Hubby’s Eye & Family Drama


The weather hasn’t much change, just more rain less snow. We decided to work outside regardless.

Unfortunately, hubby hit his eye with a leaf off of branch he was moving. =( We are thinking he may have scratched his eye. It has been watering all day and hurting. I feel so bad for him.

I did that years ago and it sucked.

If he is not doing better tomorrow afternoon, I’m taking him in to the walkin clinic. I hate seeing him hurting, I hate not being able to help him….I just want him to feel better. =(

Ended up texting with my best friend. Unfortunately there were too many people at her house for her to call and talk….ggrrr

She has been dealing with the fact that her mother-in-law and niece are there and her husband is not standing up to his mom. Her house has been invaded, her routine messed up and feeling as if she doesn’t even belong in her own house. Her mother-in-law did the single mom thing after her biker husband abandoned them. So she did what she had to do, so her son loves and respects her, but has no idea how to stand up to her and back up his wife. And I really don’t think the mother-in-law means to be a problem, but when you have two women in a house that are use to running their own house……not a good idea all. Not an easy thing to share.

My bf has just been trying to keep the peace for her husband’s peace of mind and in the process has been crowded out and right in the middle of the worst winters when she suffers huge season depressions and cabin fever. So she doesn’t even have her normal outlets to help her because of them.

I’ve been trying to get her to establish her boundaries, her territory….do her routine and force them to either adapt or leave. But she has been holding her tongue, because she doesn’t feel as if her husband has her back. He has no backbone when it comes to his mom, everyone else, he has one.

And unlike her, I grew up with my family backing me up. So once it hits, I will stand up and get it out…..and let things fall where they may. Plus with my temper and my crazy emotions I got from my mom….it doesn’t take much. I just try and use the logic and patience that I learned from my dad to handle it more smartly, just doesn’t always work…..sadly.

Well, she had it and decided to play the bitch…..of course, her husband had to comfort his mom and not stand up with his wife. I know that he loves both of them and he really just has no idea how to handle it. But this is messed up.

My hubby is like, he doesn’t see how he is choosing his mother over this wife. I’m like, well you weren’t close to your mom like he is and he really isn’t trying to chose his mom over her, he is just clueless….my hubby is like, still… wife comes first, before anyone.

Now I’m trying to encourage my bf to use this to establish that this is her house, her territory….told her, do her routine, be civil and friendly, but don’t let them crowd you out. They are in HER house, they have to adapt and learn the boundaries.

See, I’m a territorial bitch when it comes to the things I care about, my job, my family, the people I care about. I’ve used that for many years when dealing with managers/employees under me that tried to crowd me out. I still celebrate the day that my useless, suspected thieving assistant called and quit, so many years ago…..and that was my day off…..happiest day to have to go in…..grin

Well, it has been a very long day….I’ve been doing so much work and been worrying about hubby. I so hope he is feeling better tomorrow. =(

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