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  • I was bad this am, when my alarm went off I was stuck in that lost weird dream state, felt totally lost and confused…. #
  • Went back to bed and skipped the gym. Going to have to make sure that it doesn't happen tomorrow. #
  • Susan G. Komen Foundation Elbows Out Charities Over Use of the Word "Cure" http://huff.to/gXoAL5 Sounds like a bully to me =( No $ from me #
  • Got maintenance here for the water heater and a few other plumbing issues, good thing that we didn't go to the gym, got some cleaning done #
  • Stewart takes on Fox News & the war on Christmas http://huff.to/ek26uA This was good #
  • NPR and PBS — This Time It's the Fight of Their Lives http://t.co/9oZZHOO #
  • Somali Refugees: Rapists Stalk Women In Camps http://huff.to/fVclkP #
  • Pearl Harbor Anniversary: The Day In Photos http://huff.to/fXJp5l #
  • 'No negroes allowed' in Wisconsin gentlemen's club http://on.thegrio.com/ggJYkj wtf? #
  • Cantor criticizes Obama’s hostage analogy – http://t.co/g3TZqaH Oh cry me a river Cantor…you & the GOP are no better then a hostage takers #
  • @BenWilson7 In this day and age? ggeezzz =( #
  • Holiday nails. =} http://twitpic.com/3dxzrw #
  • @BenWilson7 LOL #
  • Got some work done earlier, had to got my nails fixed…lost a couple of them. Got dinner in, hubby made meatloaf, hit the spot..so hungry #
  • Now needing to get back to work, need to get my brain organized again……icks #
  • Senate GOP Leaders Not Releasing Hostages Despite Ransom http://huff.to/e6vkIq Nothing like taking our country hostage….jerks…ggeezz #
  • Man, I have hit a total brick wall…..so ready for bed and it is only 8pm here. =( #
  • Deal on Tax Cuts Will Aid Most, Especially Highest Earners – http://nyti.ms/fXMyZx #
  • @Brandi_Love Thanks hon! I love the holidays and decorating my nails for it. =) #
  • Top Catholic educator concealed abuse knowledge http://on.thegrio.com/gJ4tu0 gggrrrrrr #
  • I think I got some work done, still need to organize my brain for tomorrow……I have some researching to do. #
  • White House Makes Final Push On DREAM Act For Immigrants http://huff.to/hsgUoB GOP is always going on about taking care of the military… #
  • Time to put your vote where your mouth is…but oh yeah, I forgot, all you do is mouth…you are cowards & armchairs "soldiers", never serve #
  • Love this Garfield strip on @GoComics http://bit.ly/hY39ck I LOVE Garfield, especially at this time of year…grin #
  • Louis C.K. Does the Math on Slavery – Ta-Nehisi Coates – Culture – The Atlantic http://t.co/7DRZr0L #

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