My December Update


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Alright….what I have I been up do?  Work, work and work…..gym, gym and gym….lol

Well today I didn’t do either of those today, does that count?  =)  I did make some cookies.  The refrigerator kind that my mom use to make for the holidays.  I think it is the correct receipt, it tastes like I remember…..I could ask mom to verify…..grin  Need to do that next time I talked to her.  =)

Frustrated, got one more of my items delivered…I’m 2 away from having my holiday shopping delivered.  But the one that I really want I won’t get until Monday.  Then I need to turn around and get to the post office that day to get it shipped out.

In between work and gym, I did get all our holiday cards out.  That was a project.  =)  Hubby laughs because I’m the only person he knows that still talks to people from my first job/HS and exchange cards with them….grin

2010 Holiday Cards

I even got my nails done for the holidays…grin  A little blurry, but cute. =)

Holiday Nails 2010

I also took about 4hrs to get our tree decorated…  It is the biggest tree we have ever had, I even had to use a chair to reach the top….never done that before and I have never had to use all my garland and extra lights before….so cool…lol  I need to get more beads and bows for next year, want to add more silver…..I have a lot of burgundy and gold, which was my theme when I started this years ago.

Holiday Tree 2010 Grand Fir

I love the fact that we live with a bunch of tree farms near us.  We get them fresh.  =)

Our Alaska Ornament

I did take time out from decorating our tree to attend our local tree lighting.  It was cold and windy, but it got a nice size little crowd and I got free hot cocoa….grin….can’t turn that down.

As usual, if you follow my babble on my tweets, I’ve been going nuts on politics….my normal.  =)

Today history was made with the repeal of DADT!!!  So that was one good thing. That is the Civil Rights of our generation.  Now we need to get rid of DOMA.  That is horrible law…..I’m so hoping the courts overturn, totally don’t trust congress.

But I’m totally displeased about the Dream Act failing and how the senate has not passed the 9/11 Responders Bill.  Which is totally sad that it took The Daily Show on Comedy Central for other news networks to start reporting on it…..totally messed up.

Any day now I’m going to be great-aunt to a new niece……wow does that make me feel old….lol  My 19yr god daughter is due Xmas day, but is so wanting for it to happen now….lol  I so can’t wait to see the pictures of the new baby and she’ll be close to sharing my horrible date for a birthday….grin

Got one of my other teen nieces to add me to her chat, the good thing is that she likes to talk to me and hit me up.  Which I’m grateful for, since I even if I’m not there in person I want to help guide her as much as possible.  Very proud that when my niece wasn’t happy with me yesterday and I had to smack her down telling her that I won’t be disrespected (even through chat) that she apologized the next day.  Even though I have to admit that I didn’t handle it very well.  A boyfriend of hers was totally flashing red flags to me……icks  I’m very pleased that she dumped him.  =)

The family says that she reminds them of me, I see it but I also don’t see it.  There is a lot of things that she does that I would never do, but then I grew up on Army Posts moving around, not in the middle of farmland Indiana….huge difference.

Gym wise…..did my 1st full week in over a month.  Been going to the gym, but skipping about one day a week.  This week I did all 5 days and got 75-90min workouts in.  Only left one day early due to issues with treadmills that messed me up…..ggrrrr

Which leads me to this.  We’ve been going to Bally’s for 3yrs this coming Feb…..we are canceling our membership when our contract is up.  The staff is good, they do what they can.  But the corporation bites.  We need new treadmills badly, they have decreased their speed suddenly, almost messing up my husband’s knees.  They have stopped on me, telling me that user not deducted…..I’m no pixie, it can’t miss me.  Tues I went to 4 DIFFERENT treadmills and they all did it to me.  I was so pissed.

I know their maintenance doesn’t sit on their asses when they are there.  They are always working on them.  The treadmills are just old and we need new ones.  Of course, our response from corp when we tell them this has been a blow off.  So we’ve had it and going to take our money elsewhere.

A new gym just opened up down the road, no contract needed, cheaper month to month.  And there is new location going in where we are looking to move to when our lease is up in over a year.  We’ve heard good things about them.

I do admit, that I will miss the staff at our gym and the regulars there.  They have seen us there for almost 3 yrs and say hi, friendly small talk, and have been encouraging in my weight lost…..shedding 50#…..but I’m not going to miss the treadmills.

I had mom ask me what I want for the holidays…I’m like, I really don’t need anything.  Yes, there is always stuff that I would like….books and pricey apple stuff…..but we are much better off then others.  We are too the point in our lives that we don’t really need/want presents.  We usually get what we want when we can.  Now, I do admit, I love giving presents…..grin  But really don’t need anything.

When hubby asks what I want, I don’t know what to tell him, other then a large list of books.  But while watching a show tonight, it reminded me what we can tell our folks….you want to get us anything…make a donation, we love the humane society, red cross, salvation army, ACLU, goodwill, food banks and organizations for helping people pay for heat/energy during the winter.

So folks, when you don’t know what to tell people what to get for you, have them do a donation instead.  In this economy, there are so many organizations that need even more help then ever.  And that is my service announcement for the day.  =)

Well, this took a lot longer then expected……lol….per usual.  But that is what is going on right now.

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