Chilly and Reading


Just had a great intense sex session. Haven’t had one that long like that in since the beginning of the year. Been missing those. I love what we can do to each other. Hoping to get another one within the week, since I’m going to be broken. Which means I’m horny and wanting more….

I did get out and roller skate, the rain had stopped, it did start up again lightly. I didn’t feel like mucking around on soggy/muddy ground for a walk/hike. I feel like I should’ve been able to do more on roller skating, but my lower back was hurting. Going to need to work past that and start stopping to stretch it out…hoping for a better day on that tomorrow.

It is chilly, drizzling and I'm attempting to smile with a mouth guard in….as hubby says, being dorky….lol

It is chilly, drizzling and I’m attempting to smile with a mouth guard in….as hubby says, being dorky….lol

I have things rolling around in my head that I think I’m going to need to write out for myself privately…..just not sure how to formulate it yet.

Plus I’m in the middle of reading the latest Sue Grafton book… I really want to finish that tonight…I have no idea why, but I’ve really been getting into PI/mystery books.

I really need to read the Hunger Games trilogy and the Game of Thrones that I have…I know the books are better then the movies/series, but once you’ve seen them you get all worked up when you reading them and know what is coming up and you start yelling at the characters not to do that, even though you know they are going to do it anyway….rolling eyes.

I still haven’t finished the Ethical Slut….just been nice not have that emotional mess at the forefront of my mind and stressing me out and just lose myself in something other then that. Just want to keep it in the back ground a little longer and enjoy that. Plus I’m so not in the mental frame of mind to deal with it….I have avoidance issues… Kind of like taxes this year…..icks…which is something I need to start….need to jump into our quickbooks account…..blah!!

I did find an article that kind of helps to frame issues that I’m feeling. Because as a swinger, sharing each other physically has never been the issue. But emotional it is extremely different for me. And this really shows the differences and what I’m dealing with myself :

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