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This week is not starting out very well in general.  It is just blah.  I wasn’t feeling very well at all yesterday,which really got in the way of work and motivation.

Then when I was finally able to get to work, I spent most of last night going back and fixing the last 3 months of bank reconciliations in my quickbooks for my job.  Those are a pain, because those bank statements are 17pgs long.

Well, now that I got those done the spreadsheet that I correspond with to keep my bosses update on the accounts is off by $150!  What the heck did I do?  When I made the corrections in my quickbooks, I made it in the spreadsheets….so how the hell is now off?  I bet is something simple, it is usually is…..but it is a pain to find.  I can’t wait for the March’s bank statement….ggggrrr

It doesn’t help that this is my irritable week.  People are just annoying the hell out of me, doesn’t help that we keep running into moron drivers the last 2 days.

It has been chilly and even got some snow that didn’t stay the last few days.  We are suppose to warm up for Wed & Thurs.  We were hoping to visit some of the falls on the Colombia Historic Highway, but tonight’s weather report said it is going to be windy with high gusts.  =(  That bites.  Well, the weather forecast is always changing…..I’m so hoping that it does, I would love to go out and do some small hikes.

I really need to get focused on work and some personal business the next few days but

Officials: Obama to create White House Women’s Council

**About time that we have someone in the WH that takes women’s issues seriously.

More Americans say they have no religion (General Article)

More Americans say they have no religion (Jack Cafferty)

**I really enjoy these articles.  I’m sick and tired of someone else’s religion trying to rule my life by forcing their beliefs into our legal & legislative system.  I’m tired of us “non-religious” people being demeaned and treated as if what we believe doesn’t matter.

I really enjoyed some of the comments on Caffety’s question :

Marie from South Carolina writes:
It means that Americans now know the difference between ‘religion’ and ’spirituality’. They equate ‘religion’ to the manmade set of bureaucratic rules that are set up by a church. Spirituality speaks to people’s relationship with their God.

Steve from Florida writes:
I think the conservatives have actually given “religion” a bad name in a lot of ways, made it over-bearing, divisive, seemingly narrow-minded, way too political and pretty much a caricature of itself. If what we’ve seen in the last 8 years is the definition of a “religion”, I certainly wouldn’t want to be put in that particular box.

Lords of Discipline Further Wounding GIs

**If this true, this is sad and messed up.  =(

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