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My Daily Happenings

  • I’m up and starving……need to figure out the food. #
  • @badboynum1 I can actually see the TV from the kitchen. =) in reply to badboynum1 #
  • Finally got a few magazines caught up on, I was far enough along in them that I didn’t have enough for the treadmill. #
  • So I needed to kill them off at home. I have 2 more that I need to get, but 1st some laundry & some work. #
  • Finally got the bed back together after washing the sheets/blankets. Putting the duvet back on was a pain, being king size makes it worst. #
  • Just had a very satisfying dinner that hubby made….my tummy feels good. =) #
  • I’m really happy that we aren’t flying anytime soon…..our intelligence has no idea how to share info, playing politics w/our lives. #
  • @cscottturner68 I just love how they can’t connect the dots….yet FB can connect people so easily…gggeeezzz in reply to cscottturner68 #
  • @cscottturner68 It comes down to the budgets, they don’t want the other depts to get the credit, so more money…it is politics. in reply to cscottturner68 #
  • @SweetCandiesXXX I’ve done that! Drives me nuts trying to figure out what is wrong…….lol in reply to SweetCandiesXXX #
  • People, keep our government out of Iran…we would so screw it up. They need to decide their own fate, US help goes against them. #
  • Duh….Bush neglect al-Qaeda for Saddam and lied to us about it : http://bit.ly/5Ths6W #
  • Why The VA Frustrates Veterans http://bit.ly/72xjTn #

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