Chilly, Work, Quickie


bbbrrrr…..It has been raining/spitting snow on and off today. It was chilly as hell today, didn’t go for a walk. I did go out and did our weekly shopping.

Called my best friend while shopping, I normally do…of course it throws me off while shopping, but at the same time, it perfect time for us to play catch up. She is doing better on dealing with her family stuff, I’ve been calmer the last 3 weeks, so it has been more of playing catch up instead of both of us freaking out and letting off steam.

Spent time getting work done, emails/support, got the company books prepped and sent to the tax accountant, along with our annual forms.

Took time out to make my super fudgy brownies…..grin Let me explain, when my cycle is starting or going, my chocolate cravings go through the roof, along with my irritability, I also go nuts on craving salty foods, like mustard and doritos. I’d steal candy from a kid if the craving hits hard, that is how bad it is. The brownies are a huge help. =)

So I’m getting some of my cycle signs in that, but not quite the others….hoping I really get the rest tomorrow…I would love that. I know, I why would I want those, you ask? Well, the sooner I get those signs and started the sooner it is over and getting it over is exactly what I want. I hate what it does to me emotionally and craving wise and as I get older, they get nuttier. Sadly, I see my mother (who was scary with the temper from that side of the family) in me…..I love my mom, but that part scares me and I don’t want it. I don’t think I’m as bad, but I just see enough of it that I’m not happy about it and I work hard to resist it.

I was about to dive into our mess of books, totally stressing it in a very bad way, when hubby is like, you want a quickie? Hell no, did I turn it down. I needed a stress reliever and the timing was fricking perfect.

There is nothing like me using my wand, watching him stroke himself hard to get ready to fuck me….it was hot. I was lying on my back on the bed, he was standing over me. I couldn’t even see his cock, just watched his face…..I know he was enjoying hearing my moans and sounds, which was even a bigger turn on.

It made for a very intense needed quickie. Totally helped my stress level….grin

I was going to get back into our stuff, but it was later then I prefer for that and I just wanted to chill and get my thoughts out. Every time I do a post here, I’ve been adding more to my private thought logs. So it is double the writing. A lot of needed self examination….don’t know if it helpful, but I’m giving it a shot. =)

Currently watching the first Star Trek……boy the effects were bad……

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