Nice Way To Wake Up


Current Mood:Alarmed emoticon Alarmed

Thoroughly woke up in the best way….my pussy had been getting wet for hours. I could’ve gotten out of bed hours early, but loved snuggling with hubby, waiting and hoping for that beautifully hard morning wood. In the end I couldn’t wait for him to make his move, I put my hand on hubby’s quickly hardening cock….It look and felt so hard that it looked almost painful….I just had to have a taste of it this morning.

When I climbed on top of him…that sound of pleasure he made when he slide in to my very wet and waiting pussy…it was so fucking hot. I just thoroughly enjoyed riding him, working his cock and feeling like such a slut for wanting his cock even more.

Felt so fucking good…..I had just finger fucked myself to cumming the night before thinking of it…..mmm

Finally been able to start reading “The Ethical Slut” Kind of cool that some of my guesses for working things out are reenforced. =) Tells me that I’m on the right track.

Like needing to know your partner’s lover, getting any and all small real/imagined issues out for emotional validation, need to start to ask for reassurance and support, instead of expecting them to read what you need and then end up resenting them when they don’t, COMMUNICATION, COMMUNICATION……addressing jealousy and insecurity I haven’t gotten to yet….almost jumped to it, but there is a reason they wrote the book the way they did. So I’m sticking with that.

I may be having my first test tomorrow evening. I’m both dreading it (afraid of the negative feelings overwhelming me) and looking forward to as test for myself. Even if there is small reduction in my crazy, I’m going to be so damn happy. But I’m feeling pretty good about it right now, now fingers cross, I keep feeling that way….grin

I’ll be reading my notes of encouragement that I’ve gotten from Trixie and my past notes of love from hubby. Also going to get more reading in on the book tonight, so hopefully that will be helpful.

I do like that between what I’ve been reading and with Trixie’s validating my feelings that I don’t feel alone or crazy. And that is big step in the right direction.

And I feel like I’ve been useful between the 2 of them this week. I like being able to do that…I’m sucker for helping…lol

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