Long Day, Good Hard Quickie


I’m really tired. It has been a very long day. Took the ferry over to do some errands and try and figure out what we are doing for the summer. I think we got it settled. It farther from here and closer to being able to see our family without a ferry and a short ferry to hubby’s best friend. We may even be able to get our nephews for a few weeks…so looking forward to that.

Biggest regret is not moving to the NW years ago and seeing more of hubby’s brother before we lost him. Don’t want to make that same mistake with her and her hubby, who is a lovable nut that makes some of the best meals. Not only is she his best friend, that he can talk to fully outside of me and understands him like I do, she is the closest friend I have outside of my best friend of 24yrs. She is the only one that may know me as well as hubby and my best friend. We are regretting that we aren’t seeing more of them….but we have to admit they have more of social life then us….so it makes scheduling interesting…lol

We had our first franchise pizza in over a year….tasted even better then we thought..it always does when cold. =) But that lead to us eating the most sodium laden junk food in a long time. Boy, did we feel blotted…blah

We got back in time for hubby to get his run in, I couldn’t really do any exercise. I spent an hour on the phone in a business call. I did get a very small walk in…..but it was getting dark, still needed to have dinner, shower and get our stuff in order around the RV. Going to try to get a walk in, depending on what is going on here.

I was not feeling very up to snuff since yesterday. When your hormones hit sometimes you just feel frumpy and totally unappealing. So not happy yesterday….just one of those things that hits. I just hope my cycle starts on time with my calculations so I can get the fucker over with…..ggrrr

But I did get a booster on not feeling as frumpy to help my day.

We were checking out some of the local spots and we were in a pretty secluded area. Hubby is like, if there is an opportunity, do you want to fuck? I’m like yeah…..I really needed one. We got the opportunity….grin We had the passenger door open, I sucked him enough to get him hard, bent me over the seat and fucked me. With it being so chilly, my pussy so warm and wet it was a very hot, intense, hard quickie….felt really good to have him grab my hips hard, bang me hard, and put his load into me. Good thing we keep baby wipes in Jeep….grin

Been wanting to break it in for a while now. I don’t really count that as a full break in, but other then one SUV we have broke in all of our vehicles in with sex.

The more I think about it lately, the more I want to make sure that it is us that breaks in our Jeep fully. It is our thing, our tradition. I don’t want it to be with someone other then us the first time. So I’ve been keeping an eye out on spots around here for that. =)

Hoping to get things done tomorrow and get a good walk in….lets see if I can focus, there is so much to do and weekends are a bitch on getting me motivated.

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