Today’s Drama


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Hubby is feeling much, much better. Still very light sensitive, wearing sunglasses a lot, even when inside. Everything is blurred when he tries and sees out of that eye. He didn’t run today, but laid down in the dark and gave his eyes a rest, which I’m very glad he did…he doesn’t always give his body time to heal when needed.

Like I told him, I’m not surprised that he is feeling more tired. I use reading to tire myself out to sleep, so he is tiring his eyes out more…one because it is doing double duty, the other because it is trying to heal. Then you add the stress of the pain, no wonder why he is tired. He is trying to recover. I’m just so happy he is feeling better. Hopefully he’ll be almost normal this weekend.

Well, starting tomorrow, I’m out of commission, all the signs are there. Of course he thought I was a few days ago……doh! Like he hasn’t notice that I haven’t been wearing panties to bed….lol He just gets in the mind set that when I tell I’m about due he just thinks that I’m out of commission. Much easier just to tell him when I start then the pre cycle crazy…lol But he was in way too much pain for anything anyway. So my wand has been getting a work out… arm has been hurting….lol Now IF I’m lucky, I’ll get hit with my hardest day sooner then later and then I’ll be over it.

Spent about an hour the phone with my best friend (she is really more like my sister, but closer, so sometimes saying best friend to me symbolize the closeness to me even more then sister) and my nephews and niece. Her husband is feeling like crap, like it is all his fault of the things that are happening and sent a really depressing, the most unlikely text that they didn’t know how to handle it. I’m like you need to let him know you understand, that he isn’t worthless, that you see his side, his mom’s side and that you are there for him. Then I tried to explain the sides as I see them. That you need to reassure that you love him and that he isn’t worthless.

She had put me on the speaker phone so all the kids could hear me, a first for me. I encourage them to have a family meeting (WITHOUT his mom and niece) so they could work it out and present a united front, to show that he isn’t alone. And with that text, I’m like you guys need to text him love, support and encouragement since he works the night shift and you can’t exactly go there and give him hugs. Well, I guess my bf got out voted by her kids and they were heading to his job and stopping to get him some food on the way.

I got my fingers crossed that it helps and works out, I’m stressing it. I’m so afraid that I gave the wrong advice. But when someone is feeling like such a piece of crap through no real fault of their own, I feel they need encouragement and need to see that their family has their back. He is a good guy, I don’t see eye-to-eye on a lot of things with him, but I know he sacrifices a lot for his family, and he just doesn’t know how to handle it….well, who the hell would? Between his mom and his wife and then his kids……..he just wants to make everyone happy, but it is not happening. I’m almost afraid to hear what happened when they showed up at his work…..I so hope he sees that it is done in love and support.

So hoping hubby’s best friend is free this weekend. I would so love to go and see her and her husband. Been missing them and worry about the stress they are going through.

I did get a walk in today. It was a beautiful day. I did 3.81 miles in about 90 minutes. Got to see and hear a bald eagle, I NEVER get tired of that……grin Playing on another walk tomorrow. =)

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