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  • 45 years after march, Selma priest remembers Bloody Sunday – http://bit.ly/aAsPuJ #cnn #
  • Protect voter gains of 'Bloody Sunday' – http://bit.ly/as68se #cnn Of course, some parties want to destroy our protections #
  • Torture memos resemble Clarence Thomas' way of thinking – latimes.com http://shar.es/mHqAp This is VERY disturbing. #
  • Why Conservative Christians So Often Fail the Common Good (Pt I) http://bit.ly/atxBdr And boy do they fail…wonder why I can't stand them? #
  • All the bathrooms have been cleaned, got a shower in, need to figure out lunch….probably just a sandwich. #
  • RT @theGrio John Lewis remembers 'Bloody Sunday' march, beatings http://bit.ly/c8mopu #
  • Watching Madea Goes to Jail, I would so love to see one of these plays….I love her character #
  • Just took my 44th mugshot! http://www.dailymugshot.com/main/show/44058 #
  • @cscottturner68 Yeah, I looked to see if they were coming to PDX….nope =( All on the east coast. in reply to cscottturner68 #
  • Can't believe we have the Oscars on, we like never turn it on until the Best Movie cat….but nothing else is on tonight. #
  • I love watching Neil Patrick Harris….funny guy…lol…Gabourey Sidibe looks like she is having fun, so not fake, I like that. =) #
  • Colin Farrell is always so hot looking, not many guys make me say "Damn, he is hot" like he does….lol…there is one guy at the gym…grin #
  • Sucks that I didn't get the company bank statement, so that I could have the books reconciled before our guests get here. #
  • "If fashion was porn, this dress was the money shot," Gabourey Sidibe ……LOL #
  • YES!! Jeff Bridges won! Very cool…the Dude. It was so cool when Mo'Nique won & now Bridges. =) #
  • LOL….can I have some eat me out while he talks? RT @DCdebbie: RT @Jase11 I want someone to jerk me off while Colin Farrel talks #
  • YUCK!!!! Sandra Bullock?!? Hell no….I wanted Meryl Streep or Gabourey Sidibe, they were so much better! #Oscars #
  • Yes!! Our first woman director to win Katheryn Bigelow!!! Should been Streisand years ago….but finally, a woman! #
  • @Torn_Rose I forgot about Penny Marshall. =( in reply to Torn_Rose #
  • Closest that the Oscars was on time…….enjoyed Baldwin & Martin when they were on stage. #
  • Finally got all of my work caught up & the office cleaned up. Makes it less stressful for tomorrow. =) #
  • Haiti Withdrawal: Most U.S. Troops Leaving http://bit.ly/c7176j #
  • We're in Trouble When the Radical Is Paul Volcker http://bit.ly/ajxcQo #
  • Conservatives Caused Huge Deficits, Blame Obama http://bit.ly/bgepbG This is so true. #
  • Dem lawmaker pushes for Congress's first pay cut since the Great Depression – TheHill.com: http://bit.ly/cEkIv8 via @addthis #

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