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  • Feel exhausted, but no where near as bad as yesterday….feet are still sore. =( #
  • Need to run a few errands & then get my caboose to work. #
  • The local meat market was disappointing, not much of a selection & no fresh ground horseradish (not creamy) =( #
  • The Daily Show With Jon Stewart|Roland Martin Wears an Ascot This was awesome! #
  • Right-Wing Extremists Take On Local Law Enforcement, Lose #
  • Congressional Dems to Jindal: Oh, Now You Want Federal Help? #
  • Just took my 103rd mugshot! #
  • The Colbert Report|The Word – Flight Risk LOL…I love this….grin #
  • Just been working on tracking done info for work, watching Billy Connolly…he is a riot…grin #
  • I made some good head way on the info I was tracking down & getting changes made…..brain is exhausted. #
  • I really want a much easier day tomorrow…..or at least not so intense on needing to think. =) #
  • Who Adopts a Rejected Kid? #
  • This is just horrible : Sex slave girls face cruel justice in Iraq – #cnn #
  • I'm going to head to bed & chill out with a book. #

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