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  • The Daily Show With Jon Stewart|Steve Carell http://bit.ly/azyI5x This was great! LOL #
  • Man Turned Away for Breast Cancer Screening http://bit.ly/d9t9B9 This is so wrong, men get breast cancer also….ggeezz #
  • @DirtySouthDJ What is the link to the post? in reply to DirtySouthDJ #
  • Just got some great stress relieving fuck in…now trying to focus on work. =) #
  • Why doesn't the gym give me energy like they say it should? I felt like going back to bed afterwards….got caffeine in & now trying to work #
  • @badboynum1 lol…..you are really going to enjoy the new set up when we finally get it done in reply to badboynum1 #
  • The GOP's Confederate Madness http://bit.ly/bIxNKK #
  • Prosecutor: East TX Man Distributed Pipe Bombs Because Of Anger At Government People like this should be charged with terrorism & treason! #
  • Top Reaganite Backs Obama Nuke Plan http://bit.ly/bWFVQf #
  • Of course, the extreme right-wing manics that claim to be "reagan" followers don't believe that…I love how easy it is to twist history #
  • For your own twisted uses…….that are just messed up all around. #
  • Got some support & emails done, need to attack the company books in a few. #
  • At the beginning of the week, we were suppose to have a few clear days..but it hasn't happened & today we have some light hail, twice…lol #
  • http://twitpic.com/1e5puj – Fingernails #
  • Anatoly F. Dobrynin, Longtime Soviet Ambassador to the U.S., Dies at 90 – http://nyti.ms/df1I14 #
  • Just took my 76th mugshot! http://www.dailymugshot.com/main/show/44058 #
  • I meant to post this last night, don't get Public Enemies….lots of potential, but very ho-hum =( #
  • Watching The Lion in Winter 2003 version with Patrick Stewart & Glenn Close, it is very good….. #
  • I'm a big fan of the original with Peter O'Toole & Katharine Hepburn…..I love the back & forth between Henry II & Eleanor of Aquitaine #
  • @Malacandra Such a classic…..both the 1968 version & looks like the 2003 version also…great actors in the characters. in reply to Malacandra #
  • Going over some of our very 1st picture sets….wow….camera's have come a long way & I sure looked different. #
  • @badboynum1 lol….I know. I totally surprised how much I changed, I didn't think I was that different. in reply to badboynum1 #
  • @desmon1971 Thanks =) in reply to desmon1971 #
  • @badboynum1 I think I have the better weight wise, but I do miss my tits being more perky. =) in reply to badboynum1 #
  • Actually got started on one of my projects, need to work on that & finalized our taxes this weekend. But now it is time for bed. #

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