The Holidays


Wow…..holidays really have kept me busy. Where we are at most of the staff took off, so we have been covering.

My big 4-0 ended up on a Thursday….boring. And besides who wants to go out on the day after Xmas? icks

Had an ok day for my actual bday, I’ve had better…what was the biggest disappointment was that I was so looking forward to my actual day that I really did feel cheated for the 1st time. I try not to think about it too much and focus on the weekend we had.

The good thing is we already made plans for that weekend. We were heading over to our friend’s just north of Seattle, going out for Italian (I MUST have that on for my bday now a days).

First I need to get my hair done. I discovered when we were in the desert how bad it is for my hair, but I didn’t discover that until too late. I had switched to using baking soda & vinegar over a year ago and it has been working great. But I couldn’t achieve a balance there. Plus I knew the water was somewhat hard, but to me, after living in the midwest, hard water smells bad and turns blonde hair orange, well I didn’t have that.

I ended up losing more then 6 inches of my hair. My top layer and “bangs” broke off where the scrunchy went for my pony tail! So not happy. My “bangs” were down below my chin, now I actually have bangs…not cool. Due to that, I started using coconut oil 1-2 times a week for moisture.

I was thinking that it was the desert environment, but once we hit the road again and was at a rv park in UT, I could really feel the difference in my hair…then it hits me about the water. =(

Due to all this, I had to see a professional to get it even out. Now I’m lazy and cheap…I go to beauty schools when I get my hair done normally. I really was not looking forward to it, but it needed to be done.

Our friend has really long hair and so anyone that works her hair, she has to fully trust. I decided to use her stylist. I’m very glad I did. I really liked her and she was good. She wasn’t pushy on products and was very good at giving options and ideas. She said my hair was repaired enough for a color and since I was spending so much money and missed it, I went for it.

I lost another few inches of my hair, not happy about that, but knew that was going to happen, it was needed. But it finally balanced out and hubby was very happy to have his Big Red Wife back….grin

Hubby happy to have his Big Red Wife back.

Hubby happy to have his Big Red Wife back.

I did this before we went out, due to the horrible Seattle traffic, we pushed back our reservations, because damnit I’m 40 and I wanted to dress up and look good. And I sure did…..grin…not bad for a 40yr old.

Not bad for 40….lol

Not bad for 40….lol

We went to the place they took us to a few years ago. I was disappointed that they didn’t have chicken parm…..I LOVE that….what Italian place doesn’t have that?!? That was odd, BUT they did have chicken fettuccine alfredo….HOLY COW….that was totally awesome. I’m still blown away from it. Never had alfredo that was so thick and creamy.

It was a very good night, got my white wine buzz, good smoke and awesome friends (no way to fully express how happy and grateful we are for having them in our lives). We had a funny server. He took and gave us grief back.

A very light chocolate mousse.

A very light chocolate mousse.

Our friends even got me my favorite mint chocolate chip ice cream…..grin

The next day, I had errands, I wanted hubby to have time with his best friend and play catch up and then we were thinking of leaving. Well, didn’t happen. I did my errands, he got some time with her but no real deep conversation. At the end, me and her hubby were so tired, my hubby was wired, so I’m like we can go to bed and you can stay up and talk with her. They were planning on coming to bed like within a few hours….nope up until 5am. So that was cool. =)

Thought we could sneak out at 9am and let them sleep, but they got up and made an awesome breakfast before we hit the ferry back.

It gave us time to have some really deep and good conversation. I really do love that my hubby is my best friend and I’m his and that we can do that. I treasure those moments, no matter how painful the conversation is for us….just by showing the level of trust between us.

This is kind of odd when you think about it, I’m very much feminist, but he is really very much my world. No matter what, I want him to be happy and I want him to have a strong support system in case some thing happens to me, I have one if something happens to him through my family. We are actually both loners, so our circle of close friends is very small.

Which is why I want to work through my crazy emotions when it comes to him having a gf. Because on paper, this is most perfect setup…and she fits in. So I go through my nutty emotions because I want what is best for him. Fingers cross that I succeed…..I love him too much to want what is best for him not to try. Just got to get through it……you know, the hard part…..LOL…helps that she fully understands. =)

I think and hope that the hot and mind-blowing Monday I had with her helps. Never had a woman in head for so many days afterwards.

I’ve been horny, not sure if it is the gf thing or the fact that some of things we have done has left such imagery in my head that it drives me nuts or the fact that I’m due to start my monthly any day…..I’m always horny as hell the week before. Usually horny during, but no relief….gggrrr

We had a totally fucking awesome New Years Eve….wow…we normally (9 times out of 10) introduce the new year with sex….this year was totally mind blowing. You would think after 20yrs we’ve done what we could do each other…..but nope, found even more. No details, I’ll let your imagination go….but holy cow….thoughts of that has kept me wet when I’m not focused on work.

I’m totally reinforced how much I love my husband, because his reactions are what turn me on so much.

Found out half way through the evening that a friend was by their self and a little lonely. Felt bad, if we hadn’t been drinking, we totally would have been there for them….maybe invite them in on the fun, even just to have an audience. That would’ve been hot. Even though I’m two minds of that, the selfish side of me wants to save that for myself…..the other side is turned on with the thought of seeing them seeing what we can do to each other…..I know weird….never said I was normal.

Now we’ve been trying to catch up on sleep….so looking forward to sleeping in on weekend. Been so busy working, that we are taking time to go on a long hike tomorrow. Throughly looking forward to it because I’m going nuts and need to do something for myself.

I know, I know…that is what we did last weekend. But we have been playing catch up ever since, with laundry, house hold chores….work….it is has been so rush, rush and today a mind fuck…I really want a hike. We were thinking of getting one in today, but weather wasn’t too good. So looking forward to it….especially after seeing all the bald eagles today…I never get tired of those….so majestic….yes, after getting a crash course in birding in AZ, we are birders….lol Discovered that when we are taking the Jeep off road, scratching it up just to find a bird….crazy….grin

Haven’t taken any pics lately, but enjoying my toys in the bathroom when brushing my teeth….grin Totally think I got hubby turned on the coconut oil. I love how it makes my pussy feels….nice and moist and fucked. Totally happy that Trixie turned me on to that. =)

Wow….this is so freaking long. Going to load up a few pics and get this posted.

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