Today’s Sex and Work


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As you saw yesterday was a busy day, long drive….but we did make an earlier ferry on the way back so that was so awesome! We didn’t have to wait 90min for the next one. So we were able to get home earlier to get into comfy clothes and was able to start chilling.

We threw in a few previously seen silly movies that were intended to be background noise, but ended up focusing on them. Watched “Grandma’s Boy” & “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”….got some good laughs. =)

We were so exhausted, even with that I still went to sleep with naughty images in my head. Which helped me to wake up with hot images in my head. Was thinking of some very tasty pussy, I was so wet. What I love about sleep in days, more chances of morning sex…..which we did have….grin

We were semi-awake and cuddling and I was feeling his cock starting to harden against my ass. I love that feeling, my hips can’t resist and I start to rub even closer. His fingers went to my clit and really got me going. He teased the hell out of me, I had to suck his cock a couple different times, especially when it was covered in my pussy juices. Even got one of my favorite thing when sucking, when the hips can’t resist and he moves his cock into my mouth with very small thrusts….as if he was gently fucking my mouth. That is hot… By the time we came, we came so hard and together….love it when it happens that way, makes it much more intense.

I just used my wand and finger fucked myself into cumming thinking of this morning while he was in the shower. There is something hot about sneaking it in….grin

Watched the games today. Very happy to see the Broncos and Seahawks make it to the Super Bowl.

Got some work email/support done and started taking care of the disaster that i call our personal books. I normally keep up with it all, but totally feel behind on it with the holidays….not cool Usually I’m already working on our taxes…icks! So I need to get that caught up and get the 1099s out for work. Plan on getting them out this week….I HATE waiting for the 31st IRS deadline to get them out. But that is the goals for the week.

I did get stuffed shells made……grin

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