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My Daily Tweets

  • Barney Frank completely pwns hapless CNS reporter attempting 'gotcha' DADT question http://bit.ly/gFltZT I love Frank's wit! #
  • Obama: DOMA Should Be Repealed, Lawyers Looking At 'Range Of Options' http://tpm.ly/gayPer The next battle. Repeal #DOMA #
  • John McCain's Lasting Anger http://shar.es/Xk321 #
  • Another good workout in and started off much better with getting some actual sleep. =) Eating lunch, then hitting the shower #
  • Rape victims fear being jailed in Mauritania – http://bit.ly/fy8JCF =( This is just so messed up. #
  • RT @SandiBehrns: Not to take anything away from Pres Obama, but the success of this lame-duck session is a tribute to @SenatorReid. #
  • At Kaplan University, 'Guerilla Registration' Leaves Students Deep In Debt http://huff.to/dP5eVd =( #
  • Should Schools Fear 'I Heart Boobies' Bracelets? http://t.co/0R77UqS I LOVE these! Need to get me another one, I gave mine to survivor. #
  • WATCH: School REFUSES To Let 12-Year-Old With Epilepsy Bring Service Dog To… http://huff.to/eD4Yo6 wtf? #
  • Harry Reid Returns West Point Ring to Lt. Dan Choi – The Note http://t.co/GlDPwwc #
  • Got our books done and my client's, need to attack the companies, emails, support and a follow up…moving slow today…feel like a Sat #
  • Are you smarter than a Fox News viewer? How about a CNN viewer? Take our quiz to find out. http://t.co/W0QdiTV Happy I got them all correct #
  • Affleck: When 'Company Men' Lose A Firm Footing | http://t.co/UDLbXFc #
  • Pat Robertson: Time To Legalize Marijuana http://t.co/M2nUht3 Am I in the wrong universe? #
  • My life saved by reprieve of 24-year sentence for crack – http://bit.ly/g4Uz5A #
  • I am annoyed that #skype is still down…… #
  • The Real Census Story: A Hispanic Voter Boom – Chris Good – Politics – The Atlantic http://t.co/ml9BN9O #
  • PHOTOS: 7 Furry Lion Cubs Make Their Debut http://huff.to/e4anoz So cute! =) #
  • Just got done watching Easy A….that was a funny ass movie! #
  • Gillibrand Emerges as Senate Force With 9/11 Aid Victory – http://nyti.ms/fgzZcg She has turned into someone to keep an eye on. =) #
  • The Senate Surmounts Politics – http://nyti.ms/e5tnOi #

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