Eye and Family Drama


Took hubby to the walk in clinic for his eye. He was in so much miserable pain….still in miserable pain, just a little less frequently.

The good thing, no permanent damage and that eye cells regenerate every 9-12hrs and actually heal quickly…so he should be back to normal in 2-4 days. The bad thing is that the abrasions on his eye was so bad that they didn’t even need to dye his eye to see it and he has two abrasions. They had given him numbing eye drops to look at his eyes, it was the best he has felt since it happened.

Unlike when it happened to me, no eye patch for him. They gave him eye drops to help in the healing. They were going to give him a pain pill, but he didn’t want those and it would’ve only been for a 1-2 days. Too much pain killers slows down the healing. He decided to suffer with it. =(

My poor hubby spent the afternoon in our darkened bedroom with his sunglasses on, has totally turned down the brightness on his mac and ipad…the light is hurting. What really sucked, is that it was a stunningly beautiful sunny day that he would’ve loved to be out taking pictures.

I just wish I could help him feel better, so instead I tried to help him as much as possible, which felt lacking.

My best friend called today to really catch me up, can only do so much through text the night before. Since I was driving she was on the uconnect in the Jeep, so hubby got to hear it all. Hubby sure doesn’t miss all the family drama that she is going through. He told her to get some brass balls…..she was like, I think I found them last night…..lol

Pretty much she played the bad guy so her husband didn’t have to feel bad for making his mom feel bad. Like I told her, if it works and he doesn’t undermine her, go for it. I’ve played the bad guy many times with her family and my hubby has no issue with doing when it is needed. Sometimes a situation calls for it.

She feels both relieved to get some of out (was cut off from the rest of it from her mother-in-law playing up the guilt….woes is me crap) but it is even more awkward at her house now. I told her to use it to her advantage, don’t give any ground. And before their niece even assumes that they are going to taxi her around, to nip that in the bud and be preventive of it. Stop the issue before it even comes up.

I just don’t get it….when we are at someone else’s house, even family, we try to be as respectful as possible. Not mess up people’s routines and life. I guess I can see it some what from her mother-in-law, she may not have had her son live with her in over 20+yrs, but she went back into her role. I know when I go to my folks, I easily slip back into routine, but then my parent’s routine hasn’t changed.

But I do try and be helpful and with them raising their 3 grandkids, my parents actually appreciate it when I take over and address issues with them. It gives them a break. The only time I really mess with their routine is when we have dinner. I’ve always sat on my dad’s right side at the table and I REFUSE to give that up when I’m there. My nephew can have it when I’m not there, but when I’m there….that is my spot, I’m a daddy’s girl and I will not give it up…..pretty stubborn that way…..grin

But unlike my friend’s mother-in-law, nothing has really changed at my folk’s house. Her mother-in-law has never lived with my bf and her kids, just her son. So it is just rude.

When we started as full time RVers, our very close friends let us park in their RV spot in their back alley. We were only planning on being there for about 2-3 weeks….well, it ended up being 5 weeks. Which was a huge help, there was still so much more for do then we had realized.

Now we are considered family, have a key to the house, but we didn’t want to interfere or make ourselves a burden in their routine, we tried to help out when we could. We even didn’t go over there into their house for 5days, didn’t want them to think they had to feed us, entertain us and such. We told them that, we didn’t want to get in the way. We were very careful about trying not to over step our boundaries.

So when I tell hubby about what my bf is going through, we don’t get how people can not be respectful. But then family sometimes feels more entitled more then others.

One positive thing came out of hubby getting eye drops, while we were waiting I finally found the Rhodiola Rosea at the local grocery/pharmacy that Trixie recommended and gave me some to try a few weeks ago. They only had one kind and ironically, they were from Sandy, OR….lol I got my local OR stuff up here in Northern WA……grin

I’ve been feeling more normal in general, I think part of it, is I never full recovery from the 3 week trip from AZ in November before being put on to a emotional roller coaster of adjustments, and I’ve finally got some of that recovery time and I’ve been making sure I’ve been taking my vitamins….especially B6 and B Complex. I not sure if that is helping, but I hope so. And now adding the Rhodiola Rosea to my vitamin routine tomorrow, hope that helps even more.

I’ve been a bit more focus on getting things done. It also could be that with me focusing on hubby suffering the last 2 days, I haven’t been able to think. Sometimes not thinking and just doing is a huge help.

I have a huge list of things to attack tomorrow…..hoping that I keep my focus….fingers crossed.

Also have a friend of ours on my mind, sounds like they have been needing a hug. =( Sometimes hugs are the most powerful things and making people feel better and I wish I could give them one.

It is my go to thing, when I don’t know what to do….I give hugs and found that they have been pretty helpful. Lets them know that someone cares for them and they aren’t alone.

Looks like I’m going to be starting my cycle a few days late, but the good thing is my body is finally giving more signs other then emotions and cravings. =) So I’ll be pleased when it is started, closer to being done with it.

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