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This weekend was payroll, so I was tied up with that.  I know that it is a pain in the ass to have payroll during the week, but I’ve gotten into the habit of avoiding work as much as possible on the weekends.

If  I spend time online on the weekend, I want it to be surfing for my own interests or working on our personal stuff, not “job” related.  So I am looking forward to this weekend on avoiding “work”.  What I’m not looking forward to is finalizing our taxes and what we owe the government….icks  But I’ll feel better once it is over, then on to other personal projects…like digging back into health insurance and getting off my ass and seeing an accountant.  =(

We had to take the jeep in for regular maintenance and have them look at a few things.  Of course, they don’t keep us informed as to where is stands.  We had to call today when they told use that they would call us last night….annoying.  We were going to pick it up this evening, but really didn’t feel like dealing with rush hour traffic, so going to pick it up tomorrow probably after the gym.

Suppose to be nice tomorrow, so debating on going for some small hikes…we’ll see.

I’ve been doing ok at the gym.  Been very slowly improving on the treadmill.  I’m up to 3.27mile within 30min and finish off at 3.34mile at 31min.  We had a lot of useless posers at the gym today.  I love it when people just stand around the machine that I want and just talk…annoying jerks.  But I’m going to have to work on cutting my sugar.  I have increased it over the last few months even though I’ve been maintaining my calories.  I’m stuck at this plateau and it is annoying me.

I’m not feeling too well.  We tried this new brand of lasagna and I like it, but I think I ate too much.  I had some mint chocolate chip ice cream to settle my tummy.

For once, we are pretty happy with our setup furniture wise.  We got a five shelf and a three shelf bookcase for the bedroom that actually matches our bed set.  I really like how it came together, we have the space to put stuff without it being too crowded.  We got nice matching furniture in the dining and living room, even though the kittens have scratched up our leather sofa and chair while chasing each other….the little shits.  =)

I’ve been playing around with Twitter & Facebook.  I got the widget that Twitter had to add to my Facebook.  So now all I have to do it update my twitter and it updates my facebook, my LJ gets updated nightly and my blog has them both in the sidebar and updated nightly.  I also have my feed from my blog going into my facebook.  =) That makes it so much easier.

I’ve been having fun sending pictures of our cats to my twitter from my cell phone…….lol The pictures have turned out much better then I expected them to.

We are getting my blog worked on, you can see that there are some things missing.  I need to find out when they are working on it.  My current design doesn’t work with the new wordpress and widgets.  So we are going to have a new layout done up.  They just need to do the colors, add our header and logo.  =)

While adding the new bookcases, we have moved the laptop for the cams in the bedroom.  We are trying to keep them from disconnecting all the time.  We suspect it is because it was so far from the router downstairs.  It seems to be doing better with the occasional disconnect.  We’ll see.

The Culture Warriors Get Laid Off

**The one positive about the country being in a mess is that culture “warriors” have their power removed.  People are more concerned with more important things….like jobs, housing and food to let them force those issues down their throat and into their lives.

Ingraham to Meghan McCain: You’re a ‘useful idiot’

**Ingraham is a hack job.  She can’t even debate the points, she has to make it personal.  How dare she call her “plus-size”!?  For one, she is only a size 10…not even close, for two what the frakk does that have to do with jack crap?!

Sources: U.S. to sign U.N. gay rights declaration

**About damn time.  =)

Bush says Obama ‘deserves my silence’

**For once I agree with him.  I just wish Cheney would learn that.

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