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As you have noticed, when you visit my actual blog, there have been a few changes.  The 3 column setup in the same, because it works best for me, but the headers have changed and the sidebars have been cleaned up old links and reorganized.

We needed to update the options and plugins on my wordpress, the issue was that the design we had was a custom for an older version of wordpress.  We needed to be able to us the wordpress with all the bells and whistles.  So we found a new template (I didn’t realize how similar it was to the old one…lol) and the designer reworked my headers using my toon.  =)

It took forever to get it.  A lot of misunderstandings….I guess.  But I told them, just set it up with the new headers, logo & colors and I can take care of the rest.  I spent a whole weekend just playing with widgets on a few other blogs and really got the hang of it and wanted to work it myself.  I have even figured out how to change it to the font that I prefer, much easier on my eyes.  And to top it off the template I choose makes it even easier to make adjustments.  Perfect for people like me.

I think that I got it to where I want it.  I’m just not too sure about the link colors in sidebars.  But at the same time, the only real colors that work in there are white and black.  And the black is already being used.  Food for thought………mmmmm

Well, today was a busy news day.

I thought I would be totally bored with all the swine flu freak outs.  Yes, I know that swine flu is serious, but the way they are going on they are panicing and overstating it.  More people die from the regular flu on yearly basis, don’t hear anything about that. (Regular flu has killed thousands since January)

I am very surprised that Spector went dem.  I actually thought he would go independent.  I don’t always agree with him (Anita Hill, employee check card….etc), but I respected that fact that he was moderate rep, not some right wing nut job and that he was his own man on issues.  I’m independent with liberal leanings, but I’m not a dem and know that there are good reps out there.  So I was hoping that he would be able to bring his party back around from the extremism that it has become.  All parties need checks and balances within reason.

But I don’t get the commentators with the filibuster proof vote that the dems may get.  That is totally not true.  Spector is no yes man and they will have to make concessions to get his vote as they did when he was rep.  So he went from a moderate rep to a conservative dem.

His leaving the GOP is reflection of how bad that party has gotten.  His statement at his press conference was a critique of what is wrong with the party and all the moderates it has drum out.  Until they can fix that, they will in the wild for awhile.  This article fully shows the divide and unreasonable expectations that the GOP has become  :

I post more news stories in my tweets.  =)  So you know what I’ve been following.

I found a few more apps for my iphone through our friends’ suggestions.  Those have been fun.  I do need to fully go through them to make sure that I don’t have a bunch of space wasters.

Well, I feeling pretty good and probably goofed on my writing, so I’ll close for now.

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