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Holy cow….it has almost been a month since my last actual post.  Welllll……what to say and where to start?

We finally have gotten our May spring weather.  Got into the 60s for the 1st time since April 18th.  It was so nice to have some sunshine and was actually able to have the house open for some of the day.  We picked up 2 tomato plants and got 1 topsy turvy set up for one of them to try this year.  We also picked up a new finch feeder and seed, since the squirrels broke the other one.  Felt good to do some outdoor stuff, even if wasn’t much of anything.  Well, we don’t have much of a back yard…pretty much just a deck, so we never have as much to do as our impulses would like.  =)

I’m so hoping that the weekend gets even nicer so I can sit outside to read or work on my macbook.  I just want to get fresh air.

Well, I’m ok at the gym.  I have being doing 30min on cardio and 30min on abs as my routine.  But this last week, I’m trying to take out 10min from my abs and do 10min on weights first.  If I don’t do the weights first, by the time I’m done with my abs I’m thinking of what I need to at home. And I really need to get my weights back in.  I tried to do what I use to on a regular basis and I couldn’t, I had to go down on the weight.  =(  Not good and didn’t make me happy.  So I need to get my weights back….strengthening is great for metabolism, stamina and toning.

I finally finished True Compass By Senator Edward M. Kennedy, I really enjoyed it.  It went into some of the politics and policies (well, he was a long serving senator… but it wasn’t done in a dry statistics overkill way.  His autobiography was very personally and insightful.  It was like sitting down with an old great uncle and just getting them to share their life.

I just started Presidential Courage by Michael Beschloss last night.  It starting out interesting, already got more insight into the public uproar over the treaty Washington signed trying to keep us out of war with England, knowing that we needed time to get our resources built back up.  In the 3 books I’ve read about Washington they never really showed how it cost him politically and publicly.  Makes our partisan fights look weak…

Otherwise, I’ve been totally bombard in my work….by the end of the day, my brain is totally wiped out and swimming.  I have other projects that I need to get back to after making some head way on them.  I really need/want to get back to it.

We have been watching The Pacific on HBO. Read a blog post about it The Daily Beast and what the guy wrote bothered me.  He was upset that it didn’t go into the objectives and reasons behind the war.  He totally missed the point of the series… is about the men and what they went through.  I don’t think that when men and women are in a war that they are that concerned about it, I would think that they are more worried about staying alive….duh  What would you be worried about, our policies and reasoning of the war or staying alive?

This post took much longer then I expected…  Time to get my butt to bed.

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