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Hello Everyone,

As you know, I’ve gotten addicted to using twitter over the last year or so…I’ve actually lost track of when I started it…lol

So if you like to follow me and interact with me, here is my account :

I’m actually better at responding on there in a more timely manner to comments made to me since I see them quicker using my tweetdeck.

Now I know that tweeter isn’t for everyone.  So I do have a facebook account that I have my tweets update to and I respond to comments made on that account (but I’m HORRIBLE to responding to messages)  If you friend me, send me a message stating that you are a member.

That page is :

They wouldn’t let me have my full name.  =(  I think it is banned….because no one has

Now if you follow twitter, you’ve noticed that some folks are using a website that lets folks to ask them questions.  I’ve thought it would be a great ideal for members if they wanted just to ask a quick question to learn something about me.

Now I need to learn how to get notices from this when I have a question in…I had one from yesterday thinking that I would get an email and didn’t know it was there…not good…lol  So I’ll work on that & I hope to hear from you soon.  =)


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