only been doing this for 1yr. Told him, listen to your customers, listen to what they saying and looking for….don’t push them into something.   I’ve been in retail for about 20yrs, you don’t do that….take care of your customers and they will take care of you.  Told him, don’t be a bully like his sales manager, who helps give car sales peoeple a bad name.

I really don’t expect anything from them, but if by slim chance they get something, I’ve kept my options open.

I’ve found a VW Passet, a Pontiac VIbe & a Suzuki at 2 other dealers that I’m going to look into more.  So screw it, I’m going for the gas mileage & reliability more then anything.  Leaning to the Pontiac Vibe because the gas mileage is the best of the three, they have listed closer to Kelly Blue Book and, unlike the other 2, a bright red…..if the design doesn’t have personality, at least the color can.  

I won’t mind a Toyota or Honda but those high theft targets, so they are off the table.

May try and contact them to see about testing driving the Vibe Monday.  Either way, I have other options.

**Written Today
A Very Late Car Update

I decided on the pontiac vibe in Dec. They knocked 300 off of it, that brought it very close to kelly blue book and what is even better, we got 2.75% on interest! After 4yrs, we’ll only pay 335 in interest….so very pleased.

It may be the now standard boring design, but it is bright red and I’m getting about 25mpg, and it has a bit more zip then I expected. For the holidays, we got me a new stereo for it, so now I can use my ipod and it has blue tooth for my phone, perfect. =)

It isn’t my first choice, if I didn’t need to be practical I would’ve gotten another Jeep Wrangler, 2 door, soft top this time. But had to be practical. And with as many errands as I do for us, being practical has paid on on the gas…..I’ve already put a bunch of miles on it.

Since it is red, we named it the Red Baroness….which works great, since my great-grandpa was a pilot instructor in WWI Germany and probably taught the Red Baron how to fly. =) My uncle has his pilot license.

My Twitter Dilemma

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Trying to decide how and what I’m going to do with my TKV twitter. Our lives are moving in a different direction. Other then this blog….

But I’m also proud of the history I have on twitter, over 27k in tweets….one of the 1st to use it. I can suspend my account and after 30days they delete everything. Now I’ve downloaded my archive of all my tweets….so I have that for shits and giggles of my history.

But if I delete my account, does it free up my Toni_KatVixen name like a phone number for someone else to grab? Well, even if I don’t use it anymore…..this is MY name and I won’t be impersonated……I’m very territorial to my name. We built it, this is who I was for so many years and I’m not going to have some wannabe take it.

Right now, I don’t need to delete it to remove my online presence and I can still update it….but I not really sure about it. If I do a tweet I think it’ll just be my posts here…..I’m so undecided.

Debating on just changing the design (no site promotion), keep it private like I have it and put up a generic picture….not really sure what I want to do and how I’m going to do it.

NFL & Domestic Violence

I’ve been mulling the Rice video and the NFL’s horrible response to it over the last week or so.

First, Domestic Violence is a SOCIETY issue…..not an NFL issue. NFL players are no more likely to beat their partners then the general population, it is actually less common. In fact, POLICE are the worst abusers of DV (power & the blue code of silence enables it) :

Police Have a Much Bigger Domestic Abuse Problem Than the NFL (Must Read)

Yet, they get to keep their guns and that is how most women will die in a DV situation.

Second, I believe that Ray Rice needed to be punished, but I don’t believe in banning him where he can’t work. I don’t know if he is a serial abuser or if it was the first time something like this has happened, we won’t know. I believe he and his wife should be helped. Because when you punish him that extensively, you are punishing her.

The NFL has totally screwed up on how they have handled it in todays social media and videos, but if it happened a few years ago….they handled it like they have always handled it…look up the history for both college and NFL football programs and how DV abusers were handled. And like majority of society has handled it, the history as been to ignore it… is nothing new, as this article states :

“Violence is tolerated as long as the player performs well and the act doesn’t become a public embarrassment”

The NFL needs to educate their people and help them, you can’t just punish, you need both. They need to be given a chance until they blow it.

I use to volunteer at a Women’s Shelter in Indiana, did it for almost 10yrs. You learn that it isn’t as simple as “why doesn’t she leave”, you learn that it is more complex, you learn that it can effect anyone, no matter of race, gender, money or social standing. Some just hide it better then others. You think “I won’t put up with it” and then learn that it can be more gradual, more stealthy then an obvious hit.

Stories to help you understand :

#WhyIStayed Stories Reveal Why Domestic Violence Survivors Can’t ‘Just Leave’

‘Why Didn’t You Just Leave?’

It takes an average of 7 times before a victim will leave their abusers and that is if they survive leaving them, some do not.

The emotional and mental abuse will do more damage in the long run then the physical, giving DV victims PTSD.

The pros out of this is that it may be finally shifting the conversation about DV, getting people to acknowledge it, fund the programs that need it, get help. With focusing on the NFL, a highly visible part of society, maybe it can set an example for country and perpetrators of DV that it isn’t acceptable and easily ignored like it use to be.

The cons is the focus is too much on the NFL overall, what about the Police and what about poor women and women of color (who experience DV at a higher then the general population)? Military spouses, made worst by PTSD and when I grew up on Army Posts, it was always worst on pay day due to the drinking.

I’ve seen former wives of high ranking military officers, women of high company executives and poor women a like come through the shelter. I’ve seen a little boy no more then the age of 6 yelling and screaming at his mom, calling her all sorts of names because that is what he grew up seeing. I’ve seen girls getting tied to their abuser in their teenage years and never being able to get out.

And yes, men can be and have been victims of DV, not just women.

This is complex society issue that needs to finally be addressed and not just swept aside as it has been in the past.

An Exit Action Plan For Leaving An Abusive Relationship

How To Stay Safe After Leaving An Abusive Relationship

Social Media & The New Feminist Wave

What an age we are now living in when it comes to communication. Con wise, we seemed to have become more partisan, but there is a greater awareness of issues that didn’t seem to exist before.

Looking at it through the issues that are normally swept aside because they are considered “women” issues and not humanity issues, social media has been huge.

I love the fact that a new generation of women and discovering feminism and learning and fighting against the misconception that it is about man-hating. That ignorance about feminism as always driven me nuts….

Women who have grown up being told by their parents that they can be anything, do anything are finding that the majority of the other half of the race doesn’t believe that. That it is institutionalized. They are finding that with social media they don’t have to be forced into silencing what they have experienced (rape, sexual harassment and now domestic violence (DV)). Many things that have been swept under the rug and ignored. They are tired of the double standards, the slut shaming, blaming the victim…they are making society notice them and the social ills we have and what they face.

If you would’ve told me a few years ago that colleges will be finally forced to face the rape culture or the due to the Rice video, that society is finally facing our DV culture I would’ve said “I hope so, but don’t hold your breath”.

It does bother me when people try to pigeon hole feminism. Just because you enjoy, celebrate your sexuality doesn’t mean you can’t be a feminist. Which some argue about Beyonce or Nicki Minaj…saying they help with the objectification of women. When you are controlling your own images and not allowing it to define you, you aren’t allowing others to objectify you. You are celebrating one of the many things that makes us human…..we are intellects, sisters, mothers, professionals, daughters, wives and yes, sexual beings. We should not be forced to deny that or any other part of us.

I love that we have such a diverse group of women finally standing up and claiming their feminism. From Beyonce (which is great on getting more and more younger women to explore and learn about it), Emma Watson speaking at the UN, Taylor Swift finally realizing and claiming the feminist label and men who freely claim the label, such as Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The term Feminist has been so twisted and misused that it gives me hope to see being finally reclaimed for what it actually means :

“the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities” (Merriam-Webster)

Life Turmoil & Stress

The last two weeks as been hell. Everything is fine between us, but we have been thrown a big curve ball and now are having to make some big changes in our lives. Feels like the rug has been pulled out from under us.

We are scrambling to get our lives back on track. Some days we are fine, some days we are in panic, other days we just want to break down. I had one of those yesterday…..just had to break down and have a good cry.

Didn’t get to work that much on one of our back up plans this week, need to change that tomorrow. Been scrambling to find other back ups and having work on my end of the month project, along with my work. My brain has been so scattered, I really need to regain some of my focus tomorrow. Sometimes I feel as if I’m losing my mind.

Right now, finally taking some time out for myself and watching a movie with my hubbie. Still want to have another good cry, but I really hate the lost of control feeling and getting a stuffy nose.

Been eating because we have to eat, sure not because we feel like it. Tummy has not been happy.

I try and tell myself that we’ve been through hell before and we’ll get through it. But it still so damn scary.

It helps that we still have each other and are able to talk and hold each other up.

We’ve been together for over 20yrs, yet we are always learning more about each other and about ourselves. And we have learned so much over the last year. Communication is always improving, understanding of who we are and why we react the way we do… really helps to see that in times of turmoil……even when turmoil sometimes helps us to gain a higher understanding and communication with each other, like it did this winter. But we have no regrets on how it has made us closer, just regrets on how the turmoil ended on a bad note.

Life With Crazy Cats

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Having a pet is always interesting. We have two crazy cats and they are great for providing laughter, comfort and distraction when it is needed. They are litter mates, a brother and sister.

We’ve never had cats that will poof up for no apparent reason, even while purring. They still let us pick them up and everything. Our other cats would’ve clawed us if we did that. The boy will hisses at hubby out of frustration when they are playing….it is nutty.

You would think after five years they have finally settled into their habits and there is nothing new for them to do……but over the last few months that has been proven wrong….lol

During the very cold parts of winter, the boy finally learned that it is nice and warm crawling under the blankets to cuddle with mommie. His sister usually sleeps in the middle of our pillows, partial under the blanket while demanding that hubby has his hand on her…..or she’ll sit there and stare at him until her puts her into her usual spot. Or she’ll nose him. =)

Now that the boy has discovered cuddling under the blankets, he jumps up on the bed, on my side, near my head and starts to paw at the blankets, while staring at me. I’ve opened my eyes a few times to see his paw coming towards my nose to wake me up.

Twice in the last two weeks, I’ve been woken by him hissing! First time, he was pawing the blanket, but I obviously wasn’t waking up. So he hisses at me, I open my eyes, he is just looking at me…..he didn’t look upset or in pain… soon as I lifted the blankets he crawled right in.

The second time, I had my back to him when he jumped up……I’m like “really???” So now he is using a hiss to wake me up and let him in….rolling eyes.

A few mornings ago, I woke to a dream of something wet on my nose…..opened my eyes and the boy was very close to my face and staring at me. I’m not sure, but I think he nosed me, I really think he did……..ggeeezzz

The sister is a whole another ball of crazy. She is definitely a “daddy’s girl”. Her association with me, is when she wants something….like jumping on me and running me over to get to her spot on bed, if I have treats or the big thing, a brush. And not just a cat brush……my round prickly brush. She will run into my leg and trip me to get into the bathroom, jump on the toilet seat and look at me……if I don’t brush her, she starts rubbing against me.

She use to do it once in awhile, but the last few days she has gotten very demanding. Anytime she is not sleeping and even think I’m heading back there she races to the bathroom and just stares and stares and stares… is nutty. As soon as I grab the brush, that she is eyeing, she starts purring like crazy…so loud. Hubby calls her a “purr monster” She’ll grab the brush, while you hold it, get her claws into and rub her face against it.

There is nothing like having your life ruled by your cats. They really let you know that they are allowing you in their lives……lol

Just a quick Hi!

Boy, we have been busy with stuff around here. Schedules are very different then they were just a few months ago.

It is very pretty and different from the last location.

My body seems to finally getting back to normal cycle wise. I think either the stress of this winter or other activities messed me up, I spotted on and off between cycles. Not happy at all with that. I was too the point of finding my one last pack of birth control to use just to stop the spotting. Started my cycle today, hopefully I can go another month without spotting and it is over.

And yes, I quit taking the pill a few years ago. My blood pressure was high and with my age, hubby being fixed….I quit taking them. Much better for me….less chemicals and pretty odds against a stroke…which can happen on the pill.

I shaved my arm pits a few weeks ago. It was weird and cool to have them shaved again. Found that it was more annoying to have to shave about everyday due to the itchiness. It was actually irritating my skin.

So I’m going to let my arm pit hair grow back out. Where we are at, it chilly right now, so no tank tops for awhile and then even then I’m debating on keeping it……we’ll see.

We have been having some hot morning sex….I do love that, sometimes seems even more intense then other times….grin

Been a long last two days…..watching Bond and chilling out before heading to bed.


Oh, you’re not easy to love
You’re not easy to love, no
You’re not easy to love
You’re not easy to love, no

Why is everything with you so complicated
Why do you make it hard to love you
Oh I hate it
‘Cause if you really wanna be alone
I, will throw my hands up ‘Cause baby I tried
But everything with you is so complicated

-“Complicated” Rihanna

As I sing along to the playlist I had going the other day……

Hubby teasingly “Why you saying mean things about me?”

Me “I’m just singing along….besides I think this can apply to about 90% of relationship”

Hubby, laughing “I don’t have any other relationships….I’m just concerned with one”

Me….laughing….”well, you are complicated”

Dawns on me later, things are complicated as normal….but a lot less complicated then it was.  A lot more laughter, more of a team.

Just an offbeat moment.

Settling In

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It has been an off week. We moved from one spot to another. Ended up spending last week getting ready for that and getting settled in that the off week has been affecting our dinner planning….been totally weak on it. Doing much better for this week.

So we are getting settled in and trying to learn our new duties and get a routine. It is different from what we were doing, but that is a good thing. I like it when we expand our horizons and learn new things. It comes in handy for the future.

At our last place we were spent a lot of time cleaning up after wind storms and other jobs around the park. It was cool. We’ve missed doing yard work since we’ve moved to the Oregon in ’07. You get a good satisfaction when you get something cleaned up, because you get a result.

Here, we’ll be doing clean up after campers and doing more hosting duties, making sure that we are seen and are there for the visitors. We came over at a good time, it is letting us learn our new duties before the busy season hits. And we’ll be attacking some of the winter cleanup to get it ready for the busy season.

It is cozy here. When we got to the last place it was this huge open space….kind of freaky. But got use to it and was great for the satellite and sunlight. Got here and got the tree cover we love, that is what we’ve always looked for when we got tent camping…but not good for the satellite.

Still no satellite in our rig. =( BUT we have set it up in the garage by the office….so we didn’t miss our Pacer’s playoffs and Games of Thrones. =) We are going to get some more cable and see if we can get a signal. We are happy we at least have another option if we can’t do it in our home.

Next week, we’ll going to be get ourselves on to the some of the trails. Looking forward to that. =)