Brain is Overwhelmed


Current Mood:Reflective emoticon Reflective

I’m not sure where to even begin…..This week had it’s ups and downs

My brain feels like mush and overwhelmed….in fact I’m losing track of everything.

I think I’m getting a handle on things…..well, I like to think and hope I am….lol I’m truly tired of it, as everyone else is.

I do feel really bad for making things more complicated then they need to be and have apologized for it. I’m lucky that nearly everyone understands and helps validates my feelings. So I just keep examining myself so I can bring everything to the light and cleansed.

I had a really good conversation today that I know will help, I just hope it helps a lot. But I do feel a bit different from the last few times. A little more at peace, I think…..not sure or I’m just lying to myself……but I did feel more at peace on the way home today.

Keeping my fingers crossed that this part is about over with and everyone’s lives get more peaceful. We’ll see….

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