Awkward…but potential for more..


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TastyTrixie came over with a few things to drop off. We thought she was on her way to Seattle and didn’t think that is was out of her way. Feel bad that that it ended up being a special trip and not on the way. But since I had made brownies and made sure her and Delia were going to have some….I make them as fudgy as possible….grin…she came out.

I feel bad for the miscommunication. I wasn’t sure if anything was going to happen because she is allergic to cats. I thought I had it figured out for the best spot (desk area…didn’t think of the cat tree and stuff…doh!) if anything happened, but hubby made some some good points. The best spot should’ve been taking the bed down to it’s sheets since the cats don’t go there. So I feel bad about that and I hope she doesn’t suffer too much from it.

But I at least wanted to kiss her. ToRn wasn’t really expecting anything, so he wasn’t prepared and he was really concerned about her allergies, he really gave it more thought then me….so I feel bad. But I really did enjoy that I got to kiss her like I’ve been thinking about and got a taste of her sweet pussy that was throughly fucked by her wife (would totally love to dive in for much longer time, it tasted so good and looked so sweet), see her nice ass that has also been popping in my head. I really wanted more but none of us was really prepared.

I do have to admit, when I learned that she was going to be stopping by, I got was kind of weird, not use to that..grin. All sorts of images ended up in my head, my pussy got excited for lack of a better word….which was the reason for me not sleeping very well last night. The images was overwhelming, didn’t know if I had the guts to start anything or if anyone would want to do anything, but I spent most of the night not being able to sleep due to it and my pussy was wet most of the night.

Ideally, if we were all prepared, I would’ve loved to have a lot more taste of her pussy and then have hubby bend her over and fuck her good, hard and fill her with his load…I would’ve loved to have had a hand on her pussy when he came and then be able to feel the cum dripping out of her as I rubbed it into her.

It is like on one hand, I want to be bossy but at the same time I want to make sure that everyone is on the same page and is ok with it, it is a high wire act….not sure if I’m very good at it sometimes. I want to be respectful and not too pushy

Tonight felt like kind of tease of what can happen potentially, even if awkwardly… least in my desire filled mind.

For a little while, I was totally naked and everyone was clothed, like I told her that this is not the first time and won’t be the last. I actually remember many of parties where I was the only one naked and I’ll be buzzed talking history. The guys would be amazed that I would be totally unclothed yet talking history and sociology while drinking…

I really don’t have an issue with being naked, never have. Just the way I was raised, mom and my grandma made it feel natural, so if I’m comfortable with the people or my surroundings, I don’t think nothing of it.

She brought over a very interesting book called the “The Ethical Slut : A Practical Guide to Polyamory, Open Relationships & Other Adventures” With a very sweet note in there from her and her wife. Something that definitely applies to this.

Now I admit, I’m naturally nosey….I just am. Use to be that when hubby and her messaged each other my nosiness would drive me nuts. I try really, really hard to respect everyones privacy to being able to have a private conversation. I know I have access to everything, but that isn’t right. Everyone deserves privacy. But I THINK I’m doing better, because I’m just having my normal nosiness, more like I’d like to know, but not a big deal….that is progress and I’ll take it. =)

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