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  • It is late day, but I did get the gym in, sun is peaking out once in awhile, temps in the 50s…wacky, while the midwest is in a snowstorm #
  • Obama's a Sell-Out on Taxes? Not So Fast | The Nation http://bit.ly/dXFK61 #
  • Long-Term Unemployment Means 'There Are No Weekends Anymore' http://huff.to/gfMuPv #
  • NAACP to protest secession ball – http://t.co/riBNQDl The Civil War was about SLAVERY people……disgraceful #
  • 3 discharged gay service members suing for reinstatement – http://bit.ly/dYa3SY #
  • Women Vets, ACLU Sue Pentagon, VA for Military Rape Records http://bit.ly/fWMLqB #
  • Heisman Hypocrisy http://shar.es/XvpyO They really need to fix this, it is BS that the NCAA/colleges make so much money while players don't #
  • Culture Wars: How Junk Food and Obesity Became Politicized – http://t.co/EQrJGvw #
  • Judge Who Ruled Health Care Reform Unconstitutional Owns Piece of GOP Consulting Firm http://tpm.ly/fRpq4f Conflict of interest anyone? #
  • David Vitter takes heat for holding up scientist's confirmation | NOLA.com http://t.co/0N8qGWE What scum. =( #
  • Is John Boehner a Crybaby? http://huff.to/hFaWiC If he was a dem, the GOP would've told him to "man-up"…hypocritical. #
  • J'Accuse: Sweden, Britain, and Interpol Insult Rape Victims Worldwide http://huff.to/h9Urc8 #
  • Got a few personal things done, attacking the work emails, then on to the books. #
  • The Radicalism of Judge Hudson's Health Care Law Decision http://t.co/4cbjLop #
  • @charlesnov1966 Not surprised. #
  • Looks like we will still have our normal winter rain in the forecast, but no more 50/60s…going back to our normal of 40s #
  • @charlesnov1966 We follow @jaketapper and he had the 1st tweet on it. If you want to follow good news, the reports of ABC is who to follow #
  • Got dinner in, moved downstairs for a little while and watching the news before switching to the game. #
  • @charlesnov1966 between my different ones, I follow about 300 different news/political/sports/purdue accounts #
  • Medicaid Cuts Hurt At The State Level http://huff.to/eQyiZu This is just messed up! #
  • Richard Holbrooke Dies http://huff.to/gGGHPK #
  • Execution 150 Years Ago Spurs Calls for Pardon – http://nyti.ms/e0ueuE #
  • Rich people have no idea what you're thinking http://on.msnbc.com/gHwQqC This does not surprise me at all..sadly #
  • One word…..blah…. #
  • Love this Doonesbury strip on @GoComics http://bit.ly/frJnfU #
  • Love this Garfield strip on @GoComics http://bit.ly/fz65nl LOL #

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