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Got brownies in the oven, I was feeling the remains of my husband’s cum drip out of my pussy, on to my thighs as I made them…just letting it sit there and make me feel juicy…..thinking of another pussy I would like to enjoy…in all sorts of way.

Didn’t get as much done today as the last 3 days….going to have to change that tomorrow big time. But I am making progress.

Not sure to why my twitter digest is no longer updating my blog…..think I need to reauthorize it again…..ggeezzz

Even though I had been out and about today, I had to get a walk in….I’ve been going nuts for one. Felt a little lost, this place is so big that I don’t know where I want to go..unlike the last place. And since this was a solo walk, it made it bit more overwhelming.

From my walk this evening.

From my walk this evening.

Pussy was so wet yesterday morning, but it was feeling tender from all the self love I’ve been giving it…..so just rubbed my juices on my pussy lips and had a taste of my finger. You can see a string of the juice in the picture I posted yesterday…..grin

Today woke up, did my potty run, headed back to bed for more much wanted sleep…..nope didn’t happen. Well, if you saw my earlier post, you can guess what was running in my mind…..same thing that is running through my mind now, which is why I’m enjoying the wet feeling of the cum even more….normally I have to clean it quickly, but right now with those thoughts… It feels just right to have that dripping feeling out of my pussy, slut and wanton….throbbing for more.

I was so hot this morning, that I need something to cold to enter me.

I was so hot this morning, that I need something to cold to enter me.

Even though I was giving my pussy a break from self love, my pussy was so hot and wet this morning, I took one of my cold glass toys and very slowly slid it in. It felt so damn good, the cold within the heat that I was feeling. Just gave myself a few slow stokes so I may enjoy the cold feeling.

Aching for attention as I slide my cold glass toy into my hot pussy

Aching for attention as I slide my cold glass toy into my hot pussy

I got throughly fucked before dinner, felt so damn good. Sucked him hard, got bent over the bed and fucked so good. I keep trying to make my ass higher, to get it deeper and harder….aching for more….feeling so wanton and sluttly…until I was just begging him to fuck me more and harder…love it when he grabs my hips hard and fucks me ever deeper. Still wanting more….

I’m not sure what to make of it…I’ve always enjoyed the heightened sexualized feelings I get, but not use to having it daily… It is kind throws you off to have it so much. Thoughts pop into your head when you least expect it and not at the best of times. But at the same time, it makes me feel so fricking alive…..and in some ways, gets my mind off my stress and worries.

There is nothing like enjoying your sexuality, it is controlling you and at the same time empowering you….

This all started when TastyTrixie got much closer in my life, the reality of physical closeness to my husband and their connection. And we all know how that has been going for me….lol But maybe this is suppose to happen this way….if by getting through this, maybe I’m having a sexual awakening….evolving to a different level, exploring a different part of myself….we shall see.

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