Nothing Much


We’ve really been being bums about getting our exercise the last 10days. =( But we have been going out birding. =) So that is cool

When we started being bums about getting our exercise, it really was due to the fact that we didn’t want to deal with the weather…it was so windy and wet…just didn’t feel like it.

We were suppose to have icky weather this week also…nope, it has been pretty damn nice. Didn’t get out this weekend due to basketball….yes, our lives are sometimes ran by what goes in the sports world. But Monday we went out for a walk…..only did 2:15miles in 2hrs, but that is what happens when you stop to find birds…lol

I stayed up late on work….had lots to do.

But then Tues, we totally hit the wall after lunch. That sucked. I hate that! I want to keep going, but my head had that tired cotton feeling. I just couldn’t shake it, even after a walk to the mail box….felt like a wussy, but laid down for 30. Felt so much better afterwards.

I got up just in time to start on dinner. I was making stuffed shells, in this case manicotti pasta since our store doesn’t have the shells, and that took 2hrs. But it was so damn good. =) I know that my stuff won’t be good enough for true italian food lovers, but we do love my stuffed shells and spaghetti. And it gets better as leftovers.

Today I did much better, I attacked some chores, got my work done and we even tested our kitties on the new walking jacket we got them. The male did ok on it, but his sister, not too well. But then she is the one that got out years ago for 22hrs and she hasn’t been the same again….more fearful outside. He was nervous, but seemed to enjoy it….just overwhelmed….purred a lot….grin

Tomorrow, we have some running we need to do…..going to be a busy day….that is for sure and it’ll be starting early.

Found that they suspended my katvixenlive at livejournal the other day….I’m like WTH?

They thought I was a bot spamming?!? I don’t get it.

I once set up a profile on an adult site and got the same thing….I’m no damn bot, totally really and I am true to myself. Just don’t get it. But they did get it back up.

We are currently working watching the True Detective series….kind of a mind fuck….but interesting.

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