It’s Cold Out There


It has been cold here, so it is hard to get out of bed….bbrrr So we have been having a hard time rolling out of bed.

As we laid there longer then normal, I was getting wet…thinking that I was going to have to do a quickie with one of my toys. But hubby cuddled with me and then his hand moved farther down….what an awesome tease….that quickly got me going and wanting more. It was a very intense way to wake up…felt so damn good.

From last night's fucked.  Need to let my hair grow back……missing it.

From last night’s fucked. Need to let my hair grow back……missing it.

Regretting that I shaved around my pussy lips last week…. I’m going to grow it all out again. It feels more me….I want my hairy pussy back and hubby is in full agreement.

I’m wondering if part of it is that I miss my long hair so much. I lost so many inches in the desert that it almost hurts to see old pictures with my hair. I really do miss it. I haven’t cut it short in over 20yrs and it took forever to grow, so the lost of my hair length really hurts and doesn’t make me feel good at all.

I’m trying to get back into my vitamin routine. I’ve been taking my women’s one-a-day, vit-e and vit-C in the morning, but haven’t taking my 2nd dose of calcium, super-b complex, b-6 and vit-d. Which helps somewhat when hormones hit. I’m never actually sure if it does, but with as nutty as my emotions have been the last few weeks, I really should get back into it to see if helps. Trixie sent over some rhodiola rosea that I tried for a few days. Couldn’t find any when I went to the store, so going to try the all natural co-op a town over, when I get the chance and see if that helps.

Before we put everything into storage, I had scanned all the cards with personal notes that my hubby has given me over the years. When we use to give each other cards….lol Finally got them on my ipad. Hubby is not the standard romantic guy, but his little notes always gets me. We are each other’s soulmate, each other’s one true love. =)

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