New Developments


Hating my body right now…been hurting and irritable.

Holy cow!!! Just had the worst cramp I’ve had a very long time while in the shower. I about went down. I don’t remember the last time I felt so bad.

My poor husband doesn’t like drama…grew up with it, he creates it, but has worked hard to cut it out of our lives….is now involved with more drama then he never expected. In this he sees everything logical and no different then our normal swinging…..well, it is not. Relationships are messy, illogical, and irrational. And he is is hearing it all from the 3 most important women in his life…….and it is usually the same thing…good thing he loves us.

A conversation has been started on establishing guidelines, boundaries…..I’m not sure what to call it. But, even if hubby doesn’t want to hear it, talking even more and more will help. He is so baffled by a lot of this…..but so am I, for different reasons.

Talked about reliving me of some of my responsibilities. I’m debating about him going to the store more instead of me. But I’m not sure about that…..don’t know if I’m that much of control freak or more the fact that he is so use to be getting certain items/brands that it will be frustrating to him to find it. I think it is more that I don’t like him being frustrated…..that is why I taken on so much. And I suck at asking for help, mainly because I never think about it.

Just got a very interesting invite for a group meeting later this week. Just to make sure it is workable here. But I really would like to go. Has stuff about helping to let things ago….which are that everyone could use help with it.

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