Lazy Day & Minnesota Pictures

Current Mood:Hating Work emoticon Hating Work

I did get some work done, but after taking it lazy today.

We watched the Indy 500, been out of Indiana since sumer of 2004 but not use to being able to watch it while it takes place.  For some stupid reason, the black it out in Indiana and don’t show it until after it has been run, even if it has been sold out….morons.  We aren’t racing fans, but it is the big event, so we watched it.  We really wanted to Patrick  or Castroneves to win it, but it wasn’t meant to be…..didn’t help that Patrick couldn’t get her car up to speed.  It really shows how important the engineering of cars are to winning a race, not just the driving.  I still can’t believe Andretti knocked out a team mate….that was messed up.   Felt horrible for Sarah Fisher.  =(  Wow, Carpentar was like 15-16 laps down and finished in 5th….that was very cool.

Afterwards it was my normal weekly attack on the household cleaning.  We trimmed some of the dead leaves off of our household plants and I worked on the rose bush that we brought.  Since we aren’t planning on staying here, we planted it in a big pot so we can take it with us.  It feels great to have a rose bush again, I use to have about 8-10 of them Indiana.  I hated not having one in Florida, the climate is horrible for them.  Most of the things that we love grow so well here.

There is nothing like being able to step outside and smell the freshness.  I don’t remember having that in Florida.  We really enjoy it.

Started to do some work in the late evening and now I just don’t want to do a thing.  I believe I’ve earned it.  =)  Beside tomorrow is a day with my trainer……can you say ouch……lol For a day that wasn’t very intense, I’m pretty tired….very strange.  =)

2008 May 11 MN Falls 1

2008 May 11 MN Falls 2

2008 May 11 MN Falls 3

2008 May 11 MN Self Portrait 1

2008 May 11 MN Falls 4

2008 May 11 MN Falls 5

2008 May 11 MN Falls 6

Everytime we visit, we have to stop and see the falls.  The power of the falls is just awesome to see and not something that ever gets old.

2008 May 11 MN River 1

2008 May 11 MN River 2

The olympus took some really stunning shots of the river on a calm day
2008 May 11 MN Hill Top 1

2008 May 11 MN Hill Top 2

We took a hike up a big hill not that far from Torn’s folks.

2008 May 11 MN River 3

I really love how the red of the Flag contrasts with the blues of the sky and it’s reflection into the river.

2008 May 11 MN River 3

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