We Are Back & Pictures


We are back. Came back early, which is nice since it gives me more time to do things.

The only thing I’m kind of pissy about is that our pool is turning green. =( The pool was starting to turn before we left last Wed, but we don’t even know if the pool guy came since it rain hard that day. Torn has the filter going for the night, so I have my fingers crossed but I’m not holding my breath. I know that I can still swim in it, still cleaner then some of the lakes and ponds that I’ve been in, but it still pisses me off. Every damn time I get the time to enjoy it, it is a day that the pool guy is coming so I can’t use it, or something like this. So needless to say I’m pretty annoyed.

I did get other things done including calling my folks to wish them Happy 35th Anniversary……..grin

I got some things caught up on rude, balanced all 4 of the different checkbooks we have….that is interesting in itself. Got our stuff unpacked, only one load of laundry left in the dryer, moved a few things around in the garage…..boy is it nice not to have the gym in there and I’ll be getting rid of all the coolers from our steak deliveries Monday. Right now I’m getting ready to start sorting our receipts which is a huge disaster.

The last day that we were at the convention was the best of the days there. Meet up with some folks that we know, made some contacts. Here is some pics to share :

Torn with the always beautiful Elli of Ellinude.com

tampa june 07 049

I got to meet the oldest man in porn Mr. Dave Cummings, a retired US Army Lt. Col. A really cool guy.

tampa june 07 001

This gorgeous woman is Diamond on Cam and she totally surprised me. I’m looking at her thinking how beautiful she looks and that I’ve seen her before and she just goes crazy to meet me….wow. She use to watch me on our house cams all the time. I may have the tits, but she is just smoking. You have to check out her site.

tampa june 07 039

Here is Torn having shots with the wild DarkLady. She is a writer that explores areas then many wish to avoid, but if you believe in the 1st Amendment you back it. We love hanging with her, also a fun time.

tampa june 07 020

We have partied with this crazy guy many times, I mean partied. This is Porn O Dan and he is wild. One of his parties I ended up getting fucked by some guy I just meet in the middle of the living room floor……..grin He is a great guy and we also look forward to seeing him.

tampa june 07 018

Well that is just a quick summary. But I hoped that you enjoyed me sharing the pics of some of our friends.

Time to hit bed.

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